Sokoto An Islamic Bubble in West Africa

Abdullah Hakim Quick


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The speaker discusses the history of Islam in Nigeria, including the formation of a state of Islam in the late 1800s and the longevity of its legacy among people. They also mention the rise of Islam in Nigeria and its impact on the military and economic power.

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Two weeks ago, I was called to a distant part of Western Africa

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to a place called Sokoto in Nigeria, which is the mouth of the Sahara Desert. I was surprised to see that the people were

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in a type of Islamic bubble, they were living in an Islamic world 99% of the women wearing hijab

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90% of the men actually were wearing Islamic clothes.

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When the time comes for prayer, if they couldn't make it in the masjid, they pray in the streets, they pray in the front of their business.

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They pray wherever they can, because they recognize that prayer is part of their life.

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It is not a separate thing that you do when you feel bad or you want something from Allah. But it is part of the rhythm of life.

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And that is one of the beauties of Taqwa

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when it actually becomes a reality in the life of a person, and we're talking today about longevity.

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Why is it that in 1804, they established a state of Islam.

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They were attacked by evil kings.

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And they opened up 250,000 square kilometres and governed it with Shediac. For 100 years before the coming of the British,

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but still after the colonial rule, after suffering,

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they continued

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the consciousness is there.

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The political power the military power stopped for a while but the consciousness of the people it is there still amongst them.

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And that is a great blessing.