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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah VEDA cat to me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. I'm Abdullah oduro. And welcome back. When we talk about the cats, we hear the cat more in the month of Ramadan. And as you know, Ramadan is a pillar of Islam, and the cat is a pillar of Islam. So what can be confused? Okay, I here's the cat in the last couple of days of Ramadan, but then I hear the cat as a pillar of Islam that can be paid at any time, the scholars have,

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have separated or categorize a cat into in general, there is a cat of the body and these are cats of the money or the wealth. These a cat that they're referring to in Ramadan is called the cat will fit them as a catalyst fitsum that is these a cat that is given at the end of Ramadan, and is given to the poor people. Roughly It is generally here in America, it is eight to $10 preferably, if you give the staple food of your locality to any poor individual, any needy person that is called as a catalyst. That is where you take a certain amount, and islamically it comes to Autobots and Deadwood is four handfuls of an amount of food, rice, barley, something staple, or in in our time some

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scholars even mentioned taking a meal that is the same value of those four handfuls of food, which is roughly in our time eight to $10. You give that to the poor, that is these a cat of Ramadan that is tied to a Ramadan, which is obligatory for the Muslim to give. But the pillar of Islam. That is the cats that we are talking about is the ones where we sit we mentioned the four categories, and you take 2.5% of your surplus wealth, if it has reached a certain threshold in time, or in amounts depending on the item of the cat from the four types that we've talked about. They'll also partner with Allah bless you with clarity and make use of those upon this clarity, work in conjunction with

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your organization's and always consult your heart to do that. what's right, I said I want to come to light we're better cats. Thank you