How to enter into Islam completely

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We need to understand that piece of gold or silver Harold mircette are from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is the most important thing you should take from this lesson. They Amin zoonotic Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to my brothers and sisters in Islam. Do you have a right attitude towards the Sunnah of the messenger? SallAllahu Allah He was one that you just know. A sunnah is a sunnah and move on.

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Unfortunately, the majority of us have abandoned of guilt so that he'll miss it is really because it's a Sunday. We think Asuna means any subversion but don't have to do it. Either. This is big danger. It let's understand. I've got a little subheading from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Where as draw your attention to an ayah in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal he says yeah, you have Lavina a man who would who has seen me care fatten

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are you who believe enter into Islam completely,

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completely enter into Islam. Allah azza wa jal commanded us to fully enter into Islam. And that means by implementing each and every single teaching that Allah revealed to us do all the commands Mujahid Rahim Allah He said, yeah man will be Jamia Amelie who will

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do each and every single command that came to via Allah via the Quran or the messenger of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam what would you heal and every type of goodness that you know about, that has been taught to us by our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do it?

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And do not worry whether something is worship or was the hub the word of this when the scholars discussed the matter of worship obligatory and was the hub something being recommended wala they did not do this with the intention of teaching us that the worship is a must was sooner is an option Wallahi they did not. They didn't teach us the difference between a sunnah will worship to tell you that this one they have to do in this one he can leave out

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and also they did not teach us and haram walima crew

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they did not teach us the difference between impermissible matters and disliked matters. So that we know what how long we should keep away from Willie McCoy. It's alright to do because you will not be seen for it. I want to see Pamela here now I'm I'm amazed sometimes how some Muslims understand their Islam and the deep yearning.

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You have individuals like this We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect us and grant us all guidance. We all need steadfastness but we need to remind each other some Muslims are like this. He doesn't pray the Sunnah and priests know of God in the morning and in the afternoon. No

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no selected with it. No fasting of Monday or Thursday. Well, at least one of them or at least three days a month. No extra worship in Volusia which just finished my album is coming doesn't even know what's going on in Harlem and that the fasting and the Harlem is the best fasting after Ramadan. Not doesn't care. No six days fasting after Ramadan, which is six days of showare nothing.

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Because it's a sunnah it's not worship, sobriety, it's a sin, he leaves but then on the other hand, the same person at the same time does a handful of mcru heart of matters that are disliked talks after Salah Malaysia, which is mukou unless it is in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala or a person with his wife. This is an act of worship, it's Goodness, no problems,

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clips the meals and cuts the head during the first 10 days of the hisher and tells you a whole lot of different in this topic and it is micro macro. Macro means do it.

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Even if it's macro that's the fault of macro byndoor

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Hello some of you saw Sanlam said avoid avoid don't worry about haram and macro. Don't worry about this. If you're able to leave them leave.

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What else he gives and takes with his left hand which is McCraw talks too much about duniya matters in an Masjid not haram it's McCrone but to speak about too much dunya in the masjid

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and smokes and he says it's micro what's haram? But he says it's macro all of this because it's macro. He does the macro because it's macro and he abandoned an abundance of sunnah because it's soon added this is not a deed. This is not the meaning of all of his sin McAfee enter into Islam completely. Shut the twist here. See what happens with Hulu facil mica fatten is to adhere to the commands of Allah Ichi.

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Every single one of them isn't what an elusive I'ma holla he said. He said hello Have you seen me? Oh Phil Islam he could be ethical. What? Che Amin vahidi Come What are pinnacle? Well Islam you're still able who behave today yet because McCann and Lady, this is fantastic. Listen to this. Lucia Rahim Allah, He said into Islam completely and do not allow any part of your life, whether internally or external appearance do not allow any part of your life

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except that Islam has occupied it and covered it

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to the point where there is no more room for anything else Jonnie you dress in the manner that Allah azza wa jal wants us to

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cover your body, the way Allah wants. Eat. The way in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us drink the way in the diesel Allahu alayhi wa sallam told you see words that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you to do. From that the morning of gal said the afternoon of guilt see them when you meet your brother say a Salam Alikum do not replace it with anything. Every single teaching you know about.

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You take it and implement it to the point where you find in yourself. There's no room for me to fit any other teaching. That way you will be saved from innovations and from misguidance otherwise, if you adhere to some teachings and you abandon other teachings slowly and slowly, those teachings that you are supposed to implement will be replaced by something else. implement all the teachings and you will find this no more room to think of anything else you will not need anything else Subhan Allah

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when Allah Rahim Allah He said let one Lucia admin ask me Do not abandon any teaching of Islam.