Musleh Khan – Quranic verses that change your life #02 What Exactly Is Albaab

Musleh Khan
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So one of the things that cor n does to help us become better people and better Muslims is that it tackles the mind. It helps us to improve our mind our state of understanding reflection in Arabic, we call this Ted abode deep reflection. And one of the things that I wanted to share with you today that can help us with that process is a concept in the core and called lucban. The plural of that is Al Bab. Now, the end of verse number seven suited earlier, Mr. Owen, we're going to see a beautiful, beautiful statement that is mentioned at the end of a very long verse. So what I have in this particular

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reminder is just the ending of a long verse. So just keep that in mind. And that's why you see the dot dot dot before the verse in Arabic And after the translation in English. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us one a avec kettle Illa, Allah Al Bab, that nobody is able to come into a deep state or level of reflection and understanding except those who are Al Bab. Now, I've talked about this word before several times in the past in talks and videos and things like that. But I want to give you a different way of looking at this word. Al Bab, as we said, is plural for lucban. lucban literally means somebody who has the ability to sift out useless information from their mind. So not

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every single stat of every sport is just memorized and stored in their names of every movie names of people and what they're up to, and celebrities and their lives like just useless information that doesn't really do anything for you. It doesn't uplift you in any way. It doesn't make you smarter in any way. That's what this particular word is, is is addressing. It's addressing the person that's so engrossed in learning and understanding and memorizing things that at the end of the day hasn't really made them a better person. And Al Bab is shifting our thoughts, our concentration, our efforts towards that, which is useful information. And that could be anything, it doesn't just have

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to be Islamic in knowledge or poor n. And suddenly, it could just be studying something that uplifts you, it makes you smarter, you become a better person, you understand the world, you understand people just a little bit better. And this is also found like in a practical situation, we can see the ramifications of people who just have too much garbage in their head, you know, you'll you'll end up praying, it'll be time for Scylla. But the only thing you're thinking about is I can't wait for Salah to finish so that I can get back to my movie so I can get back to the game. So I can do this. So I can do that. And all of a sudden the things that are supposed to be good for you start

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feeling uncomfortable. You can't wait for it to finish or there's no interest in that. This all goes back to the whole idea that the mind and the heart. It's cluttered. It's cluttered with things that have are no use and no benefit to the believer. And it's very important that when we go through and we understand this word lucban exactly what it entails. The scholars describe its origin bachlin Saleh and it's somebody who has a sound and clear mind. So the question now is how do we get there? The answer is actually coming in the next verse, which I'll just sort of hint towards, because we don't need to go through that entire verse. The next verse after this one that introduces Al Bab,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says Rob banner led to the Hulu banner bear that it had a tenor alarm. So Joel says one of the doors that the believer makes to Allah is Rob banner, all my master lead to zero kulu better don't steer or allow my heart to be steered off or wander off into the wrong direction. So what ultimately has happened here, from becoming of those who are Al Bab is the only concern the priority now for a believer now that they're concentrating on the things that they have to be focused on the things that they should learn the things that they should be preoccupied with, now that they're focused on those things. Now, the most important priority, the heart. You see, what

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we're learning from this brothers and sisters is that

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the more you become engrossed in learning and that spiritual experience of prayer and reading the Quran and making Dora the more pious you become between you and your Creator, the more concern you have for two things, the cotulla and the heart, the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course, where it comes from, and that's the heart. That's why the next verse

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A lot so a gel coats to us a door that the number one concern for a believer after they've understood Al Bab and they've understood the process of Al Bab, they understood how to get to Al Bab. The only thing is they want to stay amongst this group of Al Bab. And so they ask a lot don't allow my heart to be steered off towards the wrong direction or come off course the course that I'm on. Remember that also here's another point about this term album. its opposite is genuine. And remember gentlemen is somebody that not as nuts it's not just ignorant it's not a good translation but it's more specifically dealing with somebody that has no control over the way they think their

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emotions are and when you can't think so like if you're sad you can think if you're angry you can think and some people even if there's a simple as hungry they can think so when your mind is occupied with something else then you end up making rash decisions, you unintelligent decisions, you end up thinking things and you don't think through them clearly. All of these factors are eliminated when you understand what the priority is. And that is what my vet kettle Illa nobody has really truly remembered Allah Jalla wa ala except the people who are from a lab. Now here's the last point how do you get there? What do you do? You know, interestingly enough sunit earlier marohn actually

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started off the sorter with LDAP and ends the surah with Al Bab as well. At the end of sudut le Emraan Allah subhanho wa Taala says in a few hulka semi what he will auto indeed within the heavens and the earth in the field to semi wet he will audit what he left in lately one hour till

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then the the conflict between the night and the day. These are all a yet to the people who are in other words, you know, in the beginning we're trying to get our mind focused and cleared but at the end of the sorta Now you're ready to reflect and think now you can look at the sky and the sky becomes a hook but to you because you see a yet in the sky. You see its creation, its beauty. Allah says in soda, Look, man, the sky is suspended in the air. It doesn't fall on mankind. It's just there. It changes color, there's a conflict between night and day. So now when you think about all of these amazing things about the sky, now the sky becomes a vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So at

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the end of the A Allah tells us how to achieve the state, LLC and is kurunegala Pm walk through that where our legend will be in three things guys, remember it in sha Allah will make your life so much easier, easier, and will law he insha Allah, Allah, this one word added Bab, which is also found in other suitors as well. It's going to change your life, it's going to change the way you think it's going to change your priorities. It's going to change that when you watch a show or a movie or something. You're not concentrated too much and whose name is what and what scene happened with where and what's the part two and part three, and this episode and you're not going to be concerned

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about none of those things. You're going to take it for what it is some downtime you want to watch something you want to watch a show you watch a show when it's time for so that you can shut off the TV without hesitation when it's time to concentrate to do you know your whatever responsibilities whatever things you have, you're able to just put everything aside and just concentrate for that moment. How do we get there? You remember a lot constantly whilst you're standing, standing, sitting and on your side, PMS walk Ruda wild wila julu be him so three stage three position, what is really saying here, Allah is saying, as long as you are conscious, and you're constantly thinking of me, I

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will make you amongst Al Bab Subhana Allah, like that, to me. It's just It's amazing. Allah says I will make you amongst them. A Latina is kurunegala PM, Walker odawara legend will be him. That's where we want to be. We want to be the kind of people that when we're sitting, standing, even when we're lying down, when we're relaxing, before we go to sleep, when we wake up, we're always on our bed, we're always on our side, we're still in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is the path towards true sustainable change. And so this word, I mean, I can't even call it a verse really. It's just the word that we're looking at today. That can really change your life. So the

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next time that you find yourself that your mind is just concentrating on what people are talking about what people have said, what people are backbiting about, your mind is concentrated just on the drama. You're constantly on your phone scrolling through all these social media pages. Why? Because you just want to see what people are doing what people have posted. And that's where 90% of your concentration is

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Guess what? Next time comes, the man will recite an average length sorta and it will feel like he's recited all of sort of Baccarat in one or aka, the next time that he wants to give you a reminder or he does a whole tuba, you're going to be the hope but critic as I call them, the jumar critics, you'll just be sitting there and you'll just be concentrating on Oh my God, look how he's standing. Look how he's sitting look where his arm is going, look what he's wearing, oh my god, what's the message, I've heard it 17 times, it's going to just feel annoying and uncomfortable. It's too much. And as a matter of fact, this is really important as well, I've given this reminder before but we

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have to keep reminding each other. Just because a hot lead is not interesting or speaker is not interesting to you. If you find that oh Subhanallah you know, boring or what have you. That's not the Hot Tips fault. As long as the speaker is telling you something, a reminder from Allah's book, then you have a fundamentally fundamental responsibility to internalize the reminder, not the speaker, fine. If the speaker is one thing, put that aside focus on the message itself. It's not their fault that you're falling asleep during their message that you're on your phone during their message. While lucky I tell you, I kid you not. I have seen it with my own eyes. And I've even

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talked to two brothers that are on the phone. They're shopping during like a jumar Hotel during a conference. They're sitting on the phone, they're shopping, dude is like sitting at the back against the wall. And he's like literally getting the best sleep of his life. But the thing is, that's one thing. The real problem is when you blame it on the speaker for not, I don't know, entertaining you enough, speaking in a way that's charismatic that keeps you engaged, you're hearing an A and A Hadeeth should be enough. And this is a problem. And it is a sign that you are not from

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your brain, your thoughts, your mind your concentration is on other things. And so it's really important that you try to understand what this word is. And that the number one method to being amongst Al Bab is that you are constantly engaged in a less remembrance. So whether that means that you're listening to Koran, or even more importantly, you're reading the poor and regularly every single day of your life. I always say that when there is no poor end in your day, then you are spiritually dead that day, that the day just doesn't have any meaning has no spiritual life attached to it. That's what poor end does, it makes the day worth it. And to feel all of those things to

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experience all of those things to not feel like when you're listening to this reminder, this guy's just lecturing us he just keeps reminding us bla bla bla bla bla to get above and to get beyond all of that. Continue your remembrance with Allah and Allah will make you from amongst Al Bab and Al Bab are the people that when they concentrate on the priority they concentrate on their heart and they keep asking a lot what law keep my heart straight keep my heart focus a lot answers them and he answers them middle I don't care from a special voltage that Mercy is given to only special people all of this started off because you were from amongst Al Bab May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us

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from amongst Al Bab and if we are there May Allah keep us there always and forever, just like Malala heighten. And for those of you that are hearing this for the first time, I hope and I pray that the message that the message of this quarter and the message of this area, the message of Al Bab has changed your life for the better. Just like Melo Hayden was said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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