What Is Your Greatest Blessing?

Farhan Abdul Azeez


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The speaker discusses the importance of faith in Islam, citing the success of Islam as a source of blessings for individuals. They explain that the greatest blessing is their faith in Allah Subhana, which gives them the ability to pursue their spiritual goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of faith in building in themselves and finding their own spiritual success.

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What is your greatest blessing and Muslim Institute presents q&a with Farhan Abdulaziz, I remember in medical school, we had a class on the nervous system. And they brought a lady in to our classroom to talk to us. And what happened was, she was in the Middle East somewhere.

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vacationing she was underneath, she had kind of buried herself in the sand, just her head was sticking out. And this is an area where people were, you know, riding there, those dune buggies. So it's like four, four wheel vehicles kind of going through and having a good time. And so this person came not seeing her buried in the sand, and Grove right over her, but she was just under it. And from that she actually became,

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she broke her spine, and she became paralyzed. And so they brought her into our class to talk about how recovery for from a, you know, a disaster like this, and how her therapy kind of like every single day to try to get certain movements back. And she talked about the blessing of health, and being able to do things that we find to be so easy that you and I can do on a day to day basis. Right? And so if you ask someone, what's their greatest blessing, the typical typical things that come to mind are our health, you know, the ability to be able to, to walk or to use the restroom on our own, to be able to eat and feed ourselves, right. Some people will say, family to have, you

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know, a supportive husband or wife or parents or children. That's the greatest blessing. Once you have a child, perhaps that's the greatest thing in your life. And nothing else is more important than that child, right? And so there's all these things that we can think about, or maybe some people are very superficial, and you know, they're brand new car that they have that that's the most important thing to them or their iPhone, or whatever it is, but some kind of law and sort of Herat, a pseudo that was revealed at the end of the life of the prophets, I send them to give all these new Muslims coming into the community, a blueprint, a guideline of how to develop themselves, to having

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the faith and the character of a believer. One of the things that sort of outlines and emphasizes is that the greatest blessing that we have is actually our faith in Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And even if we were to lose our health, or lose our family, or lose any of material things that we have this world, so long as you have your faith, you have the greatest blessing Allah has given you a loss of that I call that a fumble and a bounty and a blessing. And then he at the end of the sewer on kind of summarizing the beautiful flow, the sutra goes through. He calls out these new Muslims who came into Islam, and they were trying to tell the president that they're doing him a favor, that we

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embrace Islam without fighting you. So we're actually doing you a favor, and the law says, you know, they try and show that they're giving you a favor of Omaha's eyes on them. He says very loudly Emanuele caminhada commonly man, it is rather Allah Who gave you that bounty by guiding you to faith. Right? And so, faith is our greatest blessing. And sometimes we we we think that, you know, attending a seminar on Islam or you know, praying five times a day or giving in charity, or whatever it is that we've accomplished, something that we've, you know, return the favor to Allah subhana wa Tada. This verse is so powerful that that is Allah who actually gave his favor upon us, to guide us

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to his faith to guide us to all what faith brings in us from good qualities and being charitable and being generous and kind and, and all those things that come with faith. It's actually a blessing from Allah upon us. So I hope you join us in our upcoming class, faith and honor where we look at suta hydrops. And we find out how we can really firmly establish our faith in Allah subhana wa tada and we can build in ourselves, the qualities and the characteristics of a believer and the manners that he or she should embody. I hope to see you at faith and honor