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The speaker discusses the importance of purifying oneself by looking at the eye and being purifying oneself by making a statement. They stress the need to lower their gaze to avoid becoming obedient and become stronger.

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Salam aleikum not too long as we're sitting here in the park, trying to enjoy the beautiful weather, having a cup of tea, ketchup, books and reading. We're challenging. We're challenged when a beautiful woman walks through a place like this and it humbler there's areas that too much fitna. But nonetheless, you will find that every now and then a beautiful woman walks through. And as a man, it's something natural that we want to watch. We want to look and do so. I always tell the brothers don't Come Holy Moly, like all this stuff, a lot of one look for your man you want to. So it's something it's our nature that we want to look back. But as believers, this is where the test

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comes to the challenge. What are you going to do? Allah told you also that the Lord only mean your work do when I'm sorry, tell the bleeding men to lower their gaze. So now you're being tested. As one of the first look, it's not how to kind of you saw by by coincidence, that's not a sin, for me to look back now. That's when the sin comes. So what are you going to do when you see that beautiful woman? Is it worth having a co op? And what's going to happen? It reflected a bit of the power. When you look and you continue to look, the eyes of the start, it goes to the heart. And then it goes to the actions after that, as we're in the verse, I'm most proud of what that is pulling me in and we

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will do it on Sunday. We offer them right away, and they protect their private plots, protecting their private parts. And how is that going to happen? I mean, that pointed to Xena so where did it start? It starts with the eyes. Everyone who goes into Xena falls into that which is haram. It all starts by looking at it which is haram. So when you're not knowing your gaze, that's the first step that most dropship on we used before the next step which is falling into Zina. And then Allah said that it has Gallo This is more purifying. So now you gotta be doing one of two things. You're gonna be corrupting your heart and making it weak so that you can eventually fall into Zina or do

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something any man will protect us, I'm almost done. Or you're going to be purifying yourself one of the two. Allah says at the end of the verse in the law of Iran denies that Allah is well acquainted with that what they do a lot of notes and no one else can see, no one knows if you look, if you look down below your gaze, I'm hearing myself my wife doesn't know my friends don't know, as I'm saying that someone just walked in front of me stuck blood. That's the test right there. No one's gonna know. I could have been talking to you guys. And we look and she's that way. Now she's got a villa. But she could have been that right there. And I could have been looking, no one's gonna know. But at

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Hamdulillah this is the test so we're purify ourselves. We're becoming stronger. becoming obedient is the way of the believer that we were obedient to Allah subhanaw taala even though it's something that we're naturally inclined to something that you weren't, and it was well acquainted, well, no one knows what you're doing that even you have your sunglasses on and you're looking someone else might know but Allah knows you're doing so we have to lower our gaze by the coffee.