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Have you heard of Lex Friedman? Lex Friedman was following Him in prayer and I think it's time to go pray. Oh,

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the Koran which I know less well. In a tweet he tweeted I hate that every awesome thing comes to an end I say this because I can't find a better descriptive word but but Muslims will not accept this you will live forever or you can have anything you want.

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Now Jews will say and I being a Jew will say this that that's because Muhammad heard those stories from Jews Lex Friedman you know hold on to this and anyone else listening this is historically documented the problem only last semester said to mankind he couldn't read or write we invite you Lex rabbi and everybody else in this is given stone some love your way Elon Musk something created the universe or universes you know here How did it come to be Elon Musk to want to get to Mars metal get to pass Mars we'll get to Jana.

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And his final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam. Islam. This is the dijo

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talk about our

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Much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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greetings of Peace special guest shake with Monte Bifido How you doing? I was set out to live what I got to doing excellent. Good to be ready. Once again with you. Good to have you on the program. Have you heard of Lex Friedman? Lex Friedman.

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Never heard of him. Never heard of him

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all right. Have you heard of Joe Rogan? I have Yeah, he's a UFC guy used to be announced.

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He's a

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are You doing

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all right, so you can see we're getting to work. And we need your support. So go ahead and help us to get this where it's top notch in sha Allah

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Russian American computer scientist podcaster and an artificial intelligence researcher. And he also has good relations with a lot of the different other well known podcasters out there such as Joe Rogan is a good friend of his and recently, he also had any mom, he opened up his channel to have any mom on his on his program. And that was I thought that was a nice thing on his end. So I wanted to kind of return to Him.

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The life you know, and invitation also for him to hopefully get him on the program. He had someone a ribeye on his program, so I got to see this. And this is a common misconception and you're an expert in this area of misconceptions, you know, like biting people you've you've also you're somebody who studied Islam for a long time you have a master's degree in hadith is is correct and other sciences of Islam. So I thought you'd be the perfect fit to go ahead and to address this issue. So we'll get right into this. Because this can leave a person thinking that well you know, this is just another religion and Islam is just like you know, rest of them have your choice pick one and as long as

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you're a good person, right? So let's jump right into this and get your reaction how would you answer this? The Koran which I know less well, I have read it but I know it less well than I know the New Testament is certainly less well obviously than I know the Hebrew Bible

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is a very is in some ways a parts of it are. I don't say this word I say this word because I can't find a better descriptive word but Muslims will not accept this okay? Is it take off on the Torah and some things that is it's the same stories as the torah, but they're different. Now Jews will say and I being a Jew will say this, that that's because Muhammad heard those stories from Jews, and also heard Midrashim, which are rabbinic interpretations of those stories. And he wrote those down. Muslims will say no, the Jews got it wrong. And Mohammed has came along to correct the record and tell the real story, but they're all telling the story of this.

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same vein, the Hebrew, the Hebrew Bible part, the Abrahamic part, they all tell the story of the same characters but tell them the obviously Christians accept the Hebrew Bible as sacred scripture. The Muslims, retell many of the stories in the Bible. What is what is common to all of them? Is that all of them? Are monotheistic faiths. Now in Christianity that's more complicated because of the Trinity. But as Christianity has developed over time, it clearly presents itself and thinks of itself. And is a monotheistic faith as well. So you heard the points and a lot of times these are kind of the same things that are We hear this all the time. So how would you so first thing I

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appreciate the rabbi, David will,

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making it clear that he doesn't know the Quran well, because obviously he doesn't, from the statement that he made. And he seemed he's been respectful. He just didn't know that. That's why I started this an appreciation of him mentioning that Secondly, I would like to point out very clear misconception that I hope that the rabbi if he sees this video, or if somebody can share it with him, will understand is that for his statement that Muhammad Ali said to salaam, heard these stories and wrote them down, would require him to be able to write and according to consensus of historians, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him couldn't read or write solid point Lex

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Friedman, you know, hold on to this and anyone else listening. This is historically documented the problem only last semester said to mankind he couldn't read or write. So for him to have taken Jewish scriptures and heard the stories and written them would be impossible dismantles just couldn't be. Secondly, if somebody wants to say somebody's like, no, no, no, I'll work I've been no Phil, who was any somebody who will practice more Christianity and a new Abrahamic faiths was the one that told him about this stuff, right there. What's the name? You're saying? What about Ben Nofal, who was a relative caller, who was a scholar, scholar, and he was somebody who had studied

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the Christian religion, whatever is out there at that time he had he had so when he was not Jewish, and Maccha, the city of Mecca where the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, didn't have a present of Jews. We don't know of any Jews that lived in Mecca. So for the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him to have heard this, he would have had to gone outside there were Jews that lived in Medina. And there were three major tribes but no Kanaka Varuna deer, and

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by no third one, I forgot. But these were there in Medina, they will not in Makkah,

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one of the novel was a relative of the wife of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. And that was Khadija Dion ha.

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But again, he passed away in the very few days of the revelation, early time when the revelation began to be given to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he passed away. Most of the Quran is not talking about the people of the past. I mean, if you look at the story of Abraham and Moses, that's a good chunk of the Quran. But that's not most of it. There is a big aspect of the Quran that discusses events that are going on. Meaning when the Battle of Badr was going on, when the battle of what was going on, there are verses about those. So those couldn't be plagiarized or copied from older texts. That doesn't make sense. That's not the way we could bring it together, right? Even the

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stories of the prophets of the past as mentioned in the Quran, are uniquely different from them in the in the Hebrew Scriptures. Before I get into that, let's take it back a step. For the respected rabbi, what I would like to point out and our viewers, Muslim and non the earliest scriptures that you have for the Old Testament, the Torah being the first five books of the Hebrew Bible,

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are going to be what's called the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls are dated to be around 200 BCE, before the time of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. That means you don't have any scriptures anywhere close to the time of Moses, or David, peace and blessings be upon both of them. We believe in them as prophets, we respect them. Okay? So, as Jews, you don't have your original scriptures. You have stories that were told and retold. And from that you've collected some writings, but these cannot be preserved to the original writings, that would have been with Moses and David, peace and blessings be upon them. First off, so this is not an original.

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Secondly, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, did not study Judaism. He did not study at any historian we would love to challenge this rabbi to find this, a single historian who can bring any contemporary evidence

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of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him having studied any other faith, he couldn't read or write. He was not a disciple of any religious tradition, meaning he believed in one Allah, he believed there was one Creator, He followed the way of Abraham. That is true. But he didn't study Hebrew. He didn't know Hebrew. He didn't know Greek, he could not have studied the Scriptures. He didn't have Jews around him in Makkah to have been telling him these these stories in scriptures. So all of that is out the door. That's just a misconception.

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Now, let's go past that. There are things in the Quran, and for those that are not zealous of any religion, please pay attention to this. And think for yourself. If you look at David, the prophet David who's called a prophet, even in the New Testament, right, and no doubt, he's from the prophets and kings of the Old Testament, right? You look at his story, how it was misconstrued in the Hebrew Bible, and how lies crept into it. That was then corrected by the Quran. And just as a human being, I don't want you to even respond from an Islamic perspective from a human being. Let me ask you this question. And I'm asking this question to everybody watching as well.

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If there is a pastor of your church or a rabbi in your synagogue, or an imam in your masjid, and he sleeps with one of your people from your congregations wife

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while she's married, and he's out to war, defending the nation, he sleeps with her and gets her pregnant, and then has her husband assassinated and killed?

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Would you would you follow such a pasture? Or rabbi or Imam who's an adulterer? fornicator who sleeps with some a married woman, and then kills her husband? Would you? Would you follow somebody right now? Okay.

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According to the Hebrew Bible, David, peace and blessings when we as Muslims don't say this, I'm clarifying this. David, King David was a prophet, who we love who we love. And according to the Bible, even the New Testament calls him a prophet. Okay, meaning that people were ordered to follow him. He was the king, he was God's chosen, he even in the Psalms of David, God says, today I have begotten You mean to the love and he's chosen him, right? So so the people have to follow him.

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According to the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, he peeps over to this woman taking a bath, which again, we would never ascribe that to a prophet, sees her, becomes lustful of her, gets her in his palace has intercourse, whether it's by force or not, I'm not sure. But he has intercourse repeated and gets her pregnant, and then find out that her husband is in his army out at war with job defending their lands. He's one of the generals, and he's one of the soldiers, no soldier in the army. Then he has him called back and sends a letter with him telling job to put him in the front line. So he gets killed. Wow. So his wife, who David's been having an affair with pregnancy,

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you see that? How did you ascribe this to a prophet? And this is not a disrespect to the rabbi or like a, you know, not trying to undermine somebody or this is just something that just tells me this? Would you follow a prophet like that? Would you be comfortable with your wife and children there? And you're out with somebody like that? Would God put somebody in authority that you had to follow? Have you ever asked the robber? Have you ever asked anybody?

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They responded, We have videos, you can see on the one message foundation channel when we've we've discussed this. And you know, many times the answer we get is well, God chooses sinners, and this and that. But again, if you are forced, you're told that you had this is your profit, this is your leader, this is your King. This is the one you have to follow. How would God put somebody like that and authority is his back to the argument that this is just proof that the Bible that we have today has been changed. This is true, exactly what you're saying that we as Muslims believe. And we know for a fact that the original scriptures of the old Hebrew Bible are no longer with us. And when

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those scriptures are rewritten, from memory from stories from, from tradition, from different scriptures, these things were corrupted and added. And that's why the same creator who inspired Moses and Abraham and David inspired the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. A man who could not read or write a man who had no idea about the scriptures of the Jews and Christians with this divine revelation to

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correct that which was correct. So why didn't he copy that also exact point? Why didn't he copy? If this was to be copied Dory, then those mistakes those they those character assassination that were done against us prior to their assassination would have been copied. And now what does Islam say about the prophets about David, for instance, tells us that David Tao would peace and blessings be upon him was a righteous prophet, a prophet who would lead according to what he was revealed, he was a king, and a prophet. We do not believe that he raved or impregnated married women or had their has never committed adultery, we do a lot. Loot as mentioned in Arabic, lot as we find in the Bible, who

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in the New Testament is called a righteous servant. And according to many, if you look at the Old Testament would be considered one of the prophets. Now, whether you take him as a prophet or not according to Christian or Jewish doctrine, I'm not even get into but he is called a righteous servant. Right? We in Islam do believe he was a prophet as well. We have the story of story of Lightner, you who are watching, just think about this, a righteous man, a man who's a prophet who's to be followed, who has divine revelation.

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How would you view that person in the Bible, in the in the Old Testament, in the Hebrew Bible, you will find a lot getting drunk, not just getting drunk a little bit, but getting drunk with his daughters, his own daughters, were talking about incest here, and sleeping with them, impregnating them. Again, it was his daughter's according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible that got him drunk, but he got so drunk that he slept with not just one, but both of his young daughters, impregnating them.

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How do you This is very sensitive for a lot of people hearing this, some people hearing this for the first time, but anybody to shift and the hate goes towards you now, because you're bringing it up. I mean, I, I hope that those people, instead of hate, they will open their minds with love, will open their hearts with with wanting to understand and they can go look up the verses themselves, go put in your Google search, lat daughter sex Bible, the verses will come up, you can read it in your Bible at home. If you have a Hebrew Bible, if you have a Greek New Testament, you can look at the statements about like being a righteous servant. In the New Testament, you can find the Hebrew Bible

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you can find about him having repeated sex in a state of being drunk with his daughters. Now you just asked me Yeah, so what's the point? Now the person says, Why are you bringing this up? I'm bringing this up because we as Muslims don't believe that. If the Prophet Muhammad was copying from the scriptures, he would have copied that too. But instead, we know from the Quran, the correct story, the corrected and the rabbi alluded to that. He knows that we as Muslims know that Allah revealed the Quran to correct that which people wrote with their own hand and describe to God Wow, this is powerful. This is very part so this is directly now responding to what the Rabbi is saying

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that Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him he talked about historically he couldn't read or write the person who was a scholar, scholar, you reference at that time. Also, now, this these, you brought him up as evidence. Now we're getting into the stories that are their character assassination is again, this is not also in Islam in the Quran, I don't care what religion you follow, just as a human being telling me this, if a man gets drunk enough to sleep with his own daughters, incest and impregnates them? Is that a righteous person to you? Would you consider that to be a morally correct person? Would you follow such a person? So even legally, in America, or in

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the United Kingdom, or in Europe, or anywhere else in the world? If a person gets drunk, does that excuse them of their action? Now, if you get drunk and you drive and you hit somebody, can you say, Hey, I'm sorry, I was drunk. If you get drunk in the west today, and you have incense with your own daughters, would you not be arrested for it? So as Islam, we didn't copy this. We corrected this by showing that this was a fabrication against a righteous man, a prophet of Allah. And we know in Islam that this never happened. We know that Luth Ali Salam had daughters, and he was a righteous father to them. He didn't molest them. He didn't sleep with them, he didn't get drunk with them. We

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know that the people were tested with the angels that came and the people of light tried to attack them, and loot and his daughters and everybody from some except his wife, they went with those Angel they were saved. Right? So the Quran correct these mistakes. Now, just a very important point in it. I want to really emphasize on this much of what you find in the Hebrew Bible, or even some of what you find in the New Testament, and what you find in the Quran is in common. For example,

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If you look at the 10 commandments, the idea of there being no God but one, I mean, There being none worthy of worship except one God, hero is your your Lord is one, don't worship idols don't steal it and things like this. Yes. And I'll tell you why. Because the same Allah, the same God, the same creator, the same entity that revealed that message to Moses revealed that message to David revealed that message to Jesus revealed that message to Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So the difference is what you have is when you don't have the original scriptures for the Hebrew Bible, when you don't have any manuscripts of the Greek

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New Testament dating back to the time of Jesus, and you do have the preserved original language Arabic Quran from the time of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. That means those things that people added and misrepresented the Quran, correct? Wow. This is amazing. Let's go ahead and invite our brother in humanity, Lex Friedman, he,

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in a tweet, he tweeted, I hate that every awesome thing comes to an end. I wish it could last forever.

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He's yearning the soul is yearning. I mean, he's getting to hear the message. You heard it from the mom. On his program. He actually went and follow the mom in prayer. And emotionally my he was falling Him in prayer. And I think it's time to go pray. Oh.

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And it seems like now he's hearing you know, from the rabbi, he's hearing from other people of other religions. But I think anyone who's he's inquisitive now, right? He wants to know, and now you're clearing up this misconception. So hopefully this can make the road easier for him to come to the truth. What would you say to this? And that yearning that human beings to live forever? You know, and we already know that you can live forever in paradise, right? So we want good for this. This person, Lex Friedman, what advice would you have for him and hope? I have some advice for him and for the rabbi as well. For Lex Friedman, we'd like to invite you to Eddie and the deen show. Come on

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down. Come on, we'd love to have a conversation.

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You know, again, and that's something wonderful is just to talk, just talk, we appreciate the fact that you brought a Muslim on your show. And you're open to having that dialogue, and want to invite you to the show. So you can have a dialogue with our brother Eddie. And if you want to invite us to your show, we'd be more than willing to come and speak to you on your show. We don't really care about the views and all that we care about communication, building bridges, understanding and so we want to invite you, for the rabbi, I would encourage you to first learn about the Quran, about the preservation of the Quran, about the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his

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background and how he was not somebody who studied any of the traditions from the Jewish faith or the Christian faith was he was somebody that believed in one god, yes, he was on dental honey for the religion of monotheism. But he was not somebody who could even read or write to have collected those stories from anywhere else. And I want you to learn that there were times when the people who followed the Jewish faith during in Medina, they send questions to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, knowing that he would not know those answers unless use an actual prophet. And one of those questions is why was Moses in Egypt? When the beneath Israel the children of Israel, or from

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levant from the area was called Sham? And this was a question that Prophet husband didn't know the answer to. And Allah revealed from the Quran sort of use of and giving an answer about the story of Joseph, and how the people in Israel ended up in Egypt. Right, and the Jews of that time, they said he could not have known that, unless he was a prophet. We want you to learn about the signs of Prophethood that many of the Jews of Medina saw on the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and accepted Islam became Muslims. And I want to give you some good news. Video is going to be released soon on the one message foundation channel of

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a man who studied Christianity from the age of 13. He was a Christian street evangelical preacher. He studied the Bible, he studied Hebrew. He studied Christianity in depth

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to a point where he became a Bible expert. And then he studied the Hebrew Bible that this Rabbi speaks about. And he became fluent in Hebrew. And he went to Israel and Allah free full steam. And he went and studied with the rabbis there.

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And then he continued that journey to learn

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Quran and he ended up in sha Allah you will see the video accepting Islam you have this video for we have this video we'll be posting soon on the one message foundation before we conclude now just back to what acaba know felt, what did you class? would you classify him? Was he was He classified as a Christian? What are the benefits? What was the work of an awful was somebody who studied the Christian faith, but he believed in Christianity the way the original followers of Jesus so he was a true monitor mono theists, yes. Would we call him a Christian? We would say he sort of the true followers of Jesus, true followers of Jesus. So here's my point, that now for the true followers of

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Jesus, do you have an example of what had been no fool who said at that time, whatever was attentive whatever he had, he confirmed. He said, If I was paraphrasing, if I was young, if I would be around he knew his death was coming. I would support his talent problem I would be with you Yes. What what I've come to know you are a messenger your people are saying when the Quran started to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him in the first verses that were revealed when he went and told what acaba Nofal. Welcome. Nofal told him that the one who has visited you is Gabriel is Gibreel. And he does not come except to a prophet. And he told him, You're a true

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prophet. They have been studied the Scriptures, the scholar of the time, the Christian is time the true Christian, he is confirming Prophet Muhammad peace was, is a messenger. And he plays messenger from the crater that if I live to a time when your people will, MIT will push you out of your city, then I wish I could support you, but he died earlier on. But he even gave him this tiding said, Having studied the Scripture, I know that people will turn against you. And that's what happened just just because of the message is bringing up Piermont Orpheus but because he died very early on, he wasn't involved in the hijra, or the migration, or what the verses that were revealed he never

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heard about later, when he did accept that the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. And that's why it's considered one of the companions, one of the Sahaba amazing now, you also have a chief rabbi was a scholar of Judaism, who was also living during the time Prophet Muhammad, he ends up accepting Islam. So the heads right of knowledge, the academics of that time many in Medina, Abdullah bin Salam, you have a bar and others those that were Jewish scholars, in Medina now again, I want to clarify not in Makkah, where the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him grew up. But in Medina, when the person went to Medina, he met them. And many of them did accept Islam. And you had people like

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Salman al Farsi Salman, the Persian, who was a Persian man who used to worship the fire. And then he went, and he learned Christianity, he learned Judaism, he learned Hebrew and Greek and he studied and he spent time with the, with the scholars of those religions. And from what they told him, he saw the signs of Prophethood on the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and he ended up as a Muslim. And we hope that this Rabbi will continue his search for knowledge and the truth will end up being a Muslim as well. I mean, we hope I know in the video he mentioned he doesn't know the Quran. Well, we hope that he studies it better. And he studies it in depth. And he sees how it corrects that wish

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the people had just any, the disinformation that was spread earlier. This is so important because Lex Friedman, the rabbi others, they'll hear this and just nonchalantly this will come up a lot of people repeat the same things. And then they discredit Islam altogether. Yeah. And now they just leave it off and they go on with life. But then now they hear the misconception addressed, and the facts academically explain this. And now you can be right back to investigating Islam because there's a lot of these misconceptions. And I want I want to make a point, especially for those watching. Muslims stick to the true message that the prophets brought all of them, all of them. The

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prophets had one message that were called the one message Foundation, one message which was a message, believe in your Creator worship none but that creator, follow the Prophet of your time. If I was there, in the time of Moses, I would follow Moses peace and blessings be upon him. If I was the time of Jesus, I would follow Jesus peace and blessings be upon him. But we are now in the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and everybody whether you're Jewish or Christian or atheist, if you want that salvation you have to accept the last message of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him at his mercy if you want to like Lex Freeman was tweeting live forever,

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yes, because his life will end it will. You are going to have to submit not your desires, or any hodgepodge that people man made religions and mixing this mix is to the way that the creator sent and that's an Islam and then you have paradise forever. Allah says in the Quran called Luna of sin Vikatan mode every soul shall taste death. That means this life will end for sure. Cool. I mean

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Every single soul will taste death. But Allah also tells us about the everlasting paradise that you will be holiday in if he had, it will forever there'll be existing in it forever, forever, forever. So we invite everybody likes forever by everybody else watching to have that eternal bliss. A never ending life with no worries, no depression, no bills, no taxes, no sickness, a life where you will be with your relatives, all of those that are in Jannah. And you will live forever and you won't even be bored of things. Now like not not like Elon Musk in the same tread, you know, it's interesting that I mentioned he said that to this Elon Musk to to have the word because he's, he's

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excluding the hereafter. He said the two worst things. Two worst possible curses is you will live forever, or you can have anything you want.

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In this worldly life, we get sick of things. Yeah, that's as far as that restraint. That is like that is a mercy from Allah. Yeah. Because you don't want to get overly attached to this world. So if you love some ice cream, you have enough of it, you get sick of it. You love a particular movie, you watch it enough times, you'll get sick of it. But that's because this life wasn't meant forever. And that's why everything in this life has a decline, the most handsome man will start to wither away and be old and disfigured by a certain time. If you live that long. Yeah, the most beautiful woman will sooner or later lose that worldly beauty. But when you enter the life of the hereafter that's

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alive forever. So your beauty never fades, you'll never become less handsome, you only become more handsome, a woman only becomes more beautiful, you only taste things to be even better every time you try it. And that feeling of getting sick of something is taken away from you. Like jealousy, like hatred, like all those things are taken away. That is a beautiful life, and everlasting life, a life that is the true life. A life that we know is what we were truly created for. This is only a temporary abode. So whether it's Elon Musk, or the rabbi or Lex, we want to invite you for that everlasting life. And we hope the viewers will share this video with those people to get this

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message to them. Beautiful, beautiful, thank you so much. You know, if people want to go into the prophecies of the crowd, the preservation of the Quran, the miracles of the Quran, and this is not a blind submission, everything is there lucidly clear that you can come to a realization if you're sincere. You're open minded, humble hearted, and the formula that we always say what ask the Creator alone for guidance guide you guide me guide me. That's it. We tell everybody and when it comes to our table as well, if they don't accept Islam, right, they will tell them look,

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tonight, go home, and everybody watching when there's nobody there and not for show, not in church, not just turn to your one Creator, not to profit not to a monkey and not to a cow to the one creator and say, Oh, the One who created me, guide me to the truth. And if you're sincere, Allah will guide you to Islam. That's how we see it day in and day out. That's very simple, easy to understand. And I'll give you to do another homework point. A lot of what we see in Judaism today is not from Moses, or David or any of the prophets peace and blessings be upon them. If you look at the Orthodox Jews in their dress code, this comes from Europe. If you look at the free hacks that they have, you know,

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I asked a rabbi in quotes in Jerusalem. Where did you get that this big for looking at where this from Moses from David, where did you get this? Like we as Muslims were the communists this represents something close with the Prophet Muhammad war, we pray the way the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon and prayed we, we stick to that true message. We look more like Jesus than most Christians today, we look and act more like Moses than most Jews today. But a lot of what we find in Judaism today has been invented in Europe and exported into Philistine and things like this. The Big Top Hats and the big coat What did you get this from? It's not what Moses wore that's not what David

00:34:18--> 00:34:56

world peace and blessings be upon them. That's not what they did. Taking a live chicken and taking over your head for forgiveness as a practice you find in some form of Judaism today. What did they get this from? You can look it up YouTube it they take a live chicken and you know, kind of take it over their head and chicken you know, you're holding while the wings and screaming and it's not in the Torah. It's not in the Hebrew Bible. It's made these things up. A lot of these practices have all been made up and are mostly made up in Europe. This furry hat comes from Austria where a king was mocking the Jews and made them wear foxtails to make fun of them. And they decided let's just

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

own it, started wearing it, but it's got nothing to do with the religion.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

These are all things that were invented into the religion. We want to relieve all that man made nonsense and turn to Islam, the religion that's based on divine revelation. Look at the shirt you have that talks about how you pray, the Salah, every aspect of that we can prove from the Quran or sahih Hadith from the Quran itself are authentic narrations from the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him our celebrations of aid, Edo Pfister egullet how we can prove this? Unlike what you find in eastern Christmas, all these made up man made pagan things right. So what people not to be fooled by the Rabbi's, or by the synagogue or by the churches and their priests and their,

00:35:41--> 00:36:19

the Pope or whoever else into these fabrications that have been brought in the name of God. And to turn back to the original message, the message of David and Moses and Jesus and Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him the message of that one Creator, to worship none but that one Creator. We find even the Hebrew Bible, the prophets putting their head on the ground and praying, we find that in the New Testament and even with all the corruption, some of that truth is still there where Jesus put his head on the ground and prayed to the Father. Right. That's how we Muslims pray. When is the last time you went into a synagogue and saw people praying by putting their head on the ground? What

00:36:19--> 00:36:39

is the last time we went to a church and you saw a Christian putting their head on the ground like Jesus and praying don't find it. We stick to that true message and we invite you to that true message. We invite you Lux rabbi and everybody else in this has given stone some love your way Elon Musk Elon Musk to want to get tomorrow's metal get you past Mars. We'll get to Jana.

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Thank you very much. Thank you some pleasure so if

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you if you would like a free copy of the Quran, visit the D Get you one free of charge until next time I said I'm gonna compete to be with you and I think it's time to go pray

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