Do the 6 days of Shawwal have to be fasted consecutively

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The third question says, can we separate the fasting of the six days of Shabbat? Or do they have to be done in order, meaning one after the other? And also then in another part of the question says, do they have to be done in the first six days? Or is it any time during the month? So it's actually two, any questions in one. So the first part of it, it doesn't have to be done during the first six days. It can be done anytime during the month of show. And also it doesn't have to be done in order meaning, I confess today, one day, I confess five days from now, another two days, I confess then one day one day and throughout the month what's important is that you complete all six days during

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the month of show all and they don't have to be in order