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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Mina, katsu, me the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that shows for you to be a virtues. He is the one that chose for you to be a man or a young man who has made the conscious choice to transition from being a male, to a man. The question that was asked earlier, is what is the connection between a leg and Amen? In English, it doesn't sound like but in Arabic, they're made up of the same three letters raw Jeem, and lamb. One is religion, which is leg and the other is Rajul, which is men. What is the connection between a leg and a man, if I want to move closer to the camera, I have to move my leg.

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Right? Well, that involves movement. And it involves leading my leg, wherever my leg turns, it's going to lead the rest of my body wherever it goes, it is the first thing that is need that you need to lead, the first thing that you need to lead. So man, you have to be a person of purpose. And that purpose requires movement, initially of the heart intention, and to move and have momentum. When you move and have momentum, if you are a man, you will eventually as a family man, a father, be a leader. Not only that, the ritual is that which the rest of the body relies upon and stands upon. If I was to break my leg, I cannot walk smoothly like this, I may walk with a limp, because there is an

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impairment in the object that is expected to lead and to move to a certain destination.

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That is what is important for all of you young men, or men that are on this earth, for you to lead with strength going somewhere.

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That within the linguistic makeup of the Arabic language is what is naturally understood and expected. And anything that compromises you, being a leader compromises you leading, compromises your movement, towards a certain direction, compromises your stability and holding on to those things, that you are a pillar such as your family, your wife, your children, those that have been putting your protection, they stand on you and they hold on to you and you are their anchor. Anything that compromises that we should recognize a compromise is your ruler, your manhood. So may Allah subhanaw taala make you of those that understand the importance of your role as a man and to

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allow you the strength to consciously intentionally take on a huge, beloved, godly responsibility. May Allah bless you all young men snowflake Rahmatullah,