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Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon you all. Hendra we just spoke about it the migration from Allah to Allah the migration from one place to another, but when we understand as we spoke about before that it is the migration of the heart that is the true hedgerow what is the action of the heart that is primary here it is the action of love. Where does your love lie? Where is the love?

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Even okay Rahim Allah to Allah He mentioned in another portion when talking about Hindu he says that us the who Yanni the Hydra is migrating in reality is from what Allah dislikes to what Allah likes. And he said what is the who and who was both and the origin of that is love and hate or light liking and loving and disliking. And then he goes on to say raha hula for Indian mohajir da min, Shea Elashi lab with the Enya coonan mohajir who have mohajir la he I have met you had you to mean who

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he says here For verily the Migrator is migrating from one state or place to another.

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And one place to another any brings a very important rule for the Mohajer leaves off that which is less beloved to him, or the Mohajer makes hedra or migrates to that which is more beloved to him, then from which he migrated from. So wherever you are going, or you're migrating to, it must obviously be more desirable and loved to you. Stop there and ask yourself the question. Where am I grew up migrating to? Where does my heart attach? Or what is my heart attached to? One easy way to look at that is to see what am I spending most of my time doing and thinking about?

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My heart is attached to what? Where is your love? That's why it is so important for you to constantly do self evaluation

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to see what you indulge in on a regular basis. And look at the panela sometimes subconsciously the things that you do, did it emanate from did it start from something that you loved, and just keep doing it?

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What are the things that you are voluntarily migrating towards? Because the Migrator is someone that wants progress? There's momentum, but that momentum? Is it to something that is haram or not beneficial for you? Or is it something that is beneficial for you, because there may be some things that you love, that are not beneficial for you.

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There may be some things that you love that are not beneficial for you. The goal is to grasp to hold on to that love and allegiance to that which is beneficial for us. And the more that we have that love and allegiance to that which is beneficial for us in this case, to Allah to the promise of a lie there was some and what they have brought bring the Quran the sooner the Sharia will our love gets closer to what Islam says and tells us to do. We will naturally migrate from those sinful practices, sinful thoughts, sinful actions. May Allah subhanho wa Taala fortify our hearts and make our hearts firm. Sound soft for the truth and hard for the false. Batticaloa FICO was Santa Monica.

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