Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran #12 – An Arrogant Drop of Semen

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Allah's surah and his belief that everything comes together, where a biomass drop reaches the woman and the child, and the formation of human beings. The organizational and administrative structure is discussed, including the creation of a God and the creation of human beings. The creator is considered the most knowledgeable and capable of creating the world's income.
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100 know salatu salam ala Rasulillah embracing Quran. And this is the final episode of Tafseer of surah. To see

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in this episode I want to conclude as Allah subhanaw taala concluded the surah. Throughout the Surah, we have a number of themes that Allah subhanaw taala spoke about. Allah subhana wa Allah spoke about, from the very beginning of the surah, he spoke about the Quran. And then Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the messengers who had brought a message and the Prophet is one of those messengers who wrote a message, and that Allah subhanaw taala spoke about people who denied the message, people who didn't accept the message, people who rejected the prophets, and also the message of the prophets as well. So this is the general theme. And Allah gave many, many proofs and

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evidences of why they should believe in the Prophet and the message that they're bringing. And also the fact that there is a deal of judgment, and that they're going to be resurrected as well. So now, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the nature of man,

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when he starts to feel like he's self sufficient, Allah says, I went on urine inside, after he told you to look at everything he told you to look at the cattle, he told you to look at the stars. He told you to look at the sun in the moon, he told you to look at all of these other things that are creations of Allah. Now he says think about it yourself, buddy. He says our 11 year old son, a man can you not see and now halacha now who may not fit in for either, who are Cosimo Moby, we created him from just a seaman drop, and then suddenly this human being begins to become so, so much of a fool and an opponent of Allah subhanaw taala. All right, Allah created you from a * drop, and

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then you go and read reject Allah subhanaw taala himself, right? When we honestly look at the way Allah has created us, just think about it honestly, with yourself for a second, how could it be that through no external entity, the entirety of existence comes together, as we see it today. And then on top of that, this process of procreation takes place where you have a * drop that goes into the female, and it impregnates, the female, against all odds as well, because many of them die in the process. All right, and then that one drop, it ends up reaching the egg, and it impregnates the woman and the woman gives birth, and the child grows every single time almost perfectly, okay? And

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grows, after nine months, you know, timed would that timer on already. And after nine months, give or take, it comes out of the woman. And then the cycle of life continues every single time this happens. And all of this we are made to believe was supposed to be just this very, very calculated, you know, occurrence, without any external entity out there that had something to do with all of this. Really, if we were to try to explain this to anyone that all of this came together without any any being behind it, you will never be able to do it. I'll put it this way. If you go to a country, the country is super organized, the streets are very, very clean. The people drive in a beautiful

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way. There's no chances of car accidents because of how well the infrastructure of the country is. People know the rules very, very well. Everybody follows every single thing to the dots in the and the the crosses on the tee, everybody follows every aspect of the law. People smile when you see them. People talk to you when you walk up to them in a way that they should you feel humanized all over again. You know, the buildings are so perfect. Everything is crystal clean. It's like a sparkle is on every angle of the of the building. And every place.

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You don't see crimes, the crime rates are absolutely nothing. Okay.

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And you see that every single person within society is absolutely looked after. There's not a single person who has any grief, who has any sorrow, who has any difficulty. All of the things are the way they should be people are running this country the way it should be ran. Would you be able to believe that that country which is so perfectly organized, does not have a leader? And here I'm not even talking about the construction part of it. I'm just talking about the organizational and the administrational structure of the country. I bet you anything that no sane person will ever be able to say to themselves that oh

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All of this organizational, you know, perfection just happen on its own. And people just decided to come to an agreement on every aspect of their lives. And there are no disagreement agree is disagreements at all, and everything is just perfect and everybody's holding hands and singing Kumbaya. I don't think that any sane person will be able to accept that. So why is it that a person can accept the theory that all of this just came out of absolutely nothing.

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And that everything just perfectly happened, and all of the genetic developments of the entire human race and also the animals and everything else, as well just came into that perfect circumstance and baked right to perfection. So that there is a concept of pre procreation and so that you have a male and female and so that there is a zygote and you have a you have a sperm as well. And you have the process of procreation and you have the veins in your body, all of them perfected in terms of their size, and you have a heart that works and you have a kidney that works and you have a liver that works and everything just came together. So to be honest with you, if a person is honest with

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themselves, they won't be able to believe this explanation. Allah gives you an alternative explanation, which is a better one, that there is a God and He's the one who did this. And he's the one who created it. Allah subhana wa Tada says, Welcome y'all in Zion has human not seen that as a human being not seen an moluccana Human not over, we created this human being from a northa from a * drop for either who or how * mobian Despite the fact that he was just a small little * drop that's really so small that it's even hard to imagine it on your finger and being able to, to view it because we're talking about that one little sperm in there that ended up impregnating the

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female for either Hua Halsema Mubin. Despite his insignificance, he becomes an arch enemy. It has seen movie in a very clear opponent. Well Dadaab, Elena methylene. And he starts striking parables about Allah subhanho wa taala. And start seeing what's the capacity of this God that you speak of? Well, Laura Bella, Anna methylene, and he strikes a parable. onesie a Hulka. And he forgets his own creation and how Allah created him. Allah created you from a * drop just one sperm inside of one egg. And that's how you recreate it. So the human being forgot this insignificant reality of his. And then he starts to argue about Allah and he starts to say all things about Allah. Allah subhanaw

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taala says, this human being is now seeing color, man, your llama will hear what I mean. He said, Who is it there? Who is going to be able to resurrect and give life again to bones after they completely decomposed when you've gone six feet under and the bows have decomposed? Who is it out there who's going to be able to take these bones and compose them all over again? So Allah subhanaw taala takes up the challenge in the Quran of responding to this individual, a person who denies the existence of a hereafter and the existence of a compensation and a reckoning. Allah subhana wa Taala says five things, he says, pull up her levee and show her well, Amara, well, who are we Cooley,

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Hultin Helene, Allah subhanaw taala says that you know who's going to resurrect you and who's going to bring you back to life and who's going to recompose you all over again, the same One who created you for the first time, if Allah subhanaw taala is able to do it the first time, then obviously, the second time is going to be a lot easier.

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You know, when you make a an invention, after you make that invention, you bring it to a manufacturer? What do they do they replicate what you've created for the first time. The replication is very simple. They're basically photocopying what you've done already. So Allah subhanaw taala says, If I could do it the first time, why would it be hard for me to do it a second time or a third time? I was the one who created you to begin with, when you're free, healthy respond. Oh, Mohamed, tell them that the same person who created it the first time, he's the one who's going to be doing it the second time as well, well, who have equally helped in Helene, and Allah is all knowing of

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every aspect of his creation. What does this mean? You see Elon Musk when he makes a car.

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And I'm not picking on Elon Musk, but because there's like this, you know,

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a natural elevation of some human beings in this world. To a degree that I could say that this is a new soothsayers within the world today. If he looks right, everybody starts to look right. If he looks left, everybody starts to look left. So the point of the matter here is that people sometimes elevate human beings

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above what they're supposed to be, they forget that they're still human beings. And that's the reason why I use him specifically over here as an example, if Elon Musk

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makes a car, it's a great car. And that car is going to take you places. But once it leaves the Tesla warehouse, it's gone. He doesn't know anything about the car anymore. Maybe some data gets re transferred back to the servers. Sure, why not? But every aspect of that car is not known to not Elon Musk, not Tesla, not Mercedes, nowhere else, no one's going to know every aspect of that car. But Allah subhanaw taala says, When I create my creation, I don't just know how to create it, or how to replicate that creation. I know every aspect of that creation, because every single new phase that that creation goes through, I am the one who's creating that phase as well. Because Allah

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subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, Allah is the One who created you and also created your actions as well. So as that creation of Allah is going through its new phases, Allah also knows how those new phases of that creation are. So if someone knows not only that creation, as it's been created the first time but also all of the phases that the creation goes through someone like that, obviously, he could replicate that creation whenever he so wants. So that's the second proof that Allah subhanaw taala goes to the third thing, and he says Olivia, Allah comb, Mina Shegerian, Akbar marinara for either and to me No, totally don't. And this is the same LORD that created for you fire

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from green trees. You know, trees intrinsically have a lot of water value in it. And they're very moist, and they feed off of water as well. So normally, in the normative human experiences, what do you take water and you pour it over fire, what happens it starts to completely, you know, burn out, that's what happens for water is used to put out fire. Allah subhanaw taala says trees, the green trees that feed off of water, Allah uses those trees which are moist in and of itself, and the leaves are also voiced. And he allows those leaves that are moist, and the tree which happens to have moisture in it as well. He allows that opposite to make fire. So he creates an opposite out of

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another opposite normally, something moist shouldn't go on fire. Right? If you think about it from just the basic human principles, water is used to light out fire. Now Allah subhanaw taala says I've used something that's more something that feeds off of water, something that has water value inside of it as well. And I use it to make fire for you. And Lady jolla calm Mina szegedi marinara, from something that you wouldn't expect fire to come from Allah makes the fire for either and two men who took they don't. And then suddenly what do you do? You use that. Otherwise we stop that object to make fire and you burn and you Kindle.

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So if Allah is capable of creating an opposite, opposite out of another opposite, then for him to be able to recreate a creation that He Himself created, that's even more simple. Allah continues, and he says La salah the Halacha sama wa t when Earth isn't the one who created the heavens and the earth, the car didn't Allah, Luca Mithila, whom the One who created the cosmos, he created the Heavens, He created all of the stars, he created all the moons, he created the sun, and everything that is like the sun as well. He created all of these planets. And he created the earth with all the layers in it and all the different terrains in it and all the different materials in it. He created

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the water he created the tectonic plates He created all of these things is he not going to be capable of creating something similar to those people who deny that Allah subhanaw taala will be able to re create them and Allah will be able to resurrect them and Allah will be able to recompose them, Bella, Allah will definitely be able to do that. Wahoo Well, Hala le, so that's another proof. And now Allah brings another one as well. He says, Allah is an Haluk. And he's Allah Halim. Because whenever you want to make something, if you go to any building company, you're going to need two things. You're going to need a builder and you're going to need someone who can engineer the

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building as well. So you need an engineer and you need someone who has the manpower and the physical power to implement everything that the engineers are laying down. So Allah subhanaw taala says Allah is Al Haluk, the most capable of those who create and Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Aleem as well. He's the most knowing of all as well. So Allah knows that Allah has the ability to create as well. And he's not just knowing he's all knowing he's not just able to create

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Yet he is the most capable of all to create as well. So that's another proof. Now how many are there? Allah subhanaw taala gave us five proofs. Allah subhanaw taala says, you end inshallah. Well, Amara, who is going to resurrect them, the One who created them for the first time. And Allah is the same person who happens to be completely knowledgeable of every aspect of the creation and every phase of the creation. So that's the second one. And then Allah subhana, Allah, Allah says that he made fire from green trees. So that's another proof right there. If he can make an opposite of an opposite than making something and redoing it again, is a lot easier, then Allah is capable of

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making something bigger than you and that's the heavens and the earth. So obviously you are more insignificant to Allah than the heavens and the earth. Sometimes we believe ourselves to be too significant. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to realize there are much more significant significant creatures of Allah than you and I. So Allah then he says, Bella, who will Halak will Aleem, and he's completely capable of creating and he's completely knowing as well. So five reasons why Allah subhanho wa Taala will be able to resurrect you and I. Now Allah says in nama Maru, who either rather che and a Akula, who couldn't find a coin, now, despite the fact that Allah is all

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capable of creating and Allah is all knowing, and Allah took the fire and made it out of Greenwood. And Allah says green trees and Allah subhanaw taala created you the first time and he could do it all over again. And Allah is all knowing of every phase of his creation, all of those proofs aside, and then all I have to do, Allah is saying, all Allah has to do is not all the work to create you. He just says be and you will become. That's the power of Allah.

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And now Allah puts the seal on the deal. And he says for Subhan and Levy, bat he Melaku to cliche, How perfect is the one in whose hands is the dominion of all things? What either he told your own and to Allah or Buddha is that he will Jalon will you be returning? Allah has the dominion of all things, my dear brother, my dear sister, and to Allah azza wa jal, we will be returning. And this is the end of the Surah Surah Yaseen. And the primary message in the sutra is that there is a day of judgment, and that we have to prepare for that day of judgment, and that you and I will be asked by Allah azza wa jal, on the Day of Judgment, for everything that we've done. Positive things will be

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compensated for in positive ways. And things that are evil, we have to seek forgiveness from Allah now before it's too late. Because when we stand before Allah, that's the moment of reckoning. That's the moment of questioning. That's the moment of hisab the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Menorca shall be Saba, whoever is debated in terms of his hisab, in terms of his compensation on the Day of Judgment, in terms of his account on the day of judgment, then that in and of itself, is up. That in and of itself is chastisement because you're in front of all of these people on the day of judgment. And then Allah subhanaw taala is concerned conversing with you about

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your hisab about your account. You don't want to be in that position, but your brother and your sister, you want to be in the position of a person who has done well, so that he's prepared for that exam on the day of judgment. And a person who believes on that in the day of judgment, because this surah is basically a sutra that is trying to bring people back to the belief in the Day of Judgment. And that's why the climax of the sutra is in now's Habel Jannetty Leona fisherwomen facking the people of Jana are on this day. They are occupied in in amazement and amusement and enjoyment as well. And simultaneously, there's no God mean, there are people who are criminals, and they've got

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their reckoning happening, and they've got their account taking place as well. So after Allah tells you about the book, he tells you about the messengers, he gives you the signs and the reasons why there's a day of judgment, He tells you that there is a day of judgment, and he doesn't want you to deny that day of judgment. And that's why the conclusion of the surah is all about the resurrection. And this man who's so arrogant and he wants to deny that resurrection, believe you me, there is a day of judgment, and that we have to be prepared for that day of judgment. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the ability to prepare for that day of judgment and to be able to perform well on

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the day of judgment and to be able to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and receive our books in our right hands Allah who I mean well sal Allahu Allah say he didn't I'm hammered him. While early. He was happy he married

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