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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the value of the Prophet Muhammad's ridiculing of migration to the Messenger of Allah. They explain that the Prophet is the one who leads migration to the Messenger of Allah, and that his ridiculing of migration has led to the generation of Batticaloa faecal. They also mention a will it come to life, which is set on will it come to life already, and the generation of Batticaloa faecal.
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By Eden, Allah Lucas lanie Avi Malala Well, I'm Island whoosh dalkey for Hawker Ebo

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This is a poem a portion of a poem that was mentioned by a well known poet named Jimmy bootham. And it is as follows. It is far for the lazy or languid person, but it is near for the yearning person, meaning that the one that yearns for something, it will always be close to you, because you're always going towards it, you desire it, you understand the value of it, or you value it, but the one that doesn't value it, the one that doesn't see pure value in this thing, it will seem far and it will seem burdensome, and it will you will be bored when when consuming or doing it. Even OPM uses this poem, when speaking about migration to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam as we

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talked about before in previous videos, that the person that follows a Sunnah following the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You may be alone, you may be in a room with people, but they don't regard the Sunnah as that which one should yearn for, they don't value that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was, therefore, valuing Islam to the degree understanding that the Prophet Muhammad is the one that came with Islam, understanding his sacrifice, understanding his love of what he wants for you. When understanding that, internalizing that you yearn for his guidance, what he has brought you ultimately which is what Allah intended for you. If we look at Prophethood

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Prophethood is what Allah intends for mankind to exemplify, in their lives, from every aspect, not only in the mosque, in your home, amongst people in your existence. So when one understands that they internalize it, they love it, they yearn for it, and the one that yearns for something, they realize that they are in need of it and without it, it is a means for their destruction, it is a means for that that which can compromise their spiritual well being, their psychological well being their physical well being.

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And that is what even though came uses as an introduction when explaining migration to the messenger May Allah subhana wa dot and make us of those that yearn for the Sunnah of the Prophet so alone and it was sent him For verily The sooner is what Allah intended for all of us in how to live our lives. Batticaloa faecal was set on will it come to life already? Catherine, thank you.

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