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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of actions before and after actions on one's health and social media accounts, as well as the concept of "the raw hair" and-the definition of "med strict" act. They stress the importance of avoiding these activities and avoiding harm from certain people. The negative consequences of shrooming practices, including cutting off routes and social media, are discussed, along with the sadness of sh arcing practices and the importance of checking one's behavior.
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saw what was the what was what was it I couldn't even remember

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get tacos shut the door after I'd have to shut the door

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similar amount of Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam to being a Muhammad wa ala he was like he has made him a buck.

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From shocking somebody will usually empty water in order to melissani Fo earlier but I mean hamdulillah in his book Allah will save or after Kennametal you have been okay in the shower of good utterances we talked about last time, the actions before if someone was to perform an action of good, and then followed by a sinful practice and they sought Toba from the sinful practice, does the actions or do the actions that were before that sinful practice well, they receive the reward for it? adamant okay I am Brian brings the Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa salam. I was on occasion even Hazon where the Prophet SAW Selim he was asked about the freeing of slaves and the connection

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of the relatives of the kin that he did in the time of shirk and the prophets of Allah Allah He asked, How do you Fabbro it? Are they rewarded for it? The prophets also said a slum to Allah is left to mean higher. And this hadith isn't Buhari, he said, that you have been you have accepted Islam with all the previous virtues from before so I'm not saying Rahim Allah to Allah talks about Toba. If someone was to make Toba are their actions.

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The Act that they did, do they receive reward for that action if they may Towba from it? And he mentioned that there's a difference opinion amongst the scholars. And subhanAllah. He uses Hadith to kind of prove his his point that in sha Allah, the person will receive reward for that action that they've committed committed a sin on. If they perform Toba as he says For he says for how they can totally under Islam either underneath our token Hassan Atilla T candidate aborted attempt to shirk for no metabo Minister ki i, the lady so abolhassan Attili moto Fatima, so when the person he said so this entails that Islam will read, it will cause to return all the rewards that he had from the

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good deeds that were Baltierra that were not accepted, because of the polytheism for the metab when he sought repentance, repentance from the shirk, and what is repentance from the show to hear

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for when he sought repentance from the shirk, I said, What does it mean?

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It means to return. We have EAD because if you returned all the time,

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the e li fillable has an IT WAS though, you're gonna have Arabic lessons, because every now and then this is what I read there because I want you to hear directly from the scholar my transition is not going to do justice to the Arabic so I want you to get used to that. And I think we need to get used to hearing books from their lemma, especially in the Arabic language because they mashallah the way that they they're polymath so when they speak it's it's very it's very rich.

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So he said either the elite so Abu Dhabi has unnati and Malta Kadima so the good deeds from before returned to him

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because of Islam and that's an interesting concept. But now even okay him goes on to talk about as he talked about from before chapters before about Tao V mon amor, a Nahai that you will not make great the orders and prohibitions unless you make great, the legislator of the orders and the prohibitions. Now he's talking about the next part he says Rahim Allah to Allah, what am I meant to tell him and now he felt Hilsa Allah Tibet Rudy min Milan Neha or US Barbie ha Well Maga de rue elaida Amo Jana, but equally was eluting to reblooming

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he says here What am I meant to tell him in the manner he said and for the signs of the one that makes the prohibited the pro the prohibited acts great is that they are diligent upon staying away from Melania what is Bobby Here are the the thoughts are the pre pre pre pre assumptions for that which leads to it okay, to the prohibited acts, what magazines are ELA and what calls to those prohibited acts when majority by to win more generally, but equally will still attend to caribou manner and cutting off or staying away from any introductory pathways that lead to it

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now, so in

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In Islamic law, they call this sudden as the raw hair, cutting off the pathways to evil, cutting off the pathways to evil. So we say for example, when we see for example,

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many scholars say shaking a woman's hand for example, this is something that a process on never did and someone say it's a sealer. It's our see laughy for the money and for that which is prohibited or itself is prohibited, as well. So even no claim is saying so from the signs of making the prohibited acts greats, is that you cut off any means to the prohibited act now, and he says Rahim Allah come on yeah, Hi, Rob. Men, middle American and Latifi has sore allottee taka Ibiza, el Pfitzner too harsh Seattle ft. Tani be her. And then he says, As an example, as the one that flees he said yeah Harab as the one that fleas from the places that there are pictures that from them there is fitna

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in fear of being trialed from it in fear of falling victim of being attracted or trial we find facing a trial or tribulation from this picture. So what do we see that primarily

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in our day and age for intense

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social media,

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social media, television, right when you turn on your television, we there's the Mohamed, but the one that is trying to make the deen of Allah subhanaw taala great in the prohibited acts is that he says Yarrow, the one that leaves and flees from these places that have these sore Latok RBL fitna these pictures that with it fall one falls into a trial tribulation and fear of being trialed from it. Right. He hasn't been trolled from a yet. But he stays away from it in fear that he may see something or she may see something that will cause fitna for them internally.

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And he says what are you? What are your dharma lebuh Be he has a run, maybe he is.

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But maybe he buts he says what and yada and to leave mela but to be that which there is no problem with but in fear that there may be something problematic with it. How that I'm MFE bus so someone may leave off something that is mobile that is allowed? That is not Muharram right? But it is not exactly mazahub or Whadjuk. But they leave it in fear of falling into that which is haram. Right and it's it's very important for us in an environment like in America, particularly where there's a lot that's around 100 monitor and you know, and especially on our devices is to leave off certain things like if there's certain apps or things that you're not involved in it's better to leave that have

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one heavenly Dini to stay away to take as they say, a Gaya Clayton men allege prevention is better than cure. Prevention is better than cure. So Masha Allah see the majority of us are over 30 How many of us have eaten our vegetables today?

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Only one Henry's to Henry's Michelle at the forefront of the prevention is better than age. And just to be fair, a doctor raised his hand. So is this the

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end the last we see vegetables chicken is good for our health handling handler So prevention is better than cure. So he says Rahimullah What are you journey but for Lulu minimal Bahati has shattered a book or a film macro hat and then he gives an example again, why you Johnny BA and to stay far away from the football the extra minimum Oba heights from the permission from the permissible acts or from those that are allowed Hachette and walk or eat Phil McGraw Hill in fear that they may fall and fall into that which is disliked. Now even more Heartland disliked you know, there's a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim. There's there is disagreement upon its authenticity, the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned

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that lay of the world movement, yada I'm Allah but SEBI has done maybe he but he said that no one will leave the individual not reached the delta of the level of the movement the believer and until they leave off that wishes

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allowed in fear of falling into that which is not allowed. So this is people places and ish things

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were prophesized Some said that may you do you book LM Allah you do but he said leave off that which brings you doubt for that which doesn't bring you doubts in the province of Islam F woman a woman it took off

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a Shubho hat forgot this Deborah,

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where the prophet saw some also said and whoever stays away from the ship behind those misconceptions that what may seem that is allowed or something that you're not sure of? Whoever leaves that off? Because it's Deborah le Dini hidden he has fled or he has protected his Deen his his religion and

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and his honor and his honor. And he says when we joined about two more journey, but he more journey, but he may you Jahir will be to to cabbie. But it's the caveat where you have seen or her or the other elaida or your to how it will be hard whether you barely Meraki by minha and then he says and Bucha and to live off that which if one wants to be open, but the caveat with with doing that practice, and he beautifies it or makes it look good. And calls to it, well, you're to how and he is lazy with it. So they don't really have any concern for the fact that it's impermissible to the degree that they are just lackadaisical. with it. We get to how it will be whether you bad email

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document, and they don't they're not even really concerned what it can lead to. They're not even concerned of the end result results of that which in the beginning, they didn't take it like they took it lightly. But they're not concerned of what that could possibly

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lead to. Were going to possibly lead to for ending Namaha allottee for animal Hala, Mittal the heavy metal the heather Dahlia tune Illa Sahil de la heater Allah holiday, he says For verily the getting involved with that

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myth, the myth the high the data yet getting involved with something like this or these types of things, especially getting involved with the things that you know that they do not stay away from these things. In fear of falling into that which is haram is something that is dire Tony lay there at subtlety like this indirectly calls to Allah subhanaw taala his anger and displeasure subhanho Medina, and he says whether you call it to LMS socket suck up I'm in Colombia, he tells him when Talim Allah, He to Eilat well hold on it. And then he says, and no one will get involved in these types of things except the one that the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the greatness of

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Allah and His prohibitions has snuck up in Kobe He it is it is it is something that is not present in his heart with with with elegance or that which is great. SOHCAHTOA means to fall literally something that is fell from his heart. So something that is not present and intense in his heart, the intensity of making the prohibited at the prohibited acts great by staying away from those things that could possibly, and this is the adverb that's important here that could possibly 51 to 100% lead to it.

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That's what he's talking about here. That's the sign of making the prohibited acts. Great. The prayer acts from Allah subhanaw taala great. And then he says here I will conclude Subhanallah he says

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gremolata women I met to talk him and now he and Yong Yong bubbly la he even to he cut my honeymoon while he the vehicle be here Huzzah, none, has none what Casselton either OC Allahu to Allah, the only 1am Yoga be the almighty who do the walk away immediately. Well, let me stop there who are a euro euro that this is like this is where we're at. He says here and from the signs of making the prohibited acts great is that they are angry for Allah.

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They are angry for Allah subhanaw taala for the sake of Allah even to he gets Mojave moon if his prohibited acts are taken lightly.

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If they're not looked at as so significance if they're looked at in a lackadaisical fashion fashion, he says what a what a Yeji that vehicle be he has none and they find in their heart sadness there said well customer Alton either OC Allah is where their heart is broken like it's so disparaging and discontent disenchanting to them to see the impermissible acts that are done in front of him or her

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now and what's the worst act that way? If one was to see it it will cause them to to be sad

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Sure, give me an example

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with a killer was

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either learned or seen.

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And it's a piece of Hello bad Mr. Abdulla. We have to do

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is that what

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you're saying? That is well I said is I said give me an example. You said in the store, there's people buying statues that they're going to take home and worship. And he says Subhanallah till today people take statues home and they worship them. Right? Make no mistake brothers and sisters, that what what insha Allah brings the most sadness to the movement is when they see shirk practiced.

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If the individuals wearing a suit and he's the pastor and he has great manners mashallah This is fine. But then when he says in Jesus name we pray well i That should be the saddest thing in the Muslim encounters.

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We see people Yes, committing crimes drinking liquor, but make no mistake, the one that worships other than Allah subhanho wa Taala is the saddest thing that Muslims should see.

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The saddest thing sometimes we look at the apparent and see this person is mashallah with good manners, and this is great, but if they worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala Make no mistake, that's the worst thing. That's the worst thing. And that's the test for the Muslim because we still have to treat them kindly and treat them with good manners. And on top of that, when you're truthfully sad, and it breaks your heart to see a statue worshipped. Or knowing that a person wishes the statue will lie you have in your heart, the desire to call them to what

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Islam Islam but when you live in the monotony nine to five, you're busy you work with them Allah, this is great, you're you. Sometimes you take that lightly, and we're human beings, we take lightly the fact that that person wishes other than or doesn't worship any God at all right? And that's something that should be the Muslim should always keep in their mind and take into high importance. And then he says Rahim Allah to Allah. And then he mentioned ceramill Allah to Allah. He says, customer Tony there OC Allah if Allah is sinned on the earth, and they don't follow his his they don't abide by his his rules or his his boundaries, and he or she is not able to change it. That

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makes him even sadder. That makes him even sadder. So how sad.

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Is it in that saying sad to speak about the person, but sometimes you hear the parent may Allah may not make us from them and if we are May Allah subhanaw taala put in our hearts patients, when their children ish. Leave the deen

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when their children leave the deen they leave Islam and this is one of the worst ways when they legitimize atheism. And this is on the rise.

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My humble request to all of you brothers, I want your children to go to college. It is Dare I say Whadjuk upon you to make sure that your children understand to you because if they don't brothers and sisters in case you didn't know, when they go into school, their physics teacher, their psychology teacher, there sometime biomedical engineering teacher will give them probing questions about their their their sometimes Middle Eastern Studies teacher who's not Muslim,

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will give them probing questions about their religion, and they will make them feel that if they don't have an answer, which most of the times they won't, because the teacher that study Orientalism and understands this, if they don't have an answer, there's something wrong with their faith. And then the student will walk out of class confused,

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and then start to question their own faith and shy to come to the masjid because they don't want to ask maybe what they consider as a basic question. Or because they didn't come to the masjid at all before because they were never brought to the masjid. And this is plentiful. This is not a narrative. This is not a rarity. And I deal with college kids all the time. There is a lot of doubt and confusion. And when you dig deep you find that they never learned their religion. They never learned about Allah. Never. So when they go to college, what do you think's going to happen?

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What do you think is going to happen? So the Ibn okay and Rahim Allah Allah is talking about something that's very important. And I'll leave it here with that reminder. That when we see shirk practice, or we see sins practice, it is from the sign when we feel immune to that. That's where we really have to check ourselves. We have to check ourselves and this will happen to all of us, especially if we're in the workplace. We have to check ourselves and this is why it's important. Subhan Allah, the religion of Islam, when you look at it holistically that's why it's important to come to the masjid that's why it's important to to come around your brothers that's why it's

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important. It's important to see the shot it of Allah, the signs of a lot the deen of Allah practice, especially where the Mohammed the prohibited acts are normal, as soon as you walk out the door. That's why it's important for all of us, mail us from Allah make us of those that make his prohibited acts great. And allow the prohibition of this acts to enter our hearts to where we have the Tao veem of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala great in our hearts and in our actions in the holy you that was so Allahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa to add he was a visionary and the last one to Allah make it easy upon our brothers and sisters in Libya yada without any Allama say

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one NFE Libya Allama say why don't you live you hear a bit out of me all I'm gonna say why didn't most of that feed if you model it, but I got a bit out I mean, ultimately acquiring most of that feeding female

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Hi there, Robin Alameen Allah Mr. Burton with a busy man whom we are getting along with a big one. And if you live here a bit I mean, along with a bit tune with a busy man whom you're believing I'm gonna treat him in the Nubian MacGuffin around him. So yeah 18 year old but I mean, also the Kataya home era. So Allah who was sending me back to being a Muhammad and he was

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