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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting oneself from evil narratives and the use of goodwill in religious practices is emphasized. Small small moments of the day are also highlighted as important. The speakers emphasize the need to be careful with certain deeds and avoid small talk. The segment also touches on the potential consequences of actions taken, including the use of goodwill and protecting oneself from evil narratives.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah

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hamdu lillahi wa wa salam ala Eva Dina Dina Safa

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Susana Allah say Gita Russa de Mille MB

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Bala Lee Hill Ischia was happy at the Mr. Bad.

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Today, we start our Friday hot in our Friday reminder

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by reflecting over a hadith that is narrated by Imam Khalid Abdullah he Ali and in Muslim la Holly.

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Both of them narrated from Omar

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Abdullah bin Ahmed of the love of Thailand.

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he narrates his beautiful story and incident from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The story involves three people who got caught up in a cave

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and is commonly referred to as Hadeeth alojar, the Hadith of the cave

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why we are focusing on this narration, I'll discuss that ahead. And some of the lessons that we learn from this Hadeeth We'll also discuss along the way,

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in the narration or sort of loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that there are three people who have gone for a walk.

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Where were these people walking? Who were they, which generation further were they from? Which community did they belong to? The recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't mention any of it. He just mentioned three people from the people before went for a walk.

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Nighttime came, it got dark, they needed to get some place to rest, they entered into a cave.

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When they entered into the cave, a big boulder fell down and blocked the mouth of the cave. Therefore, it became very difficult for them actually impossible for them to exit the cave. Now imagine for a moment that you're sitting in this cave, locked inside, there's no chance of you getting out. And you may end up dying there. Because you can shout and scream as long as you want. as loud as you want. No one can hear you. People live far away, no one lives near a cave at the top of a mountain. And even if they did live next to the mountain, even if people could hear them, what were they going to do? Pick up a big boulder and move it. They didn't have you know machinery like

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we have today. So these three people were caught and stuck inside this cave.

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They must have tried to push it open, but realize that there wasn't a way around it, they must have tried to sneak out there wasn't a way around it. Without any food with them in the cave, they were sitting ducks, it was just a matter of time before death would pick them off one by one.

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At that moment, the three of them said that there is no one that can save you from this big boulder today. But that you call out to Allah subhanahu wa tada while invoking your good deeds, while invoking your good deeds, what that means is, let's remember the good deeds that we did in our life. And let's go back to that moment and remind ourselves that those deeds that we did at that, you know, at a specific time in our life, that deed was for the sake of a line Yala, we asked you out of your mercy. While we invoke that deed of ours, we asked you to forgive us and remove this difficulty that's above us. Right? This is what we refer to an RV as the lesson through the means of your Allah

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through the means of the good deeds that we did we ask that you accept this prayer. And that's why under this, how do you feel on a Monday right? The permissibility of tawassul bill amount of saleha that you invoke Allah subhanahu wa tada while also, you know, just making reference to a deed of yours, you're not asking for the deed, obviously, that's not something, what you're doing is you're asking ALLAH, but then you're saying out loud, because of this good deed of mine, I want you to grant me so and so. So these people, they realize that there was no one to help them other than Allah. And they then turn to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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There will be times in our life where we will think that we're in control of everything, that we have a solution for everything. But then there are other times where all of those solutions dry up. And we begin to realize that we really aren't so much in control. That control that we thought we had, isn't there.

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And that's when you start feeling lonely. You can't be

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Heard, no one can help you. You get caught in the cave of your own mind your own your own heart, your own thoughts. What do you do now? And when people can hear you,

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that is the most opportune moment to call out to Allah who can always hear you. Story of UNICEF Please sit down is a great example. He's in the belly of this fish at the bottom of the ocean. And when he's in this dark place, what does he do?

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People can't hear him. When after the automatic Allah, Allah Allah and so Hanukkah in new country, nobody me, but lots of how to what that I can hear him and he uses that moment to call out to Allah subhana wa tada allows order that says first the Divinity whom we heard him, we accepted his prayer. We accepted his drop.

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This is to remind us that no matter how difficult things get, no matter how distant people feel, your Alor is always near us, like I bought the honey for in Korea. And this is what makes the Muslim approach to everything different.

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If we as Muslims interact with life the way everyone else does. One news headline to the next news headline, one political solution to the next scientific solution. I'm not saying we should abandon these things. Of course, a great chunk of solutions lie within the realm of means, as Bob. And those means can easily be obtained through political engagement and through scientific research. But in addition to all of that, which everyone is doing, whether you believe in a lot or not, everyone's engaging politically, and everyone's engaging through science and through math and through engineering. as Muslims, what we do is that we always engage with Allah first. So when we get in our

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car, and before we start driving, or when we're in that plane, and before we take off, we know the plane is going to do its job because that's the realm of means abab. But before we take on those means, we start off by saying some Hana lady, Sahar, Alana hada lahmacun Allahu meridian. This is what makes the Muslim different.

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That in everything we do, our law is there. This is what makes the religious paradigm special, that it's based on a bond, a connection with Allah azza wa jal that we call out to Allah. And we ask a lot in our difficult moments, we don't just

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reach out to other people for help. And the opposite is problematic to where people call that a law but they don't seek the means. Both are, you know, difficult. We want to find ourselves in the middle, where we always connect with a law first, no matter what it is, whether it's an exam, you know, a health goal, that you have a financial goal that you have asked Allah and when you make dua to Allah, never forget to say yeah, Allah, if this is good for me, then give it to me. And if it is not good for me, if it doesn't benefit me, specifically, then turn it away from me. I'll deal with the heartbreak. Yeah, Allah I will deal with the heartbreak in the world. I'll deal with it. But

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heartbreak in the hereafter. I don't think I can deal with it. So protect me from that. Don't be disappointed with me. Yeah, Allah keep me in your protection. This is Friday, my friends. Juma is a special day for Muslims. We know and he said a lot. He was obsessed with us on Fridays. At some point during this day, there's a moment in which Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts two eyes. It's a special moment. So why not search for that moment? Why have we stopped searching for that special moment, we should always be making vlogs throughout Friday, sending subtle watts upon the prompts that allotted some Friday needs to be special home

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restriction, quarantine, social distancing or not. Everyone should be taking a free bath on Gemma wearing their nice clothes, sending subtle watts upon to be sent along while it was said I'm reading versus reading the verses of pseudo guff making dua to Allah This is what our Friday should be every one of us on Friday. You know, we should have the Quran playing out loud in our apartment. Have it playing out loud at home have sort of God being played on your, you know, your audio devices. This is what we should be doing. Friday is a special day for the Muslims. It's not just another day.

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Make dua to Allah and ask Allah to protect you from that heartbreak in the hereafter. So Muslims always make dua to Allah. That's what makes us special laws or just says either like a bad knee for any query.

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That when my servants asked about me either as a body, my servants when they ask you about me, for any party, I am close. So indeed I am close. Just call out to me. These three people in the cave, they do exactly that they raise their hands and they start making.

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Now each of these people, you'll notice they start making dua to Allah while making reference to certain deeds they did during their life.

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The interesting thing that you'll notice about each of these people and the deeds they did solely for the sake of Allah, that Allah subhanahu wa, tada, apparently accepted because it was these deeds that they invoked, that caused the rock to move from its place. And we're going to read at the end of the honey. Now, when you look at these three points, and I'm going to share this point from the get go. So that way, as we continue to read,

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you can connect the dots and connect the points together. What is it, we see that all three of these things aren't necessarily direct acts of worship.

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It's not like someone said that I was reading on you won't see that here. Or someone says that I gave some massive subaqua, you won't see that here. Or I performed a pilgrimage. You won't see that here. I prayed a lot all night. That's not what happened. Each of these people took mundane basic acts that people do in their life anyway. But they added a pure intention to it for the sake of Allah. And that becomes a deed that's accepted by Allah subhana wa, tada, I want you to reflect over that. I want you to try to understand that point right there. Okay. Now

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the first person, he says, oh, Allah, I had two senior parents that were old. And I worked on a farm and when I would come back home with milk in the evening, I would not share the milk with anyone in my family until my parents had milk first.

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One day I got home when I came home, when I on the way back, I got late. I was coming back home, I got late. I have the milk with me. But but but by that point, my parents had gone to sleep.

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Now I didn't like sharing the milk with anyone before I gave it to my parents.

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I didn't want to wake them up either because they were sleeping out of respect for he could have woken them up. He could have done that. And that would have been completely okay. Right? Because they would have sleep without drinking the milk. But he said that they went to sleep because they wanted to go to sleep. And I'm not going to wake them up until they wake up.

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His kids on the other hand, they're hungry, but he's not giving them money until his parents drink first. So he prioritizes parents over his kids, which is something people do and humbler right because of the hustle of the parents. And he respectfully stood by their side waiting for them. I can't imagine this man's marhaba and respect for his parents. He did this until morning came in. They woke up they drink and then he says I then gave it to everyone else Allahumma including to file to valleca if Devon if you're watching for Florida Jana mana no fee Madhavi Sakura, Oh Allah, if we did this if I did this act purely for you. And I asked you to open up this, this

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folder open up this predicament we're in. And that's exactly what happens. The fun project Asakura is that you ever saw that the boulder opened up a little bit but they still weren't able to exit it just enough for them to see that. There was some movement there.

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The second person raises his hands and he starts making tomato law. He said yeah, law when I was young, I had a crush on a relative of mine I really desired her and it was a it was a lustful desire that he had. He said that she became poor she was in need of money. I decided to exploit that moment I offered her money to have sexual relations with me. She agreed because of her need for the finances. When the actual time came for them to engage in the in their intimacy in their act of sexual activity. She said to him the fear of law What are you doing? I you know that I'm doing this accurately because I need the money but you should know better. And it's he says that it hit him at

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that time.

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I realized in sort of two anha that what I was doing was wrong. So I turned away from her.

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And he said even though I really desired that act, but I turned away what Dr. de la de la to and I left that the gold that I was going to give her

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in return of this sexual act we were going to engage in I gave her the gold and I didn't take that back or keep the gold. He said oh law if I left that

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Sin out of your love than solely for you, because you're observing me

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open up this cave for us. And the cave shifts, the rock shifts a little more, and it opens up a little more.

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The third person, so the first person, you'll see that his commitment has to do with serving, like actively engaging the second person, his commitment has to do with disengaging. And the third person, you're gonna see that his act that he invokes is a it's a financials sort of

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uprightness that he's invoking here.

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And what does he say? He says that, Oh Allah, I had hired a group of people to do their work. And when they finished off their job, I paid them all except for one.

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And I kept his wealth, I invested it, he decided to usurp it, sit on it, Some time passed by that person came back. And he said, you know, Hey, man, you owe me money, pay me back. So he says to that man that he owed money to that's your wealth. And you pointed at

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all, you know, even cows, I mean, camels and bekah, and cows and sheep and a thief, and he pointed out slaves, and he said, this is all yours. So that person said, Yeah, the law that says that'd be he said, Oh servant of Allah, Don't joke around with me. I mean, I know I, you owe me 100 bucks, you don't have to act like, you know, you're gonna pay me all of this. So then this man said, Oh Allah, I said to him, that I'm not joking around with you that $100 that I didn't pay you for that job. I actually invested it. And now look how much it's grown. This is actually all yours. And he said, Yala, I was sincere and honest with that person at that time, because I desired to please you. If I

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did this for your sake. Yeah, Allah relieve us of this predicament that we are in.

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Now, when we look at this narration, what we see

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we learned the lesson of goodwill, while again, being kind and obedience to your parents. This is something establish thoroughly in the Quran, and how powerful it is of an act. We also see the importance of protecting ourselves from Xena

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from harm sexual engagements against so many narrations

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that can be cited in this regard to so many verses of the Quran established. We also see the importance of being trustful, where if someone has given you money, or if you've, you're in possession of someone else's wealth, when it's time to give it back, you give it back. I mean, this guy should have given it back at the beginning. But he didn't, he made a mistake. But he didn't allow that. To push him to engage in a second, third, fourth mistake, continuing the oppression, he owned up to his wrong and he paid that person Pac, when the time was right. We also learned from this Howdy. How do I plays a very important role when we are struggling with difficulty, don't be

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ashamed to make law. And this narration was accepted right away. And sometimes it's not right away. Sometimes it takes time. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best why it's not being accepted. And that's where our belief factor needs to feed in. That's where it needs to settle in. If you're about to take on a task, that's great. Make dua to Allah, but don't make dua to Allah dictating terms to Allah, because that's bad for you. I know so many folks who are, you know, in the middle of preparing for their med school, or they're in the middle of preparing for the L SAT exam or doing something big in life, they're about to take on a big financial commitment. And in the middle of all

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of that, in the middle of all of it, they're making Guatemala but they're the law is very big. It's very different. They're not asking the law, they're dictating terms to Allah. And the reason why that's dangerous is because if Allah subhana wa tada has written for you to not pass that test. And you've been so adamant that the only reason why you're worshipping Allah is for that test. That test is going to destroy you then and that you believe was betrayal

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that Allah subhanaw taala didn't accept my da Why did Allah not accept my delight, it's going to create rage, it's going to create anger, that's going to drive you away from Allah rather than driving you towards Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Therefore, my my friends, my brothers and sisters, when you make dua to Allah, you don't dictate terms your life it's best for me give it to your life is best for my dunya my worldly life if it's best for my asset, then give it to me. Yeah Allah

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I am your servant. You are your You are my master, humbling yourself in front of the laws of which I am

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accepting that Allah subhanaw taala will give what's best for you.

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And don't just rely only on your doula work hard and prepare and study hard for that exam.

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And sometimes you make dua to Allah. And the acceptance comes years later look at the Kenyatta. He's been making the lotto a lot for decades and the acceptance comes when he's in his 90s. That's what Allah blesses him with his son Yahya

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is the son of Allah. We see it with a umali some years passed by some scholars have seven Some say 14 years passed by before he was granted cure from the illness. Now you said a long while he was sent him had been making law to a law for so many years before he was allowed to return back to Mocambo karma

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when he left Mecca, and he was forced to migrate here so he made to Allah that's when his law was accepted. Use of Allah sees a dream iacobelli Salah mix too hard today he loses his son or law return my use of to me and when does the dog get accepted? When are they reunited? Oh, decades later.

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But you don't find a use of it, sir. I'm complaining. Yeah, fullbody kapalbhati said I'm giving up hope on laws. And I'm giving up hope. This is not the way of the prophets of Allah. And that shouldn't be us either. Be humble, be patient, be committed, be strong. Be firm in your will make dua to Allah while knowing that Allah subhana wa tada does as He wills and we are but servants of Allah. That's it. That's all we are. Y'all have given me what's best and Yala. Whether I go through good or difficult my relationship with my relationship with you will not waver, it won't change.

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So this is the message for today.

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The How do you feel harder to keep the Hadith of the three men who were in the cave? It's a very powerful narration something that has a lot to reflect over. repair that Allah subhana wa tada blesses us with an understanding of the Hadith. May Allah subhanho wa Taala except our deeds, may Allah azza wa jal make this robotic Juma for us all. He allow our dramas to be the highlight of our week made the dollars we make be accepted me our sacrifices be accepted. In May we be blessed with the gardens of Paradise in the hereafter. What's the law say that I'm Hamad Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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