Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 262D Tafsir Muhammad 35-38

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of not weakening or being scared of the enemy is emphasized in Islam. It is important to correct one's mindset and not let fear dominate one's actions. The speaker emphasizes the natural calm of asking people to do something and not being shut out. It is also emphasized that spending in the way of Allah is not just on one's money, but also in the natural calm of asking people to do something and not being mindful of one's time and effort. The importance of not delaying a decision to avoid losing opportunities and the deen of Allah is emphasized.
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Fill out the he know all of these verses, what do they teach us do not feel weak, do not be scared of the enemy.

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Apparently, they have so many resources they have so many people, they can do so much to harm you, but realize that all of their efforts will be wasted. So don't be afraid of the enemy. filata he knew, so do not weaken. Latter, he knew while her noon one what is one weakness, right. Or it can also be from the word home, how well known and how it is to feel small to feel you're of little importance you're not have much worth. So laughter He knew do not have low self esteem.

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Be confident, don't feel weak, feel strong. Lather, he knew

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this was so empowering. Because the Muslims had basically fled from Makkah to save their lives. And now they were in Medina and even there, they were not safe again. And again, the enemy was coming. There was constant, you know, danger. And Allah says, Let the you know, don't be afraid. Because the first thing we need to correct is our mindset, our thinking, if we're afraid of an enemy, if we're afraid of a task, we'll never be able to deal with it,

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isn't it? And if we feel confident, if we feel strong, then yes, we will try to do something. So Falletta he know, don't feel weak, don't have low self esteem, what are the rules in a cilmi and as a result of that meaning as a result of that weakness, call towards peace with others rule, there is an implied layer over here. Because what it's connected with previous it's connected with foot. So Falletta he know what other rule as in well after the rule. All right, don't weaken. And as a result

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of that weakness, don't call to a cell meaning don't call your enemy to a cell what the cell mean salaam salaam peace, right? Basically Salam is truce with the enemy, peace treaty with the enemy that will agree to not fight. Allah says, Don't call your enemy to a truce.

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In other words, what should you do?

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fight the enemy.

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What untouchable are alone, while you are superior? Our alone is a plural of the word or Allah or Allah is higher, one who is higher one who is superior. So our unknown those who are superior, meaning when Allah has made you superior, then you don't need to call for a truce and feel weak. Remember that will Allah humara come and Allah is with you, when a year to come Arma Allah calm and he will never deprive you of your deeds, yet you will come from the root letter as well to wicker

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what is with remain odd right. And what is with that basically, you know when two things one is taken away, you have one left so that is with so what our goal is to reduce something to cause harm to someone. So layer to come, he will never lesson he will never reduce our Mala come your deeds meaning the reward of your deeds, he will give you the reward of your deeds in full.

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So expect great reward from Allah for your striving. Now, what do we see in this verse? First and foremost letter he knew that there will be difficulties, but in these difficulties, do not lose resolve, do not lose hope. Because when you will feel weak from inside, then your efforts will also weaken, feel strong inside. And where do you get that strength from by knowing that your Lord is Allah? By knowing that you are working for him, This will bring you inner strength and when you will

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feel strong inside, then your actions will also be stronger. Instead of the Nahal Iowan 28 Allah says in Allaha Mara Lavina taco will Latina who merci noon. Indeed Allah's help is with those who fear Him and those who do Ersan. So you don't need to feel weak, rather focus on your son on excellence. The second thing we learned in this ayah is the Muslims are being prohibited from calling their enemy to truce. Now, isn't it that Islam was supposed to be a religion of Salaam,

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right? Isn't peace preferred over war?

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Isn't that

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isn't that so? But here we see that Muslims are being told don't invite the enemy to a truce.

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It seems like the exact opposite. It says if battle is being preferred over peace, right? Remember what I told you at the beginning of the Surah, contextualize and do not generalize. All right, the verses of the surah.

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Remember, this is at the beginning of the medina era, right? This is before the Battle of butter. This is before any major battle was fought, Muslims are being prepared to fight their enemy. All right. Now, what this means is what other ilosone that when you encounter the enemy, meaning the enemy is right in front of you, they've come to fight you. At that time, don't start offering them peace.

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When they've come all the way to fight you, then at that time, don't start offering them peace. Because if you're offering them peace at that time, what does it mean you're chickening out, you don't want to fight, you're afraid, you're scared. That's what it means, right. So do not call to peace at that time. You must fight the enemy. And remember that you will have the upper hand as Allah is with you. So in situations where you are alone, where you have strength, you have the power

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to fight the enemy, then do not make peace over there. All right. And remember that in certain situations, making peace is better, as we will see in the next surah. So little further sort of matter is about the Treaty of her labia. That is a similar, isn't it? And in that treaty was what no fighting for the next 10 years and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam agreed to that. Correct. But who, who offered that peace treaty? Who did it was the machete King. Right? So the idea over here is that

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when your enemy is in front of you, then show your enemy that you're not scared. When your enemy is in front of you, then do not offer peace at that time, because it will show weakness, be strong. And if you're afraid that you will not be able to deal with the enemy, then remember that you're not doing this on your own anyway. Who's with you?

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Who's with you? Allah is with you. Right? And if you think about it any challenge, if you have the option of not accepting the challenge, right, and the stopping discontinuing, and if you go for that option to discontinue, what does it mean? You are afraid? Isn't it means that you are afraid to continue?

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Correct? And if you keep going, what does it mean? You're determined to win? You're determined to win, you're not afraid you're not scared of the difficulties that will come your way? And you say no, no, I think I will stop at level number two, and I will leave with $2,000. Right? All of these shows that you guys watch. So what happens if you're leaving so early? I mean, you're scared.

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So Leta, he No, do not feel weak. What other Illa Sal, and as a result of that weakness, call to peace, no, don't do that. There are other times when peace is preferred. And there are verses about that. And we see that in the life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam also that where a treaty was accepted, Salam was preferred. Correct. So, depending on the situation, either peace or battle in nama indeed only al higher to dunya the worldly life. Indeed the worldly life is only Larry Boone

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Wallah one. It is just amusement and diversion. It is Larry it is play wala what is level, something that distracts you distracting amusement, this is what this life is about. So if you keep chasing the dunya you are keeping your money with you. You're keeping your time with you just focusing on yourself to enjoy your life here. This is just learned and low. It's not going to get you very far. It's not going to get you very far. What in don't me know what a taco and if you believe in Allah,

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what that taco and you fear him BeautyCon Oduro calm he will give you your rewards plural of the word Ajit Wallah yes Elcom and wala calm and he will not ask you for your properties, meaning you strive in the way of Allah. You believe in him. You fear him, Allah will recompense you in full and he is not asking you for all of your properties anyway. He's not in need of your wealth. How much a cat does a person have to pay? What percentage it's so small. Right? So layers I'll come unwelcoming

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Allah. Allah is not in need of your wealth. He is not in need of your striving. He doesn't need you to serve his Deen

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in if yes, I'll come OHA if yes, I'll come

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Oh, yes L What does Yes l mean? He asked if he should ask Kumu you all right this well over here ish bar is basically for the ease of pronunciation because he has l coma. Right? Yes, I'll come here it's kind of difficult. So yes, I'll call Musa Yes, I will come if he should ask you.

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If Allah should demand from you, all believers have it. What does he refer to all of your someone? All of your properties, meaning if Allah were to demand from you that you give 100% of what you possess, for his sake. And then for up come, and then he will press you. You ficam her for yeah halfa heavy. Yes. Aluna kaka Anika huffy Yuna on her, you become halfa is basically to search for something to be curious about something to look for something very eagerly. And basically, there is

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mubadala in the effort. This is why the word heavy is used for a person who's very, very curious.

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Meaning his mission in life is to find out about something. So he's going to ask one person, ask another person research here, research there, look here and look there, he's not going to leave it.

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Alright, so Hatha Yoga is to basically exaggerate in doing something.

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Okay, I have a su URL, I have a su URL is when someone asks repeatedly over and over again.

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Allah says, es el como ha for your ficam. If he were to ask you, if you were to demand from you all of your properties, not just once or twice, but press you to do it. Demand from you again and again, in the Quran through the messenger, basically not leave you until you hand over everything that you have. What would happen? Dub Hulu, you will become stingy. Because it's only natural. When somebody asks us over and over again, what do we say? No, no, the more you asked me, the more I will say no,

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isn't it?

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You've experienced this in your life. You know, when somebody asks you something once, and you're like double minded, but you say no, like your younger brother, maybe he asks you for something. But then he asks you again? And again. You say no. Why? Because Why is he asking me? He shouldn't ask me. You forget about what he's asking for? You're saying no, simply because he's asking you again. And again.

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This is very natural, that, you know, when someone nags us again and again and again, then we kind of shut them out. And we don't entertain them anymore. Right. So for your free calm, he will press you and as a result that Hello, you would become stingy. And then what would happen where you could EJ that would be bad for you how that he would bring out a blonde a comb. He would expose your unwillingness. Alana come along is a plural of the word villain, log line noon. And what is the

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hidden hatred, rancor meaning feelings off dislike that a person has kept in his heart. You couldn't illogical he would expose your hidden your hidden dislike.

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And build remember is that dislike which a person is determined to conceal in his heart,

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determined to conceal. When a person makes up their mind, I'm not going to show it at all. It's very hard, but some people are very good at it. Or they say I'm not going to show it at all. Allah says no matter how hard you try to conceal that unwillingness your courage, he will expose it. So who's going to suffer at the end? You will? What's the meaning of this? I

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don't you trust your Lord. Allah wants good for you.

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Anything that he's commanded you to do? He's ordered you to do, whether it is to give in his way, or to strive in His way, any command. It's good for you. Because he does not demand from you what you are not capable off.

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When we are encouraged to give charity we're encouraged to spend in Allah's way. Right? We are told to give the cat How much is it that we're supposed to give? 50% 70% 20%? No. 2.5?

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Very little.

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So why do you look at the commands of Allah as if they're a burden?

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When Allah instructs you to do something, why do you take it as a burden? Oh, this is so difficult. Oh, I can't do it. Why do you have that kind of attitude? Because Allah

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does not demand everything from you? He could if he wanted and your life would be very difficult and you would suffer at the end. But Allah has made his Deen easy and practical.

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So have positive thoughts about his Deen, you don't generally we have this fear about the thing that it's difficult. Many people do. And there's this fear mongering basically. I for example, before Ramadan came, what happened?

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yeah, the faster too long. Oh, it's so hot. Oh, there's work all their school, all their exams or there's graduation? The list goes on. Yes, this is life. It's there. But Allah has not demanded something from us that is impossible that will cause us to die. No. Yesterday, I took my kids to a restaurant to get their dinner. And this was like two hours or so before Iftar time. And as before I walked in, I was like, how is that going to be because I was hungry. And that food just smells too

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good. And when it's a halal restaurant, everything's halal. And you know, it's kind of difficult. So I went inside, with a lot of solid, I went in place, the order took a while. And some Muslim restaurant, people who were working there were all Muslim, you could see on their name tags. And I was admiring those people mean how in that heat, they are standing, preparing all that food, packaging it, selling it. You could see the fatigue in their eyes, the exhaustion on their faces,

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but they're just working and working and working.

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Amazing. And, you know, as I was watching those people, I felt so pity for them, like, honestly, I wanted to do something, you know, just to show that they're doing something very, very big.

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And I was like, if I'm feeling like that, that imagine how much more mercy Allah has for His servants.

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Isn't it? Isn't Allah more compassionate than even our mothers are to us? Isn't he?

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So firstly, Allah does not demand the impossible from us. So anytime you say to yourself, oh, this cannot be done. Please give that a punch. Don't accept it. When Allah says do it, it means it can be done. It's not impossible. The barriers are were inside here.

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Those barriers are not real. They're inside. They're made by us.

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They're fabricated, they're all invented. So the first thing we need to do is realize that if Allah has commanded us to do something, it's not impossible. It is possible. Yes. The Salam aleikum. Do you know how Islam is such a natural religion? Like it's on the fitrah? I know to non Muslim ladies who decided to fast and I was so surprised because it's such a law and I said, Are you sure you can do it? No, no, we want to do and one of them. She's Christian. She's not taking her shahada, but

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she's working towards it. And she said, You know, before I get into it, I need to purify myself. And I was thinking, How does she know about the fast being something that's going to purify her?

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Just because Islam is such a natural deen and she felt that she had to fast these long furs and then take the shahada and enter into Islam. Small.

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So ESL kumuha for your ficam double Hello, were you reg a Bonner come. Sarah Malika. I was thinking that Allah subhanaw taala when he sent the Musa al salaam to frown Allah say to Musa you are the high until Allah will hear also Allah subhanaw taala he telling us also antimalware alone. So we have to remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala he telling us no matter what if you have Eman, you're at the highest so just remember to say rubbish rally Saturday whenever you do that. Well whenever

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you finish, yes.

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So correct your mindset realize that the deen is not impossible. It is possible and Allah's help is with you. So be confident and be proud of your deen. Allah says law you can live Allahu nevsun Illa was a her who made us, Allah Who knows our Busara he does. So does it make sense then? That he would tell us to do something that we don't have the capacity for? It's illogical doesn't make sense.

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I mean, why would Allah commanded us to do something that we cannot do? Why he wouldn't do that?

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He wouldn't. So if there is anything in our deen, remember, it's doable. It's practical. It is possible. And it's good. Because lie you can live Allahu nevsun Illa was Aha. This is what is is teaching us that when Allah is asking so less from us.

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So little from us, then why should we not respond? Why should we not be eager to run towards him? Just try even his way. Her and Tom, here you are, how hola ie these people meaning look at you to the owner, you are being invited, lit don't feel comfy Seville Allah so that you can spend in the way of Allah. You are given an invitation to spend in the way of Allah. How is sort of Muhammad an invitation to spend in the way of Allah? Basically, it was because this surah prepared the Muslims

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to fight their enemy, and when they were going to fight their enemy, where were they going to get their money from from their own pockets? Right, whatever they had, they had to use that to defend their religion of Allah. So Allah says that her unto them how would I eat to the owner Leetonia Kofi Sevilla from income but among you are Maya Bahal those who are stingy those who withhold and you keep your money only for your worldly

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needs and wishes yep while you're stingy. Why yep call and whoever is stingy for in nama. Yep. Hello, Neff. See? Then he is being stingy towards who? himself?

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I'm not see he bull. He's doing battle against to against himself. Bowhill against someone is worried that you're not giving them something. You're depriving them bucola Enough see Apollo enough see meaning he is depriving himself. Not spending in the way of Allah is depriving Gu the poor and the needy, the religion of Allah. No, it is depriving oneself of the rewards.

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Will Allahu Allah you and Allah is the rich one. Were untouchable for Cara. Oh, and you are the poor ones for caught up Laura love fapy He is the rich, the one who has treasures from which to give and you are fapy in need of His mercy of his reward of His favors. What into Well, lo and if you turn away, you turn away from responding to Allah's call. Then remember that he has stepped in. He will substitute he will replace Coleman of people later come other than you yesterday in Baghdad Lam

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battle to change. Right yesterday. He will remove you and bring someone else in your place yesterday Bill Coleman regular calm, he will bring another people in your place and some malaria Kunal and Salah come, then they will not be the likes of you. They will be different from you.

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They will be better than you. So malaria Kono and Salah come, I'm Sal plural of methyl. What do we learn in this ayah? Firstly, the importance of spending in the way of Allah, not just our money, but our time, letting go of our ego, letting go

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so that we can do something for the sake of Allah.

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And we see the definition of buckle over here. What is stinginess, stinginess? Is it that a person doesn't spend on his clothes and on his food? No, because even the most stingy person will buy something to feed himself right? Even the most stingy person will get something to wear. Right. What is the definition of stinginess? What is beautiful?

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What is beautiful, the one who is not spending in the way of Allah? He might be spending hundreds and 1000s on himself on his desires. But when it comes to spending in the way of Allah,

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then he gives little or he doesn't give there. This is stinginess, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the worst characteristic that isn't a person is restless stinginess,

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meaning such stinginess that makes him restless that doesn't let him spend at all.

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And stinginess brings many many problems. When a person is just concerned about fulfilling his own desires, and he's not concerned about the greater community than this will bring many problems. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when people become stingy with their Delhomme andina, meaning with their money, they just keep it to themselves, and they begin purchasing many expensive things. And they begin to follow the tails of the oxen, meaning they're just busy in agriculture,

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and they abandoned Jihad feasable Allah

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all of their money is going where, where on themselves and their

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not striving in the way of Allah, then Allah will send on them trials Bella. And he will not remove those trials from them until they return to the deen.

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So when may uphold for Invermay, uphall infc, whoever is stingy, then he's only harming himself.

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So don't hold back. Don't deprive yourself. Another thing we see in this verse,

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the last portion of this verse that we're into, well no yesterday will Tomonaga Eurocom that if you refuse to come forward, if you refuse to spend in the way of Allah, then does Allah need you? Does the deen of Allah depend on you? No, it does not.

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Allah's Deen will continue with you or without you.

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It doesn't depend on you.

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But if you deprive yourself, then you are to blame.

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Because if you turn away, Allah will bring someone else.

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Allah will bring someone else that place is not going to stay empty. It's not going to stay vacant for long.

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You know, for example, if there's a great job opportunity, how will people apply for it?

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How so eagerly, right? Or if there's some, you know, like this big visa case in Canada that if you want to apply for your family to get visit visa, then you have to do it within, like you have you want to sponsor your family or something, there was a big issue about it, you have to do it within, you know, there's a certain date when you can submit applications. And if you do it the next day, it's too late.

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It's too late because the entire quarter is filled within a couple minutes. Basically, people are ready waiting there, six to 812 hours before even the door opens and within minutes, the whole quarter is filled.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:12

The more eagerly you want something, the more you try for it, isn't it because you know that if you don't make your way in, somebody else will and when somebody else will, you will lose your spot and you will suffer.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:45

We need to look at the deen of Allah in the same way we're into wallow yesterday will come into your account. If you're not eager to go forward in the deen of Allah, that you are only holding yourself back. You're not harming the deen of Allah because somebody else will come and do the work. So Malaya Kuno and Salah calm, and then those people will not be like you they will be better than you. In surah nisa 133 Allah says Ian shut you the hip comm au Hernandez, where to be a hurryin Well Can

00:27:45 --> 00:28:02

Allahu Allah Velika Khedira Allah can remove all of you people and bring another creation and Allah is all capable of doing that. You'll like it a set that opportunities are never lost. Someone will take the one that you miss.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:15

If there's an opportunity somewhere and you don't take advantage of it, it's not gonna get lost. You know why? You didn't take it? Who will? Who will? Somebody else will.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:22

So you have to decide, is it important for you? Do you want it?

00:28:24 --> 00:28:32

Does it matter? And if it's important, then what are you waiting for? If you wait too long, that opportunity will be taken by somebody else.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:39

And then you will be deprived. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Fella tell

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me what to

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call now I call him 122 duniya now I

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00:29:01 --> 00:29:06

to know what w decom or jaw Kumala yes

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me yes

00:29:17 --> 00:29:17


00:29:29 --> 00:29:30

people fees

00:29:32 --> 00:29:33

he femin

00:29:37 --> 00:29:38

won he

00:29:41 --> 00:29:46

won one FC walawe who want

00:29:48 --> 00:29:53

to mourn for Cara all we're

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

dubbing the little Pokemon warrior raccoon

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So anything that's beneficial for us, we're eager to have it.

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And the deen of Allah is most beneficial for us. So we should be eager to have our share, right? In contributing to the deen of Allah, whatever that may be. Because at the end of the day, it's going to help us. It's our honor. All right. You know, the Hamdulillah. With the new campus, there was this leaflet that was made with different parts of the school that could be sponsored if people want to put their share in. Do we have it here? Since Prasad? Yeah. I just want to tell you a story about

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it. It's not a fundraiser, okay? We don't believe in fundraisers. Because for you, if we come, you know, you're fickle, and when you're pressed and pressed. So there's a whole breakdown on how much it costs for the classrooms, students, education, enrichment, and there was actually a previous one that was made. And there was a section on how much it would cost to equip one classroom and also the masala slash library. All right, and there was a whole breakdown about it. And people were talking

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about, okay, you know what, let's get together and take care of one classroom. Let's get together and take care of the masala one person came forward. And they asked, How much does the library slash masala cost and they were told about it and they said, I'll take care of it.

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I'll take care of it, Mashallah. They took care of it. The next day, somebody else asked, just 24 hours later, somebody else asked that they wanted to take care of the masala slash library. And we're like it's taken already.

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That part is taken. You know, it doesn't mean that you can't get Sure you can. But the main chunk has been taken already. So sometimes, just because we're waiting too long, what happens is that we lose our opportunities. So let us not delay. Any good thing we can do. Even if it's a little for the deen of Allah for the sake of Allah. It's our honor. Because if we don't do it, who will? Who will? Somebody else will, you know, maybe we don't feel it that much. Imagine you go to a store. And you

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see a very nice sweater. That's exactly what you were looking for. But as you're trying to reach it, somebody else has in your way. All right. And then they reach the sweater before you and they get the size that you need. And that was the last one.

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How would you feel? How would you feel? Would you feel angry with that person?

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I would? Certainly I would. So, you know, we're very attached to sweaters and the things of this world. This is why we're eager to run to them before somebody else can.

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That these things are what Larry and Lowe

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correct. The real treasure is a treasure of the akhira so do not delay. We're into the willow yesterday we'll call one of the Eurocom.

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Soprano Allah will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Furukawa tuberculate Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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