A Life with Allah #11 – Al-Latif (The Subtle)

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The subtle and subtle way of Islam explains itself in various ways, including the use of symbolism to convey the message, subtle but powerful planning events, and subtle but powerful actions of Allah. It uses various examples, including the woman who lost her life due to a heart attack, the use of symbolism to convey the message, and the subtle but powerful actions of Allah. The transformation from a car accident to a heartwarming experience is discussed, along with the historical experience of Prophet compelling scenarios, including the poor outcomes of a court case and the loss of a slave and father. The importance of the rainbow in shaping the image of the Prophet is emphasized, and the need to edit the script and use examples of the rainbow to show potential outcomes of these scenarios.

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The smallest, quietest and the most short left of your good deeds, or sins today will be exhibited before you on the Day of Reckoning

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in the starkest of detail. Many will express utter shock at the precision of their account, as their eyes fall upon doings of their eyes that they had completely forgotten about. But their shock will be of no use because they were told well in advance of their reckoning. And they were told that they have a Lord Allah and one of His Names was a lot leaf

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in one of the most beautiful conversations ever recorded between a father and his son,

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no command said to his son, yeah, Bonet Oh, my son in NASA in Deku. Miss Carla had met him in Hardin, if even

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there was a deed the weight of a mustard seed

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for the country soccer team Elfi SEMO it I will fill out of the be it hidden in a rock or in the heavens or somewhere on the earth, yet to be Allah. Allah Almighty will bring it

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Allah will bring it forth on the Day of Judgment in Allah Allah tweet from Kabir because Allah is nothing if he subtle, and he is Kabir. He is all aware. What is a mustard seed? In the palm of the person? What is the palm of a person in comparison to a room? And what is that room in comparison to the house?

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What is that house in comparison to its city and that city in comparison to its country? And what is that country in comparison to the planet? And what is that planet in comparison to the seemingly endless universe. And despite all of that, this mustard seed

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of a good deed or sin can and will be brought forth by a love leaf on the day of reckoning.

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When you hear the name Allah belief, I want you to think about two things. Allah has knowledge of the minute list of matters and the conveyance of his kindness in the most discreet of ways. The two key words here were my new test when speaking about his knowledge, and discreet when speaking about his kindness.

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coming to grips with this brings a complete overhaul in your worldview. The way you see life as a whole opens up a brand new line of thinking for yourself. As you now begin to see each and every event of life through the lens of this Majestic Name of Allah, Allah cleave.

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You realize that the name Allah belief has always been connected to every cell in your body, mixed with every drop of your blood, written in your DNA interwoven with every event in life that somehow involved you, or those events that did not that the more you think about it, the more you're baffled.

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But why wonder when you'd read in the Quran, Allah who luckily from behind that he Allah is most subtle towards his servants. Let me share with you a few examples to bring the meaning a little bit closer to home.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala Latif intended to release Prophet Yusuf from prison, he didn't decree a seismic earthquake.

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He didn't for example, Sunday Thunderbolt that shattered the walls of the prison.

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Instead, his planning was far more subtle. A discrete dream crept through the darkness of night, silently entering the bedroom of the king, and a dream that would initiate a complex series of events that ended with the release of Prophet Yusuf.

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This is the work of Allah Allah TLIF Allahu Akbar.

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When Allah cleave also intended to return Prophet Musa to the arms of his mother, he didn't deck the dams of the River Nile and drown the Pharaoh and his men. He didn't decree a violent coup that would save Prophet Musa from the oppressors.

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No, instead, Allah's plan was far more subtle. Baby Musa was simply inspired to reject the milk of every woman who attempted to breastfeed him.

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And therefore this pushed the gods of the Pharaoh, the very same men whose hands were stained with other children's blood.

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They would then return Prophet Musa as a child back to the arms of his mother and they would pay her a step at a wage to breastfeed her own son. Within the comfort of her own

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In the home, who decreed those events a Lucky Leaf. When a Latif intended to put an end to the seeds that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his tribe had endured at the hands of the pagans, and it was a few years, he didn't send a violent storm to take them away. He didn't cause the nearby mountains of Mecca to fall upon their perpetrators. Now, instead, Allah cleaves plan was infinitely more subtle, tiny mites were sent to eat the written agreement, and they tore it to shreds, which subsequently ended the entire boycott. And let me bring these examples to you as well.

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Think about that time when, during your sleep,

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a gentle breeze was sent your way that caused your window to make a sound that woke you up

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or your toddler cries at the perfect time. Or you get an intense urge to drink water in the nick of time for Salah the prayer that you were about to miss. You wake up, you look at the clock. And moments after this you're bowing and prostrating and mashallah you'd successfully preyed on time.

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Who was the one who woke you up in the subtle way?

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Think about that time when you'd parked your car momentarily, you took it to one side and you reached out to the glove compartment to take something when a terrifying accident unfolds, inches away from your bonnet at the very sight where your car was headed. Had you not picked up a few moments before? Who was the one who instilled within you that urgent need to reach out to your glove compartment at that particular moment in time?

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That was Allah Allah Cleef, the most subtle, think about the sheer number of times you were on the verge of singing when you were interrupted by a passerby. Or by a reminder that appeared on your phone, or a pain that you felt who was the one who subtly disturbed your self destructive plans for that evening who did that?

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That was Allah Allah Cleef don't mistake it for our coincidence. Think about the countless times you walked into your room at the very second where your child was on the verge of rolling off the bed,

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your baby, you ask yourself, How the hell did that happen? And the answer is the same. As all of the answers I gave you earlier, your load is Unbeliev.

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Think about Allah, and how he's made the doing of good deeds inherently pleasing to the soul. He beautified them to the eye and to the heart of the doer, to make them easier for you to do them and think about how Allah has made sins inherently dark and laden with guilt and regret in order to deter the perpetrator from continuing upon them.

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How lucky if settled, Has Allah been to man? Think about that time in your life when you felt gripped by a heart wrenching anxiety or family breakdown. situation that snapped all sleep from your eyes.

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Or a depressive state of plummeting email. And then the perfect lecture, the perfect video, the perfect article, or the perfect uplifting phone call comes comes your way so perfect that it has you doubting whether someone had maybe giving away your secret.

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It was too much of a song called coincidence, then you realize that such subtle works could only be the works of Allah. And luckily if Subhanallah dad lost.

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His subtlety appears in every gust of wind that blows every morsel of food that is swallowed. Every batting of the eyelid, every breath of air that is inhaled. Every subtle alternation of the seasons, every subtle merging of the day into the night and night into the day. It's so subtle, every subtle growth of a child's perfect growth in milestones relative to the child's body, every subtle growth of each limb relative to the growth of other limbs, every subtle moment of perfect timing that is wrongly labeled a coincidence, every subtle bodily reflex

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in the countless circumstances that have been perfectly designed for our welfare every second of the day,

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who put all of that in place, but Allah Latif so be attentive to those events. And let each one of them trigger a new powerful growth for the love of Allah. Allah belief. Whenever you see clouds forming rain falling crop is subsequently growing

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announced to those around you that look at the effects of Allah believe upon us. Should he not be loved? And I'm Tara and Allah Angela Nina Santa Eema. And for those of you who are Lobos Barbara, Allah said, do you not see that Allah has sat down rain from the sky, and the earth then becomes green?

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Look at how the verse is concluded in Hola Hola, TLIF on Hubie indeed Allah is Latif and acquainted that is an effect of his lips is subtlety upon creation. Keep your eyes peeled for his signs.

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Whenever you for example, find your provisions your risk coming your way, your monthly salary and unexpected meal that you have that evening. Any unanticipated goodness that crosses paths with you allow your heart to ask the question. These are the effects of a Lucky Leaf upon me Should he not be loved? Allah who luckily from behind it here Zuckerman Yasha. Allah is settled with his servants he provides for whom He wills his provision of risk for you is a sign of his subtlety. Do you see it? Whenever you find yourself harboring ill thoughts towards Allah

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for decreeing something in your life that discomforts you reassure your soul by telling it that

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so subtle is his kindness towards me that I am unable to perceive it at present, but soon enough, I will. And I Allah moment Halak, Allah said, Does he not know what he created? Well, who will not leave will Javier whilst he is the subtle, the leaf, and the all aware Subhanallah trust him.

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For those who enjoy a life of companionship with this name,

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traveling through life, under its shade,

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every event of life is an opportunity to remember a lot if every event of life is an opportunity to refresh that love for him. And every event is an opportunity to renew your submission to his every decree. whether it makes sense at that time, or it doesn't.

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This is what allows hearts to rest. When you trust that the plan of your life is designed and managed by one who is immensely settled, immensely kind, a Lord who may cure you through illness, and may enrich you through poverty, and may give you by taking away from you.

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It's only when these meanings truly settle in one's heart. That one begins to experience the sweetest spiritual fruit, which is called peace with the decrees of Allah. Because Allah is subtle, and man is rash and Allah knows, and man does not.

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I love to demonstrate this using a case study from the life of Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam.

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Imagine if the average person had access to edit the script of the story of Prophet Yusuf, before it unfolded. So so you could read it, and you could make the changes, I think that many people would have made a few changes to that script. So they would read that his brothers would be jealous of him, surely that would be edited, and his brothers would conspire to kill him, and throw him in the well and separate him from his family. Some people would say that's a prophet of God, he doesn't have to experience all of this. So let's edit this as well from the script.

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And of course, he was sold as a slave and he was put to labor and endure seduction. So people would say, there's no need for that. Surely, we can edit this as well. And then he would be in prison for several years, someone would say surely there's a waste of time in the life of a prophet who's got a divine message to convey. Let's edit this as well. But then you read his his friend who was released from the prison early forgot to mention the requests of Prophet Yusuf to make mention of of him to the authorities for his release. So he remained in prison for a few more years. Surely this is another unnecessary time wasted in the life of a prophet, we would edit this as well. But here's the

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catch. Had these edits be made?

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Would the Prophet Yusuf

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have ended up where he did? And would the story have ended in such a beautiful way in the way that it did? Well, if the brothers of Prophet Yusuf didn't become jealous of him, they may not have conspired to kill him, had they not conspired to kill him? They may not have thrown him in the well. Had they not thrown him in the well. He may not have been picked up by the caravan, and had that not happened. He may not have been sold as a slave. Had that not happened. He may not have found his way to Egypt had that not happened. He may not have been seduced by the wife of the ruler.

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Had that not happened. He may not have been thrown into a prison cell. Had that not happened and had his friend not forgotten. To put in a good word for him. Profit use of

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knowledge and ability to interpret dreams

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may not have been discovered. And had that not happened, he may not have met the ruler. And had that not happened, he may not have become the treasurer of Egypt. And had that not happened he may not have been able to rescue Egypt from the impending famine, and will not have been reunited with his mother and father and brothers, nor would he have been able to give them refuge at that hour of need.

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Heckman Bala Subhana, Allah in our eyes, what Prophet use have went through in his early years is the worst thing that could happen to a human being, let alone a prophet.

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But in the eyes of Allah, the matter was different, completely different. Prophet Yusuf was being nurtured by Allah. He was being prepared for leadership in every phase of his life.

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And it was pushing him towards his eventual position of authority to be of benefit to his family and nation. That's what Prophet Yusuf Alayhi salaatu wa sallam said to the people around him when he was commenting on his own story, towards the end of the story, he said, as Allah said, whatever other way He Allah large, he raised his parents upon the throne, and they bow to him in frustration, and he said, Dad, Father, this is the explanation of my previous dream. My Lord has made it a reality. And he was so good to me when he took me out of prison and brought you here from Bedouin life. After see shaytaan had sown enmity between me and my brothers. And then he said, listen, in Nairobi

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lottery for Lima Yasha. My Lord is Luckily if to whom he wills Allahu Akbar,

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my Lord is luckily.

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So thank you, Allah for not affording anyone. The opportunity to edit the script of Prophet Yusuf, we're ash. And Allah has luckily if you see, your small boat may be able to take you to the edge of an ocean, but he can't sail through it.

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Likewise, your mind may take you to the fact that Allah exists and that He is one, but never will it be able to fully encompass his wisdom and endless subtleties upon you.

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So your duty is just to place your burdens at the doorstep of Allah by packaging your heartfelt dua with the statement of Allah to if you are Latif. And as for the releasing of these burdens and the defusing of their anxiety, the restoration of bliss that's on someone else. So praise me to the one who introduced to us His Majestic Name and Latif and congratulations to those who are inspired to use it in their dua.