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Jumuah Khutbah at the Clear Lake Islamic Center on June 30, 2017.

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salamati Kumar Sharma to lie about

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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a lot

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Hi everyone.

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She had one more ham. Madame rasuluh all

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in the hamdulillah in Canada who want to study and who want to study who want to start Pharaoh when I wrote the billahi min sharoni and fusina woman see Dr. Medina Maja de la Farah mo de la wa my lil fella had Yahuwah shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa sharika wash Mohammed Abu ora sudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed k masala tada Ibrahim Ibrahim in Naka, hamidah Majeed

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de bajo la. All praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger. My brothers and sisters, I would like to speak to you about something that's so relevant to each and every one of us about a place that Allah subhanaw taala

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loves so much a place that Allah subhana wa tada honor, a place that Allah subhanho wa Taala order to establish, and not only to build, both to occupy, and to make it always occupied with his mentioning his name, day and nights. In this place, where do you see people, not only their bodies go to sleep while their bodies going to sujood their souls, risen to the heavens, touch the skies and be attached to the heavens and who occupied the heavens, which is the angels, and elevate the person to be in the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala It's a place where you feel so close to Allah. It's a place where bring you the closest you could ever be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

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the close ever to be to the angels and the blessing creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's the place where the angels comes day and night to the switch 24 hours, one time at fetcher. And one time at

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a group comes on the shift of the one who's in the earth leave from that place and depart from this place up to the heavens and another group come down in these places. It is a holy places, it's a pure places. It's a place where as a Sakina, what, Nina where tranquillity where peace should be exist. It's a place where you would run away from this materialistic world outside to come first for seeking to improve our spirituality.

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It's a place where to protect you from the Phaeton and the trials. And

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the things that take your stray from the path of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is outside. It's the place where you are most likely to be protected from the shouting and the followers of the shouting. Where you meet people for a pure cause, where you get to know people, only for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of anything else, or any worldly work. It's the places where we come to compete with one another. But it's not like competing in anything outside these places. When we compete over something in dunya, one win and the other person lose. If you gain other persons lose. When we had the competition here in the master, one family win, but the other family lost, the other families

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lost. That's how it is you go to the auction, someone put the bet, one, get the con and the other person lost his bet, and so on. That's how the dunia is, in order for you to win someone else loses. But in these places, we compete so hard.

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We're very competitive with each other's in these places. But we compete over the hill and there is a big difference between the Akira and the dunya and akhira a seebach fee Hakuna raba

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when it comes to the Acura, everyone wins.

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Everyone wins according to their effort and according to their what they offer. And your winning while not affect your brother or sisters who next to you. It will not decrease what they have in their hands. It's the place where people to stand up equally sit next to each other equally. There is nobody here you know because of his status will have a special seat or a special position in the mustard or in this plot now.

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These places are known as you all know by now and massage it the most that Allah subhanaw taala said in his book fee boo in Edina la

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todo for our coffee has smooth. You said be hoonah movie has been

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the green

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economy swana He

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your home phone

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bill Saul Lee

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y, z

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and these in this verse and saw two new

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which it comes after the loss of panatela mentioning his lights and the example of his light and mentioning the stars, that this light of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah truly appear in the hearts of the believers who occupied these places who occupied the massage and these massage is built not only by bricks and walls and no, it developed by men who will dedicate their lives and their time to occupy these places to be here we'll do we will assign in the morning and in the night.

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This massage is built by the by the people, what's the point from have a building that is empty? That's not how the that's not the goal of the master. The goal of the message is to have the community occupying this master coming often to the master and nothing can distract them from coming to the master nor to Jara to Allah Bay, no trade or sell or business even if the business is guaranteed. What that is called t Johnathan waterbay. Because you say t gerat means straight and bear it means sell okay when you say trade isn't that includes selling. But Allah Allah tala made emphasis on the selling, because as a businessman, you know, if you have a merchandise, and you're

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about to sell it, that means a guaranteed profit. That means you because when you purchase something you didn't know if you will be able to sell it or not. But when the sell comes, that means cash is coming, that means we're you know, I guarantee the the deal. I'm more more interested in this than just buying. When you got a buyer, that's where you know what you said, that's a good deal. So even when you guarantee that you're going to sell, and you know that that time for the salon, the time for the mustard, I prefer that over the money that I will make. And in these places people do what the PRI, and what's the quality of those people, they also established the salon, the give this a

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cat and they fear the Day of Judgment. The fear that day. Even though with this high level of commitment, they still fear the Day of Judgment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said that Allah certainly would reward them for the best of their deeds, or he would reward them with the best.

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And he didn't say for just Salah, I sent him a medal for all what they have done. And those who enjoy Arabic language, I sent me do an Ironman flotilla

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last month and I said Amira, not for me, it means the action of the limbs and the actions of the hearts. versus if you said I sent my falou what they have done, it means only the actions of the limbs which include the soul out of the money that you give, but since he said to me, it means the fear of the heart, the love that you have in your heart, the honor that you have the care that you have. All these are the four shifts, it is something so valuable and Allah Subhana Allah will reward you for it. Then Allah Subhana Allah said, well, Allahu Yella, Zuma Yasha and Allah provide whomever he wants, and this is very interesting provide. You don't come to the mustard for provision, which

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it means wealth and money at risk una ley Sol Sol de risco. dunia Lakin, Yasuo Mejia Sharman avoidable ama sila which it means a lot provide from ever he wish opportunities to do good. So many people come to the master equally, but what they do inside the mustard what they do to the mustard, how they leave from the mustard, absolutely not equal. Allah Subhana Allah give some people the opportunity to do way more than others.

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And also include that a lot of words in return with so much and replace whatever you spend of time or money or effort with something better in your life. My brothers and sisters, these are the places where the prophets are seldom said as an Eman Muslim reported a humble burqa in Allah, Allah masajid the most beloved places to Allah are the massage how you will be a car and massage and massage and massage the debate to cool the movement and the urban or infinia base now

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In love, it's a bit that said, This mustard is the house of every believer. It's your home. It's your house. That's why maybe so seldom when he travel and this is a sin that very few people practice today in Ibiza Salaam when he comes back from traveling, the first thing we'll do he will go prey to rock as before he goes to his his own house where his family lives, because he understand that this is my home as well. And when it comes from traveling, I go to my home first Bay to Cooley movement. And maybe you sell allow us to sell them on Seventh Avenue lindow como la houfy.

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La Villa will be Ajit macoun carwash, boo mo Allah will massage in Colorado, in Montana, and who can can deal more Allah can fill mustard. Yeah, any molars in the mustard.

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The word more unlockable mustard means attached to the master, but also it could means hanged. It's like that, you know the candle that you put in to put it in a place is like his heart in the master. So even though his body leaving the master, but his heart still here never left this place.

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He always think about when he's gonna come back to it. He can wait for it. Not he can wait to leave. He can wait to come back to it. And another time no more Allah Campbell Masada Dr.

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Yan it means he's attached he cares about it. He loves it so much. That's why fury whitey Sandman or the Allah and had anyway yeah, but anyway it's a man called Warren June called boohooman bill messaggi minhag beha someone has heart attached to the master because he loves the message so much.

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him or her? They love the message so much.

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And Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said membrane Allah He must read and Ben Allahu Allah obey Templeton whoever build a house for Allah Allah. Allah built for him a house in general because that's your home and you deserve another home. But that other home I must have had that I will build for you will be in paradise.

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Separate attorney atonia je Ll Abdi agile una vida Moti seven things the process of them said you will continuously rewarded for it after you're done. Man Allah ilma the one who left knowledge or taught knowledge I john O'Hara run the river are basically a well I have

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a well I will

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plant trees. I will bend mesquida build a mustard. A waratah Mustafa Tanaka wala Dumisani Ruda he left must have to be read from or he loved a child arrives a child will pray for him after his death. My brother and sisters people change in the end of the days as a Navy SEAL solemn their heart not any more attached to the master to the extent the prophets of Salaam said in them and Ashraf is one of the sign of the Day of Judgment. And you're more Roger msgid lie or Kofi hirakata in that the person will come to the mustard and will not pray to Raka in it.

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And I have seen and witnessed this a lot in America and other western country where a board meeting will come and people not from the community sometimes like it's not like us are all team or from the community or some massage of the community or the board can live in very far distance, they will come they will meet they will have a discussion and will leave and he never prayed to my cousin the mustard.

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I once was invited to a Masjid and the other party on a talk and believe it or not 50% didn't go to pray of that gathering 50% or more I'm not exaggerating

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a lot and I'm talking about men not woman

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so you strange people come Muslims comes and work and do some and they would not cross their mind to pray to rock as in the mustard.

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Well Allah you Salima Raja Illa Allah Manya and another side of the process I'm said that you only greed those who you know

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why and even you Massoud in any Nabi sallallahu Sallam in the Bharani say akuna Arthur is a man Coleman you soon dounia hayleigh Cunha Ba, Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma dounia. Farah to JD su Humphries le la heffy him hajah

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the process

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selam telling us that in the massages, people will set to talk about worldly matters nothing else all what the conversate about all of the talk about worldly matters business money this that nothing else. That's all they care for all of the focus on in Ibiza some such people stay away from them.

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If you want to know how much you love Allah and how much Allah Subhana Allah loves you as well see how much time that you spend in the masjid

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see when the time of Salah comes is there is anything inside your heart you can come I'm not talking about someone working. I'm talking about someone who can come

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see if your heart push you to say hey let's go to the master

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eye test because if you love someone you love what this person's loves.

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I don't like dark chocolate I never did in my life. I started loving it just because of my wife

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because you love your wife You love your daughter you love your husband you love your

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you know friends you start basically liking what they like. So how about the loss of panatela who loves these massages so much?

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My brothers and sisters tell us I don't feel them any last three people. Allah promised protection for them rajaraja lmsc demon massage de la appearance person left his place to go to the masjid

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when you go to the mustard and nebuta salaam said your prayer multiply 24 times and in Ibiza Salim said either

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you perfect your oboe. Then you come to the mustard for either the halaal musty, the canopy Sala Americana to Salatu tidy so you will be exactly as if you praying as long as you waiting for the prayer. You came here 10 minutes early 15 minutes early 20 minutes early half an hour early as if you've been praying this last half an hour. And the angel will say Allahu Allah Allahu Allahu matabele man and the fee. This fee. The angel may say Allah showered him with his or her with your mercy forgive them, guide them to Toba to repentance as long as you don't harm anyone or you starting bid out or innovations in the master

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Earth man even Hakeem said I heard that he didn't will say you abstain allows my witness for the last 30 years than was never cold and I was outside domestic for the last 30 years I was here when the engine was cold and he was not the mother.

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They told him how about in the maybe in the summer or something that you go to daycare and you go to the desert and you know just have a picnic or something he said what about if I go far or outside? I'm going to miss the Salah here in the mustard

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they said yeah I'm almaraz have it go out eat have fun. Parliament other law here

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either ham sandwich Lena Salah you want me to Miss 25 prayers just to go outside to eat with someone

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Allahu Allah Allah Allah movie Tabby in a hidden mithila Allah as I said the same same has something distinguish him from the rest of the Tabby don't think everybody's like that. And I'm not expecting us when I put this example I'm not saying we have all to be like that or we need to be like that. No, but I'm putting the standard Hi. We We live in a time where we put very low standard for ourselves. We should put a high standards for ourselves.

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So that was that he said that this man has something nobody matched him in it. Which is for the last 14 years he never miss Salatu Gemma Rahim Allah to Allah.

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And no doubt waiting in the masjid for the Salah. mengfan Alec Asher The higher the higher. What can I mean copy at E k o m you Elijah to oma Jaffa nebia salatu salam, whoever constantly stained the mustard waiting for the Salah. And I know some members of our community like that every member of Asia come early though, you wait. In Debbie's been narrated that the processor you said that person would live in good die and good and will come in the Day of Judgment free of sins like a newborn.

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I asked the last panel to Allah and yours okonomiyaki masajid. Hoban McDuffie. Ha ha. Mr. Raja, according to masala

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad

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and Wu salatu salam in his last days he was so sick Salalah Salim as well Buhari reported that I should have delana she said we brought a seven container of cold water and we pour it over the process of them just to wake him up. He was fainted. Seven big containers of water suddenly appear of minimal battery.

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Just to wake him up. He woke up saw Solomon he said, A sullenness did people pray they said not yet Yasser Allah.

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You they're waiting for you. Then he is about to wake up. He fainted again. Then the put water on him Salalah Salaam making until the person said to them, let abubaker lead the prayer. And you suddenly bidness

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tomorrow be Emily nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And when in the visa Salam found himself

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the ability to stand up. He told his wife I will go to the mustard.

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Taco Chateau de La Hoya and how Ottawa Kenya amo Elena bisa Santo Papa de ma for ramen in Ibiza Salaam one hand on the other hand on palha and the carrying the problem and his dragging his feet on the ground, making mark on the on the st.

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He want to be there not to Misato Gemma

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not to miss the prayer with the community.

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That's Mohammed Salah.

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That's how much His heart is attached to the prophet to the massage.

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That's why nobody saw saddam The first thing he did. He built a must. It'll allow you it was

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undeniably sallallahu sallam, he stayed in Cuba where a mustard is so he can live and stay close by until his mustard was built on a low audio audio signal.

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My brother and sisters, I'm saying this because you guys have helped building this must through your generous donation.

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And hopefully, we cover most of our expenses. But I just want to share with you some of that thing that I hope that each and every one of you have a share of it. To be proud of yourself. And to say my next step is to increase my involvement and participation in the master. My presence and the mustard need to be more

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because that's really as Massoud said, Pilar it can be Sunil houda behind the Salawat hazyview. Now they begin for unknown dimension and in houda mintaka hallak.

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They also follow the cylinder way over who that guidance if you leave it you will be misguided and that is coming to the massage to pray.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to open our heart to be more committed to come after the mystic to be part of it to be part of building this community. And I will say with the first thing is the follow up and everything comes next. We need to increase our attachment to the salon to teach our kids about these meanings. Then massage it for them it means the falada A bada the something that bring us closer to our last panel with our

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alum in Minnesota can touch on another new binotto hammer hamana

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hamana wanted ENFP men had a to z and a female f8 along

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with a crumb and

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Muslim minimal Salafi female shadow fell out of the realm of r&b her alarm in your cell okay. Y'all come over me and Tony. I

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mean, when Tasha Urbano Mukunda Maria one Tottenham mo Tana Jada Jada de kromm. 1231 Anna Lena do Nana latifi Hama Sheena? Ratan allottee la Aruna Allahumma salli Valentina. llamo llama la dee da da da da da da da da da cron alarm Salima Salafi annamacharya Norma volumi Noel Mr. Nina Holman frequently McCann? Yeah, our hammer Rahimi Magica de la de Quran. Allah manana, sir. Okay, our economy rW snam Yun Muslim in a short one federal Cato fanatic who said to me Oh, who yada yada yada

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yada Varley mean alum in a narrow Devika an akuna fitna Tell me why the mean are suddenly lahoma Selena Bina Mohammed Ali Oh como, como la.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Shadow Allah. Allah. Hi, llama.

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Shadow Mohammed ah soo long. Hey Arnold

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Palmer, Allah, Allahu Akbar Allah, La

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La Isla

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de leeuw

00:30:37--> 00:30:39

takanobu Takara combinar come forward

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straight in the line and come closer to one another make sure that we complete the lines

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Allahu Akbar

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Alhamdulillah you're on the line and me arowana

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Scirocco Latina naantali

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on me

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a thought

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up on an

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eating too happy to

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be back

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ami is born

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send me alone even Hamid

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and Hamden in

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de d e.

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e d.

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you know Swanee,

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whatever also been

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en la

00:33:53--> 00:33:55

semi en la halimun hamidah

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah