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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a man named Sameen is a successful role model for people to leave behind. The transcript uses examples from the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Lewis' Law to illustrate the importance of having a good life. The transcript also references a video where a woman named Melissa Teal sends a message to people about her success and the need for a law.
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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that you will not be Amma there will come a man who is I'll leave and Sameen he's a huge fat man. And what's meant by this example, is usually the people of the dunya they indulge in the pleasures of this life. Allah has blessed them with an abundance of wealth and that's what they do they they indulge themselves and enjoy this life. But he told us that this individual he will not weigh in the sight of Allah Jeanette but it will die even the mosquitoes wings that he won't wear that he will be nothing Yamaha piano, and he told us at least let me say a crow read fella no P Mola, whom yo women pm it was now that we will not they

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won't wait anything human piano to be worthless human piano will reflect on this verse. And we ask ourselves Who are these individuals? Because they are the ones who are successful in this life. They're the ones who people looked up to. They were they were the role models of so many people and we thought they were successful. But Allah tells us in these verses and sort of tell KEF that they're the UK Serena mela that are the biggest losers. The ones Melissa you and Phil hire to dunya that they lost all the efforts that they made in this life. Why Where did they go wrong? What was it they did that made them there were so high there and their status and this life, and then they

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became Nobodies, losers, useless. You'll know piano, he said hula aka levena kefir will be at Europe be Himalaya coffee, that they're the ones who disbelieved and the eye at the verses and the signs of the Lord. And the Accord he that they will meet a law that they will be resurrected, because this belief and the eye that the verses in the signs of a law, it leads us to believe in his later call that we're going to need a law. And this is what happens has the impact on our actions. But these individuals, as Allah told us, that they will be nothing for now no people of whom yo metal piano T was now that we will not they will weigh nothing, and many they'll have no status, you'll know

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piano. And this reminds us not to be distracted by this dunya Allah told us all throughout the Quran that this dunya its material role, it's an enjoyment of delusion, and that it's lie below and that it's only amusement and diversion but the true objective and the true goal and the true pleasure, it will be in the data of al Qaeda with Allah subhanaw taala in the agenda