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Muhammad West
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Allahu Allah shaken rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a heavy Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Zack Allah Hi, thank you so much for joining us tonight number 29 Subhan Allah we have this month god how did this Ramadan go so quickly and Subhana Allah we on the 29th Night of the holy month of Ramadan, very, very likely that this could be the last night to be Sadly this could be the last night of Ramadan, tomorrow might be the last day of fasting, because we will go out tomorrow evening, Saturday Night of the sunset, our man kickers show practicing social

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distancing, they will go out and they will look to see if a site the moon beer in in Cape Town in southern Africa. And if the moon is excited then of course, tomorrow would be the beginning of a while and it will be read or Labrang as we say. And if not then Alhamdulillah we pray for that. Pamela we all pray and I also we all collectively pray that Allah blesses us with another night of Ramadan. He can always come he can come on Monday that's fine. Wait we don't have to eat on Sunday. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant that we have the full benefit but if unfortunately that is the case that Allah has decreed. We will only have 29 nights when tonight is a very very important night

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number one it's an odd night. So I know that he mode is kicking in. We already are having discussions around eat and what are we going to prepare, we know there's going to be a very different kind of eat. We'll talk about it later on inshallah in this in this lecture tonight. But very very importantly I say this to myself because I even feel a little bit less focused compared to the 27th of Ramadan for example, but remember tonight is an odd night and tonight could be later to Qatar And mahalo the way the world is going. You know, it just shows us we can't take for granted will be a form of Donahue. And so take it with this is the last Ramadan, the last night of Ramadan

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that will ever experience if this is the last night that we get to to worship Allah subhanaw taala in the month of Ramadan, when really we need to make it count. We not there has to be every single door that needs to be made must be made tonight. Every single sin that we have must be forgiven by the grace of Allah tonight that our place in Jannah must be secured that in sha Allah with the blessings that will come on this night and tomorrow is enough for us Neela to secure a place in Jana, I mean so make all the efforts that you can and this is our take it as a last and final opportunity to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and plead our case our case and of course as

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Ramadan comes to an end, very important to remember as we said Allah had prescribed the fasting prescribed Ramadan Allah conduct according he wants to show us look, this is what we can really achieve if we put our minds to it if the environment is correct, if everything is in our favor, it puts shade on on one side then this is really the kind of person you and I can be and and I know every single person has taken at least one step forward some have taken big jumps forward to Allah, the key and the real focus now is trying not to go back to our old ways but trying to maintain it and keep it maybe we can't keep all of it no none of us are going to force every single day of every

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single month we're not going to be able to make every single night Paraguay and Argentina but perhaps now's an opportunity to do a little bit of it and to keep some of it and again it's a good chance for us to sit down and reflect and again this is a very special Ramadan a very unique Ramadan this COVID-19 Ramadan is history really, historically has never been a Ramadan like this in living memory. And so be we are we are part of it. We are experiencing it. And of course there needs to be some reflection on that. And Allah subhanaw taala bless us in what has happened this year, but grant that mixes Ramadan goes back to normal, we all would love to be in the masjid again. So tonight to

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make the most that you can this evening. Wait number two on the quiz and our survey according to the law. The one positive of the CSR model is that Alhamdulillah we've had more people than ever before participating in our quizzes so those who have never attended the masjid will actually grow Islam when the book up those lectures go find whites panel I know people in in Europe, in Asia or throughout Africa, they know how these lectures go Allah Allah knows best and we are so so glad that humble that Allah has allowed these lectures to go far and wide. So very few of our actual you know listenership has ever been to mention with Islam we invite you in the machine is open to please

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attend. And we usually have the quiz and we give the prize in the masjid Of course, we couldn't do that this year. But we want to keep the quiz going and our hamdulillah you've responded so well. And we keep the quiz made broad a general knowledge Islamic was on questions throughout the Quran. We tried to keep it within the Quran, maybe one or two questions that went beyond the Quran. And some of them were but nasty questions from my side? You know, I would I would think about how best to make it difficult. And some of you have been very diligent you know, you've you've messaged me the night before, you know, the mic often said that question has multiple answers. And sometimes they I

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was caught out, you know, we weren't the Alma was wrong and hamdullah we fixed it. And so just some of the questions that some people have struggled with, and maybe we're just going to go through some of them. There was a question which Nabil did not see the resurrection.

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There are a number of multiple choice of course, and many people chose to be Moosa because in our minds, I think it's a true or false question is asking who witness resurrection and he automatically our mind

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goes to the east obviously the selection was a medical of newbies, but we forget in the story of the cow, so you have to buckle up. The whole purpose of that story was that a man was brought back to life after they hit him with the with the sacrificed cow. And so now we also witnessed resurrection and it was even another instance where they asked to see Allah and Allah cause a group of buddies are about to die and they were erected against panela there's so many medicals were incredibly Musashi set up then there was a question about which Navy did not see a green in the Quran. Now, of course dreams are first notion goes to the use of he of course, so a dream. Another person who saw

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the dream which is mentioned is of course the be Brahim when he saw himself sacrificing me smile, and he asked him what do you think I should do and so beautifully in an email says to him, oh, my dear father, do what Allah has commanded in sha Allah I will be patient. There is also a dream Allah speaks about the dream of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam sacrifice, that Allah says the dream of you entering the harem, and making the off and making Amara, you this, I suppose will come through. And so that dream is mentioned side no Chester was messaging and saying how sad she was that I Nia and our family was to go home and others here would have been the first Amara, and Subhana la could

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have predicted this and they are so upset, and so sad and disappointed as we could feel. And I can't even imagine what the judge will feel. We pray that things will be fixed when hedge comes but if not, there will be many, many hedges that are deeply, deeply disappointed. And one consolation maybe, is that this is exactly what happened to that is also the first Amara, that the Sahaba were going to go this is the very first O'Meara, everyone is excited, we're going to go with an IV Susana, for Amara, and they get to Makkah, and they are turned away. They are so disappointed that when they're turned away, they still in the Haram resources. Look, guys, we have to come back next

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year, this year, Munich hasn't been declared we're going to be in Amara, so shave your hair and execute Iran, even before you finish the umbra. And this was the first time really in the whole sila, that you can find the Sahaba almost disobeying gonna be Salam. They felt how could we insert our haram without performing the dolphin episode, but he was a bit a bit frustrated because he said, so the Haram and they will been slow to act. And so our mother, Salama, the wife of Islam has said to him, jasola, why don't you go out and shave your head first, when they see you shaving your head, then they will feel comfortable that they can do it and so spatola that this is in a way we hope

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they soon. And what we know is that if you are unable to form an E by them, so you aren't able to go full bore, I'm not your fault, the Sustainer height, unable to fast unable to make solo, then we know Allah in His Majesty, and this is where he is, he will reward you with accompanying a complimentary omura a complimentary and fasting and that complimentary one is even better than the one that you would have made. If you in formula, you would have made mistakes, he would have made some it wasn't going to be perfect, but the one I was going to give you is going to be perfect. And then on top of that, be in the law, he will allow you to come and perform your camera as well in

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your head just round on the ground. That's the case. We asked why didn't cardamine pour over his dam? And of course, it's a little careful not to codeine boulders dam that stopped the user module. But yeah. And so and we end in the eyes sort of require a camera, sir. So we pour over copper, molten copper, copper is copper. And you'll find this word guitar in a few places in the Quran, me Sulaiman also was given a spring of Qatar. And so this was poured over his dam and this is what made it

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even more fun. What battle is mentioned in the Quran, and many of you chose the Battle of boyhood battleground is referenced but not mentioned in the Quran. There many many references of the Battle of word, rather the battle which is named in the Quran. So a few battles but battle on the on the day of battle Allah mentions in by name, and also a Aloma who named in the day of the Battle of hoonah. In our battle is this. This was after the Muslims conquered Makkah. And then next to Makkah is life remember Life Life is that city, they try to pet over spell to themselves to death is right next to Makkah. And so the next city after Makkah, was five and so the Sahaba and now the all the

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new converts of Mecca, many of them of course, they embrace Islam without fighting the people of Makkah, so they move to life. And this was the first battle in all the battles where the Muslims were superior in number and our maintenance rocktober how on the day of the Battle of when the Muslims there was a sense of self assurance that we want all these victories we will feel in number Today we are more in number. And so we are you know, they take comfort we're going to win and Allah actually cause it the change that they will track the Muslims were trapped in a valley, the Valley of Coraline, and they will put in an ambush and it almost became a catastrophe. But then Allah

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Subhana Allah mentions how then abyssal Salam stood firm, when many other Sahaba had to retreat he stood firm, and Allah sit down Sakina and the Muslims were able to win the battle. So the Battle of her name is mentioned by name in the Quran. What is the shortest verse in the Quran? It is the first verse of surah baja Baja. So this is one verse with two two letters for and her and even if you look at surah Yaseen, also two letters, but of course these are mad on the scene, right? These are my D for her has no money just thought in her. So this is the shortest idea in the whole Quran. The longest idea, as many of you know, is of course, the end of Surah Baqarah is called the idea of

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death. It's about the whole page long you could see quite clearly towards the end of Surah Baqarah

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This was another tricky one. What was the last animal mentioned by the Quran? So many of you correctly selected that the elephant was the elephant is the last chapter about an animal but if you read through it will feel so Allah speaks about Olam. takeprofit olahraga bellafill alumna john K. navitat. Li Lu will also lay him on Urbina. So Allah says, yes, some mention what we did to the companions of the elephant, how we sinned against them flocks of birds. So birds are actually the last animal that is mentioned in the Quran.

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Another one, this is quite not shouldn't be a tricky one. But the people have ADD, they lived in an area called cough, cough. So Robbie would want to add and add, they also lived in a city called Iran. and Iran was in a in an area called cough. So the 46th surah is also to have it mentions the geography is like hilly. And so all these names are linked with the people of Navy would not be who would be who would want to add, I lived in the city of Iran in order to factor in our mentions them.

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I mean, they altered the city of Iran with all these pillars, and this was in an era call that you don't have

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one of the other questions that some of you struggle with which maybe Allah blessed him that he made Vicar and his Vicar was so beautiful, it was so melodious that even the mountains made thicker with him. And this, of course, led me down at IU salatu salam, if you have any other I just randomly selected, the ones I saw was quite difficult. I'm sure I'm sure some of you might have other questions you can you can message us and we'll go through them. Then onto our quiz or other our survey we also released a survey yesterday or the day before and the release panel. Now, as I mentioned, we are living in a very, very strange time and it is history, you know, history in the

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making. People will look back, you know, when the disease's is blown over and even the law and things go back to normal generations will look back and they will say how did we navigate through this time when there was no thoroughly there was no Juma for weeks on end. I said it is what was it like for the man on the street? So yes, we have many articles being written and but what about you? How do you experience your Ramadan, so we ask that every single person take five nines, five minutes, one minute to click on the link. And this could be throughout the world, you know, wherever you also don't be kicked out. But you can click on the link and you can fill in the how you felt in

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your comments about about about Ramadan. And inshallah we hope that if we can hit, you know, 1000 Plus, we close to 1100. But if we can hit 1000 Plus, then on the night of eight or after it's not the night of it, maybe the night of the secret of show, well, once we've cleaned, we all had our meals, then we'll perhaps release the data and we're able to do so what exactly was the feedback and maybe we can think about that. So please do the survey and share the survey. Then, as we move on, he will filter. So the first thing he will filter, as we said is either Sunday morning or Monday morning. Very, very, very, very, very important is you need to use a calculator, the calculator

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becomes now new. And it is a major major reward. The one who pays is a kaggle fitter, and even if you feel spinal, ah, am I well, overnight. It's 40 rands panela every single person in your household 40 ran, donate, use a calculator to one of the organization's you can go to Brian's website, sans F's website, Imam, the employment exam development program, click this is a cattle feeder and we distribute this or handouts feeder apostle, if you will, to a poor person, some relative that you know is in need. And insha Allah, this is going to be a must be done before interest, we don't know. Very likely it could be Sunday morning, very likely could be Monday

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morning. So don't delay Don't delay. If you must win, it's only asaka. But if you pay it, then it is a cetera. And it's of course a much, much more rewarding, I think to be figured out. And so this will be a unique eat. As we know. And of course we will be all beamforming in all enjoying eat at home, we will not be able to go to the masjid. And even you know, sadly, we're not going to be able to see our relatives. There'll be a lot of sad grandparents, a lot of sad parents, children and siblings, friends all over. I mean, Ed, what makes it amazing is getting to be together for that moments. And so one of the one of the blessings in this time is that we have an appreciation for the

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masjid. We have an appreciation for family those people that you know we always took for granted I can always see my parents I can always go and visit my friend, my brother. Next week next week next week. Now you realize Subhanallah how much we miss each other. And so Allah subhanaw taala wants us to reflect on this. But of course while we are said as we did with Ramadan as we do with Jamal, we will keep the spirit of eat alive. It doesn't have to be you know, in the masjid, when we make a vida vida even if you are alone, even if you're the only Muslim on Earth, you will still have Juma you will still have Salah you will still have Tara we will still have even if you're one person

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alone an island and it was eat, you will celebrate eat on that day because it is the celebration is in the Jakub bit Allah Allah Maha doc but we celebrate the praise of Allah for what he has given us. Aid as we know comes off the end

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I'm alone and after hedge we completed a pillar of Islam, meaning we've completed something which is Neela will take us to Jana. And that is why we celebrate it's not that we've come at the end of Ramadan celebration is that we've achieved by the grace of Allah has allowed us to worship him like this. So we encourage everyone to uphold the aid in the house, we know that it is a tsunami occur in the Shafi mother and in the older mother had meaning is a emphasize sooner and in hanafy mother was even called a wajib meaning that every single person even if you must eat salad yourself in in a normal circumstance, you come about late you got stuck in traffic and you must that you taller then

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you still can make a kebab and you can still make an installer and so at home, we want you to perform installer we're giving you tonight a step by step guide and maybe a more detailed one tomorrow in sha Allah but now just a high level step guide for you how to perform installer. So the the walk of eat Of course it comes in when we see the moon so when we see the moon which obviously is at nighttime, so either tomorrow night, Saturday night, or Sunday night whenever the moon is cited, it will be the first offshore world and it is and now we begin our takbeer and well this year not being the mean in the masjid we encourage now that everyone should make as much time as you can.

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In fact we will also be releasing a tiny bit club

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and this is the one thing I'm a big fan of not not spamming people and sending them you know drawers and all these things but if you want to share share this this this clip of the Gerbil so let me go around the world because it was the sooner the Sahaba they would go into the markets and they would raise their voice so no as final I imagined someone walking in the middle of canal organism Allah Akbar Allah walkabout, I'm asking you to do that. In fact you shouldn't mean canal we should be a no but the point is that this duck bat should be made loud and it should be made known that we are celebrating the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala so when we see the moon will begin to make the

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duck beer and inshallah you do it at home, get your kids to participate and listen to that clip as well. Of course, the logo is so nice on me. We stuck with clips when on IID morning and I told the day either either Sunday morning or Monday morning whatever it is the morning of eat, you will wake up when you perform fudger and then afterwards you will do the soon so keep doing the Sooners of EADS even though you're not maybe going anyway and a hamdulillah it's a good thing maybe you don't need to buy eat clothes this year. Maybe number one it keeps you focused during these last few nights of Ramadan. It helps you save some money and of course hamdulillah is you know we have a very

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simple and humble eat but the political purposes we still we still make it a big occasion. So still do the Sooners have a meaning you will perform a hustle everyone in the household performs also you will put on some perfume or something that smells nice. You would weigh your best clothing so if you don't buy new clothing, maybe some didn't buy a new a new outfit for every eat. You took the one that was best. And so for example myself, I have this job away for Jaguar even though I never wait at home of course now will we the Juba even it's just myself my wife and kids we were the Juba and before eat Salah begins So between fudger and the time of eat is we have something to eat just to

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signify that we eating in the day and it is not and it's not Ramadan anymore. And now the best time of course is we would have been in the budget that is a very beautiful time between each budget of salah and the walk of IDs walked comes in of course after the sun has fully risen the time of of Shaco right that is the time of of it. So it is about an hour and a half off the budget. Maybe say we could say around eight o'clock that is when the walk dog eat comes in plus minus and so that period between fudger and around eight o'clock is really when you want to make as much beer as you want and you know really really raise the tempo in terms of in terms of the beer and so do that in

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your house. You know, it's also important as their abusers Allah made a special place to perform inshallah he didn't make it in the masjid. He made it outside the masjid is even recommended to choose an area in your house now maybe move some furniture and services our eat room maybe or eat masala and we put the muscle muscle muscles down and we prepare this we're going to perform it and we said there may be 1020 minutes before the walk of eat comes in and we make after meals together. we reflect on Allah blessings and his mercy and then when the work comes in, the Imam will of course perform me in the Salah and how you perform the eat Salah.

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So the mom obviously says Allahu Akbar technically haram and then per the Shafi madhhab he performs seven additional bugbear seven times that being so 18 total. Yes If you look at the the the way that imams are the harm do it, they do that way really harm and six minutes seven in total, much of a muchness there's a bit of a V subtlety in the in the Hadeeth. The hanafis have even listened to them they have got about three meters, Allah Alhamdulillah all is good and well. So if you whenever you do, you either make 107 one pathway for the ROM Allah plus another seven, and then you write suicide Surah Fatiha and then once we're on the Quran, you know what it was what it might be? roku sujood

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and then you come back up for your second rocker. And once you're up in your second rocker, you will make another you make the law of where you came up. Now you do another five that beat so in that

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There are six in total, and you complete your your your, your Salah, your eat Salah, and then you are done if you have more than two adults by the chef you might have. So if you are more than two, then it is encouraged for you to even give an IED hotbar and one of the beautiful things about this year's

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this year's COVID-19 Well, it's it's forcing everyone to be the Imam of the masjid and it forces everyone to start doing things as well. And so we will share inshallah, either later this evening, as the night progresses or tomorrow in the afternoon or in the evening, we will share a very simple Hoodbhoy how to give the goodbye Arabic and what the English translation very, very simple, you don't have to worry about it won't be too difficult, you have to memorize it, you can read from your phone or a piece of paper if you want to. And so, you will

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you will mention it the way that it was done you will you will stand up and then you will face your family and you'll give the first word but when you have a chair next to you sit down on the chair for a few minutes, a few seconds rather stand up and do your second hood back. And of course these are closing with da and Salawat and then of course at the end when you're done with your input, but remember this is different to Juma Salah first and then the input and then afterwards you greet your family and your friends of course we will also be giving an English lecture so you can perhaps listen to an English lecture before they eat Sala so maybe on the morning of February time keep keep

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your eyes open on your phone, you will get a lecture from us an English lecture so at least everyone can sit listen to the lecture and reflect on what what we've been through and then you perform your Salah you do you eat Goodbye, and then afterwards you can eat and one of the Sooners I mean the big big tsunami eat is the greeting that we greet one another to greet every family member you know in a proper accordance you know of a social distancing as well if it's needed. And then of course make those WhatsApp calls zoom or or Microsoft Teams schools. I know I can think of my own parents panel I'ma keep them safe then the other side of the world they will know or plan that they would be here

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but they're not so keep them in out to us. So they I'm sure they're missing the the grandkids very much and hopefully they kids as well. So you know schedule those calls and all the friends that you and family that you would have been together make a point to do a family group call Alhamdulillah is a technology that we allowed and Alhamdulillah keep the spirit of eat alive and keep and remember we make tech beautiful Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramadan comes and goes you know Jamal comes and goes Mogens even come and go but Allah is the one thing that remains the same and Allah we've increased our relationship with Allah the thermal bonds or hamdulillah That is why we we you know, we make

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like being and we thank Allah for what he has given us. And of course as we conclude this year's ramadan ramadan 2020 never in our lives could we have thought of Ramadan like this, it is only appropriate that I you know, give my thanks to everyone and a special thank you on behalf of the entire team at Brown and Islam. Many people don't realize that we have maybe, you know, two dozen sort of people more than that, in the background doing so much work. I just I'm doing the easy work I just talk that is to do the actual work. And so we need to I give a personal gratitude to our team that means maintaining the budget, even though no one is at the mercy someone needs to make sure

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it's clean and make sure that it's it's still in safe and sound so that when we get back to the masjid, it's really the whole team of people doing that 100 I'm only reward them for for keeping our magic alive. Then Subhan Allah we have a soup kitchen and now more than ever, people are in the desperate need. They feed on nearly 1000 people every single day Alhamdulillah Allah reward them and the staff that every single day to go out make the food distribute the food in this kind of conditions, not only with them and their families. And then of course the Maharaja Mahajan is this thing where we cook these pots of food. In spite of this COVID-19 stole 47 pots of food are being

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planned to be cooked for the night of eat and to be distributed between the different organizations. There are no more than a dozen teams involved 14 teams that are doing this by giving up the time and of course extra bureau burden now with you know protective clothing, mosques segregation, you know it is it is a very difficult process, but it's still being done so hamdulillah to them. A lot of them are digital marketing team these lectures at outspan Allah I do the easy part. As I said there's a lot of people in the back end that's managing the quizzes, managing the slides. I'll be doing the audios the bugbears and the salewa trying to try to connect with our community as best as

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best we can in the circumstances. Nobody would all of them in everyone and of course to you those who have followed our needs even though they're not in the budget they still connected with imagine our donors everything you know costs money and the harmony love the money by the grace of Allah if people have supported so generously and the followers and well wishes people have listened to the lectures and an email a word of appreciation goes so much that myself and the team we really thank you for for being with us and being part of this mela except from us. And a big thank you Angela Hayden from from Toronto. In closing I make the sincere Dr. Dr. Allah almost merciful almost kind or

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Allah Allah mean or Lord, we submit to you and we worship you alone. We turned you in it's very, very difficult time where things have become uncertain. You are the only one in which we submit to and we turn to an all our hopes and our dreams and our fears are in your hands. You are sufficient for us that when you give you give without limitation

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And when you take your take with with wisdom, you're the one that gives life in the You're the one that brings about this and in your hands are all that is good and we put ourselves in your hands and UK we play to your Allah in this beautiful month of Ramadan on this the 29th night of Ramadan Let there be many, many more years of Ramadan to come for us right for us in our books of decrees and we will have many many more years to worship you and pray to you. And then if However, this is our last night, then Allah subhana wa Taala forgive all our sins let all of us leave this month of Ramadan free of any sins, may all of us achieve that reward equal to 1000 months so that our scales have a

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lifetime of good deeds. Yeah Allah with all our shortcomings and all our our mistakes except us into your K except us into your love. Bring Baraka for us in this world and the next May we be saved from the calamities of this world. Protect our Deen protect our health, protect our family members, protect our risk, protect all those that we love, protect the things that we love in this dunya watch over our parents, our children, our marriages, Allah keep us safe from the calamities of this world already move us this COVID-19 from all of us and and bless all of humanity again And may Allah be pleased with us. I think Allah blessed us with safety and security of all the calamities and the

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after, may we be exempted from the question your macabre and be spayed of the punishment of Aqaba, may we be resurrected, close to them every single day of karma and be shaded but our shovel on the day of karma, where we stand before you Allah with our records in our right hand? And may our scales behavior on the right side. May you be pleased with us here Allah when we die, when we die with you being pleased with us. May we die in a state of perfection and he better have an interest within the law into general welfare of those without without reckoning without going near to the face of Jannah except from us or fasting or standing or reciting our charity and all the actions that we do of

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goodness, only for your sake, have mercy upon us. And we thank you for all the blessings and kindness you've done. You are awkward. We have fasted and we have done the Salah, but you are superior and you are the greatest for allowing us to do this. We thank you and we praise you and we glorify Your names over and over Allah. Allah what what are some a lot I say number hamadryad yo sapio Saddam Hussein al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen sokola hater. Thank you so much all of you once again. I said armonico warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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