Adnan Rajeh – The Glorious Names of Allah – Names of support and aid – Al-Mujeeb (The One who Responds)

Adnan Rajeh
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Would you born once as well? Whoever the

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the verb

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the Java or St. Java is in the Quran a lot in the Quran within the hundreds of times altogether.

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He just appointed without it in Nairobi curry boom Mooji indeed my Lord is the one who is near in which he is the one who answers or responds.

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And he says, Well according no Fulani Mooji Boone and indeed newer had called upon us there is no one better to respond and then us, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and it's very relevant to the Ramadan because within the verses of cm or either like iba the need for any body even Wu Ji boo, that was either done if my servants asked you about me that I am indeed near and I respond to this application of My servants when they supplicate

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and if you follow his name Subhanallah with Donna is named within the Quran regarding the usage of the verb itself and we find that it comes in different categories. So the first one is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tadas response. So he says first job in LA who fucka chef de Mille

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Hello Who Am I?

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So we responded to him and he was talking about a Ubuntu setup and we removed whatever difficulty I had afflicted him and we granted him his family and twice the amount first the job and Allah Who further Jayna who were Allahu Meenal cover Bill Alim responded to him, and we saved him and his family from the great difficulty when talking about knew how to use to sell them. First job in Idaho fernet Jane Eyre whom in a long because leakin mean responded to him and we saved him from the difficulty and that is how we respond and that's how we save the believers regarding saving that you will assign us to them.

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First Mr. German Allahu wa haben Allah Who Yahia LA who maybe responded to him, and he bestowed upon him the gift of Yahia and we repaired his relationship with his wife.

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First job, I know humara boom and Neela Lee Lima la Amelie mean coming back Korean wounds in the verse where he talks upon which auto responding to all of his servants, bus the job at home, those who supplicate him

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and Neela ollie or Angela animal they will not neglect the reward of any person who does what it is that they do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala even when talking about Yusuf Ali Salaam in his in his long story for Stella Bella who fell sarafa and who que de Haan in the verse we're using said by Rob besieging who have Boutilier Well, I'd rather jailed and fall into the fascia, that's their job Bella Hora boo for sort of and Hokkaido. So his Lord responded to him and he removed that temptation from his way

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amongst many other verses that talk about Allah subhanaw taala his response to his creation

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He use it and the second guy to go he used it to point out the lack of ability of idols or anyone else to respond well levena Yeah, their own I mean Dooney he, later yesterday Buddha Allah whom be che in Kibera simply Cafe Eden ma Ilya below offer who are a man who will be valuable, and the ones you call upon aside from Allah, they don't not respond to you. Except as much as someone who sees their reflection in the water and then lounges towards the water wanting to touch their own modes.

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And they won't be able to do so. It's like you see your face in the water. So if you want to touch your mouth, you go like this, you're not gonna touch here's it's not there. Now, yesterday Illa covers up cafe here in Alma Ilya biloba, my mouth will be burned.

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While you lay there will show like a comb for our home. From yesterday Buddha whom were I will either level unknown can we are they doing and they're told on the Day of Judgment, call upon your associates

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by the algorithms that will call upon them. For them yesterday Buddha home and they will not respond to them. And then they will see punishment is only they only found guidance when they were alive.

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Inside the room, there is smart who do

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what I will send me

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Mr. jaboulet. Well, myopia MATEC photoinhibition Akiko. If you call upon these associates, they will not hear you and if they were to hear you, they do not have the ability or capacity to respond to you.

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Use their subpoena or data the third category where he talks about the risk

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bonds of the believers, the muslimeen of the movement, were steady will Lavina Manu well I'm it'll slowly hurt your your Z Doom infallibly and the believers will respond to their Lord and then he will increase his bounty upon them. In your study will Levine is my own, well motor your battle Humala

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exclusively only those who hear or listen will respond to you he's referring to not just hearing it but actually listening to it which is what the believers do, and that the motor and then the deceased and the dead. Again, figuratively speaking those who are spiritually dead, about whom Allah they'll be resurrected on the day of judgment and don't have to answer to their own

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their own mistakes. Yeah, you will Lavina men who study will Allah he will have Assouline either the outcome Lena, your equal Oh, those who believe respond to Allah and His Prophet when they call upon you, to grant you something that will call upon you for you to find something that will grant you life, email your Hagan, something that is going to grant you life, then of course we're alive. And even in the Quran, he commonly talks about life in the form of the life of the life of the Spirit, not the life of the of the body, because if you don't if you don't have life of the body, then you're not someone who's able to hear any of this to begin with.

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Well, Latinas deja vu Lirael be him with a bomb was solid Well, I'm rowhome shoe Rabina home, I mean molars Akane, home young cocoon, and Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the attributes of the believers and so to show that it was a readiness dejavu there have been those who responded to their Lord and they established their prayers and they have sure amongst themselves in the verses of CRM that I talked about a few seconds ago.

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When he says

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in the quarry Wuji Buddha our the either Dan fell yesterday bully fell yesterday bully while you may they respond to me, I am near and I will respond to this application of the person who the servant who supplicates may they respond to me for yesterday bully,

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laziness dejavu, you will not be him will trust them. Those who respond to their Lord will find the best well Levine LME a steady Bula who and those who do not know Anala whom mirfield or lead me on when Miss La Houma home

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and those who do not respond to their Lord if they had the earth if they own the earth and a couple of more Earths to offer as ransom to remove wouldn't have made a difference.

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He uses the subpoena with Donna the same term.

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He uses it when in the in the wordings of shape law and on the Day of Judgment. Ministry applied and his hope alone he speaks he uses the same terms. Well makine Alia Alia Aliko Misool Pon Illa and how to come faster Jabba tomb Lee fella tell you Mooney William one for circle. And I had no control over you, except that I called upon you. So you're and then you responded to me. So don't blame me blame yourselves. He uses the subhanaw taala this term and what happens on the Day of Judgment when he calls upon it so yo, may I do Oh, come for this study wanna be handy? Whatever noona Elizabeth tune in LA Paulina, on the day when he calls upon you, and you respond in his praise. And I thought

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on that day, you will feel that you only lived for a very, very short period of time.

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He says to ponder what Donna will call Rob buco moody Rooney a stability

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with life he says was about Alice says they're only call upon me. A study below Coleman. I will respond to you in the Levina Yes, stick Corona and either say Hello, Anna Johanna muda de those are too arrogant to worship and serve me will enter Jahannam in a humiliated manner.

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I'm mejor de Bucha Balraj either we actually for Su or cola.

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Isla whom Allah say Who is it, that will respond to the one who is in true need and will borrow the person who has nowhere else to go? When they supplicate and call upon Him? And who will who is the one who will remove difficulty and who was the one who will grant new stewardship of the Earth is their Lord aside from Allah,

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because his name is in Mujib SubhanaHu wa Tada. You have to supplicate because that's his name. supplication is not there as an option. supplication is a is an obligation. It's an obligation because his name subhanho wa Taala is L mu g.

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is the one who responds, if no one calls upon him to whom does he respond Subhana wa Tada

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because his name is emoji we are obligated to continuously call upon Him. And if we don't call upon Him then we're not sin. If we do not supplicate him Subhana wa Dawn and if you don't turn to Him with our with our pain if you don't speak to Allah subhanaw taala about our worries and about our future. And who else do we speak to aside from him Subhana wa Tada, because his name is in Mooji. What's his name? That's what he does, he responds to you.

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They're known Hadith and a collection of Muslim or the Prophet alayhi salatu was to them would have Satana Abu Huraira Allahu anhu, come to Him.

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Now Barrera will come to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the state of

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disarray and upset

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and upset because his mother would not accept Islam. As my mother wouldn't accept it, and every time she would go to her party have a good level they have to smutny fee Rasulillah

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every time I would go to her and speak to her about Islam, she would say things and she would make me hear things about the Prophet Allah, your salt or something that I would just like, and she would say, rude, rude things about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam or Obama Rahmani V che and then she may even throw something at me. And so we'd go home and he would speak to his mother and he was an only child. He didn't have any siblings. And he took care of his mom.

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And he would always call her first time and she would say something rude to him or say something bad to him or throw something at him and he would leave. So he came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he was in tears and you're saying and he said finally Allah said Allah, Allah Allah little me IV Herrera, make dua for the mother Abu Huraira Allah Yanni guide her it's been years and I've been trying and it's not working.

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For Carlos of Allah Allah He was salam, Allah Houma ad uma Abby, holy Allah. O Allah grant guidance to the mother of a boomerang.

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So he goes, Radi Allahu Anhu back to his house

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and before he is able to enter his mother calls upon him about her airline mechanic stay where exactly where you are don't under those so in his mind again you were back to

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so I stopped he said I stopped I'll call it on litany hotel this'll give me a few moments until I'm finished my my shower

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but I'm not call it Yabba Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola where I can enter so yeah, I entered my card actually do hola either in the Allahu Allah Muhammad Abdul who?

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I bear witness that there is no God but Allah that Muhammad Ali use what was the damage is his messenger. So what Allah was happy this time he comes back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and in tears of joy, saying y'all rasool Allah, had Allahu Allah Allah subhanaw taala has granted me the mother Abu Huraira guidance hamdulillah for calling us all Allah Allah azza wa jal Hamdulillah he led the head there be Herrera, all Praise to Allah is the one who got granted guidance to the mother of the whole ALA. So what I felt he was on a little bit of a roll here. So he said y'all rasool Allah, Allah Allah Lee, what do you owe me? Elias ma Albina Are you happy by Illa Eva Hill meaning

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when you have been by Eva, meaning that Elena make Allah make dua that Allah subhanaw taala grants us the love of his servants and grants the servants are love as well.

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And this is what they were taught by him Allah salatu salam to be the most valuable thing in the world is finding love for God. And never use an ally since the Prophet Allah has also made dua Allah whom have Babel obey Dhaka mahoe Isla de Munin will have him who

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will have been a radical meanie in LA him said oh Allah grant the love of this servant of yours and his mother to their believers and grant the believers their love for food or whatever. Send me an IV I don't owe me 11 I have money that no one has ever heard of me or my mother since this except they love me when you know Shizuka and oh hey boo Abba Roboto and today we're here we got a bear witness that we love abou Haryana we love his mother will be Allah who maybe do I and maybe some Allah Allah you Adios, adios, Salam

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this namely MoodGYM when I talk about it is very relevant to to Ramadan extremely relevant to the mullah.

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Because Ramadan is the time of the year where we learn to supplicate or we go back to doing something that we don't do enough of throughout the rest of the year and when we do perform this, this deed or this action, we do it we do it in very small doses outside of Ramadan. One of the major benefits of this month is that it teaches you how to supplicate again she's you know how to speak and call upon Allah subhanaw taala how to speak to him. And and when you do so you are experiencing His Name Allah Mujeeb subhanho wa Taala at all times like when you when you actually

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Learn how to perform to, then you are experiencing his name and image job. And this is something that you should continue to think about. As you go through your life you are experiencing in every moment, one of His Names Subhana wa Tada. It's just whether you have enough clarity to figure out which of his names to pile into either you're experiencing, and art is the easiest, because every time you turn to Allah subhanaw taala, you make dua, then you are experiencing his name as an emoji. He will respond to you. Now the point that's important here,

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when we talk about his name and emoji, is what is it that it mean? What does it mean when he says first to Jebin? Allahu, or St. Java? What is his response to you mean? What is that? What does that word actually mean? So when Allah subhanaw taala responds, and he does when you make dua, he for sure it does, it comes in different forms. The first form which is the form that is most Beloved to us, is when you ask Allah subhanho wa taala, for something that he grants you that what you asked for it, at the time that you asked for it, that is what's most Beloved to us, that's what we want. So and that's fine. For you to want that that's fine. That's one way for him to respond to piner

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without him another way for him to respond subhanaw taala is for him to get grant you something that is better than that which you asked for.

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Are him within his divine wisdom subhanho wa Taala name, his name is Hakeem to know that there's something that is more beneficial for you in your life. And for him to grant you exactly that.

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Another way for him to respond Subhanallah that is to grant you that what you asked for, but you get a little bit later in life.

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What is more appropriate for you to receive it rather than the time when you ask for it. Another way for him to respond Subhana wa Tada is for him to remove a difficulty that was coming your way through the DUA that you made.

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Another way for him to respond to you to your dog subhanho wa Taala is for him to hold on to it and then grant it back to you and give it back to you on the Day of Judgment in the form of hashanah to the form of forgiveness of your of your sins or in the form of higher ranks on the day of judgment and Jana, all of that is his response, all of it. What he guarantees for you Subhanallah what Donna is that he will respond to you. That is that is the guarantee that you have that no matter what if you make dua if you supplicate then Allah subhanaw taala will for sure respond to use your legit Alou in whatever way he sees fit. And as I'm as a Muslim as a movement as a believer, you have to be

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okay. With whatever what that's a part of a little kid from yesterday. You have to be okay with whatever it is that he dads out. The question is, oh, well then why do I don't if I'm not gonna get exactly what I want? Why do I make dua all you're doing is showing ALLAH SubhanA wa MoodGYM what your plan is, what it is that you're hoping for what your mindset is about. When you make do aren't you speak to Allah subhana wa Tada, it you're explaining what it is that you're worried about what it is that you want for your future, you're explaining your mindset and your perspective and your goals that is very valuable. That's actually the most valuable thing about dua that ALLAH SubhanA

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gets to see what your priorities are, what your plan for the future is. And then he will grant you what he sees fit supine, and what Daniel respond to you in a way that is that is meaningful. And then Ramadan, it happens when he would have saw me in the field three he there our two taller than the person who was fasting is oh, that that will not be rejected. Because there are two that can be rejected. There are some applications that can be rejected. If you ask for haram. If you ask and in your heart, you're not really you don't have that sincerity and what knowing that he's the one who's going to grant you this Are you make dua and you're not sure that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is going to

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respond to you in the Hadith with some degree of discussion of his authenticity. He says, Alia salatu salam lays a shade on echo Rama and Allah He Mina dua there's nothing that is more valuable in the eyesight of Allah. So the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala, then then the dua of a servant. There's nothing more beautiful to him than to derive a servant.

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There's a there's a story.

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It's hard to authenticate this story, but it's a story that I my teachers used to tell quite quite often it couldn't be from the Swahili yet and it could be a hadith that has a little bit of weakness to it. But I find the concept of it quite, quite beautiful. Where a servant

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makes dua to Allah subhanaw taala he speaks to Allah, very, very pious servant and Gibreel with any lift that dua to Allah subhanaw taala and the Lord would respond to you breathe and say that you breathe Elata Abdi postpone the response to this one.

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So he would do that again the next day because the dog the abdomen, make a dua the next day so the Lord would respond the same way and then he would do it again and then Florida respond the same way twice or three times in a row. And then you'll be will say y'all Rob, in Abduch have fallen on had fallen

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is a very pious servant of yours has been asking you to ask your homeless Elijah and your your Jani. But postponing is the response to him for a poodle rumble and the Lord respond to your beat. And he was saying, Yeah, had you been in Neo hippo and Esma asoto. I love to hear his voice. I love to hear him speak to me.

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Because the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala is the one at that moment you get what you want you stop making dua. Unless you get you're now distracted by that which you asked for. And then you have nothing left to ask for. So you're distracted by what you were given. And you don't speak to Allah subhanaw taala anymore, and what relationship exists between you Allah if you're not speaking to Allah, to explain to him what you want?

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See, no one makes dua for any if you think about it, you never make dua for haram stuff. There's that's insane. No one does that. You don't ask him for something that's haram. You when you ask for, you're asking for the stuff that you care about the most. Depending on where you are in your life you're asking for, to excel in your academics. You're asking to find a good job and find a way for a spouse. You're asking him for your children to be healthy. You're asking for your children to be pious, you're asking that you have stability and that you're protected and that you have health and that your parents have health and that your siblings have health and that they live long. And they

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all do well. When you make those days, you're explaining what your priorities aren't to God, here's what I want. Here's what I hope for. Here's what I afraid of. That is you. And that is extremely important, because that explains who you are as a person to Allah subhanho wa taala. And that, in its essence, is what Allah subhanaw taala wants. It's like telling me what it is that you I will give you in the portions that I believe that I know are that are best for you at times that I know are best for you. But you can keep keep on talking. Keep on explaining to me what your plan is what where you're going with all of this. Every time you do you get hassled for that then you it is very

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therapeutic even for you, as you hear yourself explaining what it is that you're hoping to do with the long term plan is what the problems that you're facing right now are, what is it that's holding you back? Why is it that you can't seem to get things done the way you want them to get them to get done. And you speak to Allah subhanaw taala and that's, that's what it is. He says all your thoughts and other Allah want to move you know, enable each other.

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Make dua and you have full certainty that Allah subhanaw taala will respond to you in Allah, Allah study Buddha, pal will be left in rockville. Last month, it does not respond to the dua of a heart that is distracted a heart that is indifferent to heart that does not have that certainty. A heart that does not know why it's speaking to a lung what that means, learn to do this from above and really do spend the time put in the effort to learn how to do this is so meaningful. Well, like it's so meaningful. And the people, the most beautiful thing in your life will become this, like this one, this one activity of do out will be the most enjoyable thing that you'll do throughout the

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entirety of your life. And if you just learn how to do it, there's a little bit of an art

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surrounding dua, it's not it's not something you you get right immediately, because you're in a conversation, where you're really the only one speaking, he's responding to you supine and whatnot. It was not through words, it's not through his words, or there you can read His words that he is responding you to through his words, but on a daily basis, the responses aren't verbal, they come through different venues. But you're the one who was speaking to this conversation between you and Allah subhanaw taala you have to learn how to do it properly. And once you do, it's something that will become very, it'll be essential in your life, because the way that it has to be done is in a

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way where you speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala without the filters, like without the social mask that we all carry around to present ourselves to other people. You can't speak to Allah subhanaw taala that way, you can't present yourself to Allah subhanaw taala as Dr. Hulan that doesn't work. That's not who you are. That's not That's not when I'm speaking to Allah subhanaw taala I'm not a hedge fund, or I'm full on Mohandas Fula. And that's not who I am. I am an ABD, and the servant with my name and the name of my parents. And that's it. Nothing else. Nothing else. Don't. Don't make sure that your milk Iam was not the first time you come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with nothing.

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Because you don't want to come to Alaska with absolutely nothing. You come to him with no bank account, you're coming to him with no possessions you come to him with no status, you come to him with no letters before or after your name with no signature with no description, you come to Allah subhanaw taala with nothing with no clothing even you have to clothe you, your milk pm or else you come to him with nothing at all. Make sure that that's not the first time that you come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with that degree of simplicity. Because if that's the first time it's very difficult to deal with it, because we value we understand our lives through all of these social

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attributes, the complexities that we add upon ourselves to present ourselves and that's fine. You need that when you're dealing with people but don't speak to Allah subhanaw taala that way because that's not how he sees you. And that's not the nature of the relationship you have with him. So maybe

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through that you come to Allah subhanaw taala in this life with nothing, you leave behind all of this stuff that define who you are. And you come to him with the simplicity of being a servant, that is often a servant that sins and has shortcomings and has a lot of fears and is very vulnerable, and feels everyone that we're all the same. We put on this front that we're very confident in that we have it all worked out, no one does. No one has anything figured out. Don't be fooled by these masks, these fronts that people put up that they have no one does. Everyone is just as vulnerable and afraid of the future as the second person we're all exactly the same when it comes to that no

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one hasn't actually figured out. So when you come to Allah subhanaw taala you can drop the act. You can drop the act just just drop the act you don't have it figured out you know that you don't have it figured out you have to you have to show that you do or else doing it or your family won't respect you people won't have faith in you and no one will come to you for advice you don't you can't get keep life moving. When you come to Allah come to him with the simplicity of who you are with the vulnerability with the facts. And if you do that, any when they talk about slavery because you're finding a little bit of course, you're sure you don't have to look for it. It'll find you.

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You don't have to look for it'll find you if you just come that way.

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Don't speak to Allah, like you're in a job interview wearing a suit with a tie.

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And that's not how you speak to your Lord. You were told we were taught we were commanded to make dua when we were commanded to make dua and Salah during sujood. Not during recording, not doing Judas and not standing up. we're commanded to do it during session, we only do it standing up for winter. Because it's really awkward to make dua with my face down in everyone's face down behind me, it doesn't work, your neck will break. But that's when you do it. You make it when you're when your face is on the ground, in the state of full humility. That's how you make dua to Allah subhanaw taala and the way that we live with this name, number one, here's an emoji so you study respond to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala yourself you want him to get grant you what you want you respond to Allah subhanaw taala yourself. Number two, be the answer of someone else's prayer. Be the way that Allah subhanaw taala responds to His servants Allah esteem Allah and the response to his servants through what it does it through the student through the different laws of this universe, one of them are his people. So be yourself the response of someone else's supplication be the tool that Allah subhanaw taala uses to respond to people's draw, you have no idea the value in that. You have no idea the value in doing that. Somebody out of a job, I need to help I need support and then you come along

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and you help and you're so you're their response to their dua. You are the way Allah subhanaw taala responded to their do you have this is beyond this is the best thing you could probably ever do in your life, is be the response that Allah subhanaw taala is granting to someone when they are supplicating in a moment of need. And then finally, supplicate with certainty. When you make dua make sure that your heart is filled with certainty that he will respond to you as a pilot, even if it comes in a form that you weren't hoping for. You're hoping for another form which you're okay with whatever form he chooses to partner with and have that certainty in your heart. I hope that was

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a benefit to you. So Bancolombia foundation Allah Allah it lends itself to start Allahu wa salam O Allah kind of you know, Muhammad, you know earlier so I'm mainly talking about a couple of people. So

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