Reminder At The Grave

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The speaker describes a situation where a woman is upset because she was supposed to receive a package with her name on it. The speaker explains that this is a sign of gender and that the package is authentic. The package is addressed to individuals who have passed away or brought to them by their parents, and they are waiting for the day to celebrate.

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His children and family on their difficult time today. Your sadness is our sadness, your losses, our loss, almost had mercy on your mother

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and raise her rank among the righteous the property.

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My brothers,

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our dear mother, came from overseas and lived here for a short while. And it was the will of Allah subhanaw taala that this was a place a resting place. And as you know, in your authentic hadith when they were doing the janazah for

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a man, and some people came to me and I Bess of Allah and was saying, hurry up to the Janessa he said, How many people have gathered, they said about 40 or 50. He said, subhanAllah that's enough. I heard the prophets Allah Salam say that whoever there are 14 More who don't people who believe in Allah one and only one of these who pray the Jenessa on a Muslim, it is a sign that they are going to Paradise is a sign of gender. And here we are all gathered for this purchase hamdulillah brothers in Islam, my mother, as we know, as the greatest opportunity, and sign of paradise, for as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us, he advised the man in saying serve her feet, and that will be

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your paradise.

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Rather than stand under the leaves, you see soul goes up into the heavens, just before we bury them in this time. It goes through all the heavens, first of all the doors of Paradise, and the angels welcome. They cheer. They say it's like a celebration, who was so and so with the best smell and the best names and they call them. The hadith isn't a necessity, it is authenticated, said when it reaches the highest places of paradise, the seventh heaven. Allah says to them, show them their place in paradise. This isn't the time just before burial. And they go to show them their place in paradise the prophets Allah sent them says, and then the believing souls of those who have passed

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away before them or brought to them. This new souls for soul, the believing souls from the past. All of these are brothers and sisters, they come to them.

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He said, they are more excited to meet this new soul than when you go to meet somebody coming from overseas whom you love, awaiting their company and they begin to ask them know the finer food and woman tell us about our mother or father or brother

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who got married who had a child. Why? Because they are waiting for the day when they will come to them to celebrate with more people. When you have a wedding, you want to invite all the loved ones. You don't just have five or six people you want a lot of people misses out and you want them