Mohamad Baajour – Death – Powerful Reminder – Are We Ready for This Moment

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a burial in Farmersville, where residents are expected to receive a message about the upcoming return of the sun. The message includes lessons about the importance of preparing oneself for death and being kind to one another. The message also includes references to deeds and last words.
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This is a historic moment.

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This is the first burial in Farmersville.

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And there will be many, many more to come and we have no clue which one of us will be next. But definitely some someone will be next

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on a daily basis, the sunrises and sunsets on a monthly basis the moon is born and it dies. And oh these are lessons that everything will end

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everything will end. Every morning we see the sunrise and we see it set that's a lesson for me and you that similarly just like it risen, it will set an us also just like we were born one day we will be coming here and we will be buried. But the question is

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are we ready?

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Are we ready for this moment? f1.

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limits we had an Jung FIDE for such a day prepare yourself Allah this is lesson not for the deceased May Allah subhanaw taala make his grave a garden in general. This is a lesson for all of us.

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How's your salad? How's your treatment your parents?

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That parent could disappear one in one second and then when they disappear we will say your Allah bring them back so I can hug them one more time.

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Y'all will bring them back so I can obey them I will never disobey them anymore.

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Be nice to one another Be kind to one another.

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Love one another. Allah who have no clue and especially this year of COVID How many people were brought to the graveyard? And the wise one, the wise one is the one who learned and start preparing for this morning. Because definitely without any doubt no one who has a brain would say that I'm not going to die. We are all coming here. So my brother's

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the most important to art we could ever make for our dear brother Mohammed.

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Is that your Allah? Keep him steadfast on his question.

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This is a diet that you could make now.

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You cannot make tomorrow.

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Because this dua after we leave Rasulullah cisilion The old truth what he said as we leave he will hear our footsteps and the two angels will come

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your Allah when the angels come and ask him your Muhammad

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who's your Lord Your Allah make it easy for him to say Allah.

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Allah when the when he is asked who's your Nibi? Yeah, Allah make it easy for him to say Mohammed some Allah.

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And yeah, Allah. When he's asked What's your deen? Yeah, Allah make it easy for him to say Islam. Yeah, when we live Subhan Allah lukau Justice Allah. He gave us three questions. And he gave us 50 years 60 or 70 years to answer them. And he gave us the answer.

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And we still have people who fail. May Allah make us all succeeded that moment. Allah Muhammad, but if you were criminals, although there was several fellow alumni who died on hate him and daddy, well, Adam, Calum and Eddie was always on Calum Zoji Yeah, Allah we asked you the best of your names yeah Allah to make him from the people of the highest place and gentlemen, yeah, ALLAH forgive his sins yeah Allah have mercy on him. Yeah Allah have mercy on him. Yeah Allah give his family the patient Seattle but I mean, yeah, Allah grant his family the patients El Hamra. He mean Yeah, Allah make his grave garden from Jana and do not make it Yama pit from the hellfire. Yeah, Allah gather

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him with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah make the salah Shafia for him intercede for him and degrade their Allah make the Quran intercede for him. Yeah, but I mean, yeah, Allah hiya Al Hamra he mean yeah, come on. I mean, for everybody who attended today Yeah, Allah make the less deeds the best deeds and make their last words in Mullah Muhammad Rasool Allah, wa salam ala and Amina Mohammed, any wasabi

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