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AI: Summary © The conversation covers three different topics: finding the right person for oneself, seeking out mentors, and building a resume. It is emphasized that following people who have already created their own successful careers is crucial to achieving these goals. The "monster" phase is emphasized as a way to find a mentor and build a resume. It is also emphasized that seeking help during the pandemic and building a resume are essentials to succeed.
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Santa Monica Welcome to live in a Catherine thank you for tuning in.

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We will get started in sha Allah Tala in five minutes or when we reach 100 People whichever comes first feel free to say Sam where you from and answer the fun poll the fun poll feel free to say salaam where you from an answer the fun poll

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we will get started in a few

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few moments

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Chiemsee Arctic Messina phosphatic was set out Sadam Walmart and liberal Liverpool attic Muslim Abu Abdullah, a Santa Monica live at a capital

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we will get started in five minutes or if the number hits 100 whichever comes first. Let's see what happens. Will we hit 100? Or will we wait five minutes?

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Neural in Malaysia I think Muslim Samiha in England Weligama Saddam Hawa in Nigeria thanks for tuning in everyday how like Muslim Sahara in Pakistan, I think Mr. Nam

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Zahra. In our concern we are two zeros back to back by surfaces where's the fun poll? Fun poll is in the text. So if you are offered, this is the fun poll. If you are offered either a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, which would you choose? You're offering either a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, which would you choose?

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That's the fun poll.

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Ah, we got two for chocolate one for chips. Kimmy, Georgina? Alec are a Rubino attic Muslim Shanaze

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Hmm How many in California Alec Messina.

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Ali Malik Muslim. Imam Hassan says I'd like both I know somebody was gonna say they'd want both. But I said only one can have both there's other people

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gotta share chips both Oh, so we got I thought chocolate would win for sure. We actually have a good

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good followers of crisps.

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chips chocolate. I'd say it's 5050 so far.

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Hamid Noman says choco Muhammad Ahmed says choco

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mo hemo boss welcome Sam. Luna says charcoal some more coming in for charcoal No sweat in North Carolina and it goes on charcoal. He says chips

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and I says chocolate. I have a I think you may have heard me one of my other sessions where I said I don't like chocolate. I would actually probably choose the chips but I don't know maybe I choose chocolate. But I found that

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for my statement is just because I don't like chocolate doesn't hurt chocolate. The sales of chocolate are doing great. So just because somebody doesn't like you. Doesn't matter somebody else will like you. Hey, Zurich, we got ice MLPs and Juju. Zuzu or Juju Juju.

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Like Mr. Graham.

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Says should try Butler's chocolate from Ireland. Maryam Okay, the chocolate fiends have shown up

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Swiss chocolates made in China, Hamid Ahmed in Kashmir Arctic Muslim

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she shouting fire running from Assam.

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Come on if we hit 100 We'll start early. It said 75 now and there's two minutes left.

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We will get started if we hit 100 or if we reach the top of the hour chips. The fun poll. Oh man, I think we're gonna hit 100 Before we hit it

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going to set ms mat and there was somebody from

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from Libya. Aisha in Minnesota welcome. Aisha

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abroad. There you go. First person to pronounce it properly

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we will start at the top of the hour or if we hit 100 Yesterday we hit a 101st This is a young man I'll just wrap my head around and behind and see how I like my sedan

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she Dalek Mr. Ram Hi, do you Alec Mr. Ram.

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As you know as my as I said, I don't think the UK people should be allowed to vote because I think chocolate will win 10 times out of 10 in that poll. crisps, thank you. The Christmas people are showing up again to challenge the chocolate themes.

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Alright, we've hit the top of the hour let's get started.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, while Elio Sabine Malala, Mr. Bhatt.

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So in the previous days, we've been talking about the story of Jubilee rallies around with the prophets of Allah as Adam. And when the prophets of Allah sent him was in that isolation up in the cave, and he received the revelation. There are certain things that happen. It's a very well known story, and I'm sure you know, very,

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that, you know, he came home he was scared he, he told them to wrap him up in a blanket and I gave a, I gave one of our daily huddles on that. The next thing that we spoke about was, he spoke out loud, his fear so speaking out loud, not keeping it to yourself. So that was another daily huddle that we did. The third one that we spoke about was that surah and this was yesterday. Yeah, humans Emiliana death Fair, where Allah subhanaw taala said the next thing would be home would be stand up Stand up home for under common Lele Allah kalila. So today,

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we're going to be speaking about we're going to continue the story on what's happening in it. So a digital the Lohana in this in this situation.

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When the prophets of the lysosome said that she to an NFC I feared for my life. Khadija the Lord has instant response to the prophets that allottee setup is what we're going to talk about today. She said to him, Kela zyk Allah, you know, it's really beautiful. I actually looked up the Arabic for this, in in Saheba hottie and there's a word that doesn't get mentioned. Often it might be another narration that people are quoting, but there's one word insane Behati about the story of the revelation that I find to be so beautiful. So digital, the Allah horn has, so what we normally hear is Kela Lai zyk Allah arbiter she said, Never Allah will never disgrace you by Allah, Allah never

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disgrace you. But insane Buhari it says, can learn ABSHER for Wallah he law your physique Allah Buddha, there's one word added there inside of a hottie in which she said to the prophets of Allah is that I'm say, Never rejoice and have glad tidings for by Allah Allah will never disgrace you the word there and Senator Buhari is up ship, have glad tidings and have gotten good news. So I love that word. And I'll continue to the rest of the, of what she said to the prophesies and, um, but it's it sets the feelings and the tones for what you hear next. She's telling the province of alliance that I'm like, Oh, this isn't the situation and you figure out how to how to resolve this.

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She's saying, No, take glad tidings and rejoice and be happy and be positive. She says, Follow a lovey Laozi Cola, but that for by Allah, Allah will never allow you to be disgraced. And so her reasoning for this and reminding the Prophet sallallaahu some of the good that he does, so Alana is set up for Allah in Nicola Tassilo Raheb What does token Hadith what Muriel Cal what taxable madam water could buy for terrain oil and a bit hackle she said, Ravi Allah on her, she said Allah would never disgrace you so that you know rejoice and have Glad Tidings because you keep good relations with your relatives, okay? Keep you because you keep good relations with the relatives, Allah will

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never disgrace you. You tell the truth, you always tell the truth. His nickname was a Saudi, and must be the one who tells the truth, the one whom everyone believes, as the truth teller as you tell the truth so Allah will never disgrace you. You help the poor and destitute Allah would never disgrace you. You serve your guests generously, Allah would never disgrace you and you assist the deserving calamity afflicted ones, our train Allah and Allah even happened this law

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Guess what no I will have when people have been treated unjustly, that the province of Eliasson would be the person they could turn to, and he would assist them in getting that

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and getting their justice back.

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So the point here is that

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they don't want to talk about is that is mentorship. Now when we were growing up, back last time we go back into Star Wars, one of the most famous mentors, one of the most famous mentors was Yoda, Yoda, a toy Yoda.

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There's a side joke here. Yes, I go. I'm a roller coaster. You're crying one moment, and you're laughing the next. They had a competition at one restaurant. And they said whoever wins will get a Toyota,

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Toyota, so that so everybody thought, Oh, we're gonna win a car, we're gonna win a car. And there's a lady one of the waitresses she won. And they brought her a toy Yoda,

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which was like Yoda, but it was a small toy. And she did not think it was funny. And she sued them for, for that. So anyways, the most famous mentor that we seen in the movies is Yoda.

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And when I was teaching the theater of the prophets of alias, and when I was preparing the course, what I did was,

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I looked at

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the templates of movies, the hero's journey, I looked at the template of movies, the hero's journey, and I wanted to organize my class based on the hero's journey, kind of like what you're normally seeing the template that you see in movies, and books, and so on. It's following a template. And I wanted to, I wanted to organize my theater class like that this theater class, obviously, it's not, it's not fiction. But the these things that you see in the movies actually resonate with all of us, because it does reflect our actual human journey. That's why when people go to movies, and they see a movie, they get so emotional, and they feel so

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inspired. So one of the things that stuck in my mind is in these templates,

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in these templates of the movies you have,

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or what I learned, is you have a hero and the hero faces challenges. But then the hero applies a plan has a plan, and the plan fails, the plan fails. So to give you an example of you know, has a plan plan fails, if there's ever like a cop movie, if you guys are watching Netflix these days or something, there's ever a cop movie, there's always a point where it kind of like three quarters of the way in the movie where the cop person, or the hero of the story tries to catch the bad guy, and it goes horribly wrong. And then the boss at the police department basically tells this person, you're fired, or you've been suspended. I mean, it's so cliche, it's like in every, every film

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everyone, there's always a point where the hero fails. And then the hero when the hero fails, the next stage is

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and I was reading about it. And I thought about it a lot, because I'm the type of person that likes to self help. And I think a lot of us are into self help everything we try to figure out on our own, we don't ask for help, we try to do it all on our own. So I was learning more into it than if you already know what to do, then why did your plan fail? If you already know what to do, then why did you plan fail. And so there's a point in the movie and in the stories when the hero has to find somebody, a mentor, a Yoda, who can tell them and train them that, hey, there's a different way of doing things that can take you to the next level.

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I was once I actually looked this up right now. It's a cartoon movie about a scary haunted house. And I looked it up. I literally Google searched because I don't remember what it was called. I Google searched cartoon movie scary house. And it's called Monster House. It's an animation. It's a scary movie about these three kids. And it's like a haunted house anyways. But I was on an airplane once and I was like, Oh, here's a cartoon, scary, scary movie. And I was watching it. And one thing that happened in that movie is when things were failing, I started asking myself because I knew about this mentor thing. I know that the plan fails, they're going to look for a mentor, who is the

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mentor in the scare in this in this animation called Monster House. And it turns out the mentor in this in this movie as I was waiting, waiting, where's the mentor? Where's the mentor? Where's the mentor? The mentor was the kid at the arcade that kid

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You know, with one quarter can play for like six hours. And he's like he's telling them he knows so much about mythology or whatever. And he's the one who helped help them out anyways. So now, let's get on topic here. Let's get on topic.

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I find that at this time in our lives as everybody's, you know, their isolation, and we have our heroes in the, in the essential services and health department and so on. And we're living through these times, that it's almost as if we've all hit a plan fails stage of our life. Like, we all have plans, and now everybody's home. And everybody's like, life has just been like, kind of like slam door where the or the boss says, you know, you've been suspended, and you need to go home, and you need to, like close the door. And, and this, and if this failed stage, or sorry, the plan fail stage of our life, the next stage in the hero's journey is actually finding the mentor that will help you

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break through. Now to take you to the beginning of my reminder here I said about Khadija the line and how she was there for the profits of Alana is that when he felt that fear, I feared for myself, as he said, so a lot is that, um, she said, Kela absorb later Hoosick Allah, that Allah would never allow you to be the disgrace. So we need that kind of a mentor that can help us get through the stage. And this isn't about you know, I'm thinking everybody's saying like, social, social distancing, and whatnot. And the correct I like the explanation there. Like it's physical distancing, but we want to actually be social, we want to actually reach out to mentors, and also be

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mentored during this time to help us all get through this closed door stage of our life. So here's, um, three practical applications of this, and then I'll give you kind of like one action to take. So the first one that I would say is,

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um, take this time to unfollow and follow people that are gonna beat you up in your life. So if, for example, if you have a clean slate, a clean Twitter account, or a clean Instagram account, I know we get it.

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I know we get caught up in just following the same people all the time, all the time, all the time. And where you are right now has gotten you to like kind of like that closed door. And I would say look out for new people to follow. Look out for people that are big you up, who would you want to be your mentors, you'll actually find all over the internet, that those people have opened their doors, and they're doing mentorship, some of these big people are even doing their own Facebook Lives, Zoom calls, and just letting people Hey, come and ask me questions. And there's big names all over the internet. So following unfollowing people is one

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is one idea. The second thing is you want to

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you want to seek mentorship. So mentorship is there's three, there's three categories of the people that you befriend in this, you know, your Yodas, or whatever, there's people that are ahead of you, in the journey, there are people that are at the same station as you in this journey. And there are people that are walking that are still a few steps behind you in this journey. And you want to have relationships with all three of these people. So you want to be in relationship with somebody who is stronger than you.

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So they can pull you up, they can, you know, make you stronger. When you start doubting yourself. They're like, No, I've been down this road I used to feel you felt, and they can take you further up, you have the people that are on par with you. And that's like a good camaraderie of people on your saying.

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good camaraderie of the people that are at your same level. And there's people behind you that you say, You know what, this is my subject, or this is my contribution. I want to find somebody that I have skills, maybe they're you know, maybe I'm a doctor, and these people are up and coming and they want to be doctors, and hey, let me mentor them and give them advice and through these challenging years of their lives and stuff like that as they get their education. So those are three, three levels and you want and then the key one here is to get like the Yoda in your life. You need somebody who's stronger than you doesn't necessarily have to be stronger in all areas of the life

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But one area, the key area that you're looking for, and that may be a Yoda, in spirituality, somebody who's really good Muslim, I was actually in a class one time and I met a brother that was nationalists. And Allah knows best very pious, such great Hello, and I just went to him. I said, I need to be your friend because you have awesome character. And I want that to rub off on me. Or maybe for health reasons. I met a brother

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That was part of a national team. And then I said, I'm like, I'm to be friends with them, I'll get in good shape, just by being friends with somebody like that. So in different areas of your life, you'd be befriend somebody who's stronger than you. And like I said, at par, and people that are steps behind you that you can mentor. So the action right now my take home action for you is, think of somebody. So I know if I told you, hey, go find a mentor, you know, nobody's gonna do it. Because that kind of advice always goes around. There's always you know, somebody sends a scary email to somebody they admire, say, can you be my mentor, and then then they never hear back or something

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like that. So that's not what I'm going to tell you. What I'm going to tell you is this. Think of somebody who could use your mentorship. Think of somebody who could use your mentorship, and by use your mentorship, it's, maybe we're all don't really understand what's going on and on during this time of isolation. And that's fine. That's not necessarily what I'm talking about. But let's suppose they need your mentor, your career, mentorship, or maybe you're really good at homeschooling, and somebody else's new Tom Skilling schooling, and he could really use your mentorship on something like that. Maybe you're a really good cook, and other people, you know, they're struggling having to

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cook at home, and you can be a mentor for those things. So find somebody that could use your mentorship. And it could be even somebody like your nephew, your niece, maybe even somebody in your own family, your brother and sister, your own blood, brother and sister and you want to mentor them. And then think like that, and then reach out to them maybe right after this session, reach out to them and say,

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I'd like to give you some help. Don't say Do you need any help? Because the answer to that is also just like a locker. Nobody's going to ask you for help. But maybe get some specifics that hey, during this time, I'd love to be able to help you advance in your career XYZ let's meet every every week or something like that. See what you've been going through and and build it up.

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And I'm happy to consult if you need help. So somebody's asking me can you be my mentor share? I'm the mentor for everybody here. The Facebook Live the daily check in. This is your mentorship. Zach Hola, hi. And with that we're done. Anybody have questions?

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Thank you, Shazia for sharing that

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all right, it takes too long for people to hear me say if do you have a question? And then type the question. I'm sitting here staring at the camera, and whatnot. So let me just say I said I'm on a mental level. If you do have a question, maybe

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next time we do a session you're welcome to kind of like get on early ask the question, and then it'll be in my mind.

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Zack a lot higher.

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As much as please say salam to

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il ILA a man. You have to phonetically spell it. All of them. I grim all of the items. What time do I usually start? I start at 3pm New York time. 3pm New York time and Charlotte. So 3pm New York time every day, generally speaking unless we change something. Okay, everybody at Santa Monica wanted to live in a condo