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The host discusses the importance of performing a study on the state of Safa and Marwa during a video. They explain that the study is outside the actual hill area, but can be done inside the structure. The host also emphasizes the importance of practicing and bringing others on board.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today's huch Pro Tip relates to performing the study between Safa Marwah, Sally means to walk to run between the two mountains Safa and Marwa now the reason why this is a significant part of the

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the oma and also a part of the Hajj is to remind us of the story of smilies phenomena his mother has expired Ali Salaam is a baby, he's in the middle of Mocambo coma, there's no one there no mountain, I mean, surrounded by mountains with no water, there are no food, there are no animals there. And the child is so desperately thirsty. And the mother feels death fears death for her child. And she climbs these mountains and starts running from one part to the other. And this state of desperate she she has where she has no other means no one else to help her. And you think about that she already climbed each mountain once. Yet, she still ran back to that mountain again. It's kind of

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like a person who already knows there's nothing there. But I'm just going to go check again. she climbs each mountains searching for water, then miraculously, Allah subhanaw taala gives the water at the kick of his mind. It says I'm on the ground. So when you're performing your study, it's very important you try to recreate that state of desperate. We remind Allah Allah, we went to the east, we went to the west, we went, we climbed the mountains, and we check for help, but there was no one else to help us. So here we've come to you. And just as miraculously, you gave water to the barren land and Mocambo karma, that you give water to our heart and you soften it again, you give water to

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our eyes that we learn to cry in front of you again. So developing that state while you're there between South America rather than just talking around and chatting and wasting that beautiful and very special time. Now the second thing that's very important to know, is technically the area of Safa and Marwa is actually located outside the masjid, it's not a part of the house, even though it's titled off, and it seems like it's a part of the masjid. We've spoken to many scholars in this regard. And they've explained that technically, it's outside the mesh because historically, scholars always considered it to be outside the masjid. And since it's not mandatory for a person to do,

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Safar miroir in the state of Oulu, unlike the walk, you have to be able to suffer model you do not have to be in Moodle. So if there's a lady who was in her menstruation and she needs to perform herself Amara, she finished her off menstruation started, she can easily walk between the mountains. The second thing is that if there is a lady and menstruation rather than sitting in the hotel, and grieving over not being able to participate in Alibaba and being with a community being a part of the congregation outside, first of all, you can come outside and enjoy the congregation, just by sitting in the outside area of the hot room. They have this nice big sahan outside courtyard, you

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can come and sit there and join people. But if you want to be inside the structure, as long as you walk around the masjid and climb to the Safar model area, there are escalators that take you there. You can sit there be inside the machine, but it's not inside the machine. So you're inside the structure, but you're not inside the machine so you can sit there and make your law while you're in Mecca. muckety muck keeping yourself busy as well. So that's today's hedge pro tip. Be sure to practice and convey to others as well said I'm wanting to live mercato