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The speaker discusses the powerful messages and post on Instagram of the Prophet's son, McCrone, and his followers. They reflect on the powerful messages and how they apply to all Muslims, including those who are experiencing similar issues. The speaker also touches on the meaning of the Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu and the danger of people taking a stance against Islam's references to women and men. The importance of letting people say their own stories and focusing on their own political goals is emphasized.

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Salam aleikum, wa taala. Most of us saw yesterday, the powerful post by our brother kabhi, which until now, when I was filming this 21 hours ago, there's almost 3,200,000 likes on his post on Instagram. But what most people didn't see was the other powerful message that he put on his Instagram status, which was a translation of a post by Sheikh Abdulaziz or three feet into Russian. And I'm going to share that with you here in a minute. But first, I'm going to reflect on the main posts that all of us saw, honestly, the picture of the foot, stomping the face of McCrone in itself isn't enough, if even if it didn't have any commentary on it. But when you look into the commentary

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of our brother Khabib, it was very, very powerful, what he wrote, clearly when you see the Instagram translation, there's a word missing here. But May Allah Almighty do something to the face of this creature and all of his followers, and we say I mean, and then he talked about the issue of freedom of speech. And what Allah what hypocrisy, that is how they claim their coding of freedom of speech, but when it goes against them, we see how they act and what they do. If you say something about the Jews, anti semitic, say some of the homosexuals, homophobic. If you're a leader of a country, and you talk about McCrone, they'll pull their ambassador out of your country. So it's only freedom of

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speech against the Muslims. And as can be said, the feelings of a half a million Muslims around the world, it means nothing to them. And this shows and it proves the true hatred that they have towards Islam and towards the Muslims. Then he sent a very powerful message that we love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, more than we love our mothers, our fathers, our children, our wives, and all of those who are close to our hearts. And this is taken from the meaning of the Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When he said, let me know how many of you believe had could have been delayed until I become more beloved to him. Minh, what are the HE WILL while it he he when

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NASA Jemaine than his children, in his parents and all of mankind, then he showed how provoking the Muslims, it's only as it says in the transition that they go sideways, meaning it's going to backfire. Then he quoted the verse from surah, chapter 33, verse 57, in nella, Luna, alojado Sula, who, like I know whom Allah who fit dunya Well, Hera, WA della Hamada Mahina Indeed, those who abuse who harm Allah and His Messenger of law were cursed him in this life, and in the next, and he has prepared for them a humiliating punishment, and Alhamdulillah McCrone has already been humiliated. And the picture that could be posted says it all. Inshallah, if he doesn't repent, he's going to be

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punished and humiliate even more in this life. And in the next, when I posted this last night on my social media accounts, I said that if other Muslim leaders and influencers pay attention, leaders who lead the countries of influencers, but to be honest, some influencers actually have more power than the leaders themselves, and the more influential, like, could be himself, may Allah protect him. And increasingly a little bit, I mean, he's more he has more influence than most leaders would. But leaders have power. And that's why I said in my post, if they were to have similar courage to Khabib, other influencers, other leaders to stand up and to make a stance like this, it would put

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these rodents in their place, and they would think twice before they dare to insult, integrate and degrade our beloved prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. The other post that could be posted on his Instagram status, which many people didn't see it was translated into Russian. I saw some brothers in Arabic had talked about it on the website of Sheikh Abdullah Ziva briefie. And I did a rough translation of the meaning of what he said in Arabic, whoever sees the honor of Islam being violated and does nothing fearing for his own status and position. And how many people Subhanallah are going to fall into that category. Allah will remove his status from the hearts of the people, equivalent

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to what he left a defending from the honor of Islam, because reward is according to actions. Allahu Akbar, how powerful is that? And this meaning is taken from a hadith of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he taught us whoever seeks the pleasure of the people and doing that which is displeasing to Allah, Allah will leave him to the people, meaning Allah is not going to help him Allah is not going to support him. But whoever seeks the pleasure of a law, even if it's with that which is displeasing to the people, that Allah will be sufficient for him, meaning Allah is going to help him Allah is going to support him, Allah is going to raise his status. And we can

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give many examples. If you were to look just at the politicians, how many of them have left, what is pleasing to a law and order to please others and what's happened to them? totally humiliated everyone.

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hates them, everyone's against them. Even scholars, parties, Imam famous parties and emails that people would die to pray behind. Now they'd only want to pray behind them. They don't want to listen to them. They don't want to take from them because they didn't follow this principle. And they did that was that which is displeasing to Allah, and going against Islam in order to gain the pleasure and the praise of others. I don't want to get into politics, but Allah He if you knew what I know, brother Khabib is actually much braver than we think because these type of posts, they're, they they're nice for us. You know, we enjoy hearing them because it pumps us up when we see someone,

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least someone has the courage to stand up. But for him, Wallah, it's a bit dangerous, he could lose a lot of his sponsors, he could lose a lot of his funding and stuff like that. But we know him the love from you know how he is he doesn't care about these things when it comes to money and stuff like this. And he made it clear in the in the post, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's more beloved to us than all of mankind. And this is the lesson that we need to take from this story, to truly love our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by putting that love into action by following his sunnah, and taking a strong, strong stance against the enemies of

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Islam, and those who degrade our beloved Prophet alayhi salatu salam, even if it means that we face difficulty and might lose some things in the process, because there's no one who is more beloved to us as Muslims, that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam