Reminders The Best Provision Is Taqwa

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Number 11

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a lot around that I've had enough

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but the only really that

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was really the best revision is the Aqua

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and have my papa.

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For people of intelligence, we will have understanding Yeah.

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Who are they worried about? Allah said a lesbian Al Quran Allah happy mo de la la novia, Corona Viva La Jolla lot of beneva has about to panic, subpoenas are enough, unless they are the people who remember Allah subhanaw taala, standing, sitting and lying down, who are constantly engaged in the vicar of Allah, and who will lead their lives completely and totally in obedience to the order of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala and who

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reflect and think about the creation, about Allah subhanho wa Taala what he has done and how he skated things within Brazil very much. And these are the people who then immediately what do they say, a combination of remembering Allah subhanaw taala and reflect on the creation

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of Allah katakana as

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they say, Oh Allah, you have not created all this in vain. All glory and

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praise we do, please save us from the hell by.

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So therefore, Allah, Allah says in karate Taka Verily, the best of provisions is taqwa.

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But hooni Yeah.

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I have my taqwa or people of intelligence, and who are the giver of intelligence, those who are tougher.

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So the circle closes. The people of intelligence are only those people who are

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the one who does not have Taqwa is not a person of intelligence is a fool. Because he doesn't understand Allah subhanaw taala it does not have any sense of who he is and what he is and what he is supposed to do.

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And that is the reason why and that's why they use the term xad. In order which is added however, that is provision you take with you on a journey, this life is a journey, and therefore the best of provisions is that

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so what is Taka, Taka is that which keeps us away from all the disobedience of Allah.

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No matter how big or small as I've said many times before, the whole issue of small and big. The moment to think small and big. You have no taqwa.

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Anyone who has taqwa does not consider any disobedience of Allah to be smart. The person who considers disobedience of Allah to is one is either somebody was no taqwa or somebody who was a complete giant, he has no sense whatsoever, no knowledge whatsoever. So he considers the disobedience almost nanotrader to be small.

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Anyone with any intelligence anyone with any knowledge, and anyone with any taqwa will not consider any disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala to be small, no matter what it is. Because Allah is not small therefore it is obedience cannot discipline. The anger of Allah is not small. Anyone who invites the anger of Allah has no taqwa.

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As I said, one of two things either no taqwa no sense, is one of the two is either mad or he's not one of the two. So therefore, we have to remind myself and you to have Taqwa and to inculcate and develop taqwa in our lives.

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The first principle of taqwa is COVID

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is the value of Allah subhanaw taala that no one is to be worshipped except Allah, that no help is to be seek from anyone other than Allah.

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This is the foundation of Islam.

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any contamination of this any corruption of this, depending on what it is, can take us anywhere from committing major sin, to completely exiting.

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And therefore there is no

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making light of the issue of it.

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And this is the biggest problem with most people with the shape and this is where shatter takes you for a second. Because Japan tries to convince you that somehow some system that you invented or some system that your grandfather invented or some system that your machines invented or whatever, is better than what then the dean that dwama Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam brought people claim to have great love for us. It was a lot

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of love for a service or a salon, then do what you

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told you to do is you have loved for a Surah Surah salam, then follow us on that. If you have love for us Allah is Allah Allah. Then practice this Deen the way he brought it.

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The people who claim to have love for Allah subhanaw taala His name is Allah, Allah is Allah. And then in the name of the love of Rasul Allah, Allah, they commit that they commit ship, they commit all kinds of profit. They are liars and they're lying in the face of Nevis Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal, they will discover that when they die, they will discover that when they go

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on the Day of Judgment, and they should remember the Harry Potter wizard, where he said that on the Day of Judgment, I will be standing by my house. Maybe Guadalajara does not include you and me in this

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I will be standing by my house

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and some of my alma T's will be coming towards me. Listen carefully. And he said, I will recognize them by the sign of Voodoo on their bodies because their faces and their hands and their feet will be shining.

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So who is he talking about? Is he talking about somebody who was spending his whole life in a in a in a bar? No, he's talking about somebody who was worshipping Allah.

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And then what did he say? He said, then the Malaika will come with whips and they will drive them away from me into the hellfire.

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And he said, I will ask why are you doing this to biomethane they will say the Malacca was a Arsalan. You do not know what they did with your deen after you left.

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Who are mentioned in this? Who are these people? These are the people who worship Allah subhanaw taala in the masjid.

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And then they come in for a bath and they come up with that in the name of the

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people because otherwise how did the How did they get the sign of Buddha on their bodies because they were worshipping Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we see this all over the place.

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It is all over the place. Do you do salah and after this allows you to all sorts of stuff which is supposed to be done in love over philosophy? How can you be loving Rasulullah sallallahu when you are disobeying Islam? How can you be loving Allah when you are committing a Buddha in the name of

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how can you be loving? When you use kalimat when you use words in praise or sorceress, Allah which actually

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what love is discovered is

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when Allah Subhana Allah sent the ayah in Allah Allah melodica de Luna nebby yeah Valentina. Armando, Sandra Lee wa sallam Viva La Raza sent this ayah Allah, Allah, Allah Almighty, Allah and His Messenger Allah and His Malaika centella de la monastery. All you believe you also do this.

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And we do this we are supposed to do this along with Allah Allah. Mohammed, Ali Mohammed consulate Allah.

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Allah, Allah Mohammed, Mohammed Guevara Allah wa

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what's the difference between us and the Sahaba? You know what this habited this Abba did not immediately stand up and start running around in circles or doing some stupid dances though. They asked. They asked Allah Allah, Allah has given this hokum we are supposed to send the lessons alimony How should we do it?

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they asked

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and what it does it doesn't say

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it he says that happiness I will put on a green light put a chair there imagine I'm coming and sitting there and you genuinely feel like you know palm trees in the industry. Um, did you say that? No. He said they allow Medallia's either Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed commerce Allah, Allah Ibrahim Allah. Ali Ibrahim in the Gambia Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa Ali Mohammed Coronavirus de la Rahim Allah Oliveira Marina cabbage

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This is the difference between the Sahaba and that is why the Sahaba ama will take the agenda and our ama will take us into Jana unless we make our

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creating a visa in this Deen is a guarantee for the buyer, please understand is very very clearly and every single bidder and the dean is created with a good intention.

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That is the duty How did he How did they the followers of his Allah Allah make him Son of God, good intention, our intention but intention they are praising the rabbit next and now he's become Son of God

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and our people, they have gone one step ahead. They Megalosaurus as a part of God.

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They they invented the life the model had the so called Hades, it is Mojo it is with the false or this it's a lie. And they say what the what is the light as a noun villa. They say aerosolised Allah Sallam said which he did not say and I'm in no relay. Baku Jae min Nuri. I am from the knower of Allah and everything

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From my No, this is a lie about no visa lottery Salvarsan said the one who lies about me will search for and find his own place in Ghana.

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The inventor of this Hadees will sit in the Hellfire and all those who believe in this has its origin alpha

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and is supposed to be love for a house in La Vista you may have been a part of our La La quwata illa Allah knows Bella Bella she was one this Jana

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the dean is to follow what Rasool Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah brought it is not to follow what you brought I brought on my grandfather but no that is not the dean is what the Messenger of Allah tala cellebrite

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don't have any hesitation in this if somebody invents something if somebody tells you do this or that tell him give me the values from the love of Allah or the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah otherwise you keep that that is yours I'm not interested in sorry goodbye. Because I'm not interested in going to where you are headed.

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In the taqwa number one requirement in life is the one the one who has dakwah will have a diet. Who the lil k in Delhi Calcutta volare Murphy who de Lille with the cane, the one who does not have Taqwa will have the help via our choice.

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I remind myself when you today I'm going off on a long journey Allah knows whether I will come back or not. If I don't come back, please forgive me. If I come back also forgive me, but make sure that we remember that we should have done what we should have DACA that is a number or in general if we die with DACA we go into Gen Nigella, we are close minded.

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And the DACA is to do what Allah subhanaw taala commanded is to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu it was I was Allah, anyone who thinks that there is a way which is better than the way of Rasul Allah Salah. He is seriously seriously misguided he is a follower of shaytan he's not a follower of of the Navy's Allah Allah. Please understand this. Anyone who thinks that there is a way either in a bat or environment at Armada or a club or any part of life, which is better than the way of Muhammad Rasul? Allah says Allah if the way shown by rasulillah salam is not enough for somebody and he wants to add something the muzzle of homicide then please understand that this masala is not

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a mother. Do not add the basil Alhamdulillah the deen is complete Allah subhanaw taala what is the URL Yama cabal lagoon Dino como el mundo la equanimity? Or are these hola como de la Medina? Allah said we have completed this Deen on this day they have completed this Deen and we have completed our nehama on you.

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And we have chosen for you Islam as your the last word Allah did not say we have done our best. Now you please add up

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whatever whatever is missing, please add the missing part Allah did not say that Allah said we have completed this deed anyone therefore that is the reason why what is that? What is

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he is that a topology tabouleh located howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Chateau de moda de la palma de de de de Vaca Luisa De Anza Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah tintina Oh c'mon algoma Allah alayhi salatu wa sallam, he said the best kita as the winner this speech is the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is the book Allah and he said the best hedaya is the his eye of Muhammad Rasul Allah azza wa jal, and he said, Sharon ohmori these are the the evil of the of the matters is more than the inventions, the innovations, the new things that get introduced, and then what it is a colo mahadasha tim visa,

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he said every innovation is a

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good new visa, every visa is a misguidance well could lose another thing. And he said all of his guidance is in the alpha. He did not say some of it is an n by only the misguidance that is done except that we'll get into which is done in Hyderabad is in a misfire in a text editor, including them in get his reservoir

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and that's why I remind myself when you please do not fall into these traps, that people set

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everyone is trying to run his own bukan

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they want your they want you to become their worries or they want some money from you or they want something from you and that is why they invent all of this nonsense. And they try to tell you that if they if you do this, this will happen that will happen nothing will happen except that the Hellfire will happen

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if you are doing anything which is not done by Rasul Allah Allah, it lands in alpha.

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So the way to the Jenna is the way of Muhammad Rasul Allah. And for that the best way is to follow what the Sahaba did asked.

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They asked the enemies Allah, Allah and you refer to the book

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Go online you refer to the heydays of nourish Allah Allah if there is a heavy which says that this is the way of doing something Alhamdulillah please do it no problem but if there is no hiding as we said is what you say you know no no but you know this great guru from somewhere is that good Brooke is not ready

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then Navy is enemy no one exceeds the position of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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there are people mela for us there are there have been articles published in the newspapers in Kosovo

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many other one

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moons if there's an article published in munsif by this agenda one of the big guys here who said that the position of Goliath is over the position or higher than the position on aboard

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the guy who wrote it on the end the joella who printed that rubbish

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he will have no shame there's no sense

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he says the opposite of the world is virgin hierarchy in that he left

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the hotel a hotel cafe at a time that they've gone to the shelter.

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But this is the this is the this is the result ultimately that is where it takes you because the when you start inventing slowly slowly slowly finally you have only the masala

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the original is gone. That is why never never never add and subtract anything in this DNA. Please understand the dean is not my property This is not your property. I have no right to put anything into the gene which is not there and you have no right to put anything into the gene which is not there. The Dean is the property of Allah subhanho wa Taala anyone who plays games with the dean will answer all of them.

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That is the meaning of duck duck meaning of duck while we do not do anything to anger Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala to Joseph COVID to do that which is pleasing to follow the blessing of enough is NaVi Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to lead our lives in such a way that they will take us inshallah to Jana and to save us everything which incurs the anger of Allah and which incur and which puts the danger of Hellfire in our lives are Sol Allah, Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy he has made the erotica