Siraj Wahhaj – Money Has No Real Value

Siraj Wahhaj
AI: Summary © In this transcript, a speaker discusses the currency of the "tradition" of Islam, which is the currency of life. The currency is the bread and water, and it can be bought at any store in the US or Canada. The speaker emphasizes that every life has its own value, and that the currency of Islam is the bread and water.
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Brothers and sisters, what make us separate

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from those who disbelieve

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our loving Now you may know

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those who believe in the hereafter.

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One thing that we all have in common tonight

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is that we bear witness that everybody is going to die

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colonna, Epson equal to lmao every social taste of death

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139 million people a year will die

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on this planet.

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every two seconds, nine babies are born

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and three people die.

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In brothers and sisters, every moment you live,

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you will get closer to the grave.

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The currency of the hereafter

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what would it be? after we die?

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I would like to focus today's talk

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on basically to Hadith

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of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, it will be the basis of my discussion, the currency of the hereafter.

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When you look at this money that we have

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this dollar bill

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has no intrinsic value of its own.

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This by itself can help you, you can't eat it.

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It has no real value except that we give it a value.

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And we exchange this money for something of real value.

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We give somebody $1 and we get Bread,

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bread to eat to sustain our life. bread has value because it can give us life $1 bill has no real value, except in our mind, we accept it as a value

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I have here What is this? Can you tell

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what is a Canadian dollar?

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you have?

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Who would trade me my 10 Canadian dollar for your 10 US dollar anyone

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to have any such people in audience tonight.

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This money, if you go to the store in Miami, buy bread with this. They won't accept it.

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They won't accept it because it's not the right currency. If you go to Canada, and use this money, it's good. And you can buy goods because it's the right currency. So every country you go in, they have their own currency. And in order for you to use this, you have to stop in the exchange the money exchange and say look, I like to exchange this so that I can have some currency in this country so that I can buy the things that I need.

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This has no value

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to a bird.

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This has no value to an insect to an animal.

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Water has value

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and has real value.

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But I want you to see tonight brothers and sisters that this has no real value. Sometimes the money devalues.

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And you can't buy what you used to buy. With these things. it fluctuates it changes.

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And if every kind of life has its own things of value, a fish, an insect, an animal, a plant, all of them have different forms of value.

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And the same way animals, countries, insects and plants have their own value. So does Allah upon what Allah has its value in So tonight, we want to talk about, I think one of the most important topics and that is the currency of the hero.

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