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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of inspiration and motivation for Islam's teachings is discussed, as well as struggles faced by Islam's students to achieve their goals. The transcript describes various events and people involved in the Islam movement, including Sir Sir Sir, Jesus Christ's teacher, Daedella, and Omar. Other speakers make negative comments on various topics, including a woman named Massoud who taught people to read the holy Bible and live in Israel, a man named Omar who claimed to be a successful driver, and a woman named Yama who claimed to be a successful driver.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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la Vida photo VENA Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wasabia una una Mina al Maha God Neverland saw. When Lavina Devo OBS set a colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers You and I, we need inspiration and motivation from time to time. We do need people to inspire us and motivate us. And undoubtedly the greatest inspiration is our beloved nebia creme de la Hollywood cillum. And because of nebia, creme de la la la wa sallam, his students his companions, the Sahaba chromebit, one Allahu taala and much more in our great inspiration and motivation for us. And today I would like to speak about one great Sahaba have to live in a Massoud raviolo Toronto, and I will

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go on to make mention of any incidents in his life, to inspire motivate us that we can be inspired to emulate him. And of course, he was one of the great companions of our beloved and via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Hi Misha. retno Makita Rossoneri Sahaba seeburger zyada, Masha, Allah kono sekai or x Jaime Guevara Mashallah March Costas Cara karanga, or waka library Masuda de la Amara namiki Nova as have messaged him, he is coming into Islam was in a very miraculous way. He's coming into Islam was in a very miraculous way.

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And let me give you this incident. Abdullah Anima sutra, he allowed us to look after the sheep of a very influential chieftain of the courage by the name of Bobby Aviemore. Obama became worried very against the results of the one who put that gut and the intestines of the camel upon nebbia. Kareem saw solemn when he was in ruku and says that he was same Obama be more so beleiving he was food used to look after his sheep. So one day, he was looking after the sheep when Abubakar and nebia cream sauce lamb came past them, he was on the outskirts of Makkah. And he himself was somebody who they knew they were not amongst the very prominent tribes of the Quraysh. They used to be outside Makkah.

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They never used to be looked upon very favorably or very influential. Anyway, he was looking after the sheep, nobody saw Selim and Belladonna came. And when they came, they said, Give us some milk to drink. We are very hungry, we are very thirsty. And he is Amana, Daddy, he was very trustworthy. He said, this does not belong to me. I can give you the milk. So nebbia cream sauce and said, okay, you can give me the milk. I'm very happy. It shows your trustworthiness give me a shape that cannot give milk, whose others have been completely dry.

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That No One No One expecting work from them. Give me such a sheep. And when you present that such a sheep, nobody says to them read something. And he passed it over the others of the sheep. And it became full of milk. And all three of them drank from this milk. I'm delighted you must be allowed to know was so taken aback by this, that he said Where did you learn this from? And after that he started following the via cream sauce until he became a Muslim. And he became and he accepted Islam.

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Islam Muhammad it mortiser second name, cerca de Harlem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it merkabah up near Africa has moved to LA to La Casa k gra k clarkia paklenica bactria charata Juana sariah afternoon komagatake Hama Piazza bhakri carboot pilau toe no Giovanna Java Pia Monica Santa Mira Paducah, Santa

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Monica Santa to apne is Java forbort oshika is archaea. Top name for Maya que se bhakri Liao good to know data Apna Apna desta mobarak dinajpur para to do Tsuburaya to Tino ubercart nebia cream sauce lamb is no no jajuan job to live in Minnesota. Una was happy to say who's huaca say it now a ser que vamos a man where he became so impressed by this he became a Muslim. Now Abdullah he was sutra the Allahu taala Han who

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His name was Pitney.

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He was known before Islam is, it may or may, the son of the mother of a slave, the son of the mother of a slave, that means his maternal grandfather was not very influential. And people used to have a certain degree of looking down upon such people. So in a bill library was to therapy allowed him to became a Muslim. He was among the cybercoders amongst the very first people who became Muslim. He was a sixth person to accept Islam. It is said about him seussville Islam, he was a sixth person to accept Islam. And after accepted Islam, he became very close to our beloved nebia krimson Allahu Allah wa sallam. chetta muscle mantan whose raha se Apsara pueden overland messenger. When he became

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a Muslim, he became very close to our beloved Nivea cream sauce. So close that he used to be known as sattva Guna, Alain, the one who used to look after the jumpers of Nevis Arsenal, the one who used to look after the shoes of America himself. Now you find people, you know that even pious people today you find people who are the Hardin's who are looking after them. They look after the shoe. They look after the beddings they look after the cushion. Abdullah when was Woody Allen was such a person he used to be responsible for the shows. He used to be responsible for the 10th when the be a cream saucer used to make suffer when maybe a cream sauce lamb used to travel up to library Masuda.

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villalpando used to be with Nivea cream sauce lamb is serving the creme de la creme Selim. He used to be so close to nebia cream sauce Allah listen to this, that he used to come and go in the house of Nivea cream sauce from so often that people used to say that he is part of a bait. He is part of the family of our beloved nebia cream sauce alum who scabbard abdulai minima pseudonym, he saw some keyboard he cryptic ornella Yata cap has Ross done. nessa Shama Lewin

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who's who sir Allahu Allah wa sallam, Ki Girma Ani gentlemen. authoritative Did

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he say machete? abate cake first meseta has a curry winner via Kareem. So Lola Silla, miswak Nalin or suffer me up he nemea Kareem Salatu was Salam Casa Mancha, Sumida. He used to be in charge of Nivea creme de la Los Alamos, many aspects. Now there are many aspects with regard to his Herbalife Nima sutra Allahu taala honbu that we would like to make mention one of the greatest was his closeness to the Quran.

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abdulai minima sutra, the ultra was very close to the Quran. So much so that nebia Karim saw Sam said if you want to listen to someone who reads the Quran, the very same way that it was revealed to me

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then listen to the Quran.

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He was so close to the Quran. One day in the life of

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a person came to America Latina when he was a califano people were very afraid of the offer.

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And he said, Oh man, there is a person in Kufa, he is teaching the people the Quran from memory. He is sitting on the member and he's not even referring to the book. He's not even referring to the Messiah. He is teaching people Quran from the memory. And Omar became angry. Omar became very sick. What happens if he makes a mistake? What happens if he does not fulfill the responsibility? And then overseer Who is he? He set up to live in moshood? Omar said Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me before he's applied and was told if anyone has the right to teach Quran like that is applied.

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And you will recall the incident that never occurred himself, sir, one day told him Oh, Abdullah, read Quran for me. And then we occur himself. Kralik, what

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was it to you when it was revealed upon you? And maybe occur himself SimCity near a smart woman ready. Today I would like to listen to the Quran from someone else. When he read. Maybe I started theory until his beard became wet. such love for the Quran, that in the beginning stages of Islam. One day someone said that we would like to hear someone read Quran, in the Kaaba in front of everyone. And then they said let us get someone who is influential that people who would harm him have to live universe who said leave the one who is influential to the hour read Quran. And he went into the Kaaba into Bay to LA and he read Surah Rahman, everyone was spellbound. And when they were

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first hearing it, he said such beautiful Kalam such beautiful words, such beautiful recitation, but when they hurt and they realize it was the Quran, they beat him up to such an extent that he was greatly bruised and greatly wounded.

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And then they told him to let me tell you not to go and read the Quran like this, he said will lie he the enemies of Islam at that time were as insignificant to me they were anything can be insignificant. If you tell me I will go read the Quran I get the same way tomorrow also in the Kaaba such love for the Holy Quran and this is one of the great aspects of Herbalife anyone screwed up is in the key concepts a new Maya pelo Quran Sakura party geocode samata para zahawi absolute la what he was telling me when said Quran sunanda key for my ski

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Kenobi saw cinema for Maya occur kisi ko is Cara Quran suniti why Shem GSM Mira Aparna Silva to eponymous Buddha Viola Thomas A Quran Sunnah. So beautiful. This was an aspect with the gartley he was amongst those who was in every aspect in the life of our beloved via cream sauce them made him twice, he made he migrated first to ever Sr. Then he

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migrated to Madina munawwara in every great battle abdulai Dyneema sutra Viola Tran who was amongst those who was in the forefront, right and he was a very amazing incident He will make mention that famous incident that when Libya Karim Allah Allah wa sallam was told in the Battle of who had to curse the mushrikeen and maybe occur himself. Some said I do not curse people. Allah has sent me as a Rama. Allah sent me as a mercy. This particular incident was witnessed to live in a Massoud and he is the one who related this incident in the Battle of butter

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is a very, very interesting incident.

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of Delilah Masuda. villatoro said Nivea cream sauce lamb paired me with two young and sorry Sahabi. And I said, if only nebbia cut himself sillim would have paired me with someone who was more stronger, who was more brave, or who was more greater in terms of the bravery and known for the being warriors. I would have been happy he's young, small, so happy and sad. So then all of a sudden, while I was thinking like this, these two Sahaba said this to young Sahaba said, Abdullah, tell me where is Buddha?

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Buddha, how

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can people say what do you what are you going to do with the Buddha Buddha is the leader of the courage you will be surrounded, he will be of so many bodyguards. He said, leave us we heard that he has been convenient in a cream sauce and we will not rest until we go and attack him whether we die or whether he dies. And Abdullah knows who said he swab Abu Jamal at a distance he said Daisy, and he said they when they fled, and they put their lives at risk to such an extent they attacked Abu Jamal and he was almost on the verge of death while fighting an attacking about your health. One of those youngsters

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was seven by someone who used the sword against him. while fighting you couldn't bear it. So he put his arm under his legs. And he severed that arm and he continued fighting until he put a bow on the verge of death. He still he still wasn't dead. Up to live. He was so sad I went to follow. And then I found about Joel. Now just look at this amazing thing. abdulai minima sutra, the Lao Tzu was the one who had the greatest humanity's greatest simplicity, simplicity, was not very influential, and alive, users have to live

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with his simplicity and his humanity to kill the most arrogant person in this moment.

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doubt the most arrogant person at that time was a Buddha, and I use a very simple person to kill him. And you would recall that in the books of history make mention that when abdulai moshood came upon a Buddha and he was on the life's last stages of his life. Abu Jamal said what is the outcome of the battle to live university? What are you asking the outcome Allah has given a small victory. So he said he showed me said if only someone more greater than you, if only someone who is more influential that you can kill me such arrogance at the time of his death, and then he tells akula if you want to kill me on top of my head, don't cut it off here near the neck, cut it off, you're near

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the chest, so that when I die, my head will stand out like this. Such a great coffee. Such a great disbelievers such great arrogance. And I use a blue lightning was to kill him and maybe a cream sauce sort of when when the resourcing was setting up to live in Massoud said yaroslava katella. Do alive kill the enemy of of Allah. How amazing. This is an aspect with up yonder port adversity are under attack Egypt Petra, Allah is a mirage shucks, Abu jihad, Kolkata kalmykia abdulai. Moscow St. Monica, what an amazing thing. Then another aspect with regard to it just to show you his status. show you his status. One

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delivey occurring Salatu was Salam was sitting among the Sahaba

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when Abdullah Massoud was nearby from a tree from a cashew tree or something he was coming down. He was very thin. He was not very influential. His appearance also wasn't very striking. So when he was coming down because of the thinness of his legs, the people started laughing,

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sticks to her house than he is. And then they started laughing himself since that Why are you laughing? Are you laughing at his appearance? how weak is a lawyer you laughing at his weakness on the day of Tiamat in terms of his carnamah in terms of his achievements, in terms of his homage to lightning Massoud would be more weightier and heavier than the amount of work.

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When you go to Medina you see the amount of

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episodes and said he's more heavier than even the amount of who had up to somewhat maturity. mugger carnamah or Amal millboard Beretta Jessica Mendez, Wakayama, Mata

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Ki carnamah Rama, Jabberwocky Parker, one of the greatest aspect with regard to him was that nebia cream sauce lamb himself taught him how to read salah and he said, maybe sir, someone taught me to read Salah. And how did he teach me to read salah and this is something you and I must learn how we teach our youngsters. He said nobody saw Salaam took his hand and his palm, put it on my thigh and said Abdullah read after me the shelf wood and all the doors of the show what he taught him like this mob but teach your children with mohabbat teach him the Quran. Teach him to come close to the deal with Mahabharata and love our nebbia cream sauce and taught up to live in Masuda Viola how many

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incidents time is going so I will just make mention of one or two. You know, one was that a

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lot of love for

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a doula so much love If anyone spoke against a doula Vinnie Massoud O'Meara the ultimate used to get angry. The people of Kufa one day asked a doula. As a member of the lotto center, someone to teach us de Sena someone to teach us deal. Tomorrow Viola Tomasi, I can bear the separation of ability.

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I can't bear the separation of politeness good, but I'm giving him I'm giving you preference over me. I'm setting up live in in Moscow to teach your dean. So now sent him to teach the people of Iraq D. Do you know what a great repercussion that was? Because from from Iraq from Kufa was in Oman

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and up to Lima sutra, the Allahu taala, who is regarded to be the founder of the thick of

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many of the alama and those people who follow the fate of Abu hanifah Rahmatullah Lee I indebted to acolyte. ultimo because morellato sent him to Kufa he taught the people of Kufa amongst them from the project he was

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in his is regarded to be the founder of the fit coffee mug and

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such a great person with regard to his, you know, he's amazing, I will just give you one amazing incident and I will conclude this you know, one day humara villatoro saw a car fly. So a group of camels coming with people. So when he saw them coming, he started questioning them will. So he said mean either comb, you know, so where waste is where April coming from. So beleiving he was sued was there in that, in that particular delegation? He didn't make it known at first. So he said mean for me, I come from a very deep valley. I come from a very strong and a very deep dairy. So O'Meara villatoro said at noon, we are you people going and baiting me. We are going to Makkah but the word

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baiting amok is using the 17 superar of the Holy Quran. So Omar said in the fee him Halima in this particular group, there is a person who is an alum. He is telling them what to answer. He didn't know how to live in Israel. So he said he will Khurana himself since there is a person who is an alum. Let me ask more questions. So he said, Tell me which of the Quran is most significant? So blueliners who tells the people tell Omar to say, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Then Omar asked another question, a YOLO Quran

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which portion of the Holy Quran is full of justice? So gladness would tell them to reply in a la jolla movie like

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the one that we read at the end of the football and that Allah commands you to perform justice. Then Omar Avi Allahu taala, who said, you look for Ronnie, which is of the Holy Quran is most comprehensive. So I'm delighted to say reply for Miyamoto.

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Miyamoto with color with inshallah euro we have a desert out of good or evil. He was

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sit in front of him for color Omar Al Quran Allah, as them which Quran which is from the Holy Quran, inspires and gives the greatest fear of Almighty Allah. So we read the whole iron woman Yama, Sua uwgb. Whoever does little bit of evil, he will see it in front of him he will be recompensed and he will be, he will be given the recompense of the evil that he has done. Then he asked, tell me which is a unicorn which part of the Holy Quran gives you the greatest hope? And I believe he was supposed to be allowed to send replies Yeah, he buddy Allah the NASA for unforeseen that the trip to Morocco Tila oh you have done wrong. Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah will forgive all types of

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Guna Ensign sacado Omar nadie him a fee come Abdullah Abdullah Massoud a fee Kumar Bula evening Massoud Omar said Are you sure to live Masood is not amongst you? He said yes, he is amongst us. He's given all the supplies. This was a good life. He was the one who had the greatest knowledge of the Holy Quran. He passed away in the time of Omar of mandovi Allahu Delano. And according to his Zubair Viola who made his janazah He is buried in Ghana to me Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated status. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to follow in that particular footsteps, the footsteps of love of the Holy Quran, the footsteps of love for the for the knowledge, the footsteps

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of humanity, and despite their humanity, such great achievements will ask you that one.

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Mama Mama

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