Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #27 Your Device Needs Pairing

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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as humans who are very social, we like to connect to others, we connect to others because it's being part is part of being who we are. We speak to others, we talk to others, we contact others. And that's part of who we are. And all alone gives us that opportunity as well to make sure that our individual reality is being paired. Our devices are being paired with the right people, that we are pairing to the correct people. It's much like when you're using a Bluetooth, you want your Bluetooth to be accessed by people or by devices that you know, and not by anyone. And so it's very important as we are towards the end of Ramadan. The one thing that we have to learn from Ramadan is that the

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environment around us is so important. And this is clear from the evidence of the Prophet salicylate Hadees. Because he used to be the most generous of people, but the most generous he was in Ramadan, when according to the Ibis when he used to meet Djibouti. So by being paired up with somebody who gives you that positivity and gives you that energy, you actually become more generous, you become a better person who brings out all the good in you. And I personally have experienced that when I hang out with people who are negative who don't behave well that influences me influences my character loses my outlook on life. And when I hang around with people who are well mannered people who have a

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good attitude, people who are serious, you know, they will also influence me in a in a way that is positive and serious. So make sure that you pair your device with those people who are important connect to those who are around you, your family, and choose your friends wisely because those are the people that will matter in sha Allah to Allah and especially as we are living Ramadan when we are left back to our own devices, take care, someone