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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of faith and the foundation for people to adhere to its commandments in Islam. They stress the importance of being clear in one's beliefs and not giving up on them. The segment highlights the importance of practicing Islam and avoiding evil behavior, while also emphasizing the need for everyone to be aware of the consequences of their actions and not to give up on sinning. The speakers also stress the importance of praying for Africa and avoiding conflict between the two countries.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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this is what the davon and as we said that the surah is a Madani surah and despite the fact that it is a Medina Shura, yet the topics of the surah

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live like the topics of the makansutra there are topics related to our creed our our data, our belief in Allah, Allah.

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And we mentioned that this surah started with what exalting the Lord Allah, Allah and making this vehicle for law, the law Allah, the One, okay for the one who owns everything in the heavens and earth, and the one who overpowers everything delivered. Then the surah continued to say that people will be

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the people are divided into Cofer, and believers. They were divided like this, from the day Allah, Allah, Allah created them. A modular, Allah knew who was cafard knew who will be captured and they knew who will be believed. And then this sort of continue to affirm that a lot. The learner is the one who created everything and the Lord is the one who shaped human beings, and he shaped them and the best fashion. And then the Sure, again, is confirming some of the main principles related to that are related to our data, which is what the knowledge, the comprehensive knowledge of Allah, Allah, Allah, that Allah Allah, Allah knows everything knows everything in the heavens knows

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everything on earth knows everything in our hearts and bliss. Unlike the Nevada then after that, or the surah after that said, haven't you heard about the news of the disbelievers before you they disbelieved? And they received the punishment of what they have done for the Obama him? Why because they used to reject the messages that have been sent to them, by the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah claiming that though they are just human beings like them, how can they believe in them? As a result, they have this belief and they have turned away from Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah Allahu Allah does not really need their email.

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Allah, Allah is Allah you and Allah, Allah, Allah is one even Hamid is all rich and is worthy of praise. Then Allah Allah Allah

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also is mentioning another important principle of EMA

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a very important principle of EMA and he mentioned it by responding to a claim by the disbelievers which means that this principle of faith is an essential principle of faith. If you deny it, then you are committing or you are disbelieving. Those who deny this principle is denying or dis believing in Allah, Allah, what is this principle? Or how Allah Allah mentioned this principle? If you know Arabic, you are going really to enjoy the way Allah dillo Allah mentioned it Zama Latina cafaro you bathroom is

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claimed the disbelievers yeah claim that the disbelievers zam zam means claimed or pretended, okay, it is a false claim. And in the Koran or in Arabic language, normally, zam zam is if you don't have to be is mentioned or attributed to telling lies or telling doubtful things or telling things without sound proof claims. So unlike the law that said zamyla Dena cafaro Yes. What did they claim that they are not going to be resurrected? Okay, then a la de la vida said to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a very strong language. Yeah. Oh Mohammed say to them with full confidence

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and be firm called Bella beach.

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To bathroom. Yes, say Mohammed or Mohammed say to them, Bella will be named,

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you will be certainly resurrected.

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And not only that you will be resurrected. And then you will be informed by what you use to do. So melatonin, una Bhima meltem. So, the first stage is what to be resurrected, then you'll be you'll be gathered together for what accountability in the accountability you will be presented before a law the law and you will be informed by everything that you have done. And then Allah Allah Allah says with any kind of law he has Yes. And this is very easy for a lot the learner It is not that difficult

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Yes, a lot a lot of stuff a little low not put any effort to resurrect you, but were there any cavalor he yes he

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now desire

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My dear respected brothers and sisters Okay. Let me mention this I create some questions. Let me mention that I after that, Allah Allah Allah said after that for me, no Villa he was rude, he said

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the letter

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it means as a consequence,

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as a consequence, believe in Allah and His Messenger firmino biller UI and also believe in a new

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the light believe in the light which light on the one light and no, but Allah de lo Allah describe it more by saying a naughty lady and then another light that we have sent down to you.

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And Allah Allah said, what was the matter? merona did he concluded this ayah by saying that Allah is all acquainted of what you do, or all our of what you do.

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Now, these two ayat if you think about it, Zama la Vina cafaro la raza,

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those who disbelieve, they claim that they are not going to be resurrected, okay, this is a natural thing.

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Because they this believed in a line the first place, they just believe in Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So how are they going to believe that they are going to be resurrected?

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Yes, okay. Now the answer to them a lot. They love Allah, here in this area. And to be honest with you, when I was reflecting upon this to it, I was thinking about this, how normally Allah Allah Allah presents a justification for the commandments for his commandments. He lays a foundation for people to adhere to His commandments and this is out of his

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out of his mouth.

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He doesn't say to us do something without giving us the groundwater we need to do this.

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Yeah, yeah, you already know Manu, coochie, COO, COO, COO, coo Machiavelli, Latina and publico, or you who believe what fasting was prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon previous nations. Here, what is the foundation for fasting?

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Is what a lot a lot I say, Do you have the denominator? So you already believe in Allah. Whatever Allah

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says to you, then you need to listen to it and obey Allah, Allah and whatever he is saying you because you believe in him. However, when a large Allah Allah says yeah, yohannes

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Allah Allahu Allah always gives any indication that there is a justification for listening to the commandments of Allah, Allah Allah. For example, when Allah Jalla Allah says, Yeah,

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What did he say after that Allah, Allah, Allah in the Quran, Allah contactable. All people all mankind.

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So if someone were to come and say, why do we need to worship? This Lord? Allah, Allah, Allah said, Rob, first of all, you know that he is your Lord Buddha, but not only that, you need to worship Him because He is the one who created you.

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Is it

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Clear. Now there are some is that the justification might not be as clear. matalin Yeah, you are not

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interrupting me, sir. Yeah, you are not

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a couple of Bakula. The hakomi nuptse. wahida wahala. Amina odawa. Semin humare, Jalan Katia Juan

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de de Luna Viva La. In LA Cana la Cooperativa again, this

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is a double bottom, what

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the hell apoco

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Yes, mean nothing wider. So, a larger law also mentioned that the justification which is what that he created you from one soul, and he created its spouse from the same soul. So, also there is an indication for what or a justification, why you need to listen to this commandment and so on. There are some in which the justification is clear and some justification is not clear, but normally the justification is clear here, what is the justification to what to believe in Allah and His messenger? There are Liliana cafaro Paula yoga So, first of all to two questions. javelina cover one, they said that they will not be resurrected, then Allah Allah Allah say to Mohammed Salah law

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is Allah say to them well be that

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Samaritan Is this enough to establish the hook upon them?

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about Allah Allah did not get did not provide them with any logical proof that they are going to be resurrected. Is it clear? Is that question clear? Yeah. So Allah Allah Allah

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said to my Amazon seller, only he said to him only called Bella Bella Tabatha, will this be enough to establish upon them that the Prophet said to him to them, that you will be resurrected by Allah, you will be resurrected?

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I was thinking about this, and I found the answer in Razi, he said, because they know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was what a genuine Prophet, and they know, they knew that he used to believe strongly in his Lord. So if he were to say something, they wouldn't internally they wouldn't oppose what he is saying to them. All. Bella Bella Tabasco, nah, yeah.

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Is it clear? And because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has never told any lie, they know him, and they know how that he believes strongly in a larger Nevada, so his oath will be enough to establish the hedger upon them. However, this is not the hook of resurrection, the only

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about resurrection in the Quran. In the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah mentioned the number of evidences regarding work regarding resurrection. Yeah.

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When Allah de la vida mentioned, for example, the earth when allegedly since the rain, and then the plants start growing up here. This is the example that I mentioned it frequently in the Apple App. And

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again, the example of,

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of the bones, yeah, of the bones, and who would you call?

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crush the bones? And he said, Who is going to resurrect this seomra crushing it? So Allah, Allah, Allah says to him, but who created them in the first place? Who created them in the first place? You thought of who is going to resurrect them, but why didn't you ask yourself who created them in the first place? This is another main hoodia or evidence regarding resurrection. Anyway, I hope that the answer is clear here. jameela Dina tafawa, a vessel called Bella Bella to belzona Samantha tuna, Middleton with avocado ma Here she is. And here as we are mentioning this, my dear respected brothers and sisters, we need to learn that whenever we give answers regarding the main premise

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It's often said that we should give confident answers or answers with full confidence. Yeah. Never give any answers regarding any principles of Islam, why am I shaking? Is 4am the truth? Do you believe in it? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, there is no mistake in the Quran Not at all. Maybe there is a mistake in the Quran? Not at all. Are you fully confident more than confident? This should be our discourse regarding the principles that Allah Allah Allah revealed to us without just saying, Yeah, I believe is there any possibility of any mistake in the Quran? Well, we believe we believe that there is no mistake No, you should not just say we believe Yeah, in this language. No,

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there is no there is no not we believe you believe you are free to believe whatever you want and we are free to believe whatever we want. No, you believe is your belief is wrong. There is no mistake and

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are we going to be resurrected? Yes, we are going to be resurrected by Allah, we are going to be resurrected Are we going to be held accountable for whatever we used to do yes, by Allah we are going to be held accountable for whatever we used to do. And if you survey the four iron you will see that the Koran is always teaching us to provide a full

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to provide answers with full confidence. And scholar said some scholars say that there are three paths in the program

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like this, the first one is in sort of

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in Surah Tunis

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where stem the owner a helpful

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Yeah, they are asking you is the Quran help? Yeah, for his resurrection help.

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He will be in

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Yeah, this news.

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Look at this language will he be in? Yes, it is the truth. Yeah.

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Also in the other one, inshallah. sever.

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inshallah chyba

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What is it inshallah silver?

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coulda woulda been.

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Anyway, the second one is solid silver. I forgot the idea. Yeah. And this is the third one. Okay. Then Elijah Nevada. Said for me No. Billa he was really it is a clear one naughty lady. And then what is a normal lady Angela?

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It is. All of a sudden said that. It is what? The Quran Allah Allah Allah called. As what a no. And they said that this is one of the names of the peran which is what I know and hear Allah said, um, you know, Villa, he was really he was naughty. He didn't say fam you know belay was really one oh D

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Yes. What would he know? He said one note Isla De Anza law. They said this is more than more profound that when he he Okay, when would he because one note Isla De Anza is as if a Nora lavandula is more comprehensive. And it is known and it is covering everyone. And it has been revealed by Allah de la vida. And as you know that our model of Allah called output in, in in Sora. Any set Yeah, you wanna you wanna so? Yeah, you gotta get como ella to never become Aria un. So.

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Yeah, so Khadija como Han Mira become one zelina la comme new Oran Medina. Yeah you and as for the akun party, Dr. Kumar ever to become one zelina la comb neuron Medina and we have revealed to you what, Nolan Medina and Elijah Nevada also says, bla bla

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bla key tab and then no, either you can lead to freedom NASA mean of humanity in a new

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This is the book that we have revealed to you in order to take people out of the darkness to the light. So the Koran is what light because it takes people from what from darkness to light. And why the law Allah says woman Lamia, jalila, hula hula, Fernanda who may know if Allah Allah Allah did not give anyone knew then he will have no law in his life and we have I believe that we have mentioned or we have spoken about alcohol and as it is alive,

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just the conclusion or four or the summary of what we have mentioned. Please My dear respected brothers and sisters let us take this word literally. Which means that if I do not have power and I do not have life

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just as simple as this

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if I don't have an I don't have light

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if I don't have an eye you will be living in dark darkness

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in the dunya and in

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the Quran is light in the dunya and it is light in the aphylla Yes, what booty verbena home Be sure in the bath in ofI Rama wha hoo mentally and other Yuna Duna home and the modular Allah mentioned the story then Allah, Allah Allah said to them, the Love Guru Ah come to me soon.

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Yeah, go live. Yeah. Go live as you used to live and you might have no take the rule from the time that you used to live you did not take no, from before. So now you will cross the Sahara, you will cross that stages of the Day of Resurrection in darkness. So you bear the consequences of what you used to do. That's why my dad respected the brothers and sisters, if we really need if we really want to live in life in this dunya and benefit from this light in that era which is the key thing. We should stick to the book of Allah, Allah Allah And moreover, the light increases and decreases. Yes, along normal Senato masanori he can be scanned in Vietnamese

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visa yada yada to Coco Rio for dementia Giacomo Baraka tuna Malaysia created what are your cat? aka do they to how you lead? Well, I'm Tom Setsuna. They said because of that strength or the power of the light in that Pew oil,

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it is about to light and others even if it is not get any fire if it is not burned. Your car do say to her you will do well over them come sooner. So the light decreases and increases and the hikma that Allah Allah has given to people differs from one person to another person based on what based on the attachment of the person to the book of Allah Delilah. And as you know pain Rahim Allah tada said about the ayah

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Lima suhu 11 mapa Harun Yes, he said, this can be as a reflection on this area, not the meaning of this ayah that this book of Allah Allah Allah will not be

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touched, except by the mocha Harun, he said by the purified Yeah, he said, according to the level of your purity, or according to the purity of your heart, you will be able to benefit from the Koran and the one who does not have pure heart He will not benefit that much from the poor. And so the light of the poor, although it is the greatest glide, but it differs in the hearts of the people based on the purity of the hearts of those people. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to purify our hearts, in order to make the light of the Quran, the light of Allah, Allah Allah, as much as it can be for as big as it can be. family will be

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really lovely and then one lock will be not enough for the as I said before, a lot will be met a man who never said he said here

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Allah Nevada is all aware of what you do, how much you believe in Allah, how much you submitted to Allah how much you submitted to His Messenger Allah delana is all of what you do. Then Allah Allah Allah says, yo maya generic form Leo means yummy. AKA yo moto. This is a very strong, my dear respected brothers and sisters, and we need really to reflect upon this idea and to repeat this, Yo Mama, big metal comb, Leah will Gemma Yama means the day that in which Allah Allah Allah is going to guide them you gather you means either God or the whole mankind in one place, or God, the human being itself after the human being dissolves, yeah, and only the tail, the bone tail that remains

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from him and his body just disappeared, Allah, Allah will be able to gather the person and re form the person. This is another interpretation although most of them have a city according to the first meaning, which is that Allah Allah Allah is going to gather all of you together on one piece of land plane, now that he came home with them.

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Some other scholars said on there today, ally de la vida will gather the king with what with the slave, the pool with very the oppressor with the one who whom he oppressed, the one who has taken right so from others from home, he has taken rights from and it will be full of embarrassment for anyone. Imagine, imagine a person maybe 20 years ago you have oppressed or you have taken maybe one pound unlawfully from him or from her and all of a sudden on the Day of Resurrection you will be face to face to him. And at that today he will not ask you to return his one pound he will ask you to take from your has an ad so that he can win Gemma, this is what the some sort of said on that

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today everyone will be gathered with the people whom he doesn't like to meet and the people whom he likes to meet, that he can win. That Danica also there today is

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surely your manager Malcolm Yeomans, Jamie Valley cow that is the day of the boon what is the Robin is as they translated here the mutual loss and gain. What does mutual loss and gain it means that some people will be losing and some people will be what will be gaining? Some scholars said why Allah Allah Allah called it Danica taraba It doesn't mean because the people of Ghana has not cheated the people of the fire of hell. They have not cheated them to say that daddy kaoma taba so why Allah Allah Allah said this.

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Then they say that Allah Allah Allah say that is because according to some scholars, the people allegedly created the gender for everyone. Yes. And the larger Lo, Allah gave the agenda that was created for the disbelievers, he will give it to what to the believers, so that this believers will look and will say, Subhana Allah we are so stupid, this would have been given to us and now it has been given to what? To the believers. Yes. And they say because on in the grave, Allah Allah Allah or the Prophet sallallaahu salam in one of the Hadith say that once the person is placed in the grave, two doors will be open to him wonder if he was among the people of gender, they will look

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they will say to him, the angels will say to him, Look, on your left, what is what do you see the Hellfire and they said that would be your place. Have you this believed in Allah, Allah, Allah and he will be horrified. Then they will open for him the other door which is the agenda and they said, leave this and you will be put into that place. So the person will be so happy and he will say your Allah up and let the Day of Resurrection to take place because I want to go

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to that place, on the other hand, that this river, they will all open for him, that gate to paradise and they will say to him in order for him to regret, deeply regret and deep regret, which is a psychological torture is more than the physical torture, they will say to him, Look, this is, this was your place, had you believed in Allah, Allah, Allah, and he will see the agenda and what Allah Allah Allah prepared in general, and he will say, Oh, this will be my place, I believe. And then they will say, forget it. This will be your place and they will open a gate to the hellfire. And they will tell him that this will be your final abode. This will be what your final destination and

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then he will be horrified. And then he will say your Allah led to the Messiah or Allah don't stop the Day of Resurrection because he knows that this will be his final destination. Alexander Allah says in the Quran, and if

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you are an immobile Obama Yeah. What do Levine kuffaar Oh, no. muslimeen

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Obama Latina. cafaro No, Can you see me? They said that many times it will happen that the kuffaar the disbelievers, they will regret that they will. They were this believing in Allah, Allah, they were this believing in the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will regret this. And they will say, Oh, we wish if we were believers, we wish if we were believers, and this is a call. This is a call from the bottom of my heart for all the disbelievers. They know that Allah is the truth. They know that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the truth. They know that Islam is the truth. And we need to say to them clearly to all this believers, this believers, let me be honest to

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all non Muslims, if you die on anything other than Islam, other than submitting to Allah, Allah, you will be sent to the fire of hell and you will be dwelling there for ever you will need you will never be taken out of the fire of hell. So believe in Allah before you are going to regret before you are going to be burned in the fire of hell for ever. And if you just believe in what we say, we say to you read the Quran and the check whether the Quran is telling the truth or not. If you read the Quran and distill you disbelieve in it, it means that you are really a disbeliever and you deserve what the Creator is going to do with you. And when you regret we are going to meet one day,

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one day has Allah Allah Allah says yo maya Jamal can Leonel Gemma when he got us all together, we will meet and we will see at that time, we will see what will happen to you and what will happen to those who believe in Allah, Allah. We also they say these statements and warnings. We save too. We say these warnings to those Muslims who have opera stated by mocking the dino from Ludhiana or rejecting some of the Islamic principles or they mocked the Muslims because they were believing in Allah gelada It doesn't matter whether you claim that you are Muslims, you are pious, or you are praying or you believe in Allah, Allah Allah. If you mock the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah or any

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principle, any Islamic practice any Islamic principle, knowing that this is an Islamic principle you have left the fold of Islam and you will be treated on the Day of Resurrection as a disbeliever and you will be punished in the fire of hell. You will be dwelling into the fire of hell. So repent to Allah Allah Allah, no one will help you will lie if we gather the whole mankind to help you they will never help you just to depend to Allah Delilah many of those around us in Britain. We know them all of you know them. They are some of the young people think that they are intellectuals. They are intelligent people. They are doing a favor for the British government. They are doing favor for the

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western people they are doing these things we say to them, go back to yourself and check one day you will die

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And once you die, no one will help you that Queen will not help you in life it will not help you the home office will not help you all the disbelievers will not help you all the believers will not help you, young Malaysians don't wanna know no one will help anyone else. No one will help anyone else. If you disbelieve in what we say. Then Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, Allah wa de la luna Luna Burnaby momento modelica. Allah is here, by Allah, we all are going to be resurrected, we are all going to be informed of what we used to do. And this is very easy. And then Allah, Allah, Allah will take the people who used to believe in Him to paradise and will take the people who used to do

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this believe in Him in the day to the fire of hell, Allah, Allah, Allah confirm this again, this firm, he said, in the day of the mutual loss and game, what will happen, what may you mean below

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him, you can run who say, he want you to feel within that integrity mentality and our quality and

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our the those who believed in Allah, and they have done good deeds, not just claimed that they believed in Allah, Allah know, they used to believe in a logical order, and they were doing good deeds. First thing, out of the mercy of Allah, Allah Allah is what Allah, Allah Allah will expiate that since Allah, Allah Allah will remove that since this is the first favor. And as some scholars said, that if we receive in Ghana, sorry if we receive if we did not receive Ghana, on the Day of Resurrection, but we were saved from the fire of hell, this is more than enough for us but out of a larger levada that Allah de la vida will save believers from the fire of hell. And not only that,

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but he will admit them to Jenna. So that's why Allah Allah, Allah always when he promises believers, he will say that he will expiate or remove or wipe out their sins. And here and the similar is some sort of said, look at this, Allah, Allah said, woman, you mean Billa

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you can feel and who say it which means that it may be that those who believed in Allah and do good deeds, it doesn't mean that they did not do anything.

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Because Allah Allah, Allah said one

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What about the since he did not mention that they were doing since But definitely, they will be doing since. And here is a remote is a console By Allah, Allah. Allah said don't worry. Don't worry, as if he is saying oh you know that you will do since the main thing is believe in me believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and do righteous deeds. Yeah. submit to Him sincerely. Try your best. And Allah, Allah, Allah will forgive your sins. Don't worry, this is the first thing Allah Allah will give you, which is a hope. I hope so. panela when people commit sins, yeah. And around us, there are many people commit sins. Maybe I have told you about a brother one time that I have met in the in the

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previous messages. And he said to me, that

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he said to me that he committed Zina for the first time. And then he said, he repented then he permitted second time, then he committed it third time. Then after some time, he said Oh, forget about repentance, because you are going to what? To continue to continue doing it. Xena, Xena, Xena and he said just forget about it. And I am living with with women, some of them prostitute some of them girlfriends. I live with them for some time, and then just leave them and this is all is my life like this. And so what do you advise me? I said to panela What do you think? What do you think? If you don't repent? If you don't repent? There is no hope. But if you repent, there is hope.

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If you repent, there is hope. If you don't repent, there is no hope. So what do you think? What should you do to have some hope? Or to have no hope? He said, Of course to have some hope. I said, Yes. He said what about what about if I do

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Again, I said, if you do it again, repent again, repent again and be sincere. And then I told him that it seems that you don't pray. He said, I don't pray. He said, I said, this is the problem. So even if you are doing it, I'm not saying that it is do it, that step for a lot of them. This is a grave sin. I said, but even if you are doing it, don't leave Salah may be one time because of Salah Allah will help you to to stop this grave sin. And this is what we say to all sinners. And this is what you need to say my dear respected brothers and sisters to all sinners. Don't think that all sinners are really even people, including kofod don't think that all of them are evil people I met

00:40:48--> 00:41:42

and I'm sure that you have met so many sinners who want to repent to Allah, Allah Allah, but either they feel embarrassed to depend or because of the people around them they are unable to depend or because they are just delaying Toba tomorrow, later on later on. And in many of them internally, they want to depend but they want someone to what to help them. And we say that be the people to help them. Yes, be the people to help them because it is not in our favor. To see that Allah know Allah is being disobeyed in his in his demeanor. It is not in our favor to see that there are believers who are going to go to hellfire. They are at the end of the day. They are our brothers,

00:41:42--> 00:42:41

our sisters, our relatives, our extended families, or the end of the day. They are our brothers in Islam, so we would like them to be guided. And that's why again, it is another call for any sinner. Don't ever, don't ever give up that Allah Allah Allah will forgive you, Allah. Allah will forgive anyone, anyone, provided that he goes to Allah, Allah Allah, before he dies. Allah Allah Allah will forgive any the most evil person on earth. If that evil person turns to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will accept him and the law, the law, Allah will endorse him and Allah Allah Allah will forgive him and Elijah Lo, Allah will admit him to paradise. So if Allah Allah Allah says Allah iva

00:42:41--> 00:42:42

de la Vina

00:42:43--> 00:42:52

la tapa, Conoco Mira McCullough in Nova Nova Jamia, oh, my slaves who have committed a lot of sense as

00:42:53--> 00:43:31

foreseen, don't despair, don't to lose hope because Allah Allah, Allah forgives all sins, as you know, in the main revelation, or the main reason for this ayah is that a group of people came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that they killed them. They killed the law. They committed Zina, and they committed Zina a lot. They were stealing and they were doing it a lot and they were doing all evil, since they said to the prophet SAW Selim, will Allah accept us if we repent, then Allah, Allah revealed this immediately by the lady in Sri

00:43:32--> 00:44:13

Lanka, Nepal, Mattila. And here as we mentioned, this might be restricted to brothers and sisters, although we are diverting, we always say, to be careful, they nonpracticing people, they need data from us. Yeah, don't be harsh to them. Try to be nice as much as you can. Many of them have negative ideas about Islam, about practicing people, and so on. You need to change that idea. be lenient to them, be nice to them, not because you are weak, not because you are, you don't feel angry when you see the

00:44:15--> 00:44:37

the commandments of Allah de la are being violated No, because you want them to adhere to the commandments of Allah de la vida. So try to be nice, try to give them data in different ways, not directly and directly in different ways. They try to do this they have rights of us.

00:44:38--> 00:44:59

Unlike the Nevada said, After that, one Latina cafaro can double the dinner or the Eagles have nadie hardy Dena Thea or mercy. Again, as we said in the beginning of the ayah of the surah, Allah Allah Allah said who Allah they follow for confirming confirming the moment he created you among you, there will be

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

So far among you, there will be believers or among you, there will be far among you there were believers, Allah gelada here mentioned that on the Day of Resurrection, people will be divided into two parties, parties that have lost parties that have won. And among those who want are the believers and those who lost or a lady in a tougher worker, that will be it. Now, those who disbelieve in those who disbelieve

00:45:32--> 00:45:45

rejected our signs, they will be dwelling in the fire of hell. And what what about destination or what is was destination, then this.

00:45:47--> 00:46:03

I would like to mention it in in, I think, you know, to be about your metabo when they said that there will be three people who are deceived on the Day of Resurrection, or as if they're deceived on the Day of Resurrection. When I read it while I was

00:46:04--> 00:46:20

really amazed. They said a person who knew a lot of knowledge, he did not benefit from the knowledge but he passes knowledge to others. So on the Day of Resurrection, those who benefited from his knowledge will be saved and he will not be saved.

00:46:23--> 00:46:32

This is one SubhanAllah. Then the second person is another person who collected a lot of money. He did harm to collect the money.

00:46:34--> 00:47:01

And he died, he left the money to his legal earth to his children. They took the money in the hell away they spend it for the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah on the Day of Resurrection, he will be punished by this money that he acquired by Iran, and they will be rewarded by the money that he acquired in a haram way because they acquired it in a hidden way. Subhan Allah, yes. And the third one is

00:47:02--> 00:47:14

his master and his slave. The Master, he thought that he is a slave is because he is a slave and devastated person, that he is losing. So the slave will,

00:47:16--> 00:47:51

will fulfill the rights of his master, and will fulfill the right to follow the law. And his master will be deceived thinking that he is the master, he is the rich, and he is so on so so on the Day of Resurrection, he will look at his slave, the slave will go to Paradise, and the master will go to hellfire. So the master will wish if he was in the place of his slave, and the slave will look and they smile at his master. And He will say to him, you lost it. So panela. So this is really a very powerful example given I think, by

00:47:53--> 00:48:34

adversity or by some of the tabbing about Yom turabian. And this is really a very, very strong warning that if you have knowledge, you should be the first person to what to act upon your knowledge or to feel regret that you don't act upon your knowledge by not saying that don't acquire knowledge, but acquire knowledge and try your best to practice it. If you don't practice it. Don't pretend that you are doing or you are practicing what you know, okay then a large segment of me will see that in 1111, a human biller he

00:48:35--> 00:48:49

will law will be cliche in a limb, there is no calamity that befalls any one for that default endeavor. masaba masaba Yes, there is no calamity befalls,

00:48:51--> 00:49:10

in general, on anyone on Earth, of course, someone will be affected by that masiva except, except by the will of Allah, Allah Allah, by the decision by the decree by the father of Allah de la vida.

00:49:11--> 00:49:54

And this is a clear we mentioned this morning just because of time maybe we don't need to dwell into this. We mentioned it that Allah Allah knew everything under water, love, Allah decreed everything. And in order just to understand that further, Allah Allah Allah gave a free will, a level of free will to human beings. So they have this freedom to commit certain things to do certain things. However, out of their will, Allah Allah Allah wills certain things on them certain calamities before them. Yeah, they have no hand in those calamities you are walking them

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

just crushed into you, you died. Okay, this is almost evil or you lost

00:50:01--> 00:50:52

You lost one of your senses or you lost part of your body. This is almost Eva. You have no hand in that. masiva Yeah, this can happen. This is part of the Divine Decree, that these things happen by the window from la de la Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah decreed them on you, you have no choice, but the other things that you have permitted by yourself. They did not happen out of the will of Allah, Allah Allah, but Allah, Allah, Allah did not force them on you, they are left to your free well You are the one who decided to do them. So there are things that I have decided for you there are things that you decide for yourselves within the will of Allah de la vida, here, it is talking about what

00:50:53--> 00:51:06

what have been decided on you forced on you, which is the calamities and other things, but here is talking it is talking about the calamities, then there are very profound

00:51:07--> 00:51:16

statement that we really need to remember my dear respected brothers and sisters, which is what what may you mean Billa he

00:51:19--> 00:51:33

let us remember this, I mean, you mean Billa he, you're the one who submits to Allah believes in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah de lo Allah will guide his heart.

00:51:36--> 00:52:29

And just to explain it briefly, it is like a circle. You should start by submitting to Allah, Allah will give you more email. This more Eman that He has given you. You will act upon it. Then Allah de la vida will give you more so it is a circle. You push your Eman EMA will give you more email and so on. It is a circle. It is a circle continuous circle and the circle is getting the better. You start by praying to Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah will make you love salah and will facilitate Salah for you. Next time you will pray for Africa. Once you pray for can you get used to it a larger Nevada as a result of what you have done for him, Allah Allah Allah will like you more and will make you like

00:52:29--> 00:53:09

to pray more. So the four Raka will lead to will lead to six Raka and, and more. Same thing. You start by remembering Allah, Allah Allah, yeah, make this video of Allah Allah Allah or Mexico from la de la Allah little bit. If Allah Allah Allah says that you are doing good sincerely from your heart, Allah Allah, Allah will like you more and the light deliver Allah will like to place his remembrance on your tongue, you will increase it and so on. Same thing with fasting, same thing with anything. Here, the scholar said that here this is specifically

00:53:10--> 00:53:46

talks about calamities, if you believe in a larger lawanna when a calamity befalls on you, what will happen to you, you will immediately remember that it is from Allah, Allah Allah and you will feel what you will feel tranquility, you will have tranquility, that all this has been given by Allah and you will have peace, but if you do not believe in Allah, Allah Allah whenever a calamity happens to you, then you will start panicking and you will start even having

00:53:47--> 00:54:42

having bad feelings, bad feelings, ill feelings towards Allah, Allah, it means that you need to work more on your heart, because this condition has not been satisfied which is what will mean you mean Billa he, yeah. And this, we can dwell into this mid respect to the brothers and sisters more but I think we have any we need to stop here. But what I want to say my dear respect to the brothers and sisters, that all of us have to work on our hearts. Yes, and force ourselves to believe in Allah Allah Allah. No human beings is free for mistakes. No human being is free from sins. No human being is free from bad thoughts. The Sahaba had some bad thoughts, but what we need to do resist keep

00:54:42--> 00:54:59

resisting even if you fall one time, just move on. Wake up, move on. and carry on. Depends on what Delilah had bad thoughts kick him away and move on. make him fall and move on. Yes, force your heart.

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

To what to have in the law, what may you mean by law? If you don't do this, my dear respected brothers and sisters, Allah is just, it is very unlikely that if a person who is committing sins all of his life, yes, he will come one day and he will start What?

00:55:21--> 00:55:48

He will become a righteous person. This is unlikely to happen. Elijah Lo, Allah is just Well, I saw many of the elders. Yeah, I'm sure they check some of their elders, who are just waiting, counting their days to die. If they are not used to pray, go to them, try to convince them to pray. They might say that they are convinced to pray, but they come to pray.

00:55:51--> 00:56:36

Tried to check some of the elders, some of them that you are they they they mess around in domestic. I did it many times some of the elders, they come to the masjid and they stay in domestic. And you say to them that What are you doing? Just three Quran. And instead of just saying like this, some of the elders was in Saudi Arabia, some of the elders, they go to the masjid and they sit there for one hour. Just for one hour. Just sit there. I approach some of them. I said to them, Do you need Koran? Yeah. They said, yeah, we know how to the one hour you are just over 70 Yeah, and you are counting the days before you die.

00:56:38--> 00:56:42

So what do you do? What do you do you just lose your turn like this?

00:56:43--> 00:57:26

I said, Look, everyone is reading Quran or samo. Not everyone. Some people are reading Quran just treat like this. Like them? He said yes, yes is true is true. You go to the next day, and you will see them just to standing like this or sitting like this without reading for Subhana Allah, they cannot change overnight. They cannot change overnight. But the one who believed in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will facilitate for him, ways to do good deeds. That's why we always say, don't just stop from doing good deeds, because when you really need to do good deeds, Allah Allah, Allah will help you have to do good deeds, one of the hardest.

00:57:28--> 00:57:34

One of the scholars of the early generation, he used to make 40,000 tests

00:57:35--> 00:57:42

every day 40,000 tests when they died, they found that his fingers are moving like this.

00:57:44--> 00:58:18

And this was reported in many books. Why because the one who loved who used to love, good deed asserting good deed, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is hayyan Karim. Allah Allah structural was not even a legend. Oh ALLAH is more merciful to ourselves than ourselves than our mothers and our fathers. If Allah Allah Allah sees that you like to do a good deed, Allah, Allah will help you to die on that good deed that you use to do.

00:58:19--> 00:58:22

So that's why why may you mean biLlahi I do.

00:58:23--> 00:58:47

believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah will guide your heart and de la de la Allah will make you able to do good deeds. And as we always say, My dear respected brothers and sisters, if you find that there are the good deeds in general, are difficult for you to check your heart and you will see that your heart has a problem.

00:58:49--> 00:59:27

Maybe some deeds might be difficult for the person, but Salah is difficult. Fasting is difficult. reading Quran is difficult, and everyday is difficult. Yeah, not one time. And the other time is easy. If they are difficult and you are barely able to pray five times a day you are barely able to fast Ramadan and everything other than that is difficult. Then you check your heart to check your heart, you will certainly find that there is a problem in your heart, you did not satisfy this condition which is what will make you remember he

00:59:29--> 01:00:00

will be conditionally Allah delana is all aware of everything Allah Allah is all Knower of everything. I asked Allah to guide us and I ask Allah, Allah to make us among those who love Him and ask Allah, Allah to make us among those who love the good deeds. And I asked Allah, Allah to make our hearts pure for him. And I asked Allah Allah Allah to fish

01:00:00--> 01:00:13

Our hearts and to peel our hearts from loving anyone other than him from fearing anyone other than him was sort of the lowest erotic identity in him. While he was a big man