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Mirza Yawar Baig
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via even cirino. Allah, Allah He was Javi has made

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I want to remind myself I knew somebody sent me a very nice story the other day on the internet.

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And the story was that there was this young boy

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who had a problem with anger.

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He used to get very angry, and he would become almost insane with anger, and he would do all sorts of things yell and scream, and so on.

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So his father one day told him, he said, he gave him a bag of nails,

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nails, and I gave him a hammer.

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And he told him that anytime you get angry,

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you hammer one nail into the fence, they had a wooden wooden fence around the house

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is it every time you get angry, you hammer a nail into the face.

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And then try to control the anger. So this boy said, Okay, so every time he got angry after that, he would go and hammer a nail into the fence.

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So this went on for some time.

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And finally, the boy managed to overcome his anger. So this anger reduced over time.

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So the Y came to the Father, and he said, I think I have

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now control my anger.

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So the father said, Now what you do, you go and pull out those nails.

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All the nails you put in the fence to pull them out.

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So the wire went and pulled out all the nails.

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So the father said, No, go and look at the fence.

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So he went and looked at the fence and the fence is full of holes. Wherever you put the put the net wherever you have a delay, the holes are there. So I came back and said but the holes are there.

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That's it.

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He said words once

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they leave the tank,

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they cannot be taken back.

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So just because you say sorry. Or just because you say well, I will not do it again. The effect of the word is still less, the whole of the nail is still there, the nail can be taken out. But the hole that the nail left in the fence, the hole is still there.

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As you say once the arrow leaves the bow

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gun, call it back.

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It's gone. And it will do its damage. At the most you can say I will not shoot another arrow. But what has gone is gone.

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So that's the reason why wrestlers are awesome. And we also know this, that anger is a form of insanity.

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And that's why Allah Subhana Allah placed so much importance in the burners mantle actually mentioned, he mentioned those people who swallow their anger,

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who control their anger.

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It's very important for us to understand two things. One is that it is a sign of maturity. It's a sign of education, it's a sign of being civilized, it's a sign of being having sense of not being insane, that we take responsibility for our words.

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There is no such thing as I simply said this, I did not mean it.

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That's absolute nonsense. If you did not mean it, why did you say it?

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So the common excuse that people they say something is in any mother woman, bla bla bla bla.

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So I didn't mean that if you didn't mean it very to say it. Right, nobody extracted the words out of your mouth, you know, by force. So it's very important for us to take responsibility for our words,

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just as it is important for us to take responsibility for our actions, because Allah subhanaw taala will take us will take account of both the words and the actions, words speech is also action in a way the action is of several kinds speech, a lot of action. So therefore Allah subhanaw taala will and Allah has mentioned in many places, the issue of words.

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What do you say like so Furthermore, Cujo decided in their first rocket washer rucola guava Ruby, in a valley movie that is very, very loudly said secretly in your quiet companies allies are well aware of what you're seeing. And this kind of this particular message in the Quran has come in several places, not only.

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So it's very important for us to be

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very clear and conscious about what we say why we say it. And then say it only if it is something which is positive. And that's why as well as the restaurant has had is he said, If you cannot say something good, then keep silent.

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Just keep quiet.

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hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us the opportunity the ability to give silence or keep silent. Why must you talk? Don't talk, if you have nothing good to say then says then stay silent. Because it's

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the consequences those nails in the fence, the holes of the nails of the fence, words have consequences. And therefore, emotional maturity consists of realizing and accepting that I am responsible for my words and I am willing to take the consequences

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that people feel that they say whatever they want and after that they don't want to face the consequence. There's no no I didn't mean that. I didn't mean that makes no difference. You may have met you may not have met. You said it it said finished.

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And you said it. It has been said

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if you are married to a woman and in front of two witnesses, you say the lottery times I'm not going into the masala of weather saying the law three times in one sitting or whether it should be said in so many sittings leave it is that as I leave that aside, the in front of two witnesses if you say the last three times she is divorced,

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and she is haram for you. And then you can say as much as you want No, no, I never meant that. And I you know, that was not what I whatever you intended in a while you did not intend you said it It happened

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to get married to a woman you by your words you accepting

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Can you after afterwards you can say No Actually I didn't mean it's

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if you said it if you said the thing then it has effect.

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Whether you meant it or did not mean it is between you and your arm in your heart. Nobody else knows. famous quotation of our Malhotra Gala. When somebody said something about a person whether the person is Muslim or not.

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There are a number of the law said when the sola is Allah Salah was alive, Allah subhanho wa Taala used to send him but he about what is in the heart of somebody else. He said the word he has stopped, we will go by what we see. That's it.

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We see the signs of Islam, we will say as a Muslim, if you do not see the signs of Islam, we will say he's not Muslim. What is in his heart and what is not in his heart is not for us to judge because we have no copy. How do we know what

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somebody is saying? Good, Angela is good. He is not saying good if he's saying something evil, as far as we are concerned is evil. Whether that is art, it comes out of software that we have no control over, we have no control over it, we will not go into somebody's heart to see what is happening in there. And that's the reason why I began with anger because anger is the biggest problem that happens with us.

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We get angry, we lose our sanity temporarily, we say many things. And later on we may regret. It's not that we do not regret but that regret is of no use. Because that regret will not change whatever has happened

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in anger, if I throw something and this glass breaks, and then I say Oh, I'm sorry, I regret it with the glass come back. What is broken?

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You have to pay for it.

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There is no way there's no way of saying no, but you know I did not mean it you may have meant it you may not have meant it what is broken is broken.

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And that is a very important thing that I want to remind myself when you that let us be very careful with what we say that will be very careful. Allah subhanaw taala gave us the ability to keep it quiet, simplest thing is to be silent vanished. Until you speak in it cannot have you

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another big realization until you state it cannot have you. You can think whatever you want doesn't matter because that's inside you. Only when the words leave your tongue then the reaction starts. So the

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simplest thing keeps on it.

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So let us remember this does not allow anger to overcome us and to do stupid things. Let us make sure that we speak with responsibility. own responsibility for what we say and be prepared for the consequences of that very clearly.

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And if the consequences of that are likely to be negative, then be silent. There is no need to face those consequences You need not have those consequences. If you keep quiet, simple attack just keep silent Salalah will carry him while he was abused.

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