Can a Person Enter Paradise without Practising Islam?

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Good evening my name is Sridhar. I'm a Hindu

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without practicing Islam, do you mean to say It is difficult by practicing Christianity or Hinduism to go to attain Paradise after that?

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Very good question that without pattering Islam can you practice Krishna and and Hinduism can you go to Paradise or you cannot go to paradise. Rather as I said, the Quran says in Surah Nimrod, chapter three verse Psalm 19. In Medina in the light Islam, the only religion acceptable to Almighty God is submitting to Almighty God. If you read Christianity, the word Krishna does not then the whole Bible. Now Hinduism in Northern India Scripture, the word Christianity doesn't exist. It's not there in the Bible. The word Christian was used first time in the book of Acts by the people to describe the followers of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. It was a nickname by the people of Antioch in the

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book of Acts if you read Christian, the word Keisha did not then the Bible so Jesus Christ peace be upon him preach nothing but Islam.

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Therefore you're going to come in the Second Coming to testify, then the thing that Christianity Abraham peace be upon him Quran says in Surah noumenon chapter three verse 67, he was not a Jew or a Christian you as a Muslim, Abraham piece by bottom God Islam, Moses people toward Islam again Islam, nothing Islamic Okay, fine after ever Muslim name, I have to live in Arab country after I was killed name of Islam means submitting a bill to Almighty God. If you submit a bill to Almighty God and a Muslim, Jesus Christ peace be upon him said it's mentioned the Gospel of John Chapter number five verse number 30. I can have nouns that do nothing. As I hear I judge and Majid me to just for a

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seat, not my will, but the will of Almighty God. Anyone who says that I follow not my approval of Almighty God, he's a Muslim, to Jesus Christ, people are the Muslim he preached Islam. I've given a talk on similarities between Islam and Christianity and have proved that even in Christianity, they say believe in one God, don't believe in Trinity don't make images of Almighty God. God is not begotten, all from the Bible. From the Bible. Let's prove the how to have a Salah from the Bible about zakat about herds should not have had a call about modesty from the Bible. So even Jesus Christ peace be upon him. He did not come to preach Christianity, he came to preach Islam. And

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Almighty God is the same God for all human beings. He has only given one religion nor the religion, all these are corrupted form of the original religion. Now the brother said, Sufism, even that's a corrupted form of Islam, is that Islam at all? What we have to follow is to Islam, the Quran, and they say Hadith and all the messengers they taught only Islam. So if you follow Jesus Christ, peace be upon him by going to the Scriptures. Jesus Christ never said Worship Me. He never claimed divinity.

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In fact, there's not a single unequivocal statement in the complete Bible where Jesus Christ Himself says that he's got over itself worship me but the Christian says, You cannot enter paradise until you believe this guy died for your sin. He was Almighty God. There is not a single unequivocal statement in the complete Bible where Jesus Christ Himself says that if God always to the worship me if any Christian can show me any statement in the Bible, where Jesus can speak for himself says that I am God always to the worship me. I'm ready to accept Christianity today.

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In fact, Jesus Christ said, it's mentioned the Gospel of John Chapter number 14, verse number 23rd, My Father is greater than I Gospel of John Chapter number 10, verse number 29, My Father is greater than all Gospel of Matthew chapter number 12, verse number 28, i with the Spirit of God, I cast out devil Gospel of Luke chapter 11, verse number 20, i with the finger of God cast or devil, Gospel of John Chapter number five was to Makati. I can have my own cell do nothing, either your I judge and my judgment is just for I think that my will but the will of my father, he submitted a bill to Almighty God here the Muslim is clearly mentioned book of Acts, chapter number two was number 22

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with it, a man of Israel listen to this Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God amongst you by One dozen miracles that God did by him and your witness to it. A man approved of God amongst you by wonders and miracles which God did by manual administrate. So if you say Christian means a person who follows the Teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. Then I say we Muslims are more Christian than the Christians themselves

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with a Bible says don't have poor Bible says the woman should cover that. It's mentioned in the first Corinthians. First Corinthians chapter 11 was number five to seven the woman does not cover head a head should be shaved off.

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So brother, all the messengers of Almighty God, they taught nothing but Islam. Islam is a bidding of will to Almighty God so if you submit a will to Almighty God you'll go to paradise. If you don't submit you will not go hope damsels wishes