Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn Ubayy (ra) – The Son of the Chief Hypocrite

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Some had hoped and the children of the mushroom team had hoped in the children of the disbelievers and their families and how they were able to shine. Imagine being the children of the chief hypocrites.

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So NIFA the chief hypocrite who was the chief hypocrite

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in Medina.

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Abdullah it didn't obey even salute. The chief hypocrite there was Abu jehlen Maccha there is Abdullah and obey Ivans rule the chief hypocrite in Medina, a significant part of the Quran is dedicated to the evil and the corruption of this man. Right and what he was able to stir in or this was the man who managed to get people to flee from the profit slice that managed to infiltrate in the time of hummed up, that managed to infiltrate with the slander of ISIL the law and I mean he's behind horrible thing after horrible thing after horrible thing after horrible thing. Subhan Allah, one of the greatest of the Assad is his son

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is actually his son, and his son. His name was an hubub. So I'm the laws of Hypnobabies, whose nickname was a bill Hubdoc. And the prophets lie some changed his name to Abdullah so his son's name is Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn Salut. So Abdullah, the son of the very famous of loved Obon salute, Abdullah or the Allahu taala. And hold the son of the chief of the hypocrites

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was one of those who immediately embraced Islam sincerely dedicated himself to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He attended all the battles with the Prophets license, so he's a bet that he companion as well remember, you know, not all of the unsalted got to a ton better. That's still a small select group of people. He's one of those who went out with the profit slice I'm on the day of better he's one of those that did not flee from the profit slice something

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he attended and hunt duck he went out in they are totally the one he took the pledge with the Prophets lie Selim under the tree and who they be.

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He was one of those who is able to read and write so his father I mean, this is the royal family of Medina essentially right so he was being groomed to be the prince of Medina, you know, the prince of yesterday of his father was going to be the king, he was going to be the successor to the throne. So he was litoris. Instead, he becomes one of the scribes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and some of the books of CRSA that he was one of those who wrote the Quran. Imagine the son of the chief hypocrite, and he's writing some of the Quran and some of the Quran is about how evil his father is, and the plots and plans of his father. And I shall read the Allahu Taala and her she

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specifically narrates that an overheard he lost part of his nose and he lost two of his teeth fighting alongside the prophets lie Selim and the Prophet size some allowed for them to replace the part of his nose that was gone was gold with with a golden with gold, because that was the way that they'd piece it together whatever treatment was used, and his two teeth with gold as well. So the permissibility of using gold for the sake of rectify rectifying something is actually taken from historical data how Tada I know so, he had gold on his nose and he had gold in his teeth. A lot the Allahu Taala Anhu because of his supporting the Prophet salallahu it he was on them

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and as he's with the prophets like some through thick and thin and also lost by someone even appoint him as an immediate in battle he appointed him as a commander in battle. His father is trying to do everything he possibly can to get the province like some killed

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think about the paradox here Subhanallah Your dad is the worst human being in Medina

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and you love the profit slice along the way you love the profit slice and I'm and you're essentially becoming one of those people who's proven time and time again that you're gonna be there by the side of the profit slice on your father is the one who gets people to flee the profit slice of it, and you're one of those who stays next to the prophets Iseman. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed an ayah about his father

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yaku Lunella and Raja Anna el Medina tea now you have a gentle eyes zoom in hell and they say that if we go back to Medina we're going to replace the humiliated one with the honored one basically Allah quoting when Abdullah and obey even said rude try to make his move

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in Benin masala and, and he said, we're gonna go back to Medina and I the honored one. were removed the humiliated one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is treason of the highest order, right?

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So I'm loving that even some who was sneaky about his hypocrisy until he thought he had an opening where he could overthrow the Prophet sallallahu. It was a very interesting conversation that had that happens here. The expectation is he's been caught he's going to be executed, which is the norm of any society. Literally, the man is guilty of treason. He explicitly said I'm going to remove the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and overthrow him.

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And he's been caught. Listen to what Abdullah says to the prophets lie Selim Abdullah ibn Abdullah Agnes Davidson. This is yado sort of luck

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in the whole Bella Rani and Naka to redo Kotla Abdullah and obey new solution, said O Messenger of Allah, it has reached me that you're probably going to execute. He didn't say my father. He said, our beloved Obon salute.

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He said,

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For encounter love with the Fairyland jasola If you're really going to do that, for modernly be here then give me the order to do that. Now some of you might think to yourselves, like wait a minute, is this like anger? Is this what the prophets like some was motivating in this person, like he wants to be the one to have the pleasure of killing his father? No, he says, oh, Allah halacha daddy metal has Raj ma cannula him and Roger in a bottle of bydd. He mainly said hazards knows that there is no son that loves his father more than I love my father. So I actually was always obedient to my father always used to love my father always treated my father. Well, he says we're in the aksha and MonaVie

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Ryrie fire fire Aktueller who? Fela Tada oni Neff, si and Andorra Isla cartina. A B fineness is that so if you order someone else to execute my father, then I'm going to have to live with the one who murdered my father. And I don't know if I'm going to be able to look at the person

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who carried out that execution. I don't know if I'll be able to forgive that person. I don't know how merciful he's gonna be I don't know. I mean, there are various means obviously, of carrying out a death penalty, right? But this man has done something that is definitely guilty of the death penalty. So he says, I don't want to find myself trying to kill that man. And then I kill a moment I kill a believer because because Janelia overtook me because the ignorance overtook me and I thought I was defending the honor of my father. So yeah, this Allah, if you have to order the execution of my father, then order me to do it. What did the prophets like Selim, say?

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Berlinetta Rafa Kobe, were no esino So that's a whole mabati Anna Anna? No, now, we're going to treat him with the best of manners. We're going to accompany him with the best of character so long as he's amongst us. And he said essence of betta who told him as a son. Treat him well.

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backs and stuff better. No, you know what, that's still your father.

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I didn't come here to turn you against your dad. That's still your father. And subhanAllah when the love No babe and salute comes back to Medina. Because remember, he said that I'm going to replace I'm going to overthrow

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the prophets like Selim, the humiliated one, and replace them with the honorable one being myself. The man who he saw standing at the gates of Medina was his own son. And he said, Ya rasool Allah until ISIS woohoo, 11 O Messenger of Allah, you're the honored one and he's the humiliated one and he didn't want to let his own father come back to Medina because of what he said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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with all that being said, and this shows you the human complications, I said the story is full of twists and turns.

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When the love and obedience the rule died, his son Abdullah was devastated.

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And he came to the Prophet sly somebody said, Jada sola, can I have your shirt? So I can wrap him in it? When we bury him? Can I use your shirt as his Kevin?

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This is the man who slander the Prophet slice on his wife, who tried to kill them on multiple occasions who destabilize the society, from the start of this building of the city of Medina

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and the prophets why some takes off his shirt and he gives it to him and he says, wrap them in my shirt.

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And then he says yellow suit Allah, can you come and lead his janazah and seek forgiveness for it?

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And did the prophets lie some do it? He did. He went out.

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And it was on top of the Allah on who's trying to stop the prophets by suddenly countersuit Allah, this man, this man like you're gonna pray on him you're gonna seek forgiveness from for him and that's when Allah subhanaw taala revealed that even if you were to seek forgiveness for him 70 times, Allah would not forgive him. Right? Because the man was never a believer, but instead an opponent of the Prophet slice um, that was infiltrating and destabilizing from within. So Subhanallah This is the sound the profit slice I'm show to this man. Despite what he did. To him it his thought was solid