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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to Islam, even if it means eating and drinking. The speaker also talks about the history of a woman named Jaha who testifies against her husband's actions, and how she was pressured to testify in court. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being kind to her parents and not obeying their actions.
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When the great Sahabi Sandra Bullock calls for the Allahu and had accepted Islam in Mecca, his mother was devastated. And she kept trying to convince him to leave Islam. And to one day she came up with a plan, which was she was going to go on a hunger strike, she wouldn't eat or drink until he would leave Islam. And she told him that if you do not leave Islam, and you don't leave the ridge of Muhammad, that I'm not going to eat and drink, and eventually I'm going to die and the people are going to call you the killer of his mother. And this was very important for them their status, how they were looked at in society, but was more important for him. Now was his religion. And after days

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of the hunger strike, when his old mother became very frail, and started to become weaker, he told her, he said, Yeah, my dear mother, even if you were to have in your soil, look at this message that he sent it to his mother about how important his religion is to him. He said even if you were to have 99 souls inside, and each one of them were to come out in front of me you were to die in front of me 99 times he said, I would never leave my religion. So go and have something eat and have something to drink because your plan is not going to work alone revealed about the story of satin his mother, the verses in Surah Lokman was seen in Santa bydd he hemella to Amma one and Allah one,

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and we enjoined upon man to take care of his parents, his mother carried him increasing her weakness upon weakness. Well, if he saw know who he I mean, and his weaning is in two years, and his score Lee while he was at the ICA Lal Mercier, Allah says be grateful to me and your parents, to me as your final destination. This is the general ruling of how we must treat and be good to our parents and be thankful to them just as we're thankful to Allah subhana wa Atana for all of the good and all of the hard work and all the struggles they went through because of us, but what if they call us today which is evil, they call us to do that which is haram, like in the story of sight. Allah says

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in the next verse When Jaha Dhaka Anna and to Sri Lanka, be Malay Celica be here in Furlanetto Playa Houma, join partners with me in worship, then do not obey them. So here is the red line. If they call us to do that, which is haram, then we don't obey them. And look in the verse, Allah subhana wa Tala is talking about the greatest of sins, to join partners with the law shook. If they call you to shirk, do not obey them. But what's after that, what does the law say? We'll saw Him whom I've had dunya meroofer, and be kind how you treat them in this life. Look at the beauty of Islam, the status and the rights of parents, that even if they're calling us through that which is evil, that which is

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bad. We don't obey them on those issues, but we still must be good unkind to them and everything else. These verses were revealed about the story of Sidon his mother, to be a lesson about the implementation of how to create that balance when dealing with our parents and even deal with others when it comes to being called to do that, which is haram, that we don't obey them. But we're still kind and good to them and other aspects. And this story has been a lesson for Muslims, all throughout history. I remember in America when a sister had to go to the courts to testify in a case where her husband, he was wronged but she had to go testify in court and she came in with a niqab

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and the persecutor was really upset the fact that she was covering her face, and he was telling the judge, how can I see if she's telling the truth? I can't see her facial expressions. He wanted her to have to be forced to uncover her face. Before the judge could say anything. She called him by his first name. She said, David, just to let you know that if I had 99 souls in my body, and they were to be taken out one by one for me to uncover my face. I wouldn't do it. The judge said let her continue.