Master Khushu in 90 Seconds – 12 The Secrets of Turning to Qibla

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In this series I share with you 30 tips to revamp your Prayer and Master the state of Khushu’. It requires you to invest in each one and try to implement it from your heart. The more you practice it, the more the pay off.

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Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to master for short in 90 seconds with something that is extremely important but very easy and it helps you get more for sure, in your Salah. And this thing is basically to think about as you're standing to start your prayer, you face the tribler This is a very powerful act. This is a huge engagement because the tabla is the first house ever built for the worship of a lot in this world on this earth. And the Qibla has a powerful it's like a magnet for the souls. This is why, you know when you face the public it's not only a physical act, you know when you will face turns to the tabla your heart ticks, your heart turns to Allah subhana

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wa tada at the same time, and remind yourself of one thing as you are facing the Qibla you're doing the same as you're facing the same direction. All prophets and messengers are the from the time of the problem and the companions and later on all the Muslims faced. All Muslims around the globe face the same spot and that spot that God bless connected to the heavens where the angels worship can be to the moon. So this is such a profound exercise, focus on it, live it and experience it. Let them