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In that hamdulillah inhuman the owner staying on a stop

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whenever they will let him ensure the unforeseen Miss IATA Marina Maya de la falam within the law when my European fella had the Allahu eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah wa solo Yeah Even the the AMA on top Aloha party, whether Thermotoga 11 to Misty moon. Yeah Johanna so Topo qumola The Falcon menacing warhead or Hala Berman has

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worked with them in Houma region and cathinone. Sarah what up Allah and lady to set it on me when I've had it alike and Alikum la peba Yeah, Johan leadin, Tapachula how Apolo countenance that he that he was a locomotive fella comes in over the hill now also the whole father felt that there was an RV with them my bad. Hey, ya Camilla Johanna Howard. Hey, young Kamala, who are welcome over here. Welcome to metabolism shakaama to the last two minutes agenda team and Zillow while some hola to add Alicia Manaphy had an mccannon Bovada Kalavati and Ujima on top of EG osteoma La Villa il

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national yo Maggie mushy Atilla Hema

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mobile aiding numerating

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My Hilmi Allah, Oh Allah, yo me now they mean Mohit

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the owner of the young named Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the Owen Jones, yo wait

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the young man of God yo means it dunya of the yo means will come of the Leominster Island Hola Hola, yo Mo. Oliver

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a head Borjomi in Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah died on my brothers and sisters

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has concealed

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the night of the power of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah has to see in that day, but Allah Subhana Allah Allah has revealed the most beloved day in his sights, the best day of all time, although Allah has conceived the night of the power, we don't know whether it's the 21st 23rd 25th 2729 We don't know exactly. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed, the most beloved, the best, the greatest day of all time that they have, which is today.

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If the angels accompanied by the master of all angels up, come down on the night of the power, they lead to Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. He comes down in this day, the day of alpha in a way that befits His Majesty in a semi dunya forever in a birdie, when you bear he one Malaika Yamaneika to Allah looks at all his servants, those who are raising their hands supplicating Allah subhanho wa Taala invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala all these day and he tells the angels, all my angels up witness.

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I'm saving them from her fire.

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This is the day whereby most of the souls are sent from hellfire. Let me know there is no other day whereby Allah subhanaw taala same social Hellfire

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more souls from him five, other than today, these days the day of alpha and the beauty is when the day of alpha coincides with Friday yawns you know

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the hazard. This is the day of the local overheads. The pillar of hedge is today. This is the day where people are standing on the north of Hava raising their hands supplicating invoking saying that Baker Muhammad a bake

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the baker lash and he cannot cannot bake in their hands.

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And then they're raising their hands lie in Ohio Allah.

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Handle Harlequin Killeen, the best, the best thing of all time that the public says me and the prophets, the best the other who we have said in the devil is your inner hive Allah

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will appreciate as they are there in the month of October raising their hands. You and I here today we're fasting for those who Allah has blessed us alone and given them a chance to fast on top of

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God raising our hands and supplicating a message to all of them a movie that he signed any Khalil mokopane will love me when Matthew only had

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a message to those who are going through troubles, hardship

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sicknesses illnesses, loss of power loss of

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health and wealth loss of a loved ones. Whatever problem you may be enduring, this is your day that they have have

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and not only that brothers and sisters

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this is the best day for who said Rasul Allah, your Prophet in mind, son, Alana Simpson hired to

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bring out that list.

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Put out that just stop complaining to people. And this is today where you stand facing the Qibla raising your head invoking Allah Azza Masha, Allah, Allahu Allahu Allah. You complain to him, you talk to him, You tell him whatever you need from him, this is your chance. This is your opportunity. Grab it before you can never see it again.

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In the day of the best da as the province awesome says the best dA is the DA in the Delmarva, which is today coincided again with Friday. Well, Carla Buccola did oni especially Blackcomb and your Lord has said invoke me and I shall answer your call when he does

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for any party or

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either done and when My servants ask you about me I am near Allah is uncanny. We choose to be far but Allah is near Subhanallah who had the honor? Sometimes you may live with the person who's your roommate

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even a loved one a family member you will live with that person for years and years and years yet you feed far from that person over his knee or she's near yet you feel far less hola Xhosa is uncanny. Allah is the near

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you choose to be far from him but Allah is near curry and one of his curry is Mooji

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when he is probably his machine usually with our to die either.

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So what kind of data should we make it today?

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Is there any? Is there any etiquettes of Da because not people they think I'm just gonna go and raise my hand and say oh Allahu Allahu Allah Pillet added Mala.

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you show him lack of respect. When you just raise your hand and say oh Allahu Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah is as Mooji one of the most beautiful names if you want to call upon Allah using all his names and attributes what he has on your house na Fer de novo be to Allah means all his names and attributes. So invoking using his names and attributes and if you get stuck and you don't know what name to use, use the name of Allah and was

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the one who answers the call of the needy

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mejor de Beauvoir, either

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my Ugg boots

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were on top

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of my Ugg boots, no

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way up she was so wet

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who is the one who answers the call of the needy?

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Who is doing what EVH your pain, your stress and distress? Who is the one who makes you inheritors on Earth? Allah says, Is there anyone other than Allah?

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But as a sister, you know that Allah azza wa jal gets upset when you don't call upon Him.

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Allah Ya.

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Allah who now in Hadith report is by becoming Muslim and others in Allah but

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whoever does not invoke Allah, Allah will become furious at that person. Whereas when you were to ask someone that person may get angry. Why he always asked me why me Why don't you go somebody else? Why don't you go why me? But Allah the day when you choose not to ask him he becomes angry.

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And that's when they have now Adam a hatchet

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was a lady above Goulet.

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Allah who you have to double interlocked so

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hopefully Adam and

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you haven't double

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ask him and don't ask anyone else, although it's permissible. But may Allah has the resource. When you get stuck and lost the doors you feel like they are locked behind you. Run.

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Run to him Subhan Allah has done to him Subhana wa Tada. Rush to him subhanho wa Taala look what Allah says. When you get scared of something you run away from that thing. But when you have that fear of Allah, you're run towards him fulfill role which may Allah fulfill a role in Allah Phil Farah running away from something but less his fulfill will run towards him subhanho wa Taala

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What should I do in my God today? How should I make that die? How can I make sure that this will be answered today in shallow data, I'm going to share with you some etiquettes on how to make that and some ADAT and how to make the art in shallow Tana Aquila probably handle stuff when you will come for stuff.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters try to remember as much as you can, before you go on raise your hand and making that dua. It is an etiquette it is a sunnah that you may go to go and make photo first. Even the sisters who are going to the menses they can make the of course enemy.

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Regardless going Nikhil told this is number one, number two, facing the pillar, all these are sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad as a sinner facing the people. Chances are are more chances are that you will be accepted, especially those who are by the Kaiba. You know, when you're looking for signal phone signal, you try to look for the signal. The best signal is when you front of the camera here so I will give Mr. Sherman Sharma who to add. So at least now I'm facing the people are not facing the camera, but I'm facing the pillar in shallow terror. This is again, this is what the Prophet Muhammad did in the day of the Battle of, of Bhutan, when I went to see him and he found the Prophet

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facing the people and making the heart residence and Nikita raise your hands when you making that die. There are cultural things,

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sad cultural things, you see people sometimes making the hand and putting their hands together like this, or this, like this, or like this, of like this.

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Please raise your hand like the Prophet used to sometimes he's Arbic used to be shown as

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recently as both of them like this as a message and then start by praising the first

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start first by praising the lovely finding Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu said if you start you out without making solid Prophet Muhammad, it's another disrespect. It's missing the center is missing when you are starting without solid identity and ending without solid identity. So you start with salutation of a prophet and you end salutations for profit Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam are those who learn to start praising him glorifying him using his names and attributes love me out from away me towards him at Yahoo mobile I thought we Misaki yeah I had your summer yeah let me get into whatever your whatever your political point yeah are you yeah for you? Yeah. Why do

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you have a ha yeah, when are you Yeah honey, using his names and attributes whatever name that you know from Allah, Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah and glorify Him will have a fighting word if I'm gonna rush me Come on him shooter yeah who was the WHO masala Washington start asking Allah has talked to him. Before you ask him talk to him. Talk to him. You have to be you know, you have to be you know what I'm going to you know what my food is going to you know what material go to you I'll be you know, I'll probably I'll be you know this yellow BI. And then then ask ALLAH SubhanA wa tat and the Prophet Muhammad isosurfaces

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Allah Allah is that in Pelican caffine les Hadith all Buhari Narrated by Abu Julio and the Prophet says, what Allah when you make the rest assured that Allah will so you don't if you have any doubts that Allah Allah, Allah will not so you die.

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If you have doubt, I'm just going to make them we'll leave it up to Allah. Now you don't do that. You take that to heart and you risk the shore that you're done, we'd be Mustafa Inshallah, who

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use the jungle your heavy Commandos, another Hadith Narrated by Abu Huraira again, reported by Damini and others that the Prophet Muhammad Ali centrosome says use the jungle Yeah, he come

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Hello I'm your Ajit. You're calling out Phil and Mr. Jimmy

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Fallon Mr. Jaffe the problem it says that Allah should answer your call as long as you don't have less than that. A man will say will say I need to and Allah did not answer my god and Allah will not ask you that God

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there are three beautiful things he will pick up Allah says when you make that number one either Allah associate will answer it on the spot

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or Allah subhana wa Tada word often even that was meant to happen to you, Allah subhana wa Tada will remove it because of that. Number three, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will store that I want you to have made in Jannah. So men will go in and you find things beautiful things, myriads of things and so Allah how do they get this? How did they get that Allah when they give to that person? Yeah, but the on there so and so you made the hub? I did not give you what you wanted. But I gave you this in replacement that man would say I wish you did not answer any Oh my god.

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When that person sees what Allah has replaces the hazards.

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So where's the shoulder shop attack? When you making the dye? Use your heart. Repeat the die three times which is one of the son of the Prophet hemianopsia Sudan repeated thrice Allah Almighty Allah Medini Allah Mardini Allah homophily Allah Allah feeling this is the URL to ask Allah to be saved from a fire Allah machinima in Allah Allah Masha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah agenda I mean I love this is the this is the time this is this is that the hour you can ask Allah as I said for the base of the duty and the base of the alkaline Shama.

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And if you want you don't have to be accepted and I want to end with this and Shawn, welcome to Hana. Stay away from her.

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Stay away from consuming ha. And you know, this hadith of the traveling man who was traveling raising his hands, it's as simple as saying oh Allahu Allahu Allah and the Prophet says, This man he is from Hara. He dresses from Hala it drinks every he consumes heroin. How would ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will answer that coming from such a man when sent to the hospital, yella Salah make that make the FME MC Allah and Sir My God couldn't was the agenda I want to be Mr. Dua then the provinces of the Mohammed, the communist agenda of the Muhammad consumed hadn't stay away from Iran. Deal with had ALLAH SubhanA don't tell me the chef said so and so their shareholders have and give me fatwa

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for this. Allah has even fought for from above the seven Skies stay with from Helen and the halal and sha Allah Allah subhana wa Tada se in

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the evening. Today is a day in sha Allah Jota Hannah I will be here since we have a program tonight the see that the walking with the Prophet Mohammed that we call it on the footsteps of the Prophet between all of them in Asia, but in sha Allah Jota level we do something special today what is it in sha Allah will be at least half an hour before marketing because this is the best time for Doha from hustle

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and we'll be making the high in Arabic and English inshallah challenging that if you have time. Come join us for that. If you don't have time, make sure that you take some time from your own busy schedule and make it out with your family inshallah Tada Other than that, I will see you here today Charlo started before 830 Because we know we were supposed to act in sha Allah to Allah Allah man if human data if enough human fetal coordinate humans are late Aloma you know what you mean

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a lot of money that happened was when the popular button was off machine ever alone we have plenty but full of third bit proven anti modern solid solid proven our party Allah I'm gonna add to that in a female I mean

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enough of course that would have been in the public would have gone and data one on one even election data how would you didn't want I fell in love for Me alone what's on the slide and I'm having the eyes of Southern Gentleman

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and funnily enough how many any sort of similar to try to hit the MC medium? Allah who may have found that port emetine era when mistaken yeah for your solid you don't give me a new one it wouldn't be equitable for Allah who this will come after me that's easily agent Allah Maha Makaha kinda allah how much frequently Muqtada Allah homeless frequent Ahmadi allah how much economically Allah I'm gonna ask you couldn't obtain Allah Allah as he could tell that Allah home may Allah give the deen and put them with your hola

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yo, yo,

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this Luca Evocati heard that Yeoman Obi this alchemy, Baba Katihar the Yeoman mobilock Human Juma waha the Yeoman mobilock Yo Ma, Nurse alchemy and then when she woke up in the room, we'll see welcome follow through now the Joker wanted to listen to

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me come out of Eden to eat me. Wake

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up at me. Come on.

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Well, I can't tell you. What a shame tell you. Well, I hate you Jamie I'm here.

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Move on. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah can evoke him now

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Hola. Hola.

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola me

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ha ha yah yah yah

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yah yah

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yah Mooji Mr Shido hyena your por la pista up your up is still up hola

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hola hola

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hola hola

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hola who

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does ja was unknown hola hola hello

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what level the show was not the

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minute there was a tsunami

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come on

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come on

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come on

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the combat

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had Bob

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said we'd have a

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couple lines