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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The importance of high regard and presence in one's actions is emphasized, along with the need to pray for the removal of a member of the royal family. The speaker also discusses the loss of a basketball player named Jamar i Many and the importance of remembering actions of Allah Subhanho wa Taala to increase our love for Him. The segment emphasizes the need to remember actions of Allah Subhanho wa Taala to increase our understanding of his actions and actions to increase our minds.
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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallam about are going to be in a Muhammad wa ala early he was here in my bedroom Sharla we're just going to cover a little bit of the book inshallah today but

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it's maybe one little portion that will be a segue into what we really want to talk about being later on. So we kind of we left off

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when speaking about Tom Lehman I'm gonna name how the individual makes Allah subhanho wa Taala great in their lives and they also tell him I'm gonna win now he making the last Potala great or making the the order in the prohibition great in our life is also a sign of tell demon amor a net win now he is making Allah subhanho wa Taala great in our lives. So in other words, when you magnify or hold too high importance in high regard, what is halal and what is haram? In actuality that is you holding Allah in high regard, which is indirectly a sign of a strong upright heart because that's what you mean okay him started off with by showing that these are the signs of the I still comments.

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So then, I am he mentioned here

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where he says, He gives examples. And he says, are him Allah to Allah for Allah to Toliman a little Awami will reply to it our duty when talking about the Salah,

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when he says is taking care of the particular times and their boundaries, what type of tissue what type of tissue Allah are Kenny Hawawa Gbit have a camellia and to, to to, to search for or to study the obligations and what completes them. What hit us sooner or later Senia and being diligent upon beautifying them or doing them in an excellent fashion will feel a little heavy on Katia and doing them or performing them at their particular times. Well Musa one must add one more Saturday I to one Masuria to Elijah and the widow and to rush towards doing them at the time of obligation. When it has new we'll look at abotu well as if we were in the for YT Hockin minhang Kochia. And when feels

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bad or sorrowful when they lose the opportunity that has passed them up. So for example, so lots of Fudger you wish you wake up in the morning and you see the sun in your eyes, you feel a sense of loss and sadness. This is a sign of making the deen of Allah subhanaw taala great in your life, which is also making Allah subhanaw taala great in your life as well. And then he says come in and he gives an example come in Yazoo. I look forward to the gemera like an example for the one that misses a lot of Jamar i Many of us have worked in MSG, we made the effort we rushed here and we get here we see Salam Alaikum Allah Salaam Alaikum

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This is a sign of someone Masha Allah, it's a good sign that you feel it a loss that you didn't make the GMR and that feeling hopefully it's like I missed 27 The opportunity for 27 blessings. Oh Allah allow me to reach that next time. Well, yeah, and then we'll under who will to cut billet middle Salah to whom on Friday then for any who confer to say bye to unwashed.

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And then he says here. And he knows that if one of those slots was accepted individually for anyone called Fattah, who, that the suburb the 27 Blessings has passed him up and passed him.

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He lost that opportunity. And then he says ERIC What Kinetica photon sure if it's allottee and also the passing by or the loss of the record short, and the prayer were her Lord in a funny he had been a rugby as a virgin and Levy who wrote how well you were her duty or her duty of hobby and the presence of the heart in it in the prayer. Being a day rub between Allah subhanaw taala between the hands of Allah in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is basically the ruler and the Luba the ruler the spirits of the prayer for Salatin villa for sure and well Labrador in Kibera didn't make it in narrow huffy. So the prayer that has no sure, no undivided attention and no present you're not

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present within the within the prayer is like a body that has no spirit or no soul for inhalation abdomen. So Lottie lamina, and I'm in her and this is very important guide. It's very important rule. He said, for verily, for the servants from his prayer is only what he I'll call him in any outcome is intellect, what he can perceive or what he is present and understands for

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In the prayer, so when you are praying you have to be present and what I mean by present your undivided attention. So what you have your undivided attention and you're thinking about that which coincides with the purpose of prayer. This is what is beneficial for and that's where the servant receives a reward determined, okay and gives a proof and we'll stop here. He said, Come if he's Sunni, when Muslim Ahmed will Haiti he and in the beasts of Allahu Allah wa salam caught in Al Abdullah you solace Allah wa Micucci Bella who Atlantis Illa through to her Illa Roberto who

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had tabula rasa, or Shu ha. And this isn't 100, the Buddha would witness I

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was so happy to have been able to have been. So you mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, which validates what we just mentioned. He said that Verily the servant will pray a certain prayer, and nothing is written for him. Yeah, and he's not rewarded for it, except half of it, or a third of it, or a fourth of it, or a fifth of it until he reached a 10th of it. What does this mean?

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That within one prayer, a portion of it was accepted why the portion that was accepted was the portion that we weren't.

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Exactly exactly okay. That we focused

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and that's what he mean by acronym in what he focused on that portion that you focused on Allah subhana data is names and attributes for something that happened in your life and you attribute it to Allah subhanho wa taala. And those names and attribute that's what you will be rewarded for. So Inshallah, we want to conclude and I want to mention very important point in sha Allah. So here, if you know, Pam concludes, because he moves on to another point where he concludes, in speaking about making Allah subhanaw taala great in our lives, and that is totally my number one name. And then he gives the example of someone that makes a loss of Pamela dalla great. And that is the examples of

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making the prayer important thinking about the times and missing a loss in any action of worship. Speaking of the actions of worship, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith that we mentioned the Omo Juma amendment, a Yemen and I'm gonna solve it if you have even heightened Wahhabi Lola or have been a lot men heavy rocks with the actual

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ninja that we ever approached the 10 days of the ninja and sha Allah starting tomorrow actually now but the first 10 days of their hedger, these are the best 10 days of the year. These are the best 10 days of the year, and is in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also said regards to these 10 days for up to 15 minute tahini with Tip btw it would just be

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that one should increase in their saying of la ilaha in Allah and Allahu Akbar, and Subhan Allah. So anytime you have the opportunity to say it, say it in these days, he said for UK through increased increase yourself and mentioning them increase the mentioning of these, the vicar to be to need to speak. So we say La Ilaha in Allah, we realize that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho Medina, La ilaha illallah wa Taala Shikara realizing the greatness of the Oneness of Allah. And when you think of this, think of the fact that Hamdulillah we died as are that we are Muslims and that we die as Muslims, as many of you know, subhanAllah today, one of our community members,

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and he shared with us about Asha Asana to fear and then it was 17 year old boy, he was here every now and then for some Athanasia he passed away. And he Subhanallah died in his sleep. And the same time someone down the street at the masjid ici 17 years old, died in his sleep as well. And at the same time, five sisters in Minnesota died in a car accident. So there are approximately three geneticists today I mean that we know of, you know that I know of Subhanallah and we those of you that attended you attended two of them because one was about 20 steps away. So you know, we think of this and you know from the DUA as we make in the in the Serato Janessa allometry How you know,

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amazing I was trying to know why I've been so here and what can be done under the coordinate with Allah, Allah Maha mentor here to MiniFit for a heal Islam or mentor fade to who Mina for to offer who Allah Eman. So this is the dua we say Oh ALLAH the one that you have brought to life, for you have brought him to life upon Islam and the one that you have caused to depart us for let him depart upon Eman. So when we say La Ilaha in Allah, we ask that we die upon this statement in Allah. Then when we're asked these three questions in the grave, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say when the body is buried, he would say, said hula hoop Fibrox for indoor arena use. He would say

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ask for him ask Allah for him. Tibet to make him firm. For verily He will be asked or he is being asked at the moment. Make no mistake brothers and sisters, when the individual the dirt is thrown over them. They are being asked by ALLAH SubhanA wa living asked by the angels and the questions are mineral book, Medina, common Nabil, Who is your Lord, who is your prophet, and what is your religion? Allah subhanho wa Taala matches in the Quran, you submit Allahu Allah Dena Amman will be the codified

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I believe in hierarchy dunya Allah subhanaw taala says that he makes those firm.

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Those that believe firm, giving them firmness in this life. When you little Allahu volly mean, and the last $1 misguides those that are the lolly mean well, I don't know if Allahu Masha and Allah does what He wills, brothers, we don't know how I lost the panel with Darla will take us we don't know when he will take us. None of us anticipated. Well, I did not anticipate at 830 in the morning that I would get a call from his father. And his father asked How are you doing? He said not good. And then he tells me what happened.

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We go over there Subhan Allah, this is what we find out at 6:49am He was pronounced, he was pronounced dead. Later we find out that there was someone else. same age, same situation. You never know brothers and sisters when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will take you. And that is why it's very, very important. When Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions something that we just talked about, whether it's a certain time, or place that has a father, that has a virtue, ally that the Muslim takes advantage of it. Just as we were coming here to the masjid, a beloved place at a beloved time. Think about it, a beloved place being the most the most beloved places on earth. Humbled Bacala is a promise of some

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of the most beloved spots places on earth massage or the massage

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and in a beloved time, which is what time

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five daily prayers so lots of Asia and in a beloved way which is what

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gym I

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know. And even within the gym, there's more beloved spots within the gym ah, which is what

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suffered. All right, what so many opportunities for you to reach the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala so many opportunities for us to take advantage of our time, because we don't know when the creator of time will end our time, individually or collectively, collectively being the end of time. So taking advantage of our time brothers and sisters, is what the ifl does is what the one that is aware of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and that is the benefits of vicar. So when we in these days brothers and sisters Say Subhan Allah, let in Allah Allahu Akbar. Just remember Allah subhana wa Donna, and remember the greatness of him in your life, what he's done for you beyond your control. And because

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of what he has done for you, you recognize that there is nothing like him. That's obviously Allah Illallah that there is no comparison to him, that he is far from his creation. This is why we say Subhan Allah, and that he is greater than everything that we can imagine that which we know and which we don't. And this is why we say Allahu Akbar. So remember these beautiful 10 days brothers and sisters and take advantage of them. Do any good that you know, online, send gifts to people offline, give good charity to those, read the Quran. Increase in prayer make vicar when you're alone, sit with your family, read about these beautiful tin days, go over the stories of Hajj, the

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stories of Musa when he received revelation in the last 10 days. Anything that reminds you of Allah subhanho wa Taala I humbly ask all of you to increase and the remembrance of that, because we had as a province of Allah and it was some also said, increasing in the remembrance of death as a province awesome said, UK film indicati had him Oh have him Allah that amount to increase yourself in the destroy year of pleasures, and that is death. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that remember his greatness and allow the remembrance of His greatness to increase us in our worship of Him. May Allah subhana data make us of those that will never remember our departure from this earth

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or departure from anyone from this earth. It increases us in our remembrance of him in our turning to him and to Lahore and are turning to him in repentance and remembering the greatness of this world and the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and our shortcomings May Allah subhanaw taala make us remember how he has given us everything well thought out and mashallah that's and Mina and also remembering our deficiencies on this earth. When with Allah to even know if so Allah Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make that make that an increase in our love of Him and our debasement in front of him lowering ourselves in front of him Subhan Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah make us of

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those that increase our members our reading of the Quran and Kadeem are increasing in our prayers are increasing in remembrance of Him and mentioning him with our tongues and our actions. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect the Muslim the Muslim in one

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minute the ones that are alive and the ones that have passed away. So Allah was saying we're back to being a Muhammad want to add he was on page.

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