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AI: Summary © The speaker describes various women who ate small portions of bread and eventually went to their father's houses to eat small portions of bread. They also ate small portions of bread and eventually went back to their father's houses to eat. The speaker emphasizes the importance of providing healthy foods to strengthen one's immune system and prevent infection. They also mention the success of giving and giving healthy foods during a war and the importance of offering them as opportunities to share blessings of Islam.
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Rahmatullahi wa barakato dear brothers and sisters, welcome to the throwaway reminder they find

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day was searching for food in his house and he couldn't find any and supply Allah. He left the house. And he walked past the house of ibaka they allow an animal book came out of his house and the purpose of them asked him, What brought him out of your house and what they said prophet of Allah, I have no food at all.

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Then both of them walked. And they, you know, they passed by the House of Omar, Abdullah Juan and Omar Abdullah, who came out and then they asked him, Why are you coming out of your house or not? He said, there's no food at home to eat. And then both of them are kannamma asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they said, What's the reason? Behind you going out messenger of Allah. They said one lahemaa lilla via Harajuku.

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I just came out for the same reason I have nothing at home to eat. So the three of them walked until they reached a house of one of the answer. And that was in Medina. And then they knock on the door. And then the lady behind the door. She said, My husband is not here. He went to bring us some water. So by the time the Prophet salallahu, I do sell them and I'm going to go back. We're turning back to leave. Then the man was coming from far away. And he was so happy. He said, Whoa, la de la la hora.

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A Chroma many of the affinity Oh, there is nobody who had the honor to have the most honorable people to honorable people to be his guests tonight. And then he said, Hey, I'm here, I'm here. And he invited the prophets, Allah Lavanya salam, Abubakar and Omar and Subhana. Allah, they went inside, and they ate some food.

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And after they finished, guess what? You know what the process alum said? He said will lie. Let us I don't know Yeoman. pm I can happen.

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By Allah on the Day of Judgment, you will be asked about such a blessing. What blessing prophet of Allah?

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What blessing Are you talking about just having a meal at somebody's house and a guest, that's a great blessing. You see how they appreciated the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Their brothers and sisters? How much do we have in the fridge? How much do we have in the storage area? Do we acknowledge the blessings of Allah sparkle upon us? Are we grateful and thankful?

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subpanel when you sit at the table, this is what from a bunch of teachers because Ramadan is the month is the month of feeding, not eating. Let me repeat this again. Ramadan is the month of feeding, not eating.

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So when we sit at the table, when we break our fast remember your brothers and sisters in Palestine, in Syria, in Kashmir, in, in, you know, everywhere in the world, where when the time comes for a star to break their fast, they continue fasting. Not because they enjoy fasting but because they have nothing to break their fast word.

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So brothers and sisters, we need to appreciate the blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, I show one time the person came into the house and he found like a very small piece of bread on the ground. He said, Yeah,

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a creamy Jew or an amateur applique you know, like honor, the blessing that Allah, Allah has given you just a piece of bread. How much food many of us as Muslims today, specially in Ramadan? Do we waste?

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Think about this.

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Think at any time when you throw that food that some people somewhere in the world, they're looking into the garbage to find something to eat.

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And this is why I always say, weigh yourself up before the beginning of Ramadan, see how much do you weigh and then weigh yourself up at the end of Ramadan. And if you notice the phone, if you notice at the end of Ramadan, that you gained weight

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and you lost a man

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Dunn You are a loser. He did not understand the meaning of Amata. But if you lose weight and you gain more Eman, then you're a winner and Ramadan. So brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala assisted others around the world. And he said well and everyone whom we say in mineral healthy will do Allah status and indeed we will test you. You will go through hardships and him

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mention these types of tests. And he started with some fear, and some anger of brothers and sisters, in many parts of the world today, they are being tested with fear. They go inside their house, if they still have a house, if it's not just like now I can, because somebody's been bothered that houses, they don't know whether they're going to make it to the morning or not. Because even the camp where they live, it might also be bombarded and then they will die. They have seen their own parents with their own eyes dying in front of them.

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So they don't have the blessing of security. So all of you please now, say hamdulillah No, no, I want you to feel and hamdulillah I want you to mean Al Hamdulillah.

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And also they are going through the test of hunger. If you don't have enough food, you don't have enough sustenance. So we should be grateful, not by just eating the food that we have. But whenever you hear about like a campaign for people like feeding the people, like in Yemen or Syria or this or that, and have started a campaign in through just you know, just giving and supplying a lot people are rushing to give Mashallah, this is the spirit of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of the Quran, it's the month of feeding and it's the month of giving. It's the month of South Africa. So make it your habit every single day to give us the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, during you know, the

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preparation of the Battle of will handle the ditch or the trench.

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He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was 1500 and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam distributed the work amongst them. So some of them each 25 were digging, like a certain area. And then there is like a foreman on top of them. And then on the top of every one, there was a background armor. They were the quality control, making sure that everybody is doing their job the way it should be. But guess what? What was the job of the professor? Was he sitting on the top of that place in an air conditioned tent?

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He was doing the most difficult job.

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And that's called leading by example. You know, what was he doing? People were digging, and the person was taking the dirt and walking with it all the way out. until some at some point, one of the Sahaba came to me and he said, profitable. Ah, I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry. And Subhanallah You know, he took

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off his clothing and he showed that he was tying a stone to his stomach. Just to stop that call for food stop that called for for Latino for eating. And at that point, the processor limb showed him that he's trying to stones to stomach

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so he's not just like, you know, enjoying and having fun. He is leading by example from the La Jolla seven. Look, they were starving to death

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to carry Islam to us today. Are we grateful for that and Subhanallah when Jabir ibn Abdullah Abraham or their loved one, so the Prophet Solomon such a condition, he was so weak, and he almost like you know, fainting because of the hard work that he was doing. And if anybody comes across a difficult they don't call him and he will help them.

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So he went to his wife,

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Jabir ibn Abdullah and asked her like, do we have any food he said, only food for two. So if you were to bring the person and you can bring maybe abubaker with him, so jabber, Kim's the professor, and he whispered into her into his ears, and he said, messenger of Allah, we have cooked some food.

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And, but it's only enough for you and he can bring only one with you. And the pub, salaam smile has said, Go and tell your wife after cooking, just to cover the food and leave it and it turned around. And he made an announcement amongst the 1500 people of the army. He said Javelin Abdullah is inviting us to his house and Jabari was so embarrassed. Imagine how is he going to front? How is he going to, you know, look, face his wife, who warned him and when your wife warns you have to be careful.

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So imagine now the entire army is marching behind the oxygen going to the house of jabber, and his wife when she saw the whole army. She was so scared and she said jabber, Haven't I told you that food is enough only for one person?

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What happened next?

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Would you like to know?

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My time is over, but I promise you inshallah, tomorrow we'll continue the story.

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And we come with a new reminder, inshallah until then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh smile

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you text

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a tiny town in the beginning you turn it off we went into effect we didn't touch it. Okay, so we do it was turned off, but it was like one minute of in the beginning so