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So now I'm going to Haman Hamdi learn on Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o vertical that'd be no Mohammed while early he was a huge main um but I do almost only follow him Allah Who to Allah Vicky's heavy the other side of him he by before the Dickey later Allah would have thought it yeah hey Musharraf and now he says in his book entitled The the guardians of the righteous in the chapter of the virtue of remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and encouraging others to do so or an encouragement of doing so. And so even Abdullah Causton Radi Allahu Anhu

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Elijah, Jaya RRB Yun either Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call it a lemony Alemany Alemany Kelemen a Hulu called fuller in Allah why the hula should he color?

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Allahu Akbar Kabira Well, Hamdu lillahi cathedra was Subhana Allah He Robillard Amin Subhan Allah and I've been I mean, well how Allah wala Quwata illa Billahi la Aziz al Hakim call for her hola eat Lila be family. Whole Allahumma Fei Li were Honey Why? Dini, what was happening.

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So, Saddam and a B will cost me a lot he pleased with him narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, or excuse me, a Bedouin came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and said to him, teach me a few words to recite frequently. He the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say,

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there is no true God except the law and the except Allah the one and he has no partner with him. Allah is the Greatest and greatness is for him. All praise is due to Him. Allah, the Lord of the Worlds is free from imperfection, there is no might and no power, but that of Allah, the all powerful and the all wise the bedwin said Upon hearing this, all of these are for my Lord. But what is for me?

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There upon he SallAllahu wasallam said you should say,

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Oh Allah grant me, pardon me have mercy upon me, direct me to righteousness and provide me substance. This is recorded in Muslim in the book of remembrance and supplication and seeking forgiveness and in his Musina is hadith is Sherman. MashAllah is very comprehensive. Again, firstly, citing mobo causes mentioning that a man came to the promisor Salam, but this particular man was an Arabi, and he was a bedwin. And when we say bedwin, what comes to our mind? What are some of the features of the Bedouin?

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coming from the desert, which means what?

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not educated, okay.

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Okay, so therefore he may be a little

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ignorant. So the way he may display or treats ever tough and doesn't know where the rounds were tough, rough, right, maybe rough. Yeah. And that's what the Bedouins where you find in any any country, the headwinds will be a little more tougher and rougher because they live a tougher and rougher life. And this is not to belittle them. Rather, it could be in some instances closer to the fitrah. Because they're not they're not involved with a lot of the society and of people and civilizations that may be affected from outside quote, unquote forces, there amongst themselves are amongst nature, more than the average civilian. Okay. So being amongst nature and it's still it's

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important even nowadays, you're finding people talking about meditation and separating from this worldly life, because it's important to come in tune with your nature but with us, we know that there's many virtues of sitting alone, and being alone with Allah subhanaw taala and making vicar while you're alone, in the best month of the year, the last 10 days is exactly that. It's exactly fasting and even SubhanAllah. What would be advisable is to even fast from your phone and your electronics. And also to sit within nature we see the process I'm said the one that sits in the masjid from salah, Illa Salah, the angels are with them and making dua for him in the masjid alone.

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The process of them also said that the individual, one of the people that the shade of Allah the shade of the Throne of Allah

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will there will be under the shade of the Throne of Allah on the

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day when there is no shade, it is the person that sits alone remembering the loss of Hannah what data had taught I felt it now, that is his is his eyes shed tears from being alone and thinking of Allah subhanho wa Taala and also you will see what the Bedouins the Fitzroy the acknowledgment of a creator is something that is better he is something that is dare we say in English common sense it is known, because they are not affected by the ills of quote unquote society. So we see that a man he came to the process when he said teach me a couple of words to recite frequently the first one was there is no true God except Allah subhanaw taala the one and he has no partner with him was

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beautiful here he c'est

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la la la la vie to lash at color that there is no true God except a lot, the one why the who, and you're insuring it by saying he has no partner with him. Now some could say that he is the one that ilaha illallah waktu, but ensuring it by saying that there is no partner with lash at ICA LA. So you notice La Ilaha when he had the Fatah at the end of a noun, in the Arabic language, you would say you're negating it's negating its genus, any type of that particular noun does not exist. You're negating any likeness to that type or nothing exists. Except that so you're saying that ILA there is no God.

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In Lola, except for Allah. So Allah is the only one that can be given the title, ILA in reality, and then he says last year he color that there is no partner, no one that associates or has any type of

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association or partnership with him. Then after that, he says the whole milk cola hunt, often.

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They love to shake, but Allahu Akbar Kabira Well, hamdulillah Catherine, Allah is the Greatest. Yet Allah Subhan Allah is the Greatest and the greatness is for him. All praise is due to Him. And we talked about this, if Allah Subhana Allah is Allah Akbar. He is the greatest, therefore he deserves all praise, human being may be praiseworthy for some characteristics, and not praiseworthy for others. But Allah is praised for any characteristic that you think about, and all of them, which is beautiful, all of the characteristics and attributes of Allah, Akbar. They are the greatest, dare we say superlative form of that characteristic. So we as fathers and husbands do we provide for our

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I hope so. Yes, no. So we provide, we go to work, and we provide. So there's a form of risk and provision that we give

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from our faculties of whatever skill that we have, from the job that we've obtained, but the ultimate risk, and the greatest, greatest one that provides is Allah. So everything that you have to get what you've earned, or to whatever you've earned, has been given to you by Allah when you go down the line. So I've been given my job because of my education and the education is because of my cognitive skills, my intellect and this particular field. I find fulfillment in this therefore doesn't feel like all of that the raw material from your heart, your passion that has been given by Allah subhanho wa to Allah Akbar. Razak. Then the process goes on to say all prayers do to him.

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Allah is the Lord of the world and he's free from imperfection. Subhan Allah, we say Subhan Allah

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the Hello Echota Subhanallah bid on a mean, that there was Glory to him that the Lord of all of the worlds and La hawla wala Quwata illa Billah Al Aziz al Hakim that there is no power nor might accept him we say this when we say Hola Hola Hola COVID To eliminate this specific time that we say that hola there is no transition when Alcoa nor strength except with Allah

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in a hardship Yes. Well when else

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normal days, but what is their specific time and their specific occasion when you say it

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somebody may be

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okay man understanding that that person may be strong but there is no ultimate strength except with Allah. What about the event?

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Know what's the connection when they say what is Hey Jada. salamin translate to me.

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Come to the prayer and then hey, AlFalah

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Come to success. So prayer is

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success, right? Okay, what is the connection with the hola wala Quwata illa biLlah. So when the person is Hi Anna Salah we say you know inside of ourselves, are we

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whisper Hola Hola COVID To eliminate there is no strength there is no transitioning nor strength except with Allah. So come to the prayer what's the connection

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good thing is

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he did and he did outlook tofield

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English, English

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and powerful to do the thing

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if there is no

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such thing as ESA Mavic and the Vizio Mavic?

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Yes. Did you understand him?

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Facebook, ESA, Mubarak to Colorado we asked for the law to be lacking. This was just even me.

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And let her listen to look at

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you're back to Arabic, which you said for him or she is here for him okay.

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Of course, of course, let us let us know.

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There is no ability, as he said, no help. Except with the law. You getting up and coming here. When you hear the event at your house, I say come to the prayer, come to the prayer Come to success. I cannot do that except with Allah, I'm sitting down and watching TV on my couch, transitioning from getting up and moving is a transitionary you're transitioning from sitting down to standing up, that cannot happen except with

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strength. So there is no transitioning nor strength except with a loss of power. So as you're hearing that you're remembering, I'm coming to remember God, but I need God to get there to remember him.

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So when you it's much more profound, much more comprehensive, much more of a means for you to remember God at that moment. And receive reward from it. Get when you're already and this is the wisdom of the shootout. Subhan Allah. I imagine when you're doing that, by the time you say Allahu Akbar, you're already in a zone you are already there for us is that when you say a lot of equity, you have to zone out of work. Okay, I know.

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When you're hearing the call to prayer, you're already thinking about prayer success. Man, I can't do this without Allah. By the time you say Allahu Akbar, you're already in your zone.

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And that's from the wisdom of the Sharia, that Allah is preparing you to come to the greatest, some would argue the greatest action ever, which is the Salah, the prayer. And in preparation for that you're receiving award, you're doing acts of worship, Allah within the framework of the religion is preparing you mentally and spiritually. So that at the very end, the Bedouin says to him, and this is a beautiful sign, this is the bedwin He says, Is it all that is for Allah though, saying all of these statements is that's a lot. But what about me?

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No, no. And that's a good sign that shakes it. But as I said, early the bedwin, under the Bedouins, they, their mind is clear, and they understand God already. So he already understood the process. Some said yes, that's for Allah. But what about me, but in actuality, who would know who could delegate and the ethical law generally, right? So he's saying, that's the process.

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With his wisdom Subhanallah process, Salam could have said, yeah, he could have responded that that's for Allah, that's for you as well, but the process and responded with love with kindness, and he taught him for the teaching us not only teaching us what to say here, but teaching us how to what.

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No, that's what he taught us here. There's something else that he taught us

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how to

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know new person, how to

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guide him, but what kind of person

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is the rough person?

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The rough person, some of us may have members in our family that are a little older, they're getting a little senile, right. So they may say something in front of relatives that may not be befitting, right. We have to respond with kindness. We have to respond with ease. We have to put ourselves in that situation. Right? The process understood that very, very well. Salallahu Salam and he says we're after that you should say oh Allah grant me pardon Oh, Allah have mercy upon me guide me to righteousness and provide me substance within you and what is it said? I'll say it in Arabic. Allah Who mother fiddly what how many words

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Meet was Oconee Oh ALLAH forgive me, will have mercy upon me guide me and provide me sustenance. When do we say this?

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Yes, between the two such this Bennett such as the team know, and someone say what you put in the kinetic. So also so the Prophet SAW Selim mentioned this to the bedwin is beautiful because, you know, you know, some scholars mentioned to hate into three categories and some mentioned it to to one way that you can easily explain the creative Islam to people, is you say that God gives,

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but how do you respond?

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So, if you know that God is a provider, God is a sustainer, God has all of this, he is a result he is the guy, but what is your response with that knowledge of God?

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Right, that response is worshiping Him alone. That response is using the system and the framework that he has given you. So when you said Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah put together all of this, what is your response? or Allah guide me? Oh Allah provide for me, because I know you're the one that can do that, because I just mentioned it. Glory to you. All these things are for you. And that's the wisdom of the opening chapter of the Quran.

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At hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen R Rahman r Rahim, you mentioned in his name's Malik Kiyomi. Dean, the Owner of the Day of Judgment, it is you that we got you that we wish for you we seek help, then because of that knowledge of those five names. You ask him,

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guide us. He didn't sit often was looking. You're asking Him for guidance. So that's the beauty of dua here the process someone mentioned to the bedwin what to say and praising Allah and giving him knowledge about Allah. But then after that we have a universal responsibility. It is to respond with the adequate way that Allah spent Allah has legislated for us. So this is a beautiful, beautiful wisdom with the power of Solomon the way that he taught us in teaching the Bedouin May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that continuously turn to him and make us of those that continue to ask him for his virtue, gentlemen, I mean, Allah McFadden in the new Bina. Oh Allah forgive us

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for our shortcomings, gentlemen, I mean, what COVID unnecessary acts in our telephone Emma algebra and serve as explanations and make us of those that die with the righteous Robin and fill in the Nuba was in the Inman if forgive us for our sins and increases and knowledge once a while and then we'll still Dafina field has to help our brothers and sisters that are suffering and because of Palestine Yeah, but I mean, we're brothers, our brothers and sisters that we've learned Muslims in China yatta yatta mean and in Sudan yet I've been on the mean Afghanistan in Morocco, and Morocco. Oh Allah help our brothers and sisters that a weak and destitute and bless them with strength in

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their man, their image and their faith in you and they're trusting you and their honor and you get a bit out of me. What sort of law was something about going to be in a Muhammad wallet early, he was managed

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by a Quaker