Excellent Revionist’s history. Wallahi, this sums it up

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How do we get to peace from here? It seems to me, after 30 years of covering this conflict, we've never been further away from peace between Israel and Palestine. How do we get to peace here?

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By listening

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from your heart and your brain, that this is a people struggle for 106 years, 106 years because it all started here, the Balfour Declaration by the British Empire, where they promised our land without consulting us. And they turned us in that 67 words into non Jewish minorities. We were 98% of the population. We have lived there for millennia, we were the Cardillo civilization we produced every prophet. Palestine is the birthplace of Christianity. We were literally the hub of the region, the linkage between Europe, Asia and Africa. And all of a sudden we are only a non Jewish minorities, and then Britain took over our land. And not only they denied our peoples of the

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nationhood in 1917, but they denied us during the mandate our statehood because they they contract with the League of Nations was Britain will come and take mandate of Palestine to prepare us and to recognize us as a status Palestine. You know, what happened in the Nakba and the mass expulsion, the Jewish militias at the time, ethnic lens, two thirds of our nation including you know, the history including my own parents, so