What has Dua (Supplication) changed in your life

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of having stories as a way to express one's oneself and share one's experiences. They stress the need for stories to help people understand their own personality and gain clarity on their religious makeup. The speaker also talks about a study that suggests that having stories is crucial for improving one's life, especially during times of doubt and confusion.

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My brother in the STEM Do you have stories with

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each and every single one of us needs to have stories with a

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do in your life with

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maybe some A lot of you says

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that nothing would change and cut out. The bad habit of nothing would change it except the blood. Do you have stories that you can say? Well, look, I made a drive on such and such a day and a lot of social improved my life. He fulfilled my request he did 123 you need to have stories. These are not just the hobbies that we read, and we share. You need to live these stories. And the more stories you have concerning these ahaadeeth, the more certainty you will have in the deen of Allah social, especially during these times of doubt and confusion. Getting you know, and I'll give you an example. Imagine a study was to come out a study that says you know what, actually, there's no such

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thing as father and mother in life. Some weed study will come out one day. And I will say there's no such thing as parents in life. They're only getting the reason for your biological makeup. And then after that there's no such thing as parents, everyone lives on his own. And then if you read that research, would you believe it?

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You know why you wouldn't believe it. Because you've experienced what a mother is what a father is. You have stories, you can tell me about your mother's love and compassion and kindness and gentleness towards you. So no matter what study comes, it'll never confuse you. And this is the same thing if you don't have stories in one drive deep in your life. Two words will confuse you from your entire the two words someone would put in your head that would poison your mind within. You're confused about your deed, and you begin to develop doubts all about your deed. You need to have stories, my brothers any staff. What has changed in your life. Your

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mother, your seller, Jani after salata until Margaret, and His head was raised up making six hours of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his relationship with a blood

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we brought him Allah you said I was given the Holy Land with a doula when he said on bizarrely better than a minute before he was given a lead

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to accepted Islam through a

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rainy lake and then

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became a scholar in Islam through a

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goofy Dino Unlimited, we wouldn't be some of our other eurosender when he was when magic was put on him, from the Jews, libido now some heavy heavy magic this kind of magic would be able to destroy a mountain. It was not it inconstant, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam The story is known as a body that can be sold.

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If the nutrition says diet, food muda muda he kept making dry, dry dry until last.

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And then he said yeah Isha Ashanti.

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Do you realize Can you see a change? Can you see that I'm also part of what Allah has cured me. He timed his his state of being healed.

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He had a story in that Did you have a story in about a Uganda you set up sick for 18 years of Beaver city of

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course the drought was accepted and his his sickness of 18 years was gone.

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Along inputs and outputs Jerusalem was open bidra open Africa, you know sabalan was a bit of

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COVID carefully. The story in Sudan bacala was opened with Dr. Zakaria was given a child that old age bidra