Waleed Basyouni – Reflections On Surat Al Asr

Waleed Basyouni
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I know it's late. So I just want to pick on one verse in the Quran that I put some notes on my wife driving to here.

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And this is a Surah that is so special and so dear to me personally and to many to the extent that till Imam Shafi Rahim Allah once said about the surah he said Lola immune cell mineral Quran ILAHA the surah Halawa, see it NAS if this was the only surah was revealed to people it will be sufficient for them, which is Surah terasa. What Tabara Ania Rahim Allah will also it's not the law, but survey said that cannot happen the via SallAllahu Sallam when they leave each other and they want to give each other a reminder something to reflect upon as they leave and go home. They will recite to each other so that an answer as a great reminder. And today I tonight I just want to comment on the first

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word which is well as you know what this verse means. But before that, I want to make sure there is two points to mention number one, and the pseudo Quran Tata Farben really matter Hema home Allah said that the Sutras of the Quran are in a various level, not from the perspective of where it came from, because all the Quran came from Allah subhanho wa Taala it's Allah subhanaw taala speech. So in that sense, equally, they are perfect every single verse in the Quran, but at the favelas in Jatin manner, the basically the levels of the Quran when the process Salam said Leah Han accredited we are able moonda that the best verse in the Quran that's what the person the best verse of the

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Quran is I tell Kersey and the best surah in the Quran is in Fatiha. Allah says in the Quran, man and Suchman it now known to be higher in Mina in reverse that we abrogate we bring something better, even though both from Allah subhanaw taala. So from that we understand that the verses have basically levels out and for kaha Rahim Allah and Natalia Kuhlmann jihad, jihad to Luna Jihad I am delighted to be asked Allah subhanho wa Taala the surah that speaks about Allah about the descriptions of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada out of the best tools the best verses in the Quran. So that's have the highest level for me teabag the * at least if you have a Anila come the surahs and the

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verses that speaks about the rules and what is halal, what is haram? What Allah likes what the last panel Donna, dislike what Allah subhanaw taala want us to do not to do, that's the second level. Then the third one is Murphy about oneness, especially the believers and the prophets and the messengers and the story of the messenger that comes in that third level. Then after that Makanda do in a dialect, the FBI said the fourth level is the one that speak about the creation of heavens and earth or the kofod or the the historical events that took place.

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So that's Surah Al Assad is a very special Surah because it's really one of the surah that compasses so many meanings, so many meanings and very comprehensive and what it leads to, and you will see this just through one verse. And the second thing that I want to say that it's the nature of the Quran, Kumbhakarna Abbas in the huddle, Quran, the LWL is to fee Humaira to ojo, this Quran, each verse and it have many ways to understand to be understood to be interpreted and that makes a huge impact for them of a city and that's why them of a serene will have many different angles, many different benefits and points that they drive from the same Surah whether they're a kind of a

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Buddha, or the Allahu Anhu Ottawa Lai Hakuna Raju rofa. t han Khalil Philip had Taya and I'm Anil Khurana hemella ojo, you will not be for tea. I have a deep understanding until you understand the fact that the verses of the Quran can have multiple way of understanding multiple meanings and add more meanings. That's why Latin of the adaptable because of this out Quran, there is no an end for how many beautiful things that you can drive understand, reflect upon, how Allah ajibola Quran one of the amazing things about the Quran and Neelam Jaco Quran. What are the bill macro Quran? Well, early macro Quran? What could LUMION defeat will be here Allah Padre, everyone the army, the average

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Muslim, read the Quran and the student of knowledge, you know, and the summer educated in Sharia, and the scholars all them read the Quran and all of them impact by the Quran, learn from the Quran, connect to the Quran, everybody according to the levels and no matter how many

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times you repeat the same verse the same surah you learn something new. And I'm sure hopefully you learned something new about the word while also today, even though maybe you heard the Surah 1000s of times in your life but you will see what that means when they've been Ambassador Buddha that said him man who I would have so many meanings that you can learn it start with well as Allah subhanaw taala making that oath with a Lhasa and Allah subhanaw taala who are nuke Cindy Masha I'm in Caltech. Well hello, Lisa, and Yuxi more illa Billahi Azerbaijan, people can make only oath using Allah's names and attributes. That's it for yorkson biller obviously if Atilla Can you put where is

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the tila? Well I see is Wala. So you only make an oath by Allah's names or attributes.

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For example, I swear by Allah or by by a ramen, or Warahmatullah Where is Allah and so forth. And for us, that's the only option we have. But Allah Subhana Allah Allah can make an oath with whatever he wants from his creation from whatever he wants from his creation and Allah only when he makes an oath with something and this is something pay attention to it a Mara Tara Quran person to ml filter the XML Villa always reflect upon what Allah have made an awkward and Allah Avi What are you see more elaborate more of them are women into Allah every time make an offer something it means this thing is very special, something that you want to pay attention to it. That's the whole purpose.

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Allah Subhana Allah mentioning to you reflect upon it and always there is a relations and I've been a customer Java Wilkerson. Ben what Allah made an oath with and what a man made an oath for what is it for? So hear us? What is Alaska? What is an apostle? The famous interpretation had been at Bassett, Al Assad, who was the man looked like was the man the time.

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And that's to make you reflect upon the importance of time. How am I any chef? So let's talk about how many years was Memphis chef ago?

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Five years ago, you know, it was like yesterday, I remember chef Yasa was in you know and Memphis and moved to Dallas and it's been five years. And you know, 10 years ago or 15 years ago, we met each other as a 20 years ago actually met each other, you know, actually more than 20 years. The time goes so fast.

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And I can't remember how old are you 3040 2016 Whatever your ages, it's going so fast. And that verse make you reflect upon how the years go so fast. And you need to pay attention to that. And because every day passed by, take you one step closer to your end. Sort of the became a movie about the Marina Illa Assa T in Lhasa teleca every hour take you one closer to your hour to your end to where you're going to meet Allah subhana wa Tada. So the whole the handle on Allah Subhan Allah make them off with Allah Azza itches as the man the time so you pay attention to the time you take advantage of the time. Another point and there is so much to reflect but just for you to think more

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about this as we mentioned every point clean acid it was also said an answer here means the time of solitaire acid. The time of Solitaire is the time that you suppose to pray also in what was the time between the day, the end of the day and the beginning of the night and the beginning of the night. That particular time in the day is very special. That's why Allah subhana wa Tada have made the oath with that particular time in the day. So that means that time in the day, you should pay attention to it will not either Alec and Danica Jamila for Sharia and Wachtell Favell lions a minute and your Tallac be here Amaroo mussels unfavoured

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Even though it's a special time, but it doesn't mean that there is a specific actor for ship associated with this special time. Yanni for example, the last night from avant it's very special night, but there is no specific Ibadah was ordained in it. Method and D will be freed there is no specific salah or a specific vicar to do other than Salah to eat. But after that you celebrate with your family. So even though that time from you pray Arsal until Margaret comes Guess what? We're not supposed to pray volunteer prayers.

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Now Hanabusa Salam and seletti banda Salah tell us in Arabic

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So Saddam said do not pray after praying salata acid when you pray so Colossi cannot pray until McGruff comes unless there were two ASVAB which is Allah debate over something you pray for a reason you enter the masjid and unit pray Dorka before that, that time after so colossal enter mode is very special. That's why in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says there should be soon at home I'm in bed to select for you see man he Billahi intertap tomb after Salat al Assad in this verse, sorcerer Bacara absolute austere, you bring the witness and you ask them about the will and what did the person said in his work if he didn't leave a right and well or there is no witness you bring people

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who make a claim about somebody's Well, after salata Lhasa, they make an oath by Allah that will that what he said that what he meant? Why after saw the answer, because how does a man who fathered you couldn't feel Kevin Herma This is a very special time. And lying during this time is pretty severe is like at treasure time at the Lay little cuddle. And it's like a special place to lie while you're Maccha to lie in front of the camera that's more severe of a sin, because it's very special time. So Allah also in itself is a very special time. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that's why Allah subhana wa Taala have made that oath with that particular time, many, many of us are sort of

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comes and most of comes and we never realize how valuable that time is. That's the time of dhikr that's the time of dua that's the time of freedom Quran that's the time of sadaqa because it's a very special time during the day.

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And I'm not going to go into when the beginning of the solitaire answer start you know, basically and when it is end, as you know, the Jim Ward the Maliki and Shafi and the Hanna Barbera they will say select that muscle it should be started early in the beginning when the little shaky can lay when the shadow of one thing is to equal versus the enough who said the prefer to delay Arsal and amalickiah has a madhhab which is interesting in Medicare yet own is still bapta salata Lhasa lil Jana Atul Kabira any any mustard like your master the big size mustard they said you strike it is recommended for them to delay us of prayer. Why they said I had aged me ins until people gathered

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but then a small Messiah didn't know they should pray also in the beginning of the time, but that's not the point here. The point here that no doubt Nabi SallAllahu sallam was reported and him and most is actually saw Salam that he pray also in the beginning of the time, but regardless, the third opinion among the Fatah out of history will last it means Salah to Lhasa, not the time of Asad. salata, Ross, the time of Asada start from the beginning until the end, that time which is from the beginning of SoTL answer when the shadow of something is double until McGraw, the beginning of it up to a year after that Joanna's then after that closer tomorrow is Cara highly dislike, but salata

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acid is the third opinion why don't want to get even Ambus salata acid is so important and so valuable, that's why Allah made an oath with it. And unfortunately a lot of the time we miss a lot and also we come late, we are tired, we don't really pay it on time. We don't pay attention to it. And salata, Lhasa is a very special Salah in Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam said, Len, nearly Jana will not enter Hellfire Rajon Salah Pablo Roby Shamcey and it also what Pablo Kulu Fajr those who pray Arsal and feta will not enter Hellfire for Sahara and maybe some sediment solid Bourdain. Dahal Jenna l Bourdain, Lana taproot V Hill Joe whoever pray the to Salah for about a day and that when

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that when the day is like cool which is feathered and also will not enter sorry will enter Jenna in Nabi SallAllahu sallam said your Tao baboon if you commit are eager to be Laylee when na Allahu Akbar. See how valuable so colossal Allah listen down every day, angels to write and to witness and to be there with you to witness your deeds during the daytime and during the nighttime. The one who responsible for the night the descend at us of time, and the one who responsible for the day ascend at us of time, but before they leave the witness as of Salah, and before the new one start the witness as of Salah. So whatever angels assigned for this neighborhood, they will be insulated acid,

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attending and witnessing

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Yeah, Josie Rahim Allah

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when I live in Hickmott Allah He and Jana mana Eckert and Yvonne in saloon Illa salata Lhasa, Lee bionic man Zilla to me Nina indelibly him it's one of the wisdom that Allah and since these great creation of his just to be here and Salah to Lhasa does to show you the value of those who praying ASAN Jamar those who praying us are in the masjid and praying Fajr that's only in select an answer and this is very special. Happy though I know Salatu was Salam till gustar

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care for the Salah is specifically a Salah Tolosa and in Nebby salsa let me explain what Sultan pasta is he said it is Salam Al Asad. There is so many a hadith talk about the value of Salah colossal, so make sure that you care for it. When you pray it, have that understanding that you're doing and one of the most important Salah during the day. And that's something that Allah subhanaw taala have made an oath with it. Another any opinion was said about Allah Azza

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which is very interesting. And also people who are a scissor man. McLachlan bells a man who can

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It was said I'll also it means your lifespan. So if Allah subhanaw taala made, you know you live 60 years 50 years, Allah made an oath with that specific time of yours.

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Would that make you reflect upon philosophy, I gotta make an oath with the time that he allowed you to live in this dunya

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make it worthwhile, worthwhile. Make it worth it. Make sure that took advantage of it. Allah give you something so valuable. Every breath you take, have a value. Every breath every moment you live has a value.

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Every moment counts in your life.

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And what counts is not the number of days in your life. Know what counts what you do in these days.

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How you take advantage of it. The last opinion just to make it I needed to end up with otherwise I think there's two more but I will end with one oh man and Jamil didn't call button was serene, in a set of palwal Assad, who at least says a man cool in Sun Belt who will Maqsood be Ramon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Al Assad is the time of the prophets Allah

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the time that the process of them lived and Allah making an offer that

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what that means to us today.

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It means to us that we should study that period of time that the prophets of salaam lived in this dunya make us pay attention to the importance of this era of the prophets of Allah to the life of the Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his days and nights and what he did during this time. That's the most important time in history of humanity. And there is no one's life was documented, like the prophets are solid, even in modern days with all the technology that we have. And you hear about how the White House document everything about the president blah blah blah. You know what there is no one ever live was documented, like the process even in Ibiza Salam when he walks inside his house

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and open his door or move the curtain walk into his private life. It was documented to us had tenifer Suhana

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kind of sauce on them yum for you than I had done ever. So even the way he breathed when he's sleeping, it was documented.

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Even the way he breathed when he is seen as a supplement was documented for us. It's unbelievable. I'm very interesting.

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And in Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam Sera. Your poll had been said Robin said for Pat Falconer new Alamo, Allah Danna, Maha Xia Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come Hakuna no Ali Mohammed Surah terminal Quran. The tambourine the successor used to teach the children about the prophets or salams life, about the big things that happened during the process alums live the same way they teach them the surah from the Quran.

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Studying the seal of the prophets of Salaam is so important. And one of the evidence for that while also because Allah made an oath with that

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that's why Sierra is a such an important

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topic to be studied, to be reminded of to be explored on unhemmed Allah azza wa jal, I know you are blessed to have here, you need a lot of great scholars and among the people that the show he also has any classes and sirotkin Nabi SallAllahu Sallam that he did in Houston after blog attention, okay, that it is one of the oldest but one of the most many people remember it until today after years and years and years, you know, because the CFO of the prophets of Allah and he only was selling

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There's something so beautiful to study and a Syrah in my opinion, Quran and watch. Why because a lamb me Well Adam, Jaco Syrah and everyone benefit from it the scholars and the average Muslim read the Sierra and learn from it and connect to it like the Quran and the Sierra no matter how many times you read it, you still discover new things

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similar also to the Quran. May Allah subhanaw taala

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deem there is of no use to the Borel Quran warrantyfor abbiati Salah has sent them out and if you know Mohammed which is

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina demon quantity now I look on it that he was slowly being I was longing for fund he was on et now was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know, wonderful she

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wasn't for Shireen. I want to follow she is the one who tells one Billina one downside the party was all evening I was on.

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Wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen one Hatfield What the was that good enough.

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What's going on? Now I've done law hula

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