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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The title of the book son is related to the age of puberty, and the importance of learning to control one's behavior and being a child of a prophet is emphasized. The need for personalization of actions is emphasized, and personalizing actions is crucial for Islam's success. The importance of teaching for Islam and sharing personal preferences is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to make the choice to pursue Islam, even if it means taking a risk, and for personalizing actions.
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Resurrection. And this is written narrated by a Buddha ODE in the section of knowledge and Ibn magia in the section of the introduction of his sunnah. And in his Muslim. What's interesting is that imagine mentioned this image is one of the scholars that we know as a kotoba sitter is six books of Hadith, although there are many more books of Hadith, but these are one of the famous six books of Hadith. And he mentioned this in his introduction of his sunnah. And when you hear the word sunnah, you'll find the scholars of Hadith, they had many different generic titles that they would have. So when you hear Sunon, it is basically they, they, they categorize the chapters of their books based

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on Islamic law. So it's not going to be a virtuous actions or, you know, a curriculum that which melts the heart, but it's going to be okay. This chapter is chapter of Salaam, this is a chapter of taharah. This is your chapter, like the chapters of books of Islamic law. So even magic, when you hear the word son, that's what usually what is was insinuated by it, you have a Buddha, who does as well he has it in his son, and he has a son as well. So here, even Matthew mentioned this, I wanted to capitalize on it, but imagine using this in his in his introduction, because when you're opening any book of Islamic knowledge, this is what should be kept in mind, that when the one that looks

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into a book of Islamic knowledge, it should be for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala what do we mean by the sake of Allah? Who can tell me when we say that it also says here, mental element and remember, you've told me he was a lot later in law you'll see him in a dunya He who does not acquire the knowledge with the sole intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah, but for worldly gain? What so when we seek knowledge for the pleasure of Allah What does that mean? How do we explain that

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so to get benefit for himself

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teaching another one.

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So to learn it, implement it and teach it okay?

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So that's what we mean by for the sake of Allah.

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Well, reading the Quran and sha Allah can even if you see this is the he says, if you read the Quran, or you don't implement it, how is it going to help you?

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If you're a con, what do you think?

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I need Fatah and Anacapa.

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Just really, really, just to help us

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remember we talked about the Hadith yesterday about the Salah, and the fractions, remember, even half of it a fourth of it, a third of it as someone may read it, but then they do not do that action. Right. Now the question the real question is what's the reason behind the negligence of the action? Right? So we yet to get to Jafar Denuvo. Humanity mythology, he had their own Robert Hoffman bottom I read this verse last month, I says to Jeff, as you knew him, their sights come off of the of their mattresses of their place of laying your own they call their Lord Hofer and moto man right? This is a symbol of tahajjud so now you know the verse

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once upon you at three in the morning

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yes then because we're human, but if you read the verses Charlotte that was for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. So yes, you were you were you were you were getting there when you mentioned it, but the

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to explain for the sake of Allah how would we explain it

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the last part

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We just held

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on to our

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Okay, so you get that analogy you apply according to the way that Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do and your goal is not anything else except to do to follow the directions that Allah has told you to because that will what?

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That's it? What do we say after we say a companions name?

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Rob, what does that mean?

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May Allah be pleased with?

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We do it very simple how he would tell you through because Allah loves it. You realize when your children are young and it's so much wisdom and Allah subhanaw taala

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assigning responsibility at the age of puberty, because before they reach puberty, there's something called Timmies they're able to distinguish

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scholars they say tummies. So when they talk about commerce, they say that the young boy or girl can buy and purchase a product when they reach the age of 10 yeas, distinguishing five cents from 10 cents $1. But they haven't reached the age of puberty yet so 789 10. But that's so amazing that Allah subhanaw taala puts in them a certain time in their life will that they will not only change physically, they will change psychologically as well. That's the blue. That's the beauty. Before that, do we realize that our children look at us as Arab?

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Think about it. Because when you explain the concept of Allah to them, they don't fully grasp it. They're just doing what they're told. But they know mama and Baba do not

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like it, right? So in actuality, from an aspect of Aki than belief, it is like you are their god, I hate to say it like that. But that's the reality. They haven't grasped the whole concept of ALLAH SubhanA wa datamine Cartago kuraly. Che, you tell them in the beginning, but with the repetition. That's why when they reach a certain age, it's expected of them to know, Allah, because the fitrah has matured, and Allah has put something in them. That's why ultimately, it is not. We as parents do not have that capability. And the ability to put a man in our children's hearts

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is not up to us. And that's what it's so beautiful, because it is your individual responsibility to do your best, although you even with that.

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With the loss of $100 Choice what's what's one of the strongest proofs for that?

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What's one of the strongest proofs that we cannot control the men in our children's hearts? It is not totally within our independent agency to place a man in our children's hearts. What's one of the strongest proofs of that? No.

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Your own relatives? Yes, Pamela, were first with us. This is a child of a prophet. And we see certain scholars of the Ibn Josie one of his children Subhanallah those is one shaker now. Subhan Allah, he walked out of the night, you know, his son was at his dose, but his son was outside you definitely smoking. And he was saying in the masjid. He's like, you know, Allah Subhan Allah, you had the Manisha Allah guides whom He was. He said, My son is even outside. We said a lot. This is what I lost from it. All. Right. So it is important that we do what we do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala simply very simply because Allah loves it. That's it.

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That's it. I do it because Allah loves that's for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we do not do it as though Allah needs it. Because when the English especially when explaining to our children for do this for me, I have a need for you to do it. So for expresses a need when we say for Allah it means for our own selves in reality, we do it because Allah loves it and that will help us in sha Allah receiving reward to hopefully go where?

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Jana? No. So when teaching for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada you initially do it for the sake of Allah question

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How many of you are working now? MashAllah we have jobs

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are you going to work for the sake of Allah don't answer the question.

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Someone can say last year getting money

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how they're able to enjoy the deen What do we say?

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We say Dean hopefully we say the

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same again

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to all your living expenses, everything

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comes down to that.

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But what's what's what's the caveat that it has to have what?

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Nia, yes. So Ally brothers, sometimes on our way to work we have to do what

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make me give an example. What's something you can say to yourself on your way to because work Salah is redundant.

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We get in the car we know the routine we don't need the GPS right? We already get in the car we have our che or I'm sorry we have a che right depending on what it is on our way to work it's redundant we go on we know what to punch in. We know what to do. It's just go to work get off so lots alasa come home redundant redundant you have to do what sometimes you have to do what

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you have to stop.

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What is one of the strongest ways to remind you

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during the action before the action one

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Bismillah the doors be conscious be present.

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Be present Subhan Allah the Sahara Sahara. What is the Harlan I had a mean brothers

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cuz we say it every day inshallah we get in our cars what is Sahara Lana had? I mean?

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Allah Subhana Allah says yeah you live in the Amendola? Yes her Oman min Coleman, and last month I says in the chatter for July oh you believe do not debase or put or scold. Yes. Pete one group of people to another group of people. So the connection between that as Allah has subjugated it and made it low for you as a risk was Sahara lacamas shumsa. Well, Amara that urbane he is the one that is subjugated the sun and the moon in orbit for who? For you, because laters is what I tackle mean Colima and he's given you everything that you asked for. So when you get in your car Subhan Allah the Glory to Allah, the one that is subjugated this for me, it's under my control under my

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authority, because I bought it with the intellect that Allah has given me to earn the money, the money is the risk. How are you going to go to work after you just think of this little dua?

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Well, Matt Candela who were in Iraq, didn't you think of him fairly? We are to our Lord, Moon, Caliban all this is going to end.

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You have no ultimate control over it anyway. Right, you're doing your best as a father to go and provide for your family. That is why the vicar of Allah is so important in everything you do. Because the vicar is there for a reason, vicar means what?

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And what's so beautiful about the word Vickers when you remember, in the meta that correct Of course,

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when you remember you mentioned and that's the meaning of vicar to mention Allah's Name, and to remember so when we do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. receiving the money is also a risk from Allah. But what connects the two is that you have the intention to do it because Allah loves it. And when Allah loves it, he reward you any menswear and our interior sipping SubhanAllah. When we look at it from the in the grand scheme of things,

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one of the names of Allah Azza Hadi, right? I always think about this as a Subhan Allah, Allah guide you, right, he shows you the way to do things.

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And then he gives you the Tofik to be consistent in it. Your only responsibility ultimately is to do what in the beginning

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to have the need and make the choice.

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Allah shows you, you make the choice to do the right thing. And when you make the choice with the correct intention, you will feel okay, he makes you He gives you he assists you in doing the action.

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A, that's tough

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enough so now,

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for that that's that's the beautiful thing is that when you

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the small window of you just making the choice is your responsibility. You have that intention, you make the choice and then you act and during the action. Allah subhanho wa Taala will assist you and that's why we say er can Abdullah yakka in the stain so here this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is mentioning the one that studies for the sake of our teachers for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and he wants Allah subhanaw taala let's face many He wants His pleasure and not the dunya that person will not smell the fragrance of Jenna and not smelling the fragrance of Jana Allahu Allah Mware if that person does if it means that they will not enter Jannah evidence

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doesn't necessitate that, but it could possibly be where the person may do it for numerous reasons from them of being RIA of being react which is the lesser form of Shirke lesser form of shirk which is showing off in an action of a bad that is what React is it's not just showing off with anything it's if it's an action of a bad data is showing off with that last one to protect us from this you have a question can be an anything

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can be anything

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to do any

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charity or something just to see like okay so people can see me

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actually the process on the set exactly that's the person that wants to get charity to be seen or feel for okay maybe he was so heavy Allah was even our foster son have mentioned the portion of a hadith and the person gives charity so he can say who he who is a charitable person good charitable person and said then he will be taken in his face will be drug in the fire and protect us from that. So in the mind I'm Albania yet as well as this is a very important Hadith. And last point Allah make us of those that have pure intentions and keep us of those that fight ourselves against the shell team and for ourselves against the knifes the nurse and

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the nurse that causes enough's enough Samaritan be suit and Charlemagne last month Allah forgive us for our sins and make us of those that are continuously reading his beautiful book Arabic Alameen Allah monofilament Nubian Allah kufra and Nessie it never to offend him. I know but I gotta be learning from

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I didn't need to buy our original bottle I bought it was finished here we are Bill Alameen Alemu the one and most of the affinity cool in the canon was a man in Europe I mean with a bit awkward dama whom was it the amendment were a man in your bed I mean with some Allah was something we were to kind of be in a Muhammad was early he was happy

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