Are necklaces and bracelets Haram for men

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah? Is it permissible for a Muslim man to wear a necklace or a bracelet? And there's different types of necklaces and bracelets, you have, obviously the gold and silver, but you also have the ones that are from, you know, string or beads or what have you. And many of these have become quite common. You have these little plastic bracelets, that many of the youth where you see like football players or basketball players wear them, so people wear them as well. So are these permissible or not, obviously, when it comes to gold necklaces, and bracelets as clearly haram, but even silver, and you know, things may have strings or beads or plastic, whatever it might be. All of

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these are haram for men as well. Why is that? Because it's an imitation of women. It's not something known throughout the history of the Muslims, even if you look at mankind, that men used to wear things like this, it's always been something that women wear to beautify themselves. And our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as it came in the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that he cursed, the men who imitate women and the women who imitate men. And there's also a form of necklaces which are haram for women as well. And they are the necklaces that have different images, you have butterflies or birds, or you know, different animals or images. All of these types of necklaces are also haram

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for women as well. what's permissible for Muslim men is to wear a ring made from silver, even rings that are from you know, metal or other material. There's a difference between the scholars permissible or not, perhaps the strongest view is that even these are permissible. So wearing a ring, obviously other than gold is permissible for a Muslim men, one might ask what about watches if all of this is not permissible? What about men wearing watches, and it is also permissible for us to wear watches as men. And this is the 50s the analogy was made when it comes to the ring as well. Obviously, as long as it's not from gold, then it's permissible for Muslim women to wear watches. So

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we have rings that are permissible, and we have watches all of the other type of jewelry accessories that women wear, even if it's become customary to some men around the world to wear today. It's not permissible for us to wear any of these as Muslims it falls into imitating women and also it falls into imitating the non Muslims as well. So it's haram from two aspects and Allah knows best Allah Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.