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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a test they took and how it shows that they were still in a loss, even though they knew they had the ability to win. They also mention a woman named Deborah who said that she had been through many things in life, and that she had lost everything. The speaker suggests that they should be patient and wait for the victory to come.
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Do you think you're just going to enter into the Jannah? Imam even though Josie Rahim Allah, he said that the path agenda is one of patience and tribulations being tested. And he said, read if you please. And he mentioned the verse in Surah Baqarah. But Allah asked the question, um, has symptom until the whole agenda? Do you think it is going to enter into the agenda while I'm yet to come? Methodology? No, hello, man Kubla Khan, and that which came to those before you has not come to you? What happened to those who are before us? Miss set whom? I'll bet, sir, Oh, what the role that they were tested with poverty and hardships was losing you. And they were shaking. It got so bad and so

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severe that even the messenger and those who believe that the believers, when they went through these trials and tribulations, they said mutter, nostril law, they said, my tennis for law, when is the victory of Allah coming? And it's not because they had doubt about it, because they know they have the Athena certainty that it's going to come. But it had been taken a long time. And as some of the scholars mentioned, making to Deborah on his verse, this shows that they went back to a law and do it and focus more on doing this is the benefit of trials and tribulations is that it brings us back to a lot because everyone has the man inside. But sometimes it's that test. It's that trial,

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that tribulation, that calamity that you face, that actually brings you back to Allah subhanaw taala. And perhaps yourself just like myself, I've been through many things in life, that actually brought me closer to a loss, someone loses a loved one, have a financial situation, that's very bad, but it brings you back to Allah subhanaw taala you realize that only Allah can help you. And that's what Allah confirms at the end of the verse when He says Allah, nostril law hickory that indeed, the victory of a law, it's coming, it's close, just be patient and wait for it to come. And subhanAllah something amazing that Imam Al Bukhari Rahimullah Wattana that he mentioned, he said that the reason

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala does it open up right away for the prophets and their followers is that he cuts off all of the means other than Allah until the hearts become purified and they become attached to Allah. And then he opens up