The Perfect Day 15

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Now, it's all sounds great well be this is so awesome. I can't wait to do the course. That's why I kept this raw. It's not a course friends. What's the thing that you need to do now to get from to even realize that there is muck that you are in the muck? What do you need to do? I need you to start daily logging. If it's one word, if it's typed on your phone, you can do it as a note speak it out it could it be an audio a sound like I'm this is what happened today. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. Just supposed to talk about the date. So log, what's happening in a day, don't judge it, log it so that we can start figuring out

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so that we can start figuring out what are the things going on in the day and then reflect that back to our obstacle list and see, hey, on a daily basis, it isn't those things that on a daily basis. This is what's really catching me