Bee Inspired! Listen to the bees Hum And Watch Them Work

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law he there's so much peace that comes from just watching how these bees behave

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and listening to them hum

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as they go about their busy lives

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don't these bees look happy

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Don't they look happy to you?

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Yet the saying in English goes as busy as a bee

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the busier you get the more peaceful you are

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and even if you look at the type of work that they have

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it's all work that is

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for the benefit of the collective

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for the benefit of the colony

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they all play

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a role

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female bees going out and working

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foraging male bees there to

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fertilize the Queen

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The Undertaker bees there to take care of the dead and remove them from the hive

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all have some role

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but each one performing its individual role for the betterment of the collective.

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If only us humans could learn from the bee

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Allah said that he inspired the bee Whoa ha Buka in a Natalie and Jackie the mineralogy barely boo yo Tao

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and the O Lord inspired the bee

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to take a home from the mountains Amina shut up

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and from the trees

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Amin ratio and from that which they have

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from that which they have

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from my co Lehmann co Lytham art

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then eat from all of the fruits first looky so moolah became ruler

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and then

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take the pathways off your Lord in humbleness take the pathways of your load in humbleness

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yeah hello Julian Bertoni has sharp telephone and one

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out from the bellies comes a drink

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that is of varying colors.

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Fee she felt when the nurse

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in it there is a cure for man.

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Just listen to how they hum about

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listen to how they hum

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it's so soothing to the heart.