Gym Talk – Your Reality Through Physicality

Abdullah Oduro


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The speaker discusses the importance of physicality in learning one's realities and achieving success in life. They emphasize the benefits of physicality for improving mental health and brain function, as well as for personal growth. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being in tune with one's physicality to create a positive environment for everyone.

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young men, men get in the gym.

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Now, when you hear that you're just thinking gym dumbbells, barbells you know metal, you know, clacking sounds of iron. I do mean that. But I mean something much more comprehensive as well, Jim, with the master man method stands for growing your mind growing your motivation and growing your masculinity. But before I talk about that, I want to talk about the importance of movement, the importance of physicality. You see me moving right now I'm using muscles and nerves are working all together, blood is flowing. This is something that is important for the mammal, the animal and the human being, to move, get out and move. Nowadays many of us are on our computers, we're on our

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phones, we're looking down, we're not used to moving and to a certain degree, we don't even like to sweat. But Allah has created our bodies to where movement is beneficial for us studies even show that we'll talk about that movement and exercise is the number one factor and releasing neurotransmitters that can help with our brain function and brain health. This is important. So through physicality, you learn your reality. That's the first thing I want to talk about. When your physical, you make mistakes, you may fall, you may scratch yourself, you may break something, you learn your reality at that moment. What is your response when you face pain? When you face something

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that is painful, when you see your son fall, and he faces something that's painful, and he cries, if you're a coach, if you're a mom, when your baby is walking and crawling and they fall? Do you pick them up? Or do you let them learn how to get up themselves? What's your reality, when you see why you cry, understanding your reality came through the window of physicality. This is why coaching and this is why being on the sidelines with your children, with your friends with young men women is so important at the time of hardship, when we clash on the basketball court, on the field, in the classroom, whatever it may be. There's physical exertion, it'll bring the best out of you. So know

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that it's important for all of you young men in particular, to get involved in some kind of physical activity to where you will see where you stand in regards to your reality because physicality being physical falling. Did you get back up or did you lay down? May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy upon all of us to exert our physicality to learn our reality? So now holographic to let me get to