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After praising Allah subhanaw taala, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was selling them,

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continuing our journey, and looking at certain areas inside the Quran, or Jews mean an area or certain portion of the verse will intend to repeat these verses, what we extract, not just to see what I can double are yet to ponder over. These are yet these verses of Allah subhanaw taala dimensioned. At some of these verses, were repeated by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam o, he told, as we mentioned some of his companions to recite certain verses and stop upon them.

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And for us beyond this double reflection of this iron, we're trying to delve into trying to understand to rectify the corrupt beliefs that may be may exist amongst us Muslims, we posed upon the concept of over reliance upon pious or righteous people. And even beyond that, thinking that the messengers, while are seeing the final prophet Muhammad, Ali Salatu Salam is going to come and openly intercede for many of us Muslims. And here we're not saying that we don't we reject the concept of his intercession is a concept of over reliance, that sprinkling through the Muslim ummah, at the moment that they think just like the Christians, who have this concept is believed that it's

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bad what you do inside your life. What are whatever you've done inside your life, but if you believe in Jesus, I am the way I am the light, then you will be forgiven.

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And this may sound harsh for many of us Muslims. That's exactly what many of us Muslims think, that if I just believe in the prophet or listen, I'm automatically going to bite my default position is I'm going to be forgiven without hardly doing anything inside my life.

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I'm Al Khalil Bucha. And Cathy rock Kabir do minute actions in this world and to hope to aspire to have the maximum reward inside the Hereafter. This would it boils down to, and this is unfortunately a corrupt belief. This code because the Quran is replete with iron inside the Quran speaking about this over reliance, of focusing only upon your own self, not relying upon other individuals. Thus we find out when we concluded from settlement in the SLA Salam, he resolved himself from these people. The final page also told me that he absorbed himself dissolved himself from the people that they attributed to him and to his mother and to believe that he is a God. He needs to be worshipped, he

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needs to be asked.

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And as we mentioned that the AI that we concluded on last week we speak about into a deep home for economic rebel look, we're in talk for longer in NACA until Aziz Hakim that if you punish them, or you forgive them that your servants and if you punish them, you're the Almighty, the all wise and then come soon, the prophet Allah says I'm who repeated that verse all night.

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And then what was his first call? The end of SLA Salem, and in six cities to corrode citta Mia Corona we find on sixth centuries later we find the prophet who opens his door with what with the rest of the doubt the previous prophets of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah subhanho wa sallam APRA, Accra Bismillah beacon, let the caller

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be dialed back into the beginning of Revelation. That's what remember I said that why this INCRA this Callamard these words, this verse or this word, as Barnaby and he became a prophet. They may Allah said to him, yeah, you will come for under as Maha Sulan he became the messenger that Allah sent him you will Mudassir come for under Get up and warn the people.

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What a burqa for Kabir warning that what the magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala when the crew Allahu Akbar the greatest thing, remembrance is that they could have Allah Subhana Allah and that's why when we say Allahu Akbar, Phoebe dirty Salah now I'm Mahayana Allahu Akbar. What does it mean to say Allahu Akbar and enter into the Salah,

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the shoe, that's gonna be Dunya doesn't mean that you arrange yourself like a filofax in your mind, I have to do this, I have to do that I have to do this, do this and do that.

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I mean, everything is dropped. Everything is dunya is left. There is nothing that person should be thinking about except for the movie Subhanallah the greatness of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then Allah mentioned a stage beyond that. We're under Arshi reticle, Accra been

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going warn your family members go and warn them

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because we find that the most Shikun the policy is the Quraysh at that time, the ship that they were full of what people believed in.

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And hey, we should mention the disclaimer because some Muslims they pass it out to say the most

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Humans today are far worse than we should have been have the courage had the hopper

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that's that's injustice to say that about Muslims today that Muslims today are far worse than the Quraysh at that time, the credential lost people, idolatrous polytheists

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walk around instead of nudity around the Kaaba 360 Gods playing idols placed inside the Kaaba, that's who they were. So when people say what Muslims do, some elements are sheer, or they're worse than the Quraysh. Canada we're Hampshire, they still living. By default, they still Muslims, a Maha like Quraysh Alladhina COSATU, those who disbelieve, they were they were destroyed.

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And then towards the end those who came and accepted the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So the Prophet has already mentioned this call to his people. Yama Marshall operation is true and Fusa comb la oguni oncomine Allah He che Hadith he said say Hain he said to do Quraysh purchases of rescue yourselves now inside this dunya I cannot rescue you. Inside an Astra Yeah, Bunny Abdi moneth the tribe of the Prophet Allah instead of slum, save yourselves. I can't rescue you on that day or benefit you in any manner. Then he said yeah, basically abducted him.

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Oh, my own uncle. There are oguni uncombined Allah He che i can't benefit you in any way. Then he said to his own aunt. Yeah, Sofia. I'm Matera Rasul Allah He SallAllahu Sallam la oguni Anchee min Allah He che. He said about his own art I can't benefit you at all. From the Kalama Illa Binti Fatima

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Then he said to his own daughter Fatima, Fatima bint Mohammed of Fatima la ogni Anchee min Alicia Salini, Mina dunya Masha till and Okama called annexures have asked me now whatever you want from this dunya asked him wherever you are from this dunya I can grant it to you. I can give it to you, if they say my ability, but as for Astra, I cannot do anything for you.

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That's his own daughter, Fatima. What are the law?

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That you find that Fatima was so beloved to him?

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All these doors are beloved. But he would wipe the floor for her to come and sit besides Him.

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And so when he when he his final stages, he whispered to her

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to something and she began to weep.

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Then he whispered something, then she began to laugh and began to rejoice. And sometime later, our mother Aisha asked the question, what what is it that the prophet had some mentioned to you that first you began to weep, and then you began to rejoice?

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He said, the first person who's going to die off to me is going to be you.

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You're the first person who's going to die. And you're going to be the one who is going to meet me, said I made her rejoice. That's how much love he had towards Fatima bed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And as we find that the I'm going to focus on whether Tesla was here to withdraw okra inside SOTL Anam, the sixth chapter of the Quran, verse 164, no soul will carry the burden of another soul.

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And to understand the context, the SIAC of this verse is placed inside sootel and an urn the sixth chapter, the Quran, Psalm 165, odd verses primarily makansutra. Can no Kulu Surah who was Surah that had this Manito hate. Those are some of the early metaphors you recall it Surah towhead I did the whole sutra the main theme, the thrust of the story is only speaking about the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah. When we look at the beginning or hamdulillah the Halacha sama work you will add what you add of grammatical rule for Mala Dnata for Ruby Rabin ja de Lune. Right in the beginning, Allah praises himself subhanaw taala is created the night and the day the human beings is created him and

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then these individuals who Medina tougher will be rubbing your delune face to Zuma and the Nord and these disbelieving individuals, you sleep on a bed and lay subhanaw taala they don't focus the EBA towards Allah Subhana Allah they turn it away to other than Allah subhanaw taala and this is one of the five stories that begins when unhemmed with a praise of Allah Subhana Allah Anna and here's a quick glimpse at some of the ayat had mentioned speak about an email and we'll update the why and don't refer different havila Yah, hoo.

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To Allah belongs the keys of the unseen no one knows about them, except for him. subhanho wa Taala

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as you mentioned hold so to speak about the heat to take away this continent some people tried to introduce or place inside Islam that some people know the unseen or they can decipher the unseen you know, the Quran is it a lot book the Quran doesn't need some form of deciphering the Quran. The Quran is open.

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The Quran understood the Quran they understood what it means. And even today, most people don't know the Arabic language is quite crystal clear. There's only certain iron inside the Quran that a person needs to go in some deep to see

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The logo to understand even when Ahmed Al Khattab said refer to Abba, I don't know what the meaning is many aroma or aroma parotid he knew very well what it means

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because I didn't know how to home. But when you teach the people not to make excessive Tafseer about delve into such a deep understanding that's when you find out very rarely that you find the Companions asking question about being manual and felt

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asked about words inside the Quran because they understood the language of the Quran. They had for Saha they had began the concept understanding the language of the Quran is asked today we need to read so many words to begin to try to decipher certain things in the Quran. But the main theme of Tawheed is clean or the Quran

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you don't need to be a Mufasa to understand what Allah tells us inside the Quran Allah says crystal clear where any no Nefertiti Hello havila Yeah, in the hood, La Ilaha nobody knows that the unseen are the keys you don't seem belong to only with Allah subhanaw taala in the world you have to what God Lady Fatima Sana what will be Hanifa the whole discussion of Ibrahim and Islam that I have placed my face directed my face towards the one and only Allah subhanaw taala and the whole pages are speaking about Ibrahim are speaking about his belief that Allah mentions called Danilo at Lu Muhammad Ali Kamara. bukem Allah to Sheikh who belay che

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to the SUTA Anam you find was speaking about the sins of the Muhammad as some of this I call it the 10 commandments inside the Quran.

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They said to the Prophet I'm cool call these people. Let me recite you that which Allah is counted as made haram upon you forbidden? What's the first thing under to Shikou Billahi share you associate no partners with Allah subhanaw taala and then again illustrata mentions carrying on the iron wonder had syrupy Musa team and for tiberiu While at the tibial Subala for the for rokkaku and severely Delica Musa compete our local taco.

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Allah mentioned in the Quran were under her that syrupy Musa team and for tiberiu who this is a straight path and follow this path. Don't follow the other paths that derail you take you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, in that the seriousness of the legless road say that the Prophet actually drew a cup in the sun, he drew a line inside the sun, and he drew smaller short lines. He said at the end of the shorter line is nothing but the devil is waiting to be a banner. There is no shortcut to paradise.

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There is no shortcut to paradise. One ohada syrupy Mustafi man for tiberiu It's a long path, a long, tedious, difficult path to get to the end to paradise. follow that path. And then in the end of the surah Allah mentions called inner Salah T well no Sookie well Maha yeah yeah, well my Murthy layerable Alamy luxury Keller, who will be there they call me to one word Muslim in call inner Salah T one usuki Mama Yahweh Murthy Arman.

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Arman actions, Allah says, My My prayers, say indeed my prayers, my sacrifice my living and Madang is dedicated to Allah actions. Allah doesn't say just give a tacit approval that Allah Subhana Allah is one Allah exists. I believe in Allah, so many Muslims. I believe in Allah. That's not that's not sufficient.

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Because Eman, belay Subhana Allah goes beyond that is our Malbec jewellery is actually to the limb to show your belief in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Quran ficolo Bico. To establish that firmly inside your heart that you believe in Allah Subhana Allah will not be listen, to attract with your tongue, that you believe in Allah Subhana Allah, then the actions of the limbs, to show your obedience towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and as before and then the last part, the inside is verse that comes following speak to you about what that tells you to adhere to Mr. Okra. Allah mentions contest school allow you to lay Robin well who are called Michelle, while attack Cebu Kulu Nelson Illa Allah

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should I seek another rub?

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Another another Lord besides Allah Subhana Allah, and he's the Lord of everything.

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So the Muslim turns towards Allah subhanaw taala Anna, and anything wrong that we do, is upon our own selves. We're shallow Lisa Lake, we don't attribute evil or something wrong to God, Allah subhanaw taala

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the wrongness is from our own self in our deficiency in PA obedience towards Allah subhanaw taala. Well, that tells you whether to Mr O'Hara from ILA or become managerial kung fu Nubira can be my quantum fee, the telephone,

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no soul carried of sin of another soul, no burn of another soul. Then you're going to return back to your Lord. And then Allah is going to inform you regarding that which you deferred regarding. Why did Allah use the telephone?

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When you you did

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From meaning in this dunya you're going to differ about certain things about is somebody else responsible for my actions? Is somebody going to take my sins, somebody's going to help me inside my life. Look at the Kalima local wording of the Quran. It doesn't say took me out of the Koran or darken it highlights categorically that reduce Destiny food that you differ amongst inside this dunya. And then Allah concludes the sort of I mentioned well we'll let the data come holla it will add what also our local folk about inteligente Leah Blue Welcome female Terkel.

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Then Allah met COVID This should have mentioned that he's the one who pays to lean is upon the one above the other.

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Meaning that there's going to be tests and trials that people who excel more will be given more reward. People who are left behind will stay behind. So Allah gives dominance and power even his dunya for whoever exerts themselves inside this dunya and that same image is inside an Acura there will be exerts themselves regarding an Astra Allah will give them a greater reward inside an Astra. As the reason of Revelation is versus some relevant mention. I'm called to be mind boggling studies to see the validity Mahira Can you call it WCB alZahra come as mentioned by Ibn Abbas, he would go around saying that follow me. And I will carry your burdens. I'll carry your sins just like today.

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Some people are desperate to say, you know, just follow me. Don't worry. I'll get you into paradise. Or you do this. Whatever it may be inside you like I'll carry the burden I'll take the blame

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is my responsibility. And that's what this interview is trying to go around and say let's just follow me don't worry about what Muhammad is saying. What his people are doing just follow me follow what we're what our clients people what we're doing inside their lives, I will carry this burden. But Allah mentioned what I told you were zero to Israel, okra no soul will carry the burden or the sin of another individual. And that's what his numerous nobody will yet saw me similar is inside the Quran carry the same message. And no so Lokmanya Your nurse will work shall Yeoman law yet she well you don't and one of the one mo Luden who jazz in unreality, che

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Oh mankind fear that they wherever you come in front of Allah Spandana and no father will avail or help his son. I know son will help his father. That's the end of Surah Look man, look even how Allah place inside Surah look manager sort of speaking about a discussion between father and son sort of concludes by saying a message the whole of mankind no one can help any individual on that day. Likewise implicated mentions, well, I told you it was your Twitter okra when third row muscala Tony ILAHA Maria la your Melman who che on one ocarina there Cordoba, it because he disliked the verses of the Quran surah for that on that day, no one can help another individual, no one will be able to

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carry the burden of another individual. So if you ask another individual of Ghana, there could have been even as a close family member to carry your burden. They're not going to be able to do that on that day, or benefit you inside this dunya Wolof in Accra, falla Yahoo Gouldman wala

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inside surah Taha that we find Allah mentioned no person will be oppressed.

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No person will be wronged in that day if nicotine adventures follow you to them be a new human and they say yet Are you ready? No person we told to carry the say out of another individual. And now individual will adopt them be and young postman has sanity. And your good deeds won't be taken away from you. Your good deeds won't be passed over to another individual on that day. Also, because he mentioned cool enough CMP Mikasa but Raveena every single soul has a pledge for whatever it is, it's en and a more easier verse in the Quran. Many of us are familiar with Lucha Makassar. But what Allah has tested, every soul have whatever it does, and upon it will be whatever it does. That's simple.

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That's the default position inside the Quran. Every soul whatever it does, it will be granted to the soul to the individual, anything that is we go against the practice of teaching the Quran, then that sinner that burden will be placed upon all of us or as is every single individual accordingly. When I tested was here to withdraw okra, this is occur once inside the Quran numerous places in Santa Clara Allah places, and you mentioned soda and Amber's 164 Is that sort of a straw Surah for pin Surah Zoomer and then again in such sort of najem but in sort of Najib Allah mentioned Well, that tells you where Zerah to withdraw okra. Bala adds this addition we're under and indeed no solo carry

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the sin or the burden for another individual. Then Allah concludes the vessel mentioned a lesson and insert the LMS we're Anessa yo sofa Euro, man will only have whatever he strives for. And he will be shown whatever he strove for inside is dunya and even each of these five places not the Quran if you read the context, all them kept send the same message that each one of us is responsible for our own selves and our own action.

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Things that we carry out inside our lives. That's why I'm probably mentioned well enough. erythema B is not okra Euro, no person will be responsible to sin of another soul

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another person carry out an evil action and we should be that inside our lives. And like whatever the nicotine mentioned in Canada hiring for hire, when can a shirt on for sure person is good and it'll be good enough for the individual person there's something which is wrong, which is bad it will be upon the individual. So easy. What are ya as an ambulance again, in the Turner is more Allahi wa Tamil knifes thema, elderness, okra,

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okra simple terms, everybody is responsible for their own actions. And no soul will carry the sin or the vise of another individual or be responsible for that and am caught we had a long discussion about responsibility. And he begins to speak about a concept what kind of appointing someone to entrust your affairs, your money, your property, whatever it may be. And a long discussion speaks about that the person can do whatever they want. If you place them in that trust, based on numerous traditions of Prophet Allah, it's not to say that you entrust someone with some money and you leave it with them. They have the right to spend from the money use from that money, multiply that money

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gain more profit because you've given them the authority and then they can share that with you accordingly as well. Then at the end of this discussion mentioned, not too hard not to be them, okay, Reha, nobody's gonna be taken from the sin of another individual. If I'm sorry, the interest of CD mentioned this versus like the verse Munna, Amina Saleh and funnily enough, see, woman sir, for Alia, whoever it is righteous action that is going to be for that for the benefit of that individual themselves, whoever doesn't even action that's going to be only upon their own selves. As for the schema or wisdom, let me begin to discuss what is wisdom? What is it mean? As I'm called to

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be sorry to see dimensions, or wizardry button or sippin? A burden something which is heavy? That's what Allah mentioned, speaking about the prophet Elijah salaam, what will that Nangka wisdom, we've lifted this burden off from your chest.

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And as you when you read this, or the Syrah that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, twice, his blessing, chess was split open. And the first time when he was a young boy the age of six or seven, when he realized some came and split open his chest and took over that rank, all that evil concept inside his heart that could be dealt of bleeding into something which is wrong, of hatred of Ranko was plucked out of his heart and his chest was sealed.

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That's one meaning interpretation. Earlier I mentioned what we're about an anchor wisdom that has been removed from your chest, and his body was washed with Matt zamzam

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was placed inside his heart around his body. But other meaning is that the burden of the responsibility of people that before you're not responsible for them, and likewise, the burden of giving that we're preaching to the people, we're going to make it something not burdensome, without a doubt, but it's got to be something easy for you,

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of carry on preaching towards the people the message of Allah subhanaw taala, that the meaning of of wizard is at them the sins of other individuals when we do not worry him, people be carrying their sins, and are the holy him upon their backs.

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That you find that sins have a detrimental effect upon the individual. In a hadith, whoever misses three drummers in a row consecutively, Allah seals that person's heart seals their heart is sealed. Does he find killable Rana Allah columbium

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call kettlebell runner can we actually bone upon the heart is Iran is a rust is a seal? Because what because of what they used to earn what they used to do. So sins dead in the heart, we can the heart, have a great impact upon the heart, that when we sin, we don't wash our sins away. We don't wash and cleanse our heart it begins to accumulate upon the heart and dead in the heart doesn't retain me I said that most people are dead individuals. They're leaving but they're dead.

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They're leaving but they're dead. They're like zombies in today's language walking around the dead people as far as the Sharia is concerned, because their heart isn't alive.

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Their heart isn't alive in the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and like with many of us that we think nothing of sins that's why the believer is the one when he sins sees it like a mountain on top of the head as mentioned by Abdullah bin Mossad. He sees it like a mountain on top of his head and been Munna fake

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the hypocrite just sees it like a fly the tip of the nose is brushes it aside

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that's not how we should be. We should be worried about our sins because they come detrimental upon our own heart and and our body as well as well as the wider society around us. That's what like when you find other I had mentioned about carrying the sins of others so upon ourselves and there isn't a

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exception at times, whereby people are responsible for other people's sins or they can be as a man ought to be mentioned other olema begin to discuss why is the exception when the hadith of the prophet Elijah Islam, as mentioned by a mother is a big gash, she posed this question to Prophet Allah is not Islam and only

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are we going to be destroyed his righteous people amongst us.

00:25:24--> 00:25:38

Are we going to be destroyed his righteous people I happen to be there. What was the response to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Kala Nam either Tathra Elizabeth Bill Fatah. He said yes, if Al Hubbard and Hubbard Mignon Elizabeth who Zina

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in a Tesira luid, promiscuity, adultery, fornication sexual misconduct in a Tesira becomes common in such society. Everybody will be destroyed. Well, okay. And of him, Salah Hoon in Abu Dhabi righteous people amongst them. So we should be worried about sins inside society, that they will have an impact upon us. And an other mother, she mentioned on Salem, I mentioned, speaking about the last day in the class, when the earthquakes will come. She posed his question that is going to be is it there's going to be righteous people once again, they so everybody's going to be destroyed inside this earthquake, the shaking in this earth. So what did a prophet Elijah mentioned, you pursue your

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multicam Allah Nissa T, every person is going to be resurrected in judgment according to intention.

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So we might be a few righteous people in the masjid today. We might be a few richest people in the world today, though, a few Muslims that we have. But in comparison to the rest of the world. That's where you find that sometimes is the last hill.

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When earthquakes come calamities that come, it doesn't make this distinction, that this person doesn't need to be punished. Rarely, it has happened at times that some people have not been punished had been saved, but it contains everybody and that person would be resurrected upon their own intention, Allah knows what the intention of the person is. So everybody be destroyed of the sins of some people. But those individuals will be will be exempted by Allah subhanaw taala because of the intention, another exception whereby person will carry the sins of another individual lmm code will be discussed discussing studies to see likewise Imam Saturday to shed light he is well

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inside is to see as well,

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is empowerment. Yeah, do it at Bala Allah,

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an imam who calls people towards misguidance. And here we should be written make a clear disclaimer that if somebody has an element of a list, speak of a Buddha and innovation needs to be met under a new Imam and live Bala. That doesn't mean that person is an imam calling towards misguidance as many of us do anything person's got an innovation and even the innovation in honesty at some times. But how did I have these konnyaku UCSC. You're in the room, somebody's Hadid that we may seem to be weak in nature and authentic. They see them as being authentic, so to have an assess of doing something inside their lives, so you shouldn't become overly emotional. Because many of us have just seen

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Islam from one lens for one teacher, one concept, one mindset. We haven't seen it from another view to understand why does a person practice something different? Why they do it? What's the basis of it? If it's totally flawed, then that's something else. But it's based upon some Hadith mataman is plausible to take place that we may see that as something which is incorrect. But it doesn't mean we begin to label a person imam who was Sahib Dalarna, he's a person of misguidance that misguidance has to be totally clear what the cooling towards people towards corruption in South Africa and inside believe. And as we began with his over reliance upon the pious and the righteous people we

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touched upon what to be calling for I know you're familiar with Miami, la Beeman. I don't know who this individual carry this, whoever follows this individual

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will carry the sins of those misguided individuals who begin to follow his misguidance but at the same time, those misguided individual there's no blame upon them as such, and losing their good deeds. Maybe they could be just normal individuals, that some of them don't know any better they begin to fall prey to what these people might be praying or telling these people to come towards. And all this is based upon the teachings of Prophet alayhi salatu salam min sadhana Phil Islam is pseudoknot and saggy atan whoever introduces a bad sunnah inside his Islamophobes for Urmila Bihar Baraka who and this is done us as individuals is carried is actual encourages people to do this

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kooky buddy Mr. Wisdom and Amina BIA, while a young costuming oehser In che, whoever follows this individual, he'll have a share of that sin. And a hadith begins with the opposite first, whoever Desmond Sanofi Islami, pseudoknot and Hassan and whoever encourages people to do a good deed Islam will have the reward of that.

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And whoever carries that after that individual

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As you find our Wellman center for Islamic capital, you find the killing that took place between the two sons of Adam and A salaam. And some aroma go to your name to hobbylink Kaabil is one view

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that Corbin shares is that the sin of everybody was killed afterwards.

00:30:18--> 00:30:26

He takes a minut percentage of that killing because He's the first person to introduce killing inside this dunya inside this world.

00:30:27--> 00:30:28

So he shares a part of that blame.

00:30:30--> 00:30:55

You know, we have enough sins on our plate. We have enough sins in ourselves, to stop caring other people's sins. I know some of us the wrong things we've done inside our lives. We should be weeping. We should be weeping. The I introduced this person, to drugs, to crime, to fornication, to adultery, to music, to haram to this to that is at least as endless

00:30:56--> 00:31:07

is a list of endless that we should be sitting there weeping. I have enough sins in my life. And all these people are lead them towards since we're still sitting today.

00:31:08--> 00:31:30

That baby I'm still got a share of that inside my life. That's why there's no Baraka inside my life. Still, there may be I may have repented, but it's still that burden is still there, that hundreds of people are still indoctrinated with the Haram that I introduced him to and that's why as Muslim we should revisit that we said it many times. We don't have an issue linguistically if a person does haram.

00:31:32--> 00:31:45

When I have an issue with that, if you do haram inside your life is your personal life. But when you become a person who encourages people cause people towards that, then you should be very, very worried about your life.

00:31:47--> 00:31:48

You should be very worried about your life.

00:31:49--> 00:31:55

You speak over your person takes drugs, drinks, alcohol, whatever they do in their life, they do it is a personal sin.

00:31:56--> 00:32:12

But if you begin to become a person who traffics the substances, shows the substances, and then you make Toba and you walk away. All those haram people still involved in Saudi, you still possibly see a sin of that inside your life.

00:32:13--> 00:32:15

It's not something trivial.

00:32:16--> 00:32:24

It's something burdensome upon those individuals. And we shouldn't shy away from the fact some of the biggest drug dealers in our community today are Muslims.

00:32:25--> 00:32:48

It's a fact inside our society, we should be ashamed about it. They should be ashamed about it. They should lower their heads when they walk past, they should feel ashamed about themselves. Not that we should glorify it, that every other young individual wants to be one of these individuals wants to get rich, but he's using his drugs in his crime. And he talks about not just your own Muslim, the whole of society.

00:32:49--> 00:33:15

We should be shamed about ourselves and make them feel ashamed. Not saying they something good and turn a blind eye. Even approaching a boundary should make them feel like dirt on the floor. Make him feel like scum on the floor. This is what you instilled inside our society. And I've said it many many times. Many mothers stand up all night praying that May Allah curse the individual who introduced my son to drugs.

00:33:17--> 00:33:24

All night they pray. You can be praying all night for forgiveness, but that daughter mother is repelling your dua

00:33:25--> 00:33:36

that should make you think in your life and think me me all these Muslims think of being dealing in Haram engaging haram serving haram making a cliche of something which is plausible inside our society.

00:33:37--> 00:34:11

This is destroying our society and destroying all of us. We have enough since we have inside a luxury mansion, Mumbai in Abdullah Weber called towards misguidance. Mandela hade fellow Mr. Ajit for any you have a coach to goodness will have the reward whoever comes to that goodness. So as we began we shouldn't over rely upon my family members. My mother's perform Hajj My father has memorized the Quran, banca, the Imam of the Masjid. So praise inside my family. So it was done. This is not my family. That's not the default position of Islam.

00:34:12--> 00:34:32

That we should remove that from our lives. Yes, if it happens on the Day of Judgment, whoever memorize the Quran will intercede with 70 members of his family, Father will come and intercede for his son if he's been righteous. We believe in all of that, but do become overwhelmed. And we began with these beans taken away from us. What could we do to mark the Amity? Further?

00:34:33--> 00:34:50

All of our just remember this. Every single one of us. We're calling it Yama, Yama, T Further, each one of us stand on our own. Inside our grave, outside our grave, and on a day of judgment is one who's standing on our own.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

That's what we need to remember inside our lives. That when I hit six foot deep down inside that grave, whatever I've done in my life

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

What do I do in my life? To show my belief towards Allah Subhana Allah, they were brought out of the grave. What did I do? And when I'm standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala where am I? Where are these only say, all these evil deeds coming upon me? Where did they come from? Because of my negligence in my belief in my conviction and obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah grant us all the defeat and ability to stand inside our graves and nor inside our grave, no matter what small we've done inside our life. No one should disappear from Allah Subhana Allah Leanna Aloha Pima is the end of the individual that counts not the beginning. It's your end and that's why there's so

00:35:44--> 00:35:46

many people that the end of their life

00:35:47--> 00:36:03

that are flip of the coin or the end of their life that they turn and they repent Allah wipes out everything Allah wipes at every single thing for all of you but they don't know so yeah, team has center and that changes all of their bad deeds into good deeds and we ask Allah, Allah to make us amongst those individuals.