Learning about Allah and His Book Requires Sacrifice

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of giving back to others, not just giving money. They use the analogy of the Burger King meal and how it applies to the way people are given knowledge. The speaker emphasizes the need to give back to others' knowledge and apply it to other aspects of life.

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Learning about Allah about his book about his Deen require sacrifice, sacrifice, ladies, and I'll share something with you with you all. Most of you mothers with me today, you all are familiar.

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You all remember when we delivered the baby and I say this because that's my profession. I'm sure most of you know that. Right? When you

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delivered the baby how easy it was, how quick it was.

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How not not painful it was I'm I'm I'm giving you the opposite how much you worked hard struggled, let alone the nine months. I'm talking about just the delivery. And what is the result? A baby. And here's what I always tell my patients don't think of the difficulty think of the result. And I always especially first time moms, I was like Wallahi, but the moment this baby comes on your chest, when we get the baby out, you will forget everything.

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And Allah makes things easy. That absolutely applies to knowledge. Everything in life is there is examples in life that we can apply to other things. This is our main goal and Jana institute is to bring this knowledge that Allah gave from the scholars make it easier for you and me to understand and apply. So whenever you think it's very hard, it's difficult. I don't think I can do that. Remember, how did you deliver a baby? One of the hardest things and the miracle of the miracles.

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So don't underestimate your ability.

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go and use the easy.

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You know, and I say this, some of you may have heard this from me. And definitely the staff knows this. We want the I call it the Burger King meal knowledge. You know what that mean?

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For those of you live in the States, or if anybody of you have ordered a meal, the recall to drive through. So you're in your car in the comfort of your car, you drive,

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put the window down, then somebody asked you I will and then you don't even think because it's a number and you don't even read what you want these days. I know I want number one or number two or number three very quick. Then you drive. Next window, you give them money. One minute, next window, they give you the meal, two minutes, and after five minutes you ate and you're done. Five minutes, everything is ready. You think knowledge is this way? No. It can be very superficial and will not penetrate and will not change you unless you give it your blood. Well Allah I use this word you give it your blood and your sweat and your energy and start and consistency and then see what Allah will

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give you